J-Town: Toronto's Japanese Mall + Cooking Curry with Miki

Simon and Martina

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    In the hunt for Japanese ingredients, my very good friend Miki takes me to J-Town, a Japanese shopping centre in Markham in the GTA. We share some silly stories from growing up together (I was always obsessed with video making apparently haha) and she makes me some delicious Japanese curry and cream corn croquettes. I hope you all enjoy this video, it made me smile the whole time.
    OH! I threw in a wee little behind the scenes 2 Minute Tutorial on audio syncing your mic to the camera audio :D (skip to it at 10:07)
    Miki, for those of you that don't know, is my next door neighbour. We grew up together since we were 3 years old and her family introduced me to Japanese culture. I ate Japanese food for breakfast and as afterschool snacks, her dad taught me how to use chopsticks and how to properly make green tea, and I fell in love with onigiri at a young age. Miki's mom would make me a plate full of bite sized onigiri on my b-day. She's a lovely friend and I'm lucky to have met such a great person at such a young age :)
    J-Town is located at: 3160 Steeles Ave E, Markham, ON L3R 4G9
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    1. Harmoni Arts

      Finally meeting the legend from Martina's childhood stories from years and years of videos.

      1. Return My Slab

        I know right!

      2. Karlene Fix

        Seeing Martina with her long time friend makes me so happy.

      3. SelinaCat

        @syrenya0 the UK. 😅 They don't really embrace diversity into their culture, I've been living here for 15 years and I still feel like a tourist to some. But that could also be because of my own personal issues. Where I live right now is way more diverse than before when I was in Scotland

      4. syrenya0

        @SelinaCat where do you live in Europe? I'm from Switzerland 🙋🏻‍♀️

      5. SelinaCat

        Yes! Ah and seeing someone being Canadian and speak to her kids in Japanese, ah I miss N. American immigrant culture...it is NOT the same in Europe....😩

    2. shiusa

      Are you and Simon living together? Will you do a new house tour???

    3. caller pinky

      watching your videos again after awhile! fun to watch u again, really enjoyable, made my day!

    4. Jessie O. Lee


    5. street cat

      🧡🧡🧡… from Japan....

    6. 5chevin5

      Just found your page while viewing some Kichijoji videos. Wife there now (she's Japanese) looking at houses in Kichijoji. We are moving back(Im in US) after about 10 years away including 4 years in Toronto. Wife happiest days were going to J-Town, but she also could never believe the prices, but shogunai ne. Enjoying your videos

    7. doug rang


    8. Inyx

      Totally read Saimon onigiri 😆

    9. Return My Slab

      Thank you for the video Martina

    10. Ducati Paso

      Bulldog woosta sweeter than L&P Worcestershire. Regular Bulldog for katsu.

    11. uyu

      Toronto has chains like Mymy Chicken and Gong Cha now so it would be cool to see how those compare to their counterparts in Asia! Also, Toronto has a chain of ramen restaurants called Kinton, it would be kinda interesting to see how the food scene in the city compares to Asia and to what it was like a decade ago before you left :D

    12. Laura Elizabeth

      Pickles the blue cat looks like an adorable book. I love the illustrations and I have written a couple of little books like that for my girls! (I have 3 daughters 11,5 and 4) they love animals, especially cats and dogs and bunnies! It’s great to see you with your friend, a lifelong one at that. It seems you have some great support xox I hope things are well, and spending time with your mum is so important, thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon, all the turkey and cranberry! (Not sushi and curry bun!?) hehe take care girl, always team ladder xox

    13. corabain

      Can you do a video at H Mart please!!!!

    14. Heather's Vanity

      Martina, thank you for the mini tutorial about syncing up audio. I never even thought to look up why they use the little clapper board in the movies. And also I don't use a separate microphone when recording because I'm making very simple videos right now but I will eventually use a separate microphone from a camera. So that was super helpful!

    15. Ana Lourenço

      8:25 - "I'm also a big fan of bunnies" my mind: "BUNNIES ARE PUFFY!" \m/

    16. Ariel Lavender

      I loved seeing J-town and Miki!! I squealed when I saw her, it was like seeing a secret celebrity!

