Chris Hadfield and Barenaked Ladies | I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing)

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    I.S.S. Commander Chris Hadfield joins The Barenaked Ladies and the Wexford Gleeks in the first space-to-earth musical collaboration.
    The song, "I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing) was commissioned by and The Coalition for Music Education with the Canadian Space Agency to celebrate music education in schools across Canada.
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    1. JO - 02RC 893036 Cooksville Creek PS

      i used to be in the school named after him and my kindergarten teacher let us listen to it

    2. large biff

      Damn, Canadians sure know how to rock!

    3. candace clare

      Honestly such a badass moment in history and an amazing song.

    4. Nick V

      If you often look at the night sky, sooner or later you will see a small bright star rushing across the sky. Unlike others, this one was made by us

    5. aiden haley

      all the memories from jk sk and grade 1 all coming back

    6. Lidl Butcher

      Made me cry.

    7. Adrian Parry

      Perfect sync no delay from space

    8. Rubix Cubix


    9. Lee Bee

      Always loved BNL's sound.. and Chris Hadfield is clearly a special man.. Wexford Gleeks just top it off.. the cherry on a -pretty huge and cosmic - cake.. just amazing!!!

    10. Adrian Parry

      Look at bubbles in space

    11. Ringodoesn'tlikemarmite

      Probably gets good 5G up there

    12. Martin Forró

      Third girl from right in the first row... That is a damn good reason to get back!

    13. EVE Skincare International

      Wow, perfect sync with 11sec time delay. 🤣

    14. Mercede Erfanian

      What beats an astronaut? Astronaut-muscian!

    15. -The Ultimate Supreme Leader!-

      Giving me flashbacks from NASA spring space camp 😔

    16. F Baresi

      Where is the time delay?

    17. Sgt.Monkol photakul

      Hi บันทึกครั้งที่เท่าไรแล้ว หายหมด ตานิกูจำได้ละ lol lol lol Hi youtube Nams


      The barenaked ladies title is misleading.

    19. Bardóczné Kocsis Erzsó

      great :3

    20. SheilaghmBrosky Brosky

      How can I get rid of all these comments? If I were interested I would look them up. This is an invasion of my space.

    21. Marcelo O.W.


    22. Cheraity Anne

      He could actually sing amazing song by the way

    23. Adam K

      What a wonderful song. An unforgettable moment. I ❤️ 🇨🇦. My home!

    24. Adrian Parry

      When you eliminate the obvious they faked it

    25. Adrian Parry

      Ask a simple question how is this synched

    26. Adrian Parry

      No delay from space

    27. Adrian Parry

      If only they could fake the timing

    28. Heather Frodge

      Chris Hadfield is the best. And he has the best song for the space station yeah.

    29. Ruffles Stone

      I still love this song and S.O. Bowie song

    30. Vi M

      Is anyone else here because of Perseverance’s landing? Idk this song is just the space song for me

    31. Evil Genius

      They could sync a telecom extraterrestrial jam session in 2013 but I can't do a skype call with my nextdoor neighbor without it skipping.

      1. CBC Music

        Maybe they're probably a bit better funded than your local internet provider :s

    32. Mr Smile

      Can somebody put this on Spotify please ?

    33. Neat Stuff

      This guy seems to want to prove that we don't have an ISS base station along with he And a few friends. Makes you wonder

    34. cheryl williams


    35. Bj

      This is really fXXked up beyond belief. I just don't get it. NO, NO, NO NASA you CAN NOT, NOT, NOT have any more of our money you satXXists.

    36. Amy Denton

      Every time I watch this video I think how remarkable it is. Two people singing together a one isn't even on this planet!! Barenaked Ladies I applaud you for this and Chris your a remarkable human being xx

    37. Quin Andrews

      So much Canadian.

    38. Pamela Lambe

      nobody can top that

    39. Espen Abusdal

      Mysost betyr Luktosten's overspinner til Over's. Josnes er Klok som Overnevnte Extra.Siffer.

    40. Bill Clay

      According to NASA there should be a ten second delay between the ISS and earth. There is zero delay in this video. Somebody's lying.

    41. Cecilia Danis

      2021 Thank You for the song. I am aging like all of us...and seems to mean so much more. I

    42. Chingwudynasty

      What does your rocket propel against in space?

    43. Chingwudynasty


    44. Khuzaifa suliman

      Who else here in 2021😅

    45. Seas the Day

      This was extremely good and really cool to watch!!

    46. Andrew Bishop

      This is so wholesome

    47. Andrew Bishop

      I need that guitar pick

    48. Gr4ndM4ster

      I'm in Grade 8 now. I remember being in kindergarten listening to this at the end of the day every friday after they replaced the smartboard with the apple tv. I miss those days...

    49. ERM AV

      This has to be the worst song ever made.

    50. Navraj Dhaliwal

      I remember singing this in music class in grade 2

    51. Emily Salgado


    52. Horsed

      Who else remembers listening to this song during class

    53. Quin Andrews

      This mans passion and dedication to music let him him dedicate a finite allotment of time to true music. Yes I’m crying.

    54. VividLight

      This is fake, there must be delay in connection!

    55. CaapriceTube

      1:52 - so that's what I.S.S stands for = international space station

    56. Epic Lego

      Who's there from SS13?

    57. Syn Amantadyny

      Such a song in Biden's Time? Impossible. In Trump's time? Of course. God bless Trump and Free United States of America

      1. lukedm

        Sir/Ma'am are you aware that Trump nor Biden was president in 2013, Obama was. Also, this has literally no political connotation and is rather in my opinion trying to spread peace and unity with the line "You can't make borders from up here, just a spinning ball within a tiny atmosphere" (3:35). So please don't try to make non-political stuff political, thanks.

