Ken Jennings Honors Alex Trebek In His First Episode as Guest Host | JEOPARDY!


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    Stepping up to the lectern as our first guest host, Ken takes a moment to honor Alex.

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    1. Eileen W Reed

      We think he is doing a great job

    2. Bite Me

      Ken Jennings is a leftist. His hate filled comments on Twitter make him unqualified to be the new Jeopardy host and he would disgrace Alex Trebek's good name.

    3. Sketchy Skies

      What is a honoring done right

    4. Ptao Tom

      "There's no Better host ,that can replace the Great Alex Trebek on Jeopardy!"

    5. wrlord

      All class.

    6. rjcass33

      Very classy, and well said.

    7. Leo the Tiger

      Excellent tribute, Ken!

      1. Ptao Tom

        Girls how could guys not cry during Titanic. Do they even have feelings. Guys:

    8. Carmel DeMiranda née Conlon

      Ken, I am completely flabbergasted after following you for the past week, and, I’m convinced you are perfect and capable of filling Alex shoes. He would be so proud of you. You too have that special friendly and relaxing personality. God bless and protect you, keep up the good work👍☘️

    9. serigraph73

      Please do not let Katie C guest host. She is dispicable

    10. Katie Williams

      Ken Said it best and I hope they make him the host of the show if they don’t I won’t continue to watch it Ken is incredible

    11. minij hooi

      You can hear him fighting back tears. He'd make a great permanent host and would do Alex proud. RIP Alex; we all love and miss you!

    12. Tiger Lily

      Well done Ken!

    13. Meishawn1374

      Oh bless his heart

    14. Joshua McDowell

      R.I.P. Alex Trebek He became host in 1984, and continued to host until his death in 2020. No one will truly replace Alex Trebek, but we can still remember him by playing and watching Jeopardy.

      1. minij hooi

        This looks so fun?

    15. Leo Boateng

      So, how long is Ken Jennings still guest hosting "Jeopardy!"?

      1. Wiggle Worm

        As of right now, for six weeks

    16. Chris Michaels

      Thank You, Ken Jennings...for your AMAZING knowledge, your awesome humility, and your tremendous grace towards Alex Trebek!😎👍

    17. Chris Michaels

      303 thumbs down???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 PREPOSTEROUS!!!😡

    18. Freedom Ring

      you can hear the sadness in his voice

    19. Claire Dyer


    20. Dan B

      this dood is so wholesome

    21. Marvin Galdamez

      It has to be HIM !

    22. Peter Westerman

      Girls how could guys not cry during Titanic. Do they even have feelings. Guys:

    23. luke johnson

      That was a really great tribute to one of the best ever..:)

    24. Joris Kylie

      So it's Ken?

    25. Paul F.

      Ken is a great guy... There are a lot of people in this country that are supposed to look out for the well being of their constituents that should take a good lesson on how to be a good human being from Ken Jennings... Well Done Ken!!!!!!!...R.I.P. Alex...

    26. Renee Collin

      There's something "sneaky" about him?? Those beady eyes are a clue?!

    27. 11bravo1789

      Give ken the full time job. Period

    28. mlouis035

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    29. Eric Harenchar

      Miss You Alex Rest Easy

    30. Alex Shmalex3


    31. toijg avnnr

      same love, care, respect, and appreciation as did Alex Trebek. I even hope one day I get to go on Jeopardy myself, lol.

    32. Loco Madman

      Touching, well said; ‘nuff said, even. What finer words can be spoken? Thank you for stepping up to the challenge Mr Jennings, their mighty big shoes, but you’re wearing them well.

    33. Jane Burton

      We miss you Alex! We do appreciate Ken’s kind remarks about him as they did have a special friendship. Hoping that Ken will become the new Jeopardy host and as well as being the current guest emcee.

      1. toijg avnnr

        Ken, you’re a true class act of a gentleman. Alex would say his show is in great hands.

    34. Allie Blake

      I’d be okay with him hosting permanently. 💖

    35. KyleJBAwesomess 2001

      I thought the new host was gonna be Betty White. Trebek said so in one of his speeches before he passed away

    36. KyleJBAwesomess 2001

      I agree with Kenny Nobody, I do mean NOBODY will ever replace the legend that is Alex Trebek on Jeopardy.

    37. ドキドキ文芸部!

