Spicy Korean Beef Ribs of Death

Simon and Martina

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    We get our revenge on Josh and Ollie of KoreanEnglishman and take them out for the spiciest Korean galbi (beef ribs) we could find. SUFFER, JOSH AND OLLIE! BURN! Watch us all writhe in pain for this week's Food Adventure Program For Awesome People!
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    1. Tziporah Yisra'El


    2. Lunarian Girl

      If i may ask, what is the name of the Restaurant and where in South Korea is it? id want to try it, when i visit!

    3. Lazaro Valle

      6:25 is what I'll always be trying to say if I can remember the line.

    4. Alle Rhie

      ollie looks so mellow here

    5. Molly Person

      They were lucky not to be scarred with Sarah Mclaughlin and the ASPCA advert growing up

    6. yusukefuuma08

      after knowing josh n ollie in their own channel...its weird to see they look so cool here...

    7. arran kambo

      Josh you totally failed hahaha

    8. Suffer In Silence

      I think what definitely helps here is Martina's huge pain tolerance! And I'm not even joking, like, kudo's to you Martina, for the things you're prepared to truck through like a total badass ^^

    9. BooksMakeEverythingBetter

      I feel the need to point out how I frequently come back to this video just to look at the spicy beef ribs and *drool!* I mean, I know yall are saying its hotter then hades but. . . .it just looks so good!! 🤤

    10. Tosin Fasoro

      Oh my god I didn't realise it was Josh and Ollie when I because I hadn't found the KGup

    11. charlie watts

      any chance you guys could do another collabortion?

    12. Kimberley Gray


    13. Misfit Mimi

      IM FREAKING OUT RIGHTN OW OMG alkjfasdkjsalkdfj I cant believe my two favorite channels in the whole world actually interacted all these years ago and I EVEN WATCHED THIS AND HAD NO IDEA, as in, I only recently discovered the korean englishman/jolly channel, and to think I knew of them so very long ago and was missing out on such greatness??? This is absolutely amazing, I am so happy, I cant contain myself X'DDDD

    14. C.G. LaCell

      Years later and can we all just appreciate how much of a beast Martina is. 👏

      1. C.G. LaCell

        @Simon and Martina still a beast though. You probably still "won" in that respect also. 😉

      2. Simon and Martina

        I want to say I won, but spicy goes in hot and *ahem* exits your body spicy too 😓 🔥

    15. kama nama

      GO MARTINA!!!

    16. Mary MacDonaugh

      My favorite part in this video is the very beginning. When the English fellow vomits and Martina calmly keeps chewing and filming whilst reaching for napkins for the poor guy. Lol. She is fantastic!

    17. Joe V

      I actually really miss this theme song

    18. ::star girl::

      Awww! When I first watched this I didn’t know Josh and Ollie! It’s even more fun to watch now haha

      1. Misfit Mimi


    19. Rey Of Light

      Lol this reminds me of one time in China when one of my Chinese aunts had been to Hainan province on a vacation and brought back some local chili paste for my (ex) father-in-law who loved spicy foods. My ex husband and FIL had some on some rice or noodle dish and started sweating floods instantly. I tried a bit and was about as un-phased as Martina, and I don’t even like spicy food lol Must be some special EDS super powers muhahaha

    20. Lunarian Girl

      Friggin love this video, anyone know the classical music in the background when the scene shows Simon and Martina complacently enjoying their meal? XD

    21. Angela Siu

      I first watched this years ago because I was a Nasty but I'm back here again because I'm a Jolly fan now and the different perspectives are very jarring lol

    22. Mike Paek

      Hilarious. That's a mistake. Ollie! Haha. Great stuff guys. Both teams. Great job.

    23. Abby Is Watching

      You do NOT step to the Queen.💃

    24. Its me

      Martina just became my absolute role model in spice tolerance! i’ve been trying to improve, but seeng Martina like this is great!

