AMAZING Little Limestone Lake, Manitoba - Northern Pike Fishing

Uncut Angling

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    Discover one of the coolest freshwater lakes on earth as Aaron visits Little Limestone Lake for the first time. This waterbody is nestled alongside Manitoba's highway #6, 500 kilometers North of Winnipeg, and is the largest and most extraordinary Marl Lake in the world. It has a unique water chemistry that gives it a brilliant turquoise coloration, which is alone worth exploring the area, and then there is the fishing....
    ...For more information on Manitoba fishing opportunities:
    ...Equipment used: Shimano Compre 8'6" Musky Rod Shimano Calcutta 401D Reel Power Pro 80 pound Super Slick Alumacraft 205 Competitor Boat Yamaha F115hp Motor Conservation Series Landing Net #350029 Shadzilla Swimbait Helix 10 Fishfinder
    www.MinnKotaMotors/ Terrova 36V 112# Trolling Motor
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    1. Calvin Dirette

      Dude bring your boat and come down to Montana. I’ve lived and fished here my whole life and I’ll be your person guide for free! I’ve got literally hundreds of places to fish within 50 miles any way from me. Fella caught a 32 pound brown trout a couple weeks ago not too far from my home base.

    2. The Traveler

      Ahh back in the good old days♡

    3. Ryan Arbuthnot

      He was definitely there to get stoned

    4. Mcbeef .m

      Blake drives the same car as me... but his is the lame automatic version.

    5. Dan Buchardt

      Blake travelled all the way to northern manitoba to get away from his highschool angst....just when he thinks its safe ... aaron hits him with the all to familiar harry potter chirp

    6. Koltyn Penner

      so were you by clear water ??

    7. John Lenz

      I’d fish with a stranger but it would depend on the situation

    8. zachary padrnos

      must be harry potter fan picked him right off the dock!

    9. Nancy Appleton

      So cool my home province no place like home

    10. Barney Beckett

      Okay, you gotta be related to Jack Black.

    11. Erwin Rommel

      the drone footage is a must this is awesome to see that angel.

    12. Gordon Turner

      Canadians are just Americans without guns.

    13. MC Grindah

      Do people in Canada feel safe to just hop on a boat with a stranger in the middle of nowhere?

    14. Erin Hill

      “Just cause the weed looks so good” bro we’re thinking about two different types here

    15. tarwash

      Wow - hole lotta nothing but a guy with a camera phone! I'm so excited for your next snooooor

    16. Frenchkisssss

      Where can i find salmons around vancouver ?

    17. Captain Quinn

      tuff when it doesn't pan out how your hoping but still nice to be I right!!!

    18. Andrew Spadzinski

      Watching this in 2020 like "OH NOOOO COVID" Just another thing that sucks about 2020...

    19. jordan lee

      First 3 mins thought u was back in the 90s watching Jack black going fishing

    20. _.MartisRei

      Never knew there was a lake like this in a province I belong in Definitely planning on coming here!

    21. Riley Penner

      “13 foot weed” Blake then laughs hmmmmm def high

    22. Kyron Gamin

      Finally a KGupr came to Manitoba! You are always welcome

    23. tchevrier

      I'm giving you a thumbs up simply because you called them Walleye and Northern Pike.

    24. Dean

      a simple trailer hook was the solution for that 50 inch although the that water was clear hook might be visable the bigger fish do bite soft often just the tail fin

    25. Myron

      Lol imagine just hanging out at a lake relaxing and some random bad ass fishing guide takes you out on a fishing trip of a lifetime

    26. Nayt Evers

      I love this stuff man keep up the videos, would love to get out somewhere up northern Ontario for some big pike with you !

    27. Walter Gramer

      NO WAY! I've been there! That lake has white round flat rocks all around where I was. Very cool color

    28. White Supreme

      Well there are over 110,000 lakes in Manitoba.

    29. Isabel Archer

      You deconed before going there right?

    30. John Schauder

      That’s awesome that you took a stranger out fishing that you just met at the ramp. He seemed like a nice kid, too. Not a lot of KGup anglers would take a stranger out filming. Good for you. Too bad you couldn’t get him on a nice pike tho.

    31. John Schauder

      Why do you get in your boat just to move it off the trailer to park it on the bank?