    17. Dawn Araki

      Hi Martina! I love shopping at Japanese stores too, although it's slim pickings in our area. I get over excited when the one tried and true store has Onigiri for sale. Salmon is the best. My husband gets that smelly seaweed one.😂

    18. B W

      Martina, you have such a bright, sparkling energy. You're so unique and amazing and loveable ❤️🌞 always love your content.

    19. Heaven G

      5:10 was that a real kid crying or was the cry edited in? If it was a real kid crying, the kid has perfect timing when Martina shows that absurd sesame oil price!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    20. Rebel Ann

      Are you guys still together? I moved to Korea with my ex husband. I’m sad you guys aren’t together. We followed you guys and I thought you guys were so hard core. I’m sorry.

      1. Rebel Ann

        I was married for 10 years. Life happens. No judgment 💕

      2. Rebel Ann

        I watched you guys religiously. I’ve been in Korea for five years and your videos helped so much. Thank you

      3. Rebel Ann

        By hard core i meant committed

    21. Bee urundul

      I wish I had a Japanese mall near me

      1. Bee urundul

        @2jw the nearest one to me is 56miles away and I don't drive. For me that would be like a 6/7hr round trip!

      2. 2jw

        You have HMart

    22. Shelby Elizabeth

      I don’t know what’s going on but I love you Martina and I support you 100%. I’m not going anywhere. As long as you’re still here, so am I. 💖

    23. Rose from UK

      Loved this

    24. MiuNya

      Martina we are here for you. We your true fans love you so much and if you ever need to reach out to your fans or do a live stream I wanna be there for you. Wish I could do more but im stuck in Ireland being bored in a lockdown instead

    25. Mint Lau

      I wrote a picture book too when I was a kid. Mine was Dongdong the baby Cow, and he made friends with a cloud. Dongdong the baby Cow would fly around with his cloud friend.

    26. Henrietta Lore

      This shit is sad... I remember watching this channel religiously when I was like 14-15 years old. Im 24 and I show up to a divorce. Idk if I want to watch the old vids now. It might just make me more sad. Thinking about these people...

      1. Tamara

        They aren't divorcing. At all.

      2. MiuNya

        They are possibly taking some break to get back into their family life and dealing with some unseen illnesses. You cant assume they are breaking up forever or even broken up at all but I agree that right now they arent together and I understand the content isnt what you signed up for right now and you have every right to stop watching maybe I'll remember to tag you if they get back together in videos

      3. Jennifer Green

        They haven't divorced. You're making assumptions.

    27. Sam Cook

      Love your personality and the content you put out, Martina. I will always support YOU.

      1. Miss Luna

        This. Absolutely all of this. Martina, I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that I don’t plan on going anywhere and will always support you. You are such a beacon of light for so many and your authenticity is admirable. Thank you for giving me hope.

    28. Alan Maikawa

      ⌚ 2 make a 🇯🇵 food haul at J Town

    29. Leigh A Hartman

      The Sky Dome reminds me of Pittsburgh's now-demolished Civic Arena. Its ceiling also opened up, though it was forever broken by the time I was a kid. The PPG Paints Arena replaced it.

    30. soxpuff

      I had to stop buying Yakult, its mostly corn syrup.

    31. kellymare2

      I'm watching this video and am getting so hungry... Thanks for another fun video Martina! Sending lots of love to you guys as a fellow Canadian ❤️❤️

    32. Bj Tibbs

      I’m not the kind of person to comment this, I deeply respect people’s right to privacy, but I feel like if their relationship was ok they’d have quelled the rumors by now. I’m genuinely concerned as someone who’s been watching since I was 13 years old...I’m 23. Not an expert on them obviously. But something seems very, very wrong.

      1. Bj Tibbs

        @kellymare2 I'm not saying they have the obligation. I get that that would be the kinda thing that takes time to address. But they've have portrayed one the strongest and most loving relationships I've ever seen. I can't see them ignoring these kind of rumors. It's not a matter of "why haven't they?", it's a matter of "I'm surprised they haven't. Now I'm genuinely concerned."

      2. kellymare2

        "I feel like if their relationship was ok, they'd have quelled the rumors by now" -- in my opinion they don't have an obligation to quell any rumors whether their relationship was doing well or not. We are not entitled to knowing everything about their lives. Your comment may not have been written with that intention but that's the way that I perceived your message. As supporters we should not be directly or indirectly pressuring them to share things before they want to.

