CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 7 | Ep. 12: “Operation Spider”

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    Bel and Harmony hatch a plan to get back at the Millwood team.
    Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, “The Chicken Girls” - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart. Created by Janey Feingold.
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    1. Eesha Khan

      Jordan is the new Ellie Layla is the new Rooney Rhyme is the new harmony PK is the new TK

    2. x.Scarlett.x

      Did anyone else learn the og chicken girls dance ... just me..

    3. lupita

      Everyone’s talking about harmony and Jordan but like Layla and harmony think about it I can just see it happening

    4. Perpetual Mhlangau

      Jordan is so ugly

    5. sisterand brothers

      Is Ellie really sitting there and and eating cereal 24/7 🤣😂😆😹

    6. Peachy Peach

      Who else ship Jordan and Harmony? They are so cute together! ❤️

    7. Alex Romm


    8. Mely chaiii

      i like it that they dont exclude all the old chicken girls

    9. Alya Gachamovies

      Boi I was never into chicken girls but now I love these

    10. Anni Grace

      Whoever plays bel is such a bad actor I can’t 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    11. Meredith Bagwell

      I love how Ellianna is like DETENTION. NO!

    12. HI THERE

      Harmony and jordan are💫❤💫❤ cutest couples🔥🔥

    13. Alexandra Lyde

      not them using to make it look like shes hacking lmao yall wasnt go slip that one past me

    14. Jenzie Stories

      Why is Ellie always in the cafe when she needs to be and eating cinnamon toast crunch??

    15. Arnel Corpuz

      i miss the og chicken girls but this is ok i guess ):

    16. Sleepy Em

      Jordan + Harmony = Jormony

    17. Maria angel ann b. Guipo

      How are

    18. Kareenwilliam Otoe

      Who else noticed that Ellie is always eating cereal. ....loll

    19. Andrea V

      Ugh Ioveeee this show lol

    20. madi

      Fun fact: The scene where Layla is trying to code to fix the Hey Harmony website, she's actually using a website called Hacker Typer. It's actually a pretty cool website!

    21. AllAround Lyberti

      Anyone else like the first couple seasons better of chicken girls

    22. Cerkla Kitty

      Love more the subway than the cinammon

    23. Charlotte Dillistone

      I feel really bad for Claire

    24. caitlin Terblanche

      season 7 is boring Annie isn't even a lot in it

    25. Laila McGannon

      who else legit loves chicken girls!!!!!!!!🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

    26. FYKristalCay Lambating

      This channel is the only one made me stay late night, in 6 hours. Haha.

    27. Anastasia E.

      Hayley is so grown up now😔

    28. Spacehyun

      It'S so funny how ellie is now just in the show to eat cereals lmao

    29. Madeline Fayant

      Okay, this season ain't that bad, but i still miss old chicken girls:(

    30. Elise

      Low key the only “good” actors in this are Eggie Eliana Harmony

    31. Victoria Smith

      So....No season 6 of Mani?

    32. •My Lions•

      Hey harmony and by walker 💀

    33. SavageElephant

      "what any mature 12 yo will do! RUIN HER LIFE!" AHAHAHAHAHHA

    34. •Axgelic_flower•


    35. Darren Wilson

      What is the site about again?

    36. David Clark

      Harmony is the best

    37. Hillary

      So...according to brat's logic, hair color affects your sexual orientation?

    38. techno mind

      Crying alone does not show that you are weak but it shows that you are strong" please support me

    39. Jill McRobbie

      Bel's hair is SICK

    40. mayyyaaa j

      anyone know the name of the song at the end?

    41. Its.me_joliee

      Am I the only one who noticed that belles hair is different consistency in every clip

    42. Urmomisabaddie

      0:29 me when my mom brings out her belt

    43. Ethel Lall

      OK 😮😲 Elliana does not deserve detention

    44. Ruth Lalmuansangi

      Anyone from Season 1 Ep1 👇

    45. lily maze

      ship harmony and jordan ... like the heck! their so cute together

    46. Livvy McGrath

      Anyone else thinking how much Hayley is turning into Annie?