    32. Jager Umpherville

      this is part of moose lake

    33. Cliff Leschyshyn

      Howdy, first video of yours I just have seen, very very nice. Gorgeous turquoise water. You were the only fisher feller there. Good luck on the next one.

    34. M D

      Nice lake. Been there before and dipped my legs in.

    35. Cheryl Taylor

      I visited that lake at least 4 times a year for 30 years on my way further north. It's absolutely beautiful! That IS the real colour of the water because it has a limestone base. Ergo the name Little Limestone Lake. But if it's overcast, you don't get that same aqua blue. But when in Rome - Walleye are known up here as pickeral. Pike are known as jack. Of the two pickeral is the best eating fish. Have fun!

    36. Tom Bima

      Nice video. Good Camera shots. Shame you didn't catch your silver whale.

    37. Sonny C

      this guy looks like Bam MArgera from Jackass but besides that...a lure that always works for me for pike and pretty much almost anything in the right paces is the red and white bluefox spoon you can get them at basspro for about 4 bucks here in Canada my dads buddy says its a beginner lure or the rookie lure but it works i have plenty and i catch alot fo pike so ...why change it if it works.

    38. Sonny C

      id love to have my own fishing boat and gear...a boat like he has is all you need..ive gotten by wiht much less my entire life but seomthing like that and rain gear and such and money to spend on a fishing trip when needed and time to do so would be nice...that water is an odd colour

    39. Zach Rael

      called him harry potter hahahahaha

    40. MaSk ReFUsE

      Go to paint lake

    41. Nevin Deshpande

      It’s so cool that you are able to make friends so fast. I’d literally creep them out asking them to come fishing

    42. Mark Abendroth

      When the weed looks good I'm always up for a courtesy pass, or 10 or 12.

    43. Gary

      beautiful lake.

    44. Janet Pelletier123

      I wish we dropped by when we drove out to Norway House a couple years back. We missed the sign when we were driving home though. People told us to drop by to see it when we were there.

    45. Mark Vasilchuk

      17:03 what’s that bitten left

    46. Gavin Lincoln

      16:50 what’s in the water

    47. 👽MrHalcyonmusic👽

      Crazy how just 40 minutes south in the Saskatchewan River/mouth of lake Winnipeg the pike are a dark deep green compared to here!

    48. corey lahey

      Oh fuck boys that's a nice lake

    49. Tommy Carrizal

      Imagine smoking a blunt and some rando asks you to go on a boat ride to fish with him

    50. Sung Hoon Joo

      oh, you got a fishing licence eh? mate come for a boat ride :D

    51. jp i

      I cant believe Blake left without catching anything. Has to get his priorities straight!

    52. Mac Rolfing

      "Courtesy pass, ya know, just cause the weed looked so good."

    53. Philippe deRepentigny

      ..........just came across this nice little video and my number one question is always "What kind of line are we using?" and at the end I found out he was using '80 lb' test, whoa !.....might as well use a steel towing cable........when 'sport fishing' I've never used anything over '6 lbs' for pike ! Very sad to see this ! But I really like this person's attitude, Enjoyed ! Thanks.

    54. Murray Dupley

      Walleye, we call them Pickerel up in Manitoba, even though we are wrong.

    55. Alex Famie

      Kinda like Mike iconelli but more calm Great video and tight lines!

    56. Clifford Farley

      You need to fly fish wayyyy more.

    57. ad esco

      what kind of boat you have?

    58. Marc A


    59. Crazy_Snake_Lady

      "A small fish is more yippy yappy with it" I lost it

    60. Rockstar Fishing

      like your show please check out mine Detroit rock and roll music in a fishing show promoting Michigan! thanx!


      8 minutes of talking to see a pike I can catch in Philly. Yay.

    62. The Real Ando

      Hi from New Zealand, we have so,e lakes the same colour in the South Island, no pike though, just trout and salmon. That’s a killer boat and all the tech, very nice set up. Well produced and presented, all info, no bs. I subscribed. Tight lines!

    63. Scott Arivett

      Try picking up a random guy in Florida like that and you’ll get murdered

    64. Mike Hoefer

      Really enjoyed the vid. You are doing it right

    65. redneckincanada

      Since when are motorboats allowed on Little Limestone?? Did you get permission from the local Reserve or something?