    33. Hey it’s Kika !

      Omg I haven’t watch y’all for a long time since I was in high school hope you guys are healthy and well!!!!

    34. Lisa Kerns

      Simon or Martina 😢

      1. kellymare2

        That's a sad thing to comment on their videos :( Knowing that they read the majority of our comments, I think it would be better if we started posting more supportive comments rather than focusing on the fact that they aren't filming together. Sure, it's sad but I think a better way to approach it would be to appreciate the content that they're putting out currently and to stop indirectly guilting them for it.

    35. Miss Luna

      We love you, Martina.

    36. Anonymous Anonymous

      are mommy and daddy getting a divorce? the kids don't like it when mommy and daddy fight

      1. DreamsontheWater

        @Anonymous Anonymous Ugh, shut up.

      2. kellymare2

        Good thing some of us kids are mature and supportive, unlike you. It's pretty clear that you're just trolling with this comment. Simon and Martina don't need that kind of negativity on this space and they deserve more respect than what you've demonstrated.

    37. ExpiredMilkk !

      Martina I’ve been watching since I was 13 and I’m 23 now and still religiously watch you guys. I hope you’re well, sending lots of love.

    38. Bee Smitty

      Yall are super cute shoppingggg! It reminds me when my good friend and I would spend forever just going up and down the aisles of my Asian grocery. 🧡

    39. Kyra Peters

      The audio editing part was super cool :) Your audio is always awesome. I love the music you make

      1. Noemi Cisneros

        @Simon and Martina personally I enjoy the little educational segments about editing and creating audio and music. I love all the wonderful creativity that goes into your videos. Thank you for your videos. Sending lots of love your way ❤

      2. Kyra Peters

        @Simon and Martina Half of the fun of the videos on your channel is the sound design. It has *good energy*. I liked learning about it :)

      3. Simon and Martina

        Glad you liked that little part! I wasn’t sure if it would be too boring for people to watch 😓 haha

    40. Racheil Drake

      Martina - are you and Simon spending time apart to be with your families since returning to Canada? So sorry for the loss of your Dad.

      1. Gill

        Literally none of your business.

    41. Polka Dotte And Glitter Spots

      I wish there was somewhere to get onigiri where I live. I tried making it but all I made was a mess. 😩

      1. Polka Dotte And Glitter Spots

        @Laura Rodgers I did. I’m just clumsy. It ended up being a sushi burrito. Delicious but not the same.

      2. Laura Rodgers

        Did you use a short grain rice? The rice won’t stick proper if it’s long. Is there an H-mart near you? I can get triangle gimbap (korean onigiri) in the h-marts in Edmonton.

    42. AE Edwards

      That onigiri def needs more salmon! Not fair!

    43. AE Edwards

      It was so cool to see you with your famous best (childhood) friend!!!

    44. ciele

      so sad that the adventure of their life ended:/ but thats how it goess nothing lasts forever and after the peak of youth life goes on anyway😩

      1. BoogerLeader

        @AE Edwards Whether you agree or disagree, you know exactly what ciele is referring to.

      2. AE Edwards

        Huh? Their adventures are not over!

    45. Diana R

      martina you're a legend

    46. TrickyTriforce

      I loved the story about pickles, very creative and fun and I imagine it would have been a favourite if I had read it as a child. My favourite bit was when the wind smelled the food and blew pickles over. The drawing of the wind also looked so cute in that bit, you have always been creative and had a knack for drawing!

    47. Matthew Flom

      Hello! Hope you are well Martina!!!

    48. TrickyTriforce

      Wowww I am amazed by how you can get everything from Japan (albeit at a much higher price) in Toronto! Where I live they are just starting to bring mirin, tofu, kewpie mayo and a few types of instead ramen/ yakisoba and that alone has been so exciting for me xD The mid-video tutorial caught me off guard and I loved it! Your personality is still fun as ever despite all of the changes happening right now. Did you create the end screen graphic? Stay well and safe Martina!