      1. Livvy McGrath

        I meant Jules sorry

    47. Lauren Court

      I meant to say I love your videos

    48. Lauren Court

      I love your brother Hayden

    49. Lauren Court

      I love you videos Annie

    50. Krishendai Deokinandan


    51. Alexis Arredondo


    52. Alexis Arredondo

      Plzz help me

    53. Alexis Arredondo

      How do I say something on the live chat

    54. Alexis Arredondo

      Maybe I should stop

    55. Alexis Arredondo

      Or whatever there are k but I love them

    56. Alexis Arredondo

      I love these episodes

    57. Alexis Arredondo


    58. Izzy Drummond

      What’s the song called when they are eating cereal in the cafe?

    59. Tiktok ema

      Eggie is really an egg

    60. karrie grundy

      bell is so annoying and her actress can’t act in sorry

    61. Karinae Dunmore

      who the you 3, 2020 lol yoy

    62. Layla Hi

      I no longer know her as Ellie. I know her as fortune telling cereal girl.

    63. Kaitlyn Bunting

      I ship Layla and harmony

    64. Precious Madi

      I Love ❤️ this

    65. Samira12

      Ok I don’t know 🤷 I don’t want it to happen I think 💭 is ok 👍 and I just wanted you to tell her she didn’t have any more time and I was going on the same class

    66. Niyah Ling

      "What any mature 12 year old would do: RUIN HER LIFE! Me as 12 year old: "um, yeah, that was totally what i was gonna say!" haha. Keep up the good work brat!!

    67. Nesma Nabil

      Idk why but I really want elliana to join the dance team not only be a nerd that would be amazing

    68. Thiri Kim

      "When is it due" "4th period..?" Me: *you mean next month.*

    69. Amiee


    70. Payton Thompson

      Am I the only one who thinks enzo is adorable ❤️

    71. Ronnie Pearce

      i love harmony and jordan

    72. Sandra Aifuwa

      Nice one

    73. Claire Grant

      The Cinnamon Toast Crunch getting annoying for you guys too?

    74. Mill

      What happened to the jo looks like annie thing I rely want them to try find out

    75. space dvst

      So far, this episode is my favourite in season 7

    76. Vincent Vu

      I stopped watching at the end of season 2 then this pops up in recommendation

    77. Teddiie Bearzz

      Am I the only one who noticed but the person that is P.K. Is Addison Rea’s brother

    78. Bubbles Nugget

      Not me shipping Ellie and Jordan 😭✋🏼

    79. Ariana Grobbelaar

      So he just got back from school and went to the cafe right. How come they are eating cereal in the afternoon. And how is Ellie Always there at the cafe🤣

    80. Elise

      No offense but belle’s scream was not the best

    81. Kaila Beckwith

      anyone else realize belles butterfly clips changed colors from pink to pink and purple

    82. Mara Griffith

      Did anyone else notice that one of harmonys braids was down?😂

    83. Park Taejin

      OMG!!!! Can't wait to the whole season 7🤗🤗🤗🤗♥️

    84. TIA Mohamed


    85. Bushra sulieman

      How bel screamed at the start 🤣🤣🤣

    86. Aliya 19

      jordan so cute

    87. unknown ello mate

      Anyone else get tim sharp vibes from Jordan

    88. Olivia Marie

      People that like this, they like attaway better 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

    89. e n i y a

      Harmony + Layla = the best couple Let’s make this happen 😌

    90. Jennifer Tetteh

      Shy Harmony . 😂😂

    91. Nita Garcia

      I love watching chicken girls 🥰😍💯💞

    92. Vianni S.

      That is not fair, technically didnt Millwood break into their gym and destroy their uniform?

    93. KKG

      Imagine having a nickname egg? what.........?

    94. Mahek Anjum

      Only one thing that comes in my mind after watching season 7 is .... Why is Eelie always eating cereals..!!

    95. violet hardgrov

      ughhhhhh simone

    96. Vivien Grace

      omg i remember this show from season one i didn’t know they still did it!!

    97. Ifeoluwakiitan Omotosho

      simon makes me sooooo annoyed

    98. Alexis Johnson

      hi mi a chicken girls

    99. milqtae

      she always eating cereal bruh

      1. Joy Lizzíe


    100. Ava Coker

      I love how Ellie is still here.