    25. Fae Vynn

      Just became fans of Jolly and realized now that this was them when i first watched this video four years ago lol

    26. sasha8585096

      I love how sadistic you guys areXD

    27. mikikijiki

      Name of the restaurant?

    28. supersmex

      This is probably one of my favorite colabs but only because Martina is the manliest one in this video.

    29. Zach Salg

      That waiter was a cutie patootie

    30. Ange Maidment

      The guy in the striped shirt 🤣🤣🤣

    31. alexandra

      I want more Jolly and Eat Your Kimchi vids, please!!!!

    32. Maria queen09

      Daamn Martina is all calm mostly and the guys are screaming it burns it's so hot and martina goes for another bite

    33. Erica Jun

      That looks so good yummm

    34. Erika Lira

      Martina is casually just watching everyone die while she is eating peacefully

    35. supersmex


    36. Fransisca Emeline

      Martina is the HERO! Shameee shameee

    37. Rose Veatupu

      Martina's pain tolerance is commendable tbh

    38. Sarah K

      Y am I just now seeing this video?! I've been subscribed to both of you guys for years. But this was hilarious lol

    39. Shanna Bananas

      Martina is gangster 😂😂😂

    40. Abby Is Watching

      For me anyway it doesn't exactly register as "pain." It's like it hits a whole different set of receptors. It...hurts?...but in a good way? I have no idea how to explain it. All I know is, I get that look from servers all the time, and I applaud the valor of noble Khaleesi Martina! "All men must die...but we are not men." I always get a kick out of listening to the rest of the table whine and moan like they're being given a colonoscopy by a honey badger over something that tastes like ketchup that's been mildly frightened by a pepper shaker. Is that wrong? 🍜 😒 😵🍚

    41. Katee Tv

      why is simons face w h i t e?

      1. Simon and Martina

        I used to wear a lot of BB Cream.

    42. MopsyDoo

      My god the thoughts of the pain endured later in the bathroom

    43. Heidi R

      2019 and I'm still waiting for them to make another video together😪 two of my favourite youtube channels❤️

    44. little miss bow

      water doesn't help with spicy food

    45. ami ha

      9:46 is that skt faker?

    46. Min Mercury

      She can't beat Jaein though😂

    47. hey daddy

      I eat raw king chilli with food, I eat 3-4 every time I eat, some day I will be vomiting at night after fews hours of dinner, in mouth I can bear no matter how hot it is but my belly is weak

    48. aveuch

      9:05 Canadians!!

    49. Hanna Nilsen

      Actually yeah, water does make it worse. If you are looking for a way to "tame" the spiciness then you should drink milk.

    50. Bali Fairy

      Does anyone know the address of this restaurant? Need to try it asap Thanks!!!!

    51. Agustina F

      Dear God, Martina

    52. Devil0356

      This looked so delicious and so deadly rolled into one. Also I have the same Marvel shirt and it is so comfy as PJs.

    53. YamiAlex224

      I love watching this Martina Victor Everyone else not so much

    54. oneroarmouse

      6:25 Yes, Martina! FireQueen! 😄🔥👑

    55. Melissa Fowler

      I love Martina so much. This is everything.

    56. Selim Kutlu

      8.16 romeo and julienne

    57. Meru

      Dear Simon and Martina, it is currently 4:30am in the states, and I'm binge watching all of your videos again for the 10th time, because even though I'm sick and exhausted, I can't sleep. I lost a friend today to cancer, and some other things are bothering me. But! Watching your videos bring me joy. Even if I have to watch it with caption and no sound so I don't wake my bf. Thank you for being my ray of sunshine. Even though this video is old as hell, I still love re watching it along w your new stuff. Martina I hope you have a painless day, hope this message finds its way to you somehow. Love you both so much, have a good day duckies!

    58. Music Kid

      dat breathing

    59. Tiffany Hakunashi

      haha my ex husband and our son's name Josh and Ollie.

