MOD SUN - "Flames" (Feat. Avril Lavigne) - OFFICIAL VIDEO


8 млн көрүүлөр695

    MOD SUN "Flames" (Feat. Avril Lavigne) available on all platforms now
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    Directed by Mod Sun + Charlie Zwick
    Executive Producers
    Charlie Zwick
    Colin Randall
    Creative Producer
    Daniel Provenza
    Justin Floyd
    Connor Gould
    Production Company
    Feed The Wolf
    Taylor Randall
    Thor Wixom
    Jordan Avtal
    Production Designer
    Chris Beltran
    Anthony Delzio
    Post Production Company
    Zwick Post
    Charlie Zwick
    Assistant Editor
    Nick Alvarez
    Loren White
    Daniel Provenza
    Coleman Mason
    Nick Alvarez
    Coleman Mason

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    1. Athina


    2. Athina

      AVRIL IS AVRIL!!!! 💯👑

    3. suzanne da silva

      🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Forever

    4. Athina


    5. Himi koi

      Is it me or she doesn't look like she cares about the obvious lip singing, like she barely opens her mouth. I do like the song, it had potential, but I feel it was barely explored. Just some repetition of the chorus and nothing much to say, nor much variation in rhythm

    6. Crystal W

    7. MrSmokeGaming

      Broooo this is giving me 2000 to 2010 classic rock vibes fuck me where is a time machine when I need one :(

    8. Hector Fernandez

      I want her secret to remain the same after all these years

    9. tommy lee

      I like it.

    10. Jhoy Rockeiro

      Perfeição 🖤

    11. Mn500mn H

      I really have to know how old are avril is daaamn she never change

    12. BRIDGES2.1official.non-binding

      7,7Mio in 2 month IT will let go tomorrow... The complicated international Day...

    13. Darkhippie91 !

      I fell down a MOD SUN rabbit hole after watching this and I'm not mad. XD

    14. starfish 3000

      She look so great💜

    15. Katarína Žgrlíková

      It looks like they're fans of Bridgerton.. burn for you 😏

    16. Hopper


    17. Hopper


    18. Daniella Mendez

      I just heard this song on Spotify and you know how they show like a quick video thing on it. I saw her face and I was like on this is an old song but it was released a month ago🤯SHE HADNT AGE OMG

      1. MMM AL

        She's coming with a pop punk album soon, stay tuned. Follow her on social media please

    19. Fabiele Lourenço

      Carai essa mulher nunca envelhece

    20. BX De La Garza

      Sounds like P.O.D

    21. Büşra Nur Kuran

      People be asking how she stays so young is she a vampire and stuff ım like duhh??thats MELISA???

    22. Gisliana Santos

      Que música viciante...😍

    23. inx


    24. Lollita Hey

      Never thought I'd like his music but I dig it.

    25. Code Zero

      please collab with Demi !!

    26. BTSmheciaSB19 Recla

      This song, talks about nasty rumors about avril lavigne being dead and has a dopelganger,

      1. MMM AL

        Probably, even tho this is a modsun's song not avril's. She's coming soon with a pop punk album, please stay tuned

    27. Dash120z

      Under My Skin Avril is making a comeback 👁️

      1. MMM AL

        Probably her next album will be like a mix of The Best Damn Thing and Under My Skin. Stay tuned

    28. Sittie Norhaya Mindalano

      our queen never get old. #AvrilfanForever

    29. christhelle cabe

      lovin' this songgg❤❤❤❤

    30. marian kim

      I miss you so much Avril


      Это мир авито

    32. Yes ImSmokeCrack

      Espero que siga sacando música! 😔

    33. Yes ImSmokeCrack

      Aspiro a ser Avril Lavigne y no crecer jamás jajaja

    34. Gregory Wilson

      Love it. Sounds good

    35. Dwayne Thompson

      This song's an earworm. I could hear Machine Gun Kelly and Post Malone doing a remix on this.

    36. wordwan

      Nice Pairing. Both powerful performers. roo

    37. Renda Jameilia

      Avril a beautiful person and singer! 🤩❤️

    38. Kaci Johnson

      AMAZING 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    39. Galadriel Monque


    40. Ellie Morris

      Little boy, he will never be as sexy and gorgeous as Chad, her loss !!

    41. Jessica Toyebo

      The amount of pure fucking nostalgia this gives me

    42. Kimberly


    43. Lost Gurl

      if Avril released this song on her channel it would have got 100m views

    44. Absolutely Fab

      The ONE is back!!!!! Go Avril 👏👏

    45. Sarcastica

      só eu que acho que a voz dela mudou com o passar dos anos? kkkk

    46. Raymond Lineberry

      Doesn't matter what instrument Avril plays sounds great. I bought her first album when it came out and she is still playing and singing. It's sad about her having that disease I'm glad she's fighting through it.