      1. RETRO

        where I'm from you have to drive to so many different stores or even cities to get all the items you need :( Toronto seems so cool

    49. pochacco06

      Currently stuck in Australia for school. Watching your videos is really making me miss Markham right now

    50. Deano Spumoni

      💍💍💍Anyone else notice Martina is not wearing her wedding ring anymore?! 💍💍💍

      1. Neb - Roqket

        @Cynthia P but they ALWAYS wore it. In EVERY video... so nahhh

      2. BoogerLeader

        Yes, and there are plenty of other changes. You already know what that means.

      3. Cynthia P

        I am engaged and I am not wearing my ring because I have to sanitize my hands so much, this is where us as fans have to draw the line when it comes to assumptions and we have to respect their privacy

      4. bearcub jr

        Ialso noticed it and simon on jis new video but i dont want to judge yet.

    51. Miki Hall

      Hi Miki from another Miki.

    52. Elizabeth Kizzar

      Instead of saying these shavings are fish .They should have said these shavings are delicious. 🍜😍

    53. Tooty Futts

      Anyone notice how Martina said "Country Mama" instead of "Country Ma'am"?


      The childhoods stories was actually the best part.

    55. J ess

      I'll gladly sub if you make another channel, Martina. Much love to you


      There are Japanese people in Canada?

      1. AE Edwards

        Lots, actually, big population. That's not true everywhere, but def the capitol of Canada.

      2. Jennifer Green

        Of course. There are lots of people of Asian ethnicity in Canada.

    57. lindsey adams-trujillo

      Martina, fighting!! 💪🖤

    58. WarriorWolfeh

      My sister JUST moved to Markham...man I wish I could meet one of you I was just there

    59. Heidi Fritz

      I think "Pickles The Cat" needs to be published!

    60. Meagan Collins

      hot damn thats a whole lot of plastic in the bakery

      1. MiuNya

        Ireland started wrapping each one for covid measures

      2. Meagan Collins

        @G DS yeah potentially, but I live in Toronto and this isn’t uncommon so I feel like it could just be the bakery.

      3. G DS

        could be a covid measure?

      4. AE Edwards

        sanitation, extra important in this era, eh?

      5. TrickyTriforce

        I noticed that too :( People always say Japan uses too much plastic packaging (and yes they do) but at least in the bakeries they don't use any for individual pastries

    61. Kat

      People are being mad disrespectful here. Please stop speculating and trying to sleuth out what’s going on. Clearly they need privacy and respect. If you want to discuss it, go to the more recent video. Other than that, let’s keep things here more about this video :). Which is great because I love these informative videos.

    62. Megan M

      We love you Martina, do whatever you need to do ❤️

    63. Faryn Egger

      Love you Martina 💖

    64. Hannah Kritzman

      I love you Martina you are so strong just never change ❤️

    65. Chantal Ward

      Wow, that little deep fryer is so cute and convenient for katsu! Also, I went to J-Town shortly after this video. The section with all the takoyaki makers and such isn’t there anymore. I didn’t have time to search for it. Nakamura Bakery is still there, and the veg. onigiri is delicious. It’s just salty pickled mustard tuber or something; it’s good. But yeah, everything else was the same. It was my first time since Heisei Mart moved across the courtyard. Martina, if you haven’t tried Izakaya Ju, you should. Ju is a wizard in the kitchen. Don’t know if it will be the same since CoVid, but their food is amazing! I recommend Gindara Daikon and their Tori Karaage. Also their yakitori is delicious (okra, heart, negimayaki, etc) and their takoyaki is good, too. Although the best takoyaki comes from the guys who are sometimes outside at J-Town making it fresh under a tent; sooooo good. And I recognize that skyline. Gardiner Express. ;) I like driving through Toronto from the West side of the Gardiner at night. The lights are very pretty. Also, not to ramble and give you too much to do, but there’s Tsujiri in North York (off of Yonge) serving up Japanese parfaits with delicious kinako flavoured ice cream, so... you know... if you and Miki want to treat yo selves...

      1. AE Edwards

        Rite? I never saw a fryer like that. I want to learn more.

    66. Ramuneko

      You guys in the comments are being so disrespectful. What's the point of speculating about their private lives and assuming things for your own amusement? The past 6 months have been difficult for EVERYONE. Nevermind moving countries or living with a chronic condition. Give them time, we will get more updates on their wellbeing through the information they WANT to share. Just because you're a KGupr it doesn't mean you need to share everything in your life, especially not immediately. Please respect them if you have supported & followed this channel. Why change now?? Don't be nasty, be A nasty!!!