    66. Brian Hanks

      I bet I understand why he wanted to go back if beach scene was happening. 😉

    67. Freddy B

      I subscribed just because this guy is so cool to take someone he doesn't even know on his new boat fishing. He really loves fishing lol.

    68. Matthew Garcia

      Your face talks like trumps it's awesome

    69. JaDeD dRaGoN

      Pretty sure Blake was trolling for other dudes in the parking lot

    70. Kristoffer Andersson

      That large purple bait is so awesome

    71. Outdoor Andy

      I'd love to see a revisit to Little Limestone

    72. Brian Salley

      I Think Blake or Blair is Talking SHIT!! LMAO!! I Think he found him hanging around the Glory Hole in the Restroom!! LOL

    73. Byte Me

      It's just one of those stupid sports fishing channels where they catch and release? A real man catches fish for the love of it, the thrill of it, bragging rights and to clean it and eat it. I noticed you're talking about guys hitchhiking and now you pick up a guy at a boat ramp hanging around........ 🤔........ I'm not sure it's fish you're after.

    74. Bob Dobbs

      Did anyone else see the big fish next to the boat

    75. MonstaFishing

      cool dude

    76. te0nani

      6:50 That Drone was so close to doom

    77. Bzz

      Better than TV by far. Who knew Philip Seymour Hoffman and Harry Potter fished.

    78. Greg Ranschau

      You try a video on the silver pike....a pike with no markings ...nothing ....caught a 38 silver in2018 at lake woodyaliktanoo

    79. Bill 1314

      You come across weird people in the Canadian wilds, I once had a German lady ask me if the bears here are tame because they seemed to be friendly , lol 😳

    80. Neo Matrix

      That's awesome, I need to move to Canada. So easy to find a fishing buddy.

      1. Neo Matrix

        @Jiu Jitsu Dweeb Fish, hike, camp, bbq, enjoy nature, enjoy life..

      2. Neo Matrix

        @Jiu Jitsu Dweeb Care to elaborate?

    81. Bret Bengard

      Hey guy, lived in BC for 7 years and all my kids are Canadian born. I appreciate you inviting a guy to fish; I always try to help guys out, especially young guys, offering tackle, bait, advice, good spots, etc. My kayak is one man, but I've often wondered why more guys to offer when they have nice big boats are alone. Well done!

    82. max bruner

      That backlash sound was perfect

    83. jørgen rasmussen

      Paradiset on earth. This lake

    84. Denver Wynn

      Aaron’s an asshole!! :)

    85. Justin Lanning

      He farted when he set the hook 11:29

    86. bruce krueger

      Gorgeous lake super cool good fish man

    87. Fisher Man

      Did good Blake ... interesting situation for you threw down and handled it ...

    88. Kansas Outdoors

      Forgot my camera man at home....ill pick this guy up instead. Thats awesome lol

    89. Britton MX Racing

      Guy has no idea how lucky he was. This makes me want to pull a Sleeping Beauty and just wait by a lake in Manitoba hoping for Aaron to show up.

    90. Cameron

      Aaron, I'm out of old material to watch. Release eppy 2 of 39 hours season two lol

    91. Lucas Herrera

      Dude I need to come up

    92. OdeToSummerSun

      Awesome lake. Was that a fart at 11:29? Lol

    93. thewhistler

      "A small fish is more Yippy Yappy with it" Sorry that just sounded funny. WTF is Yippy Yappy. hahaha

    94. RottenApple

      i know this video is old but i really like how cool you are with strangers its a very good way to be

    95. Rainy Sunday

      The commercial turned me off. Thumbs down . ..

    96. AZ Bandit

      Canada is so beautiful

    97. Darryl Charron

      Ok got me at picking up a stranger to go fishing....I subscribed after that. “Are you sure you aren’t Harry Potter” Easy there Jack Black!!! LoL

    98. Tim R. handyman

      There's no reason why he wouldn't hit on the same bait twice.... I would have just stuck with what I knew worked....

    99. Unkle Snizz

      Taught someone how to use a bait caster in one cast. Legendary.

    100. I Suck At Rocket League

      You legit let a stranger go fishing with you well I guess #canada