    58. Hunter Willow

      i remember when my school use to have this one afternoon on a certain day to celebrate music ( pretty sure it was music monday) and it was always this song. i immediately fall in love with it when I was around 8 I believe and it was what got me interested in space if I'm being honest. Such a good memory to reflect on 😊

    59. Shelley Duncan

      Chris Hadfield was social distancing before it was cool. It's a very lovely song.

    60. Alexandre J. W. Klaus

      Hey, is this released on spotify?

    61. adrian parry

      No delay wtf are you brain dead

    62. Stan Popovsky

      Очень трогательно. Хочется чтобы и в России снова пели песни о звёздах.

    63. Skylar Smith


    64. adrian parry

      You never left you muppet

    65. adrian parry

      So fake anyone have a brain

      1. Nevada

        no u dont

    66. adrian parry

      So fake

    67. adrian parry

      And while we're at it why is the sun

      1. adrian parry

        So round it defies logic let alone physics

    68. adrian parry

      As if this is really synched is there no time delay

    69. João Lucas Pires

      I wonder how they recorded this even with the internet delay

    70. Robert Rockwell

      this is just the coolest thing ever. thank you Cmdr. Hadfield and everybody.

    71. The Bigman

      Bruh I remember listening to this is 2nd grade in school more simpler times

    72. PRO GUNNER532

      I miss singing this for Christmas in grade 4

    73. Brit

      Why is he pretending to be in space

    74. M Kaylan

      Dang.... this is so cool.

    75. Sravdar

      I assume Chris singed without hearing them and people just catched up to Chris since the delay?

    76. Gianfranco Perticone

      Greetings from Italy Chris. Ciao

      1. CBC Music


    77. TheBull God

      Some dam hot chicks in that line up ~> beautiful

    78. Friday camel

      I think this may be the most positive comment section I've ever scrolled through

      1. CBC Music

        Thanks for contributing to the positivity!

    79. Lord K

      worst CGI ever. you would think with their kind of budged they would create a better illusion

      1. CBC Music

        It looks so real it must be fake?

    80. Jkdon’tcareenguhlishskwa

      Well, here I am again , I remember always listening to this in gr 2/3 , I moved away from that school but I Will always remember the days where we would watch this, It came across my mind today when i was thinking about the ” International space station “ and here I am at the video

      1. CBC Music

        Welcome back!

    81. Yan

      Is anyone going to mention that Chris is keeping time with a several second delay

      1. CBC Music

        Several people have yes... but maybe everyone was keeping time with Chris?

    82. youtube man

      This is so so heartwarming

    83. B R

      This is triggering so many flashbacks to elementary

      1. CBC Music

        Harkens back to a simpler time...

    84. Alexandre J. W. Klaus

      CBC Music gotta be the most active music channel with viewer engagement in the comments! Proud to be a Canadian

      1. Alexandre J. W. Klaus

        @CBC Music Let's go CBC! Let's go Canada!

      2. CBC Music

        We're here for you, because you're here for us! Cheers!

    85. Lee Harris

      The sheer grit and force of will Commander Hadfield has not to choke up while singing that, blows my mind... It's not a lack of feeling and compassion, he has those in spades,. He's just resilient beyond the average human's ability to even comprehend.

    86. Ummm.mp4

      Is this exact version on Spotify?

      1. Ummm.mp4

        @CBC Music :0

      2. CBC Music

        It is not, sorry. If you put your mind to it, you might be able to download this one...

    87. Hayden Klingler

      My cousin just had Chris Hadfield join his class’ live session at waterloo, big ups to a true Canadian legend. It’s also cool to see the bare naked ladies since the drummer lives 1 house down from me and ive seen him at a street party once a few years back

    88. Hope_sgtBacon


    89. CouchCommander5000

      Did two Canadians just use Imperial to describe the speed of the international space station haha.

      1. CBC Music

        We reserve the right to slip in and out of the metric system...

    90. JRP Memes, Movies, and game review.

      Grade 1 one, man. We danced to this.

      1. JRP Memes, Movies, and game review.

        @CBC Music definitely!

      2. CBC Music

        Are you dancing now, too?

    91. markus30musik

      Happy Birthday dear ISS . Now we have since 20 years permanent astronauts in space .....

    92. Scuffed Homer

      Bruv I had a live concert by Chris on a website with some others schools on Friday hint:Merndaps

    93. Aiden Haley

      I remember this song was the music Monday song 5 years and it still bangs

      1. CBC Music


    94. Twod Wozzle

      Makes me sick to my stomach. 😳

      1. Twod Wozzle

        @murraystewartj corny much. Hey, try singing in a space suit within a vacuum chamber. I hear that's pretty fun.

      2. murraystewartj

        Maybe space isn't for you. But you can still sing here on earth. Unless you just a complainer, in which case you're probably making other other people sick to their stomachs. Dunno, your lifestyle choices are up to you. Personally, I prefer singing (albeit badly) to complaining.

    95. emmy wang

      I remember having to sing this in like third grade. Now coming back to this is pretty emotional.

      1. CBC Music

        Well, welcome back!

    96. Sarflair Yuuki

      I remember this song from 5th grade!!

    97. Grant Bishop

      “Look out my window... there goes home” “that shining ball of blue houses everybody anybody ever knew” “Sing your song, I’m listening, our where stars are glistening I can hear your voices bouncing off the moon” still some of the best bars of the last ten years I love this song

      1. CBC Music

        Incredibly, it's a song from a simpler time.

    98. Robin Madfisherman


    99. Harry O'Neill


      1. CBC Music


    100. Harry O'Neill

      We are learning this in school