      1. Kat

        Also the comments and speculation in regards to Simon’s health and well-being were beyond rude and invasive. I was so surprised. I know people worry and are allowed to worry, but man. So not cool to comment on someone’s appearance.

      2. Kat

        Literally. Had someone block me earlier for saying this. They replied that they’re allowed to wonder and be curious and I’m like yeah totally but STOP GOSSIPING. clearly Simon and Martina would’ve said something more if they were comfortable talking about it. Just because they produce content doesn’t mean we butt into their lives and privacy. It’s so rude. For the people who donate and pay for the channel, it’s okay to question on what the channel will look like in regards to content but their whole relationship doesn’t need to be under a microscope.

      3. Bee Smitty

        Thank you! If they want to speculate go to reddit or discord but really what point is it doing that instead of just being supportive and waiting until they (if they) provide context. And if they never do, oh well. We aren't living their lives and we see such small tidbits of their daily moments, you can't expect to understand someone fully from this. Allow them privacy.

      4. Lynn Hall

        Yes! So agree with this. This community is usually so positive and supportive

    67. A Wooden Chair

      I get y’all in the comments care hella but goddamn. Some of y’all demanding as fuck, just cause you support them financially or some shit it don’t mean they owe you a damn explanation to every fkn thing in they lives, PRIVATE OR NOT. This is KGup bro, how the fuck you gon put yourself on a pedestal and not be empathetic to a situation that is so sensitive??? If they quiet about shit then there must be a good reason, even if there isn’t they hold the right to not disclosing everything and anything they feel. On god are y’all even adults??? Shit!!!!

      1. A Wooden Chair

        Neb - Roqket if people stop supporting them monetarily just because they want privacy then that’s on them. Either way what they do or what they should do is up to no one or any circumstance other than what they themselves choose to do

      2. Neb - Roqket

        If ppl are supporting them financially, they deserve answes. I mean ppl can stop paying them for their daily LIFE.

      3. Jennifer Green

        @AE Edwards And yet, why should anyone have to censor themselves? It's incredibly frustrating to see numerous people making comments about the lives of KGuprs and act as if they're owed an explanation. If Simon and Martina want to say something about their relationship, then they will. Speculating about people you only know from KGup videos is just ridiculous. Instead of going after someone for swearing, why don't you actually address the points that they're making?

      4. A Wooden Chair

        AE Edwards don’t care

      5. AE Edwards

        Wooooah, there potty mouth. You can get your points across better without all that violent verbal harassment.

    68. gorn beef

      Lol i havnt watched these guys since they lived in korea now i come back to this😂😂

    69. Limosine

      Perhaps split the channel name.

    70. Klaudia

      The comments say they are separated/broke up/divorced. Guys, please, let's respect their privacy. I'm sure if something will happen, they will let us know. But in the meantime, I think they are fine. They just got back to Canada, they are happily spending time with their families that they didn't live with for so long. Me and my fiance are from different countries too, I think if we got back from Asia to Europe after years, we would also take our time to be with our families for a while. Whatever you are going through Simon and Martina, I hope you are happy and healthy

      1. AnHeC

        @Ignacia Are you functionally illiterate? At which point did I say they must explain themselves? Expecting a creator you pay to simply state 'im on a break' or 'the channel will change' is not an invasion in any way shape or form. Had people known this is what they will get im sure many would retract support. It was indecent of them to take money in that period with zero transparency.

      2. AnHeC

        @Micha-Jade Coppen how in the world is telling people 'we are on a hiatus' or 'there won't be any more joined videos' an infringement of privacy? I very clearly said they don't owe anyone details of what and why. But either suspend your patreon or inform people that things have changed, so they can make a decision. You're taking money. That's a commitment.

      3. Ignacia

        @AnHeC no one is forcing people to pay their bills or to watch them, so if someone doesn't like the content is totally free to go. No one is entitled to others intimacy

      4. Old Marbles

        @Yugi Moto then just dont Pay for it get the hell out here

      5. Yugi Moto

        @Micha-Jade Coppen when you pay for a service you are owned something....like are you ok? I don't need to know about their private life but if it effects WHAT I PAY FOR then i want to know whether i want to keep paying for a service or not.

