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68 миӊ. көрүүлөр10

    Watch the introductory press conference with head coach Robert Saleh. Stick around for the Jets Overtime Special presented by Bethpage for interviews, analysis and more.
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    1. J G Mess

      Robert s Welcome to the jets

    2. Jordan Kelly


    3. anthony cook

      Going to miss you in SF coach to all the jets fans you guys picked a great person saleh will lead you guys to winning seasons

    4. R T

      Niner Faithful here; with a new east coast team favorite - go Jets!

    5. ジャッキ

      I inherited my jets fandom from my dad and was not really old enough to remember when they were good, this new direction seems full of light for us

    6. FoxFire Gaming

      Great Hire! Urban Meyer Was Too!

    7. nope yup

      Creepy prepared statement from the team president

    8. Izzy Dizzy

      All Gas, no Gase!

    9. Redd

    10. Matthew Jay Evans

      Vegas already taking bets on when Saleh is going to get fired. Ouch.

    11. Robert Harvey

      movies 🎥

    12. Robert Harvey


      1. Robert Harvey

        navy jets

      2. Robert Harvey


    13. Robert Harvey

      jets navy

    14. RipCity

      This over breeder is gonna fail bigtime

    15. Master Malcolm Video Jungle

      2022 Jets vs Lions at MetLife

    16. Utep Miners

      "extreme violence" I am also a niner fan, who is officially a jets fan too! He's in the right organization when talking about his mantra "all jets, no breaks" let's go! Also, in his niners press conf his mantra was "extreme violence" so expect both from him and everyone around him.

    17. Colorado Trucker

      As a Niners fan you guys have a great coach on your hands. The jets are now my second favorite team he will turn that team around.

    18. Mike Postle

      Meathead weirdo no one will listen to as a coach. Didn’t know joe Douglas looked like that, skip a snack dude.

    19. Emperor Penguin

      As a Falcons fan, he reminds me a ton of Dan Quinn, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    20. Emperor Penguin

      I have a bad feeling about this hire..I hope I'm wrong but he seems like another Gase. Chris' intro was literally the exact same as the Gase introductory

    21. Aaron Zimmerman

      STOKED 👊👊👊

    22. Alvaro Amestegui

      No taco eyes!

    23. Ace Howard


    24. P C

      We need NEW ownership! That's been the problem most of the time! I hope Saleh works out!!! Owners

    25. Deangelo J

      Rip saleh, shouldnt have taken this job for this pathetic franchise, after this job his reputation will probably be ruined and he wont get another head coaching job🤦‍♂️

    26. WORD!exclaimed

      All gas, no breaks! Can’t wait!

    27. Victor Rojas

      Jets nation you guys have a good coach. Have patience and good things will come along. Rooting for you guys for the turn around! 💯💪💪

    28. Barney Miller

      I like the "All pedal, no break" phrase, but honestly? Having never heard him speak before? It thought he'd be a bit more of an exciting interview. I know that has no impact on being a good coach. I guess I just miss Rex. (I'm sure he'll be better than Rex). Fingers crossed.

    29. Stephen Grayson

      Wow What a difference between Salah's intro and those horribly horrible intros of Gasbag and Bowels

    30. G &M

      Let’s go saleh!!!! From Niners faithful

    31. Ralph Delso

      As a niners fan thank you for everything Robert!!!! Go luck gang green got a good one

    32. Kai

      I’m a 9ers fan but the jets got a great head coach. I wouldn’t be surprised if the jets become contenders within 3 years.

    33. Mike Rotonda

      This guy makes me want to put the pads on and play!!

    34. It’s blitz

      He’s terrible in front of the press and looks about to break at any point, not sold.

    35. Robert Harvey


    36. Robert Harvey


      1. Robert Harvey


      2. Robert Harvey

        super bowl

      3. Robert Harvey


    37. Robert Harvey

      super bowl

      1. Robert Harvey

        navy day jets

      2. Robert Harvey

        workout job 💪 💪 💪 💪

    38. the annointed one

      Lol what minute does he say all has no breaks

    39. PJ

      Loll I skipped past johnson because he has nothing of interest to say since he was impressed by Gase

    40. Vincent Pedi

      All gas, no breaks...this has become my new life model as I eat a high fiber diet as a Pescatarian

    41. Brian Dolan

      This is a good dude. Wow. Finally a good time to be a Jet fan!!

