I Ran A Marathon In The World's Largest Shoes


46 млн көрүүлөр5 541

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    1. MrBeast

      This video was filmed a while ago, obviously with all the current events going on you shouldn’t do something like a marathon at the moment. Stay safe guys ❤️

      1. Renee Barnes


      2. Hermione Granger

        @JSJ Incorporated really what your yt

      3. Tristen Smith


      4. MonyGaming

        @Yes lol your ayo

      5. Vasilescu Alexandra


    2. Louis Orr


    3. It’s Suki

      Dang those are as long as I am tall

    4. kevin caudillo

      i love how they said they were going to walk the marathon but the camraman also has to do it but backwords

    5. karl jason

      at 12:05 tyler emedently started to cuddle with chirs

    6. Jazmine Lee

      I hope i just fide a laptop in the middle of the side walk

    7. Jasper Noob


    8. Kiyomi Suzuki


    9. Malakye Lebron

      It’s crazy how a random person let jimmy in there house to use the bathroom

    10. PandaGoat 1132

      Rip to the cameramen

    11. Gaspard Richardson

      How come Karl isn't even sweating?

    12. Geronimo Hoeckle

      Size 40 is normal in normal countries

    13. Ahmad Abuzarqa

      That face tho 10:10 😂

    14. Tanner Dopheide


    15. TheRealMC Flete

      12:32 AiAIAI We all fell that 😂🤣

    16. Shayaan Morshed

      They had 4-5 hours, but they managed to do it in only a few days!

    17. Blue Dyno


    18. DoomTurtle

      I ran a marathon yesterday and I have a sudden appreciation for Chris and Jimmy. also some empathy for chandler.

    19. Fc Robber

      Any one in 2021

    20. Sharon Atkins

      What the 🤬r u doing

    21. xet


    22. Mix Edit Fun

      Does chris moisturize?

    23. Mufaddal hebatullah

      It’s inspiring that you 3 could finish the challenge

    24. Fletcher Jenkins

      The camera man had to do it to

    25. Clash-2016 War

      60melion son 😱😱😱

    26. Gorlami

      Somehow this is actually inspiring me to be more active.. 🤔 Hon the lads!

    27. Bren Dan

      "When 3 Bigfoots want to run."

    28. Sali paws

      This will help maintain social distancing

    29. John Williamsen

      chris is so funny hahahahahaha

    30. BrandNew_ Gamer!

      Mr Beast You Did it :') I am proud of you I wish I was there when the marathon was going on :( ...

    31. amorettesia


    32. Wings of Dark

      Is honey a scam

    33. R. Praveen

      you can walk on water with these

    34. FUUUNAAA :3

      Does never mind how chris jumped with his head against a stop sign...

    35. Minttu Jalava

      Rip camera guy of the walking

    36. ryan zheng


    37. Abby Ramage

      Mr beast 60m

    38. Zane Khan

      Where was chandler in the finish line

    39. Cheese King 99

      Does he just carry money in his pocket because they got money for subbing and he pulled it out of his coat

    40. Sheryl Hillis

      Imagine Mr.Beat Just asking to use your bathroom 😂🤣

    41. Keeva Grace

      Poggers for God...,

    42. Maggie Williamson

      Hi Mr. beast I’m your biggest fan

    43. Matthew Amen

      You just hit 60 mill!!!!!!!!!

    44. Hugo Marques


    45. Timmy Tallarico

      Ever watch stand by me



    47. RaeAnna's Critters

      jimmy: i have one friend that's doing the marathon normally and that's karl me: of course it is

    48. Meredith Howard


    49. Jenea Animations!

      Chris yeets himself into a stop sign. Thats a sign to stop! 😂

    50. Imaginary Creations


    51. Gert Huus

      I say this is 2021 and good jop that you did that and good jop to that you hit 60M

    52. Mobius

      Efforts tho🥺

    53. Miss Jr.

      CONGRATS ON 60 MIL😭🤪🤪💕💕💕💕💕💕

    54. Smoove 1

      Crazy how Ik exactly where he is

    55. Karma Lodey

      does honey work for indian money and companies

    56. Eunice Fu

      "My cramps have cramps" What a good way to explain life

    57. Niyog Ghising

      Crish bumped his head

    58. Kermit Might

      Mr beast aint missing leg day

    59. Alieza's RANDOM_BW

      Hello MRBEAST 🙃😇


      Chris's face at 10:10 is soooooooo funny but also soooooooo weird

    61. Nelio Rodrigues


    62. Lolly

      5ft? That’s how tall I am....

    63. tokyo_darling

      did a stranger really let MrBeast just poop in his house? i- cant

    64. Manas Katiyar

      4:50 I just loved it

    65. Nasi Telur


    66. Rivky Herczl

      Mr. Beast is the coolest

    67. Cupcake Industries

      You guys are Side show bob lol

    68. Kendra Galdamez

      Yep hahahahahahahahah

    69. Vycron

      I would be chandler: just leaving at the beginning


      3:43.5 *marathoners assemble*

    71. Freddy Fazbear Gaming

      This must have been the most stressful 26 miles in Jimmy's life.

    72. Sean Dunn

      Chris* My feet are going to commit suicide. *Chris Jumps into the sign*

    73. Tyler Rockey

      That my home Myrtle beach 😂

    74. NHD7 Xtreme

      I love you mrbeeeast

    75. Leah Jasim

      People were running at the beginning they won’t have enough strength to finish

    76. Bloikz

      Well he technically walked the marathon.

    77. Kpro_ 11 {PAL}


    78. Anne Sanders

      im sorry dat your feet hurt


      I love your videos you are the best you tuber

    80. jO BLO

      o k

    81. 《AGthechampionYT》

      Mandem has become mickey mouse

    82. Isabela Denise Falculan

      I can't believe you guys have accomplished the challenge without drinking water

    83. lester romen

      Karl is in the gta5 beach

    84. Coder Sanin

      Is there any malayali's

    85. أحمد تيفي - Ahmad TV


    86. Kohen Nitro

      Why do people walk up to mr beast to get money

    87. Buyera de

      MrBeast am gonna comment to all your videos till you help me out , 😓

    88. Diana Hashim

      Did anyone see Chris's face 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😆

    89. Ethan Creighton

      Who are you😅🤫

    90. s Mrbeast's Dad

      Lol 😂

    91. Timonic’s Doge

      The camera man: hold my beer...

    92. Masterdruid343

      how did karl run the marathon before beast Chris and Tyler ran more than 4 miles

    93. Toxky0

      I think the camera man had the harder job.. walking with a camera om their shoulders🥲

    94. xsajra

      in my country size 40 is a normal size

    95. Sara P

      26 miles is 42 km. I'm just keeping track cause I'm Canadian so I don't know miles as well.😑

    96. vanya Choudhary

      What about the camera man

    97. vanya Choudhary

      I could feel your pain guys

    98. Tia Yeates

      Who else wish we saw them running and landing on there face 😂😂

    99. Kaushik B

      Chris is naturally wired to win competitions

    100. Mr. Berll

      Wish to win $20k for me and my family in Philippines 🇵🇭