    71. flygyal246

      WHERES HER RING 😭😭😭😭😭

    72. The Real Mythril

      I’m getting sad and worried that I’m only seeing separate. Please tell us that you guys are ok. I’m disabled and my hubby is my love my heart and my best friend as well as my carer. I was so happy to find you guys, the first time that I had seen a mixed ability couple like us, thriving and sharing their world online. I hope that you are both ok, whatever is going on.

      1. Ashley Jota

        I’m sure you’ve found other mixed ability couples on KGup since this channel, but in case you haven’t... I’m subscribed to Roll with Cole and Charisma and Squirmy and Grubs, they are such wonderful couples who are interabled.

      2. Bipolartorecovery

        The last video with Simon is just tragic. Notice when she picks up the uniagi she's not wearing a ring. Simon isn't either in his latest video. It's just tragic. They played a big role in my decision on whether to move to asia or not. Also they got married as friends and kinda hits a nerve now I'm debating that myself with my best friend. It's just sad and jarring. I'd almost wish i could wave a magic wand for a research team to make a treatment plan for her and have her live a quality of life with less pain. I honestly was wanting to patent an adaptive device to help with cold therapy based on a prototype i made for myself with my pain subtype IBS. It's sad to see people who affected you in ways they will never know about in how they helped you make big decisions and not be able to do the same in return. I hope the best for both of them, together or apart. I hope they can remember their friendship which was the constant for them.

    73. reimi

      i recently found kewpie roasted sesame dressing at my local costco! i put it in like everything now aha

      1. Edwin Latorre

        That sounds amazing

    74. tak178

      I visited J-Town in 2005 when I visited Toronto. I don't remember it being quite so big...

    75. Pixel

      Hey Martina, I just want you to know that you are hella cool, never stop being yourself! 💪😄☀️

    76. silvergypsy81

      Just noticed their both not wearing wedding rings 😕

      1. ManiacalMind

        @TaraBoo Art ARMY yeh and these people are so damn rude. I bet you most of them have never been in a serious relationship and don’t know what it’s like to first of all lose that person you loved so much and then have people throw shit at you for it

      2. TaraBoo Art ARMY

        I feel sooo bad for both of them. If they have broken up, they have thousands of people demanding explanations, speculating, asking questions. If they haven’t, they’re hearing all this stuff about themselves and stressing them out. Must be really hard either way. :(

      3. silvergypsy81

        They both were my couple goals too, I hope nothing but the best for them both and I’ll always will support them by watching their videos. I used to wish a guy would look at me the way Simon did martina, they’re adorable. Love to yous both in your difficult times

      4. Rose Ravenclaw

        @Bipolartorecovery if you form yourself around a person,it works for awhile until you literally have no identity of your own. if that is the case,the one who formed their identity around their partner needs their me time and maybe some counseling. the problem with this thing is what happens if that person leaves because well,not everyone appreciates having to be responsible for an adult who doesn't have their own actual identity.

      5. ManiacalMind

        @Bipolartorecovery delete your comment this is so unfair to read for both of them. You are not them, you don’t know what’s going on in their lives. Stop analyzing and assuming.

    77. B K

      I’m going to have to deal with the out of character video from Simon along with Martina’s video here. Yes, it is their business. And, they owe nothing to us. But damn it, I have never cared so much about the well being of two strangers from KGup as much as I do about them than anyone in my life.

      1. SelinaCat

        @Secondhand Wildflowers they could be taking a break to be with their families during the pandemic and personal soul searching too first. Maybe they aren't saying because they don't know themselves. Don't jump to conclusions.

      2. manch orch

        @Secondhand Wildflowers Yeah it’s called observation and analysis. People act as if we aren’t allowed to do that lol.

      3. B K

        @Secondhand Wildflowers yep. And, it’s ok for us to care.

      4. Secondhand Wildflowers

        You have to remember they aren’t saying they are together but not together and thus is why to. They haven’t been together because they aren’t together. Plain and simple

      5. Jasmine Duzong

        I know right?! It’s none of my business and they don’t need to say anything and I won’t be mad if I never get any answers, I just worry lol

    78. DenaRox

      Kewpie mayo is life changing. They sell it in the Safeway/Sobeys in Saskatoon 😍

      1. TaraBoo Art ARMY

        I found it in a little grocery store in a hole-in-the-wall town in Georgia. It’s getting all over the place. I love it. :)

      2. Ralia

        its soooooo baddddd...it taste like regular mayo with a twang

    79. Ken McKim

      FYI, FCPX will sync audio from two sources automatically. I used to do it like you showed in your tutorial, but now it's just 3 clicks in the menu.