      Ken as permanent host pleeeeeease

    38. Ethan Menzel

      The part where the intro says Ken Jennings isn't as loud and pronounced as Alex Trebek from what I compared it to. He basically screams ALEX TREBEK with all his heart and now it dosen't sound there same

    39. drttyu liqm

      all said and done, Ken will be the new host. Again, I was very impressed, good job!

    40. Stuart Pickles

      What is respect for $1000?

    41. Woody Norris

      I'll take missing you for 1000 Alex.😢

    42. A Grumpy Old Man

      I respect Ken's accomplishments on the show, but I have not always liked him. However, that was a very, very classy intro and a wonderful way to honor, Alex. Well done, Ken.

      1. drttyu liqm

        Perhaps I'm honoring Alex in my own way. I am hosting a Facebook jeopardy game. RIP Alex

    43. JamieReillyMusic

      What is The Feels.

    44. Ker Loz

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    45. goldenagenut

      Well said. Ken has always seemed like a good guy, he's done a fine job as guest host, really.

    46. Walter Koziol

      With that homage I think he cinched the job as host permanent host. Who here thinks Ken Jennings should get the job? "Click thumbs up" if you do.

    47. Sarah Burggraf

      Alex is in heaven saying ok lets get on with it already 😃

    48. Joshua Collinge

      Make him permanent host,why dick around with these other guest hosts

    49. Cindi Verbelun

      Ken, you’re a true class act of a gentleman. Alex would say his show is in great hands.

    50. Regdu Geht

      the opening of this episode. While nobody could ever replace Alex, you most definitely can (and I dare say, should) succeed him as host.

    51. Papa Khan

      Ken was a great guest host this last week, I hope he comes back permanently

    52. Francoise Mcarthur

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    53. Mars Boy

      Alex would be proud

      1. Regdu Geht

        This is historic. Ken would be an awesome full time host, but as he put it bluntly, no one can replace the late Alex Trebek. 🥺💔👊🏾🙏🏽

    54. Ad Ka

      Very classy

    55. RockOn78

      Wonder how many times he practiced that pre-show, to be able to get through it.

    56. Molases Slow

      Class act

    57. HAWKEYE21343

      Perhaps I'm honoring Alex in my own way. I am hosting a Facebook jeopardy game. RIP Alex

    58. K Francks

      Of all people I actually wouldn't mind if Ken stuck around for awhile. He was a huge part of Jeopardy himself and seemed very professional

    59. ken karwoski

      Ken is such a GREAT person and that speech made me cry on how Alex Trebek was GREAT person and all Ken was saying that Alex made the show by making the people a GREAT person which Ken is and it was hard not to cry hearing this!

    60. Sam Wilson

      I’m not crying, you’re crying!

    61. WorldsWorstBoy

      Ken did the show Justice. He did Alex proud.

    62. David B.

      Hell yeah.

    63. Wendy Picou

      I loved the way Ken Jennings hosted the show! He was a natural! He did a great job! I hope he becomes permanent! 👍🏼 (Yes I know there is no replacing Alex Trebec 🥺)

    64. yuitr loing

      Like he said, no one can replace Alex but Ken should be the permanent host since he has had a good reputation in Jeopardy!'s history.

    65. Angela Hall

      Can he PLEASE be the next host??

    66. P Smith

      At first I didn't want Jennings to land this gig. He's been a bit saucy and caustic at times for my liking, but that seems to have been toned down or gone. Maybe it was youthful swagger? He's done a wonderful job this week...very affable, kind to the contestants and keeps the show moving at a nice, brisk pace. Should he take on the job full-time, I would be totally fine with that, based on what I've seen this week. And, really...who else should/could it be? It may as well be the best player the game has ever known, and someone whose ties to the show are etched in everyone's minds. I know he takes the job, and responsibility, seriously. It shows. And that's really all I can ask. It will take some getting used to, for sure. But we all knew this was going to happen at some point. It's sad that Alex is no longer there as host, but his spirit/memory isn't going anywhere, and as long as the game is honored and maintained, it will go on just fine. I like what I've seen this week from Ken Jennings, so my mind has been changed.

      1. yuitr loing

        Jim's the first player who has had two different hosts.

    67. Rodney Taylor

      Tasteful, well said and brief. A worthy tribute Alex would be happy with. Nice work Ken.