    60. Jenny Huynh

      Years later and this is still as entertaining as the 1st time i watched it

    61. Retta Baca


    62. JT McAwesome-Face

      Martina is queen

    63. YamiAlex224

      I have watched this like 8 times. I love how Martina is ^_^ the others are °_°

    64. 70Slinger

      You shouldn't be pouring your own Soju. Just sayin.

    65. Vanessa Kountul

      I am allergic to chilli. And I am Indonesian. Damn

    66. joyce kemp

      Queen Martina

    67. Satopi3104

      wow it's weird watching this because I just discovered yongguk namja and find them hilarious but i must have watched this close to real time and just didn't feel anything about the two English guys.

    68. Piink Soda

      Will always be my most favorite video ever

    69. Richard Woo

      Was this the reason Like Ooh-ahh is a song

    70. Mario Macpui

      No offense intended... your friends are pussies. I mean, fine it's REALLY spicy, but is it necessary to act with negative testosterone values?

    71. HaruJupiter

      i have chronic pain and can totally confirm that i eat spicy food the best of the people i know lol

    72. phoenix cat

      I miss this....

    73. Eternallife

      Omg get them some ice cream

    74. XPRMNT

      mans not hot

      1. Simon and Martina

        Take off your jacket!

    75. Jenna G.

      Martina puts up with so much physical pain, people complaining about little things must really make her laugh on the inside. [i mean way louder than the laughs we can actually hear.]

    76. jhmn123

      Martina, you're awesome! Truly in a league of your own! This video was so funny 😂

    77. Winson Chan

      White people lol

    78. Vinz Cadiz

      Who's watching this in 2018

    79. Dien Nguyen

      Wow on one side it is like death then look at the other their living in luxury

    80. YamiAlex224

      Why can't I stop watching this Martina 100000000090 Spicy 0

    81. ZAmpedNZ

      Martina.... you’re such a boss!!! 😘❤️

    82. paulette vazquez

      Cut to Martina sipping death broth...

    83. Poi Adf

      I really want to try it!!!

    84. rjsfea

      What the difference between pork and beef ?

    85. Natalie Plays

      Its official, MARTINA IS FUCKING IMMUNE TO FUCKING PAIN...unless you steal her food..

    86. Vanessa R.

      Martina you're my Hero

    87. Tundrafire

      Martina is my idol. She is amazing.

    88. Courtney Michelle

      Your friends are CUTEE! Especially Josh! Lol...I was cracking up when Martina was just eating away like nothing was going on! Flirting with the camera! haha

    89. La Perra

      Lmfaaaaaoooo I love watching your videos i get like the satisfaction from watching a mukbang but then I also get to laugh my ass off the entire time and i think thats what makes ur channel special keep up the good work 😂😂😂💙💜 #LoveFromAmerica

    90. 영화의이해

      너무 매운 건 일부러 드시지 마세요! 맛을 떠나 고통이라 음식 맛을 제대로 즐기질 못하죠~

    91. 영화의이해

      소주를 왜 흔들어서 마시죠? 막걸리도 아닌데? 제가 술을 못마셔서 잘 모르겠네요.

    92. 08missEE

      Lol at the marching song at the end that slowly dies out with each person coming out of the store.

    93. chef cook

      ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ영국 남자들만 죽어가잖아? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    94. Warking MF

      Since I've been watching you guys I can say it makes me happier than ever to watch you guys eat and be well you're selves

    95. Princesslov27

      I was watching spicy challenges and I had to see Martina win this again because it's so awesome how she can get through it all even when all the guys are failing.

    96. Cherlyne Wang

      This collab though!!

    97. blueeses

      Martina be like... 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨

    98. Tan Rui Qi

      Where is this!

    99. Gabriela Yu

      omg i can almost tasted the spiciness just from watching this

    100. Save Alicejaxerques

      Martina you are my queen