    80. Jay

      I want to see more videos like this! Miki and her kids are so cute and it’s great to see you having fun with them 😊 Also, of what you showed of Toronto, it looks a lot like Vancouver. Lots of construction here too! :3 I appreciate the audio syncing lesson ‘cause it’s been a while since I edited

    81. Old Marbles

      aaaaaaaahhhhhh mmm so hungry I wanna eat a cup of noodles

    82. kizzy

      I adore Martina, it feels like coming home when I watch her. :')

    83. Nataly

      I love you guys and miss you so much. I'm sure for a lot of us here you've grown to be a part of family to us. And whatever happens, happens and we all respect your choices on that. Because that is up to you. You don't need to tell us about that. I'm just really scared that something has happened because of EDS. And from that side we who have EDS would like to know. We don't need to because we know how personal that is. Yesterday my partner and I had a conversation with his father about my EDS, and he basically thinks that our relationship can never work because of it, and he doesn't want my partner to have to care for me. We've been together 3 years and want to marry soon, and chances are he won't approve of us. I can hardly find anything at all about EDS and long term relationships, I don't know how it will affect me. The clues I've been getting are from your relationship, so we can prepare. We both watch your videos to educate ourselves on what is to come, you are 10 years ahead of us. I'm 25 now and its already pretty darn bad. After watching some of your EDS videos we had those important discussions on what is to come, and he sees how you are managing. I work from home too. And I'm half Japanese and want to go back to those childhood days in Japan. His family are all very wealthy, and he is their only son, they want the best for him and only the best. The burning question is; will any of this ever work with EDS? You have already given the EDS community so much and we are so so grateful that you have. If not much is posted anymore, or together that is okay, you've already gifted us so much in a field that's rarely talked about. I hope you are looking after yourself. Love you both.

      1. Nataly

        @Bipolartorecovery Yeah I totally understand those feels. Cancelling on something you looked forward to is rough. We both have ibs so that was super easy to get on the same page with. And he has Aspergers and ADD. I remember getting frustrated at how he couldn't remember something like washing, no matter how many times I had told him. And I stopped and really did my research on those, and it helped me understand that really both of us have to meet in the middle. So I have learned the same patience that he has for me on my bad days. And it will never be perfect health for both of us. It still doesn't change how much it hurts when someone thinks I am not good enough because of something I am born with and have no control over. But I know that we are okay. We support each other very much.

      2. Bipolartorecovery

        @Nataly i fear that's what's going on with Martina. Boy, does that suck for simon because he tried so hard to show how much she does for him and basically begged her to not sabotage the marriage. I don't have eds but my adhd and ptsd effect just about everything i do and I've wondered more than once why a romantic partner stayed around or why someone wanted to be my friend. Don't get me wrong, i like being out and having fun (minus plague) but having a chronic condition does wear down your self esteem, especially when there's no treatment for it (had horrific ibs pain subtype that i couldn't even keep water down. Thankfully i did an experiment based on some very preclinical research and it actually worked out ok) i just remember feeling completely hopeless and that trying to maintain relationships was very difficult because i had to constantly adapt my plans and expectations of what i could do hour by hour.

      3. Nataly

        @Stephen P Indeed. Fully agree. We've had the conversations a lot, its still easy to worry that he is so head over heels in love that it could make it easier to ignore. Like Martina, I worry about 'tricking' him unintentionally. So I have always been honest with him when I am injured, in pain etc. An honest relationship is so important. Thank you.

      4. Stephen P

        @Nataly It's good you're having these conversations now. Your partner needs to be fully mentally prepared for the deterioration in your health. If he's willing to accept it, then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, even his Dad. Your partner is not his Dad, he won't necessarily react the same way as long as you really consider the future and how bad it could potentially get, then both you and your partner will have the best chance to cope both physically and mentally.

      5. Nataly

        @Stephen P I hope so too. Thank you

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