    68. Marcus Hamner

      This is historic. Ken would be an awesome full time host, but as he put it bluntly, no one can replace the late Alex Trebek. 🥺💔👊🏾🙏🏽

    69. channel mike

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    70. Cyclops823

      I really do hope the higher ups that run the show see this and consider making him the permanent host.

    71. Amber Medellin

      Sweet guest host.

    72. Shane Dich

      Wow, that was moving. Ken would make a wonderful permanent host as this show moves on.

    73. Mary Salvi

      Is Ken Jennings just filling in until they find another host? I've been watchin him and not even knowing who he is and that he's filled before, it almost seems that he should be the host. He's doing a wonderful job and it makes me wonder how Alex's first time went until he became the best at this show. And yes, one could really tell he loved the show. : ) 💖

    74. B

      He's totally right, no one will ever replace Alex.

    75. mike856ms

      Sincere and poignant.

    76. Hanspal Singh

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    77. Valerie Gibbons

      Doing a fabulous job, he should be the new host not a guest

    78. BIG DADDY

      Alex you will be missed

    79. Paula Niles

      It just isn't the same...cant watch it after the first elisode...Ken isn't that good...

    80. Derp Meow

      HE'S WHITE

      1. Chinedum Onuoha

        Alex is also white

      2. Taco The Cat

        So? Why bring race into every thing

      3. Pizza Time


    81. Jade Trautman

      Obviously someone who Alex loved and someone who loved Alex.

    82. tichu7

      Jim's the first player who has had two different hosts.

    83. Jim Marsch

      Maybe the answer Kebert Xlea will bring him back?

    84. Prophetless772

      I can see why they'd have Ken as a guest host, but Ken has already said he doesn't want to permanent host the show

    85. AV Collections

      I teared up as soon as his voice cracked 😭 We will miss you, Alex! Please make Ken the regular host 🙏🏼

    86. Spyro the Dragon

      personally i'm pulling for Ken to become the full-time host. he's done a great job so far. still doesn't seem real, though. we welcomed Alex into our home for a half hour each evening - still seems like he should come back next week or something. but since that's of course not happening, Ken's doing wonderful so far.

    87. Bruce Allan

      He is the perfect one for the job! Do we need other guest hosts?

    88. Nanya

      Damn onion ninjas

    89. Cheryl Houghton

      No one can ever replace Alex Trebek! He was and is Jeopardy. I'm having a difficult time watching Jennings. He was an excellent player, is brilliant, but is not a good choice to host Jeopardy. Her doesn't have the same class, charisma, charm, personality, etc., as Alex. I heard that Katie Couric might guest host and she would be an excellent choice as she has a personality that would compliment the show, she's bright, and being a woman, she won't be compared to Alex in the same way that a man would. I don't know who all they have in mind for guest hosts, but please move Ken along or after a lifetime of watching Jeopardy, I may have to watch something else.

    90. mphlohi

      Ken showing the emotions that all of us are feeling, Alex departing was hard for all of us, Ken knows that all too well, being one of, if not the most, prominent ones to share that stage and studio with Alex, a privilege every crew member, contestant, and audience member (including myself) was honored to have. Ken really empathizes with all of us, honoring and thanking Alex, and at the same time he maintains his composure and hosts very well.

    91. zibbity bibbity bop

      My thanks to the producers for having Jennings be the first guest host after Trebek, and be the one to offer these words of tribute to him. There was no one more fitting to honor one of the greatest TV hosts of all time than the greatest Jeopardy player of all time.

    92. Mr. Nobody

      Ken should be the new host.

    93. jackiechan511

      Give Mr. Jennings an opportunity to host the show and see how he performs

    94. Mary Nexer

      Very classy!👍

    95. aleksander Okonek

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    96. ghariiscool

      What are tears in my eyes

    97. LisaVanoni

      Congratulations Ken, Alex must be cheering for you up in heaven as we all are. Congratulations again you deserve that and more! Hope you can stay as long as you can!

    98. Jenn Carpenter

      Ken did a wonderful job of honoring Alex Trebek, we all loved Alex and he will forever be in our hearts. I would like to see Ken Jennings as the permanent host of Jeopardy!

    99. sourced podcast

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    100. Amit Divecha

      He nearly broke down when he said “We all miss Alex Trebek.”. He’s right. We all miss Alex.

      1. Cara Roots

        Lmao this is fun!