    42. Howard G

      "Lead to championships..?" We haven't been to the playoffs since Rex.

    43. Greg Gaudet

      CJ - All the final decisions will be Woody's - that is a sobering statement.

    44. Brandon B

      NIGHT & DAY compared to Gase! Wow. Hopefully Chris Johnson is actually genuine in winning and caring for once. Very excited to hear Coach Saleh speak. So hyped up!

    45. Robert Harvey

      newJersey jets

    46. Drew Hill

      Bring the violence Saleh. Love San Fran

    47. Nicholas Antonicello

      Ladies and gentlemen, someone dumb enough to come to Jet Land, introducing the new captain of the TITANIC, Robert Saleh.

      1. Stephen Grayson

        Great....another misery loving Benigno has added his moaning

    48. Luis Torres

      VIN DIESEL!!!!!!!! :O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    49. Patrick Cardoso

      thank god there were no tacos

    50. Rodrigo Campos Durón

      Joe Douglas might be the most handsome man ever

    51. Nikil George

      As a Niner fan. Jets will go the super bowl!!!

    52. King Chino

      I haven’t been happy as a Jets fan in a while. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    53. small puppey

      Niners fans showing absolute class. You'd be my favorite NFCw team if Seattle hadn't traded us 2 first round picks for a glorified linebacker with a year left on his contract.

      1. AntmanFelix

        Hahahaha can't be mad at that lol

    54. Aiisha Ramiro

      Predictions, Richard Sherman will be a Jet!!!! And Jaquiski Tartt will be a Jet.

    55. stinger15au

      This is exactly how earnings calls for companies are done, thought that was quite funny. Saleh is a great coach, lots of work to do but has some talent as well as cap space and draft picks to work with.

    56. Aiisha Ramiro

      One more thing just wanted to say, at least you guys aren't the Detroit Lions, Dan Campbell's interview was horrible not a good speaker at all. I can see it now, Dan Campbell's interview after a loss.....duuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh um I don't know why we loss. Robert Saleh>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Dan Campbell....Detroit WTF were you thinking!!!

    57. Aiisha Ramiro

      49ers will let you guys build up for a year so I'll say 49ers vs Jets in Super Bowl 53 😜👍

    58. R. J. Reda

      Holy crap, they actually changed the effing reporting structure?!

    59. R. J. Reda

      Talk about a cringeworthy start 😂

    60. Gary Johnson

      All gas!!!!!!

    61. Paul LaFranca

      In Joe We Trust!!!

    62. joshua woods

      I like him, but I wish he had control over his roster. "Collaborating" means he has no say

    63. Tyler Morro

      This guy's a BEAST. Jets fans should be PUMPED

    64. Austin Garrett

      Question from Dennis Young (NY Daily News) at 31:20, possibly the most asinine and baseless question of all time. "I was wondering if, like, you have like a kind of due diligence and, uh, process in place to prevent that type of thing from happening". He makes it sound as if prominent figures sending lewd photos to unsuspecting victims is so rampant that every head coach needs to be vetted to make sure they haven't engaged in such activity. How does this guy have a job (Young)?? This isn't reality TV guy, unless you have a reason (evidence) for asking such a degrading question, go work for some tabloid you clown. As far as I'm concerned, that's all the Daily News is as long as they employ you, a shameless tabloid trying to make money by starting rumors. With the golden chance to speak with a legitimate NFL head coach quite possibly at the beginning stages of an extraordinary comeback, cinderella-esque story, that is the question you ask. You, Mr. Dennis Young, have no class and no imagination. Your inability to formulate an authentic, genuine question resulted in the garbage you spewed today. Shame on you. Austin Garrett Jets Fan Excited For The Future

    65. Anthony Russo

      Maccagan watching this interview like "ohhh that structure sounds like it's clean and simple while making more sense" 🤔

    66. Anthony Russo

      Listen Robert I'm ready for some gold....are you?