    47. Tom Johnson

      I've been gone a while. What happened to my happy hippy music? 🤣

    48. drinkintoomuch

      The return of emo songs Machine Gun Kelly, Mod Sun & Pale Waves, but maybe I'm wrong and I'm happy about it. More please

    49. Marcel Marshall

      This guy has no originality. He is combining 12 different styles he co-opted from artists in the past.

    50. mariana diaz

      Why this is sooo beautiful? 🖤🖤

    51. GameAce Plays


    52. Sr_ Pool

      Simply The internet killed Avril Lavigne

    53. fizzy

      damn, 14 years later and im still crushing on avril

    54. Krizia Romero

      I miss this type of music on the radio... love this, their voices OMG!!!

    55. 木可

      Love you from China

    56. ealing456

      That's some pretty crap lip syncing. Bless them.

    57. Yagami

      Kto od hunterka z live?

    58. AkAeSt RlYpLaY

      od huntera XDD

    59. Mike F

      This is really bad

    60. Cyndi Miranda

      Pretty Avril ;)

    61. Dole Silj


    62. Lluvia Leija

      My inner child is screaming n bouncing of excitement lol the princess is back!!!

    63. Randomly Anjali


    64. DJUBOVS

      Waiting for Gunner X Avril. That will be a banger too💥💣💯

    65. Meta Tron

      She never aged

    66. Natalie Rose

      This collab is genius. Idk whose idea it was but kudos 2 them.

    67. Matthew Lloyd

      Wages of dog

    68. phuong truong

      Burn for Avril

    69. HDC MUSIK

      I love it this song's

    70. Hannah R

      Being 26, having avril as my childhood fave and mod being my teen fave this is fucking DREAM.

    71. Stephanus Berzeninski

      MGK, Modsun, and Avril would make one hell of a band.

    72. Christopher Hoeben

      Why does she look like she hasn't aged in 11 years :O

    73. MicroBanana

      How is she still doing hits?

      1. MMM AL

        Queen behavior

    74. Julie Peoples

      this Song is definitely Awesome and Shows how Two Artists such as Avril and Mod Sun Blend Soft & Hard Punk Rock with CLASS !!!


      She don't grow up, i mean she's the same,pretty,way back her teenager time.

    76. Soulluar AllienVitta

      Sensacional! Obrigade

    77. Davidi


    78. Retro Sunday

      brought me back to when I was a Sk8er Boy

    79. B C

      This relationship gives me chills lol

    80. Amy Coco

      holy fuck the nostalgia this song makes me feel - it may be new but the sound takes me back

    81. B C

      Mod Sun has officially UPGRADED!!!!!

    82. stoopi3

      This song is shit

    83. camilo estigarribia

      Nunca envejeció parece que aún tiene 22 años


      Stream harder

    85. Robert Courtney

      I love the base guitar on this especially when it comes in at the beginning.

    86. Zephyr Gaming

      do people not know mod sun is one year younger then avril so he grew up listening to her

    87. Zephyr Gaming

      hey we got avril back my childhood is back

    88. Jean Jacques Beeslaar

      avril bly nog steeds p+ mooi (Avril still stays beautiful this women ) my bra di vrou ligt my lewe op

    89. dez bby

      remember listening to her growing up. shes so beautiful & talented.

    90. StreetRat

      It's such a great song to ironically like.

    91. Elaina Hirn


    92. lsabella Freitas

      Meu emo não morreu :,)

    93. Chloe Hoerter

      Gotta ask.. Are you guys twin flames? That's literally the only reason I clicked on this and it definitely feels like a twin vibe up in here 🔥

    94. Família retardadizer oficial

      Eu fico me perguntando será que os cantores gringos q não falam português pesquizam pela tradução do comentário da gente será que eles pesquizam?😧❤🌟

    95. dance mirror

      The best

    96. 3 kronor

      I still burn for you Like the sun burns in the sky I still burn for you I still burn for you My whole life I've been on fire I still burn for you Up in flames, up in flames Light a match and put it to my name Up in flames, I still burn for you Every time I think I had enough of this I get more addicted, yeah, I'm so obsessed Talk about you all the time, I am your narcissist Well, if we burn it down you'll be my arsonist I still burn for you Like the sun burns in the sky I still burn for you (burn for you, burn for you) I still burn for you My whole life I've been on fire I still burn for you I'm so strung out on you I might relapse (I might relapse) I'm dying for a taste, please, God, don't let this last (please, God, don't let this last) And you've been…

    97. Sky duster

      donno who is modsun. doesnt sound good tbh. but avril

    98. michelle kulik