Surprise Fishing Trip Turns Up RARE BASS on Okeechobee

Scott Martin

41 миӊ. көрүүлөр7

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    I surprise Macoy with a fishing trip on Lake Okeechobee with Captain Chad Van Slyke for all of his hard work this season!
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    1. Scott Martin

      Check out SimpliSafe’s holiday sale by visiting Get up to 35% off their award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock! It’s really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts.

      1. Richie _k_68

        Yes he deserves a lot seems like a good guy .🙏🏼✌🏼🎣🎣

      2. Sonya Waldrop

        @Richie _k_68 p Bound J

      3. kjmcbay 1776

        You are going to need a good security system after all that money you going to be winning in the Elite's next year . sike ............... you probably ain't going to place in the top 50 in any tournaments.

    2. William Benner

      Golden bass, never even knew they existed.

    3. George Neckrock

      Excellent video I enjoyed it very much !!! Oh Merry Christmas !!!

    4. Mr. Bass Outdoors

      Actual video starts at 3:00.

    5. Tbassin 323

      I’d kill to be in McCoy’s position. Congrats my man and keep grinding with the awesome editing! 🤙🏽

    6. harvey lazos

      Hey Scott I just wanna say I really like ur show. Keep it up and don’t forget to leave the Christ in Christian. God bless you brother. Merry Christmas.

    7. Todd Thorne

      Probably due to the massive amount of herbicide they spray in that lake to control grass n weeds.

    8. Marshon Johnson

      You all killed it! Would fish with you guys any day. A lot of info passed on that trip

    9. Pink Pond Princess

      Hey!! Great video 😀 New Female KGup Fishing Video Out. 💖😀🎣👸 “Pink Pond Princess “ Stopped By

    10. Peyton Mcmullen


    11. ApexOfExistence

      Frogs and chatters ftw!!!

    12. A and W Outdoors

      That was crazy! Never seen that before

    13. jeremy pierce

      McCoy has been killin it. I wasn't sure how you could replace the day to day work that Brandon put in, but those last couple of tournament videos were absolutely fire. It's awesome watching your guys progress in their profession.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

    14. Warren louisiana

      That was a big bass,, HillSue gonna be jealous of you,,,,

    15. kjmcbay 1776

      he's fixing to get that tail kicked in the elite's next year.

    16. kjmcbay 1776

      he's fixing to get that tail kicked in the elite's next year.

    17. kjmcbay 1776

      he's fixing to get that tail kicked in the elite's next year.

    18. kjmcbay 1776

      he's fixing to get that tail kicked in the elite's next year.

    19. kjmcbay 1776

      he's fixing to get that tail kicked in the elite's next year.

    20. kjmcbay 1776

      he's fixing to get that tail kicked in the elite's next year.

    21. kjmcbay 1776

      he's fixing to get that tail kicked in the elite's next year.

    22. kjmcbay 1776

      he's fixing to get that tail kicked in the elite's next year.

    23. kjmcbay 1776

      he's fixing to get that tail kicked in the elite's next year.

    24. kjmcbay 1776

      he's fixing to get that tail kicked in the elite's next year.

    25. Rod Cashman

      Enjoyed it would love to fish this lake sometime when were in Punta Gorda

    26. William Belcher

      Starting on the St John's is in your wheel house bud biggins up here 👍

    27. Zac Pearson

      I got skunked on my tournament this past weekend, should I sell my stuff and pick up gender studies or get back to the next one. FYI lake appopka is hot trash

    28. Jakob Peterson

      McCoy caught a shiny bass

    29. Jarod Peer

      Xanthism...genetic issue with the bass causing the golden color

    30. Todd Cooper

      Merry Christmas From The Cooper's Cleburne,Texas

    31. Cory Crouch

      McCoy is the man!!

    32. Kenny Kocian

      I must say young rob aka McCoy does a great job on these edits and videos!

    33. Randy Creason

      Toss that man a bonus check Scott. Those edits where top notch.

    34. Matt Bradley

      Missed Baby Ninja Thor telling us to smash the Like button.

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s right..🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻 BNT

    35. Michael Jackson-Rugs

      I look forward to getting down there again just to fish with Scott again ! Merry Christmas to you all and congrats Brandon. Congrats on making the Elites Scott.....I knew you would do it !

    36. Adam Smith

      I'm looking at 5 months untill there's a frog bite.