    67. RocketsNation

      Niner fans gunna miss you. This guy has gotten better and better every year as a coach. The Jets got this one right.

    68. John Biesty

      I'm praying they get this right

    69. HappyHungrySleepy23

      us 49er fans love Saleh. You Jets fans got a good one. Im rooting for Saleh to do great things! Good luck Jets

    70. Michelangelo 516

      Darnold throwing for 4500 yards

    71. RMOB Nation

      I'm a Niners fan, but will be following, and hoping for the best for this organization. With this man at the helm you cannot lose! Go Jets from Cali!!!!

    72. Robert Harvey

      newJersey giants

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      3. Robert Harvey

        newJersey jets

      4. Robert Harvey


    73. Robert Harvey

      newJersey jets

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    74. Bryan B

      All gas no breaks practice. Then stay stuck in 1st gear during during season??

    75. Travis Henderson

      I wonder how many people fast forwarded Chris Johnson in the beginning.

    76. DK Titan

      Can you imagine if we had Saleh and Trev coming in together 😖

      1. Rbc Jeremy

        That would be epic

    77. Rene Zuniga

      As a 9er fan it was sad to see him go, but happy for coach Saleh Jet fans just trust the process ...

    78. Shan Zai

      By not tanking-- good karma ! Wow! Better than the number 1 pick !!!!

    79. O

      Niner fan here. You know you got a good coach when he comes up and isn't afraid to say "Be patient, we're going to suck to start" rather than tell the fans what they want to hear. He'll have the Jets running the division in a couple years. Only thing I don't like is he isn't going to be a D-coordinator

    80. Vincent Pedi

      The Saleh hand shuffling is hilarious. He's really taking on the CEO role already

    81. JOHN C

      As a Niners fan I was sad to see him go but am very happy for him and for Jets fans

    82. Keith W.

      I give him 2 years. Tops.

    83. daveddj

      All gas, no diarrhea..

    84. Mike Johns

      Congratulations ... Finally, a head coach we can all believe in . Let's go JETS

    85. joey

      31:17 jets beat at its best

    86. miguel santana

      If saleh doesn’t have control of player personnel the jets will go no where

    87. Nannoc

      ALL GAS NO BREAKS!! 🔥🔥🔥💨

    88. Stevie Nines

      All Gas No Gase

    89. You Mad

      Basically the jets will be the first miner clones

    90. nick macagnone

      Very impressive!

    91. Dave61

      does Jamal Adams regret being traded now that the Jets have a great new Leader...just wondering

      1. Krossfire

        Figuring the Seahawks are thinking about bringing Gase in as an OC..... I would say yes lol

    92. Dave61

      I’m also feeling that Sam has played his last game as a jet


      It feels good to know we have a "Genuine" Leader here first time ever. It's "Bigger" and reminds me of Bill Parcells with the "Authenticity" It's always about Relationships. Another Great Hire By The Organization, looking forward to seeing Joe and Robert in action. We now have not only a Top Level GM, but a Very Genuine Leader as Head Coach 🙏

    94. Blunted Vegas702

      How much does he bench tho? Welcome to the family Mr. Saleh. Wishing you and the family health, happiness and success.

    95. DonnieTheSportsGuy

      We will see. How they approach the draft will tell how committed they are to winning. If they draft or trade for another QB instead of stacking the roster then they're the same ole Jets

    96. Dave61

      What a great experience regarding this introduction of our new coach I can’t wait. LETS GO J E T S

    97. bleclair

      I’m so glad he’s actually giving intelligent answers and just genuinely seems like a caring person. I haven’t liked a coach this much ever for the Jets. Lets go Jets!!

    98. DonnieTheSportsGuy

      Jeez Saleh this a press conference not a hall of fame speech 😳

      1. Krossfire

        Practice makes perfect

    99. DonnieTheSportsGuy

      Johnson needs to go. 😂 dude can't even read

      1. re beats


    100. Ant's garage

      Thank you sir for everything you've done go Niners and good luck ✌