    37. Elray Banderas

      Yea!!! I agree McCoy has been killin the edit game!! Except when he crashed the drone that one time!! 😂😂😂

    38. Elray Banderas

      Love the content man keep up the grind!! Gonna shake your hand one day you mark my words @Scott Martin 🤘👍🤘

    39. Chris Harney

      Duuuudddeee!! That dudes hair is frickin awesome!!!


      I think everybody was hard on him due to the fact that everyone like Brandon so much...But he is definitely id a fantastic filmmaker and His editing skills are really awesome..

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you for saying that..he will like it

    41. Scott Frost

      McCoys on another level!

    42. Jake Martin

      Thank you for teaching us over the years, the fact that you are giving us so much free information/content is awesome 👍🐟! Like always keep up the hard work and tight linZ🤙🎣🙏!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you👊🏻👊🏻

    43. Laura Greenwood

      Speaking of freeze sensor I was wondering have you ever done ice fishing for bass you should take a trip to the ice Scott and catch some chillies

    44. Kevin flabouyfishing

      This dude from Minnesota?

    45. Edward Reidt

      yes he done a great job this year

    46. Braden Ellison

      Nobody wants to watch him fish Scott 😂 plz go fishing and film it Scott plz

    47. Roger Lavigne

      Keep him behind the camera😁. Great job Mc Coy. Keep up the good work. It's hard work making Scott look interesting. Especially when he catches 1 fish in a tournament.

      1. Scott Martin

        True lol

    48. OzarkBassinTV

      insane! im moving to florida every winter !

    49. Tyler Frye

      He's got his tackle switching it to his Skeeter perhaps? Great video as always guys!

    50. Outdoors Geek

      Yes, gold bass is real - it’s true, but bass turns to gold because of an extremely rare occurrence that is believed to be caused by a genetic mutation.

    51. Booster C

      The guide was front ending McCoy. McCoy should have had first shot at the prime locations. I hate when I hire a guide and he starts front ending me as if I was a co-angler in a Tx rather than a customer.

    52. Barry Edmunds

      He look like he really enjoyed himself and not go bad that was so cool that remind me of the fish a bother Apalachicola River in a place called Kennedy creek they have pitch black ass in Tenna bass in a bunch of them I have called hundreds of them out of there literally thanks for the video it was good

      1. Barry Edmunds

        That was pitch black bass I apologize for that have a merry Christmas Scott

    53. Rogbass

      I really want that Elite box. Lol. Been bugging me. Lol

    54. Patrick Lile

      Scott Martin can I go fishing with you ok if you come to Stillwater ok

    55. brendan curley

      macoys cool yeah

    56. Toledo_Bend_Derrick

      Bandido bug lol.. we see those gambler lures on the deck!

    57. Fishing DohaR

      অনেক বড় বড় মাছ। কোন জায়গার ভিডিও এটা।

    58. 386BassinTV

      What happen to spinner worm?

    59. Fishing MW

      I can't stand MTB. I got crappy leftovers in mine.

    60. MurphyRT

      Were you guys throwing speed worms in the grass?

    61. Brian Patrick

      Well deserved for sure 👍🏻👍🏻

    62. Shaquille

      Can’t wait to see what Macoy has in store for the Elite Series!!!

    63. Duane Imlay

      Very impressive editing....well done

    64. Rogbass

      After the Historic Drone crash and jungle hunt , the videos have steadily been better and better. The drone hunt that day did something to his editing brain. McCoy found some magic editing tool or something. Seriously he’s gooood. Awesome boss who sends his man fishing for monsters. Awesome.

    65. whatsapoop

      I commented on one of your recent videos about McCoy's editing ....... he is THE MAN on your team!! No question he is doing a fantastic job for you, your channel and your team. GO MCCOY!! Hey ....... that sounds like a t-shirt??!!

    66. B Lark

      I don’t understand how so many people are always breaking off lures in bass mouths

      1. kjmcbay 1776

        because they don't know how to fight a fish or there knots aren't good or there trying to jack the fish with light line and light wire hooks

    67. Camron King

      I am more than anxious to see how you trick out the new battle wagon and the boat, I’m curious to see what color scheme you choose, I’m still thinking the lime green, maybe even an aqua color, let them fish know when daddy’s home when you hit the lake😂🤷🏻‍♂️

    68. Another Somebody

      What line are you using? I'll never buy that brand.

      1. Another Somebody

        @Scott Martin Inconceivable!!!

      2. Scott Martin

        It wasn’t PLine 👍🏻

    69. Karl Chandler

      Scott Martin i got 7 clickbaits today WOOHOO!!!!! Im so excited!!!!!

    70. E G


    71. Vance Cash

      Is that a hybrid peacock/ largemouth? 😂

    72. Brian Robinson

      I had a similar day last year except on a chatterbait. 12lb flouro, 2 casts, and 2 fish broke me off in the exact same place both times. I was so confused and pissed at the same time. I still don't know why my line broke, and they weren't even big fish!

    73. Cracker Time

      Cool video

    74. David Toelle

      I caught a bass like that 30 years ago i kept it and ate it the meat was sherbert colored. I don't haven't kept or ate bass in a long time but the color is more than skin deep is all i,m saying

    75. Troy Harper

      Great video McCoy 💯💯

    76. Dinsmore Outdoors

      Scott I have some St. johns river videos you should check out even one where I meet Rick Clunn out on the water, they might help ya out. Good luck and glad you made it to the Elites!

    77. Tim Jolly

      McCoy did good.

      1. Tim Jolly

        Tell McCoy I'll take him fishing when I am down for the month of February no charge.

    78. Samuel Darroch

      What happen to b

    79. Jim Grady

      McCoy is doing great! Well deserved fishing trip.

    80. Johnnie Large

      It’s been a heck of a year for McCoy from hard drives breaking, crashing drones, rattlesnakes, etc.

      1. Scott Martin

        It definitely has been 😂

    81. 334 Bassin

      McCoy is the best. I watch several different peoples channels and McCoy has the best editing skills. Hands down. Good job fellas.

      1. 334 Bassin

        @Scott Martin you’re welcome. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

      2. Scott Martin

        Thank you!

    82. Ethan Eveler

      Wow awesome video that golden bass is really cool that is definitely a rare bass with that color. And Macoy does a really good job filming keep up the good work love your videos.

    83. David McCallister

      BOOOOO!!!!👎 But thumbs up for the mullet king! 👍👍👍👍

      1. Scott Martin

        Mullet King:)

    84. Bassing Boy

      Hey Mr. Martin uhmm I'm am a fan of yours whenever you try new techniques then I try them too so I just wanted to say ... merry Christmas and a happy new year

    85. BEAR

      I'd say McCoy deserves at least a 1/2 dozen guided fishing trips ❗ And a week's payed vacation ❗ Because he does one hell of a job of making you look good ‼️😁✌️🤟🙏🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

    86. David FP

      Macoy needs a channel

    87. Kevin Smith

      Yea I’m using a sledgehammer to go hookin ice big time in nj

    88. Lumpiest of Coles

      Awesome video as usual

    89. J & L

      Honestly...I am so amazed by the quality of the editing on Scott Martin's channel! Well done! I can truly attest to, and appreciate the untold hours that goes into this kind of quality production. My son does a lot of national award winning music for short films, documentaries, etc...and the hours of editing and re-editing is insane! So, well done McCoy, Brandon, and Scott! But this one's especially for you, McCoy! The filmography, story telling, and editing is amazing! I know the multitude of subscribers and weekend observers agree...just so well done! Scott (and I know you know this), but you have a great thing going here, with an amazing channel, and amazing supporitng cast! You all should be proud! Scott...keep it up! Love the channel and the quality of it all! Top notch entertainment, dude! Never forget how good God is! God is good all the time!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you soooo much!! 😃😃

    90. GeoffTman G

      Scott You might not of had things go your way this year but I have no doubt you will bounce back bro. You the man

    91. Cody Phillips

      Scott I am so jacked you made the elites! The cream always rises to the top!!

    92. Lumpiest of Coles

      McCoy what is your PB right now? Never heard the weight announced???

      1. Scott Martin


    93. Steve Smith

      Good vid, liked the golden bass

    94. Delta Hogz

      I hope you kill it in the Elites! 🎣 Looking forward to watching it.

    95. Dressage stable VDB

      Which lures are good for winter here in Florida rattletrap?

    96. Michael leady

      I’m pretty sure I caught one of those

    97. charles dietzel

      Great video

    98. Brock Johnson

      Real McCoy has killed it bro! Videos have def stepped up this year!

    99. Michael Quatrone

      Just make sure McCoy does not drop anymore video equipment and lose videos!! lol

    100. justin travel vlog

      Ya Chad an awesome dude 😎