Quando Rondo - End Of Story (Official Audio)

Quando Rondo

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    Quando Rondo -

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    A natural talent, Quando Rondo was once a small child, secretly singing in the bathroom as a 9-year-old boy in Savannah, GA. His natural gravitation towards music lead to him to hip-hop; he began recording his fledgling verses on his cell phone. He quickly gained traction online, racking up millions of views on KGup.

    Fittingly, he titled his 2018 mixtape 'Life B4 Fame' with the hopes that things would change for the better once his career really took off. He was right-within two days, his mixtape had amassed more than one million streams on MyMixtapez. Things will only go up from there, and if the snippets from his forthcoming Rich Homie Quando project are any sign, he’s only only getting better with time.

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    1. gerodo james

      you suck quando rondo

    2. Brikk Trillie

      Niggaz mad but this how this gangbangin shit really go y’all like to hear it songs but when a rapper get pop y’all mad sum of these niggaz really rap wat they live u supposed to walk it how u talk

    3. Terrez Williams

      Fuck quando

    4. officialpoloG3

      Go pick von up

    5. Jasmine Carter

      worst song ever

    6. Controlla Clapz


    7. Tyrelle Henderson


    8. Ashleyyy909

      Song hard tho despite the situation

    9. Mc'kayla Sumner


    10. King Kapo

      Rip von already been 2 months and it seemed like it was a week ago since this happen but let’s be frl quando ain’t in the wrong he need to stop gettin hate for no reason 🙏🏽💯

    11. h dogan

      who killed king von

    12. Tristen Bedonie

      Shut up rondo we they coming

    13. deon sweeting

      Fuck king von

    14. FBA YoungBoy

      Quando not to be jumped on

    15. La30


    16. Andrew Young

      We gotta be real, Rondo is the only one who isn’t wrong in this! You got 5 ppl walkin up to you, so you defend yaself! We all would have! Now his homie, yea you got his back, but IMO if they ain’t pull out on Rondo, don’t pull out on Von🤷🏾‍♂️ streets is the streets but I guess some “tough” ones don’t just shoot the fade in the streets anymore instead

    17. Dkksjd Dhdjdjd

      Smoking on that tim pack , nba pack ,

      1. Stoopid Backup

        Damn bro dat Von pack loud asffff💨💨💨

    18. The Broodie

      I got 50 guns

    19. Patricia Wilson


    20. JB Brandon

      Song all fax idc bout these d ridin von fans

    21. Banj

      He should have just taken the spanking which he fully deserved, just based off the energy from this song alone. Now he’s nothing more than a pending pack smh

      1. Stoopid Backup

        That Von pack is loud aff💨💨💨

    22. Jimeke Williams

      quando u still smokin on tooka smh u wrong dude

    23. Von Hills

      King von songs is better than yours

    24. Von Hills

      I hate you for killing my best friend and my love

      1. 60 Keptback


      2. Stoopid Backup

        That Von pack is loud aff💨💨💨

      3. XIIRipXII


    25. Shadow

      I ain't gon lie Quando took the biggest L of 2020 - 2021 how you getting beat so bad in a 1v1 that you need a gun

      1. 60 Keptback

        Bet aint nobody finna run up on him again

      2. 60 Keptback

        Naw this not a L bro

    26. Calvin Johnson


    27. Calvin Johnson

      fuck quando Rondo I like King Von better

      1. Stoopid Backup

        That Von pack is loud aff💨💨💨

      2. khanHabib21 Gaming


    28. Coolkid Kayne

      They Ghana find you at yo show

    29. YRKR0N0

      Free Lil Tim 💙🆓

    30. Coolkid Kayne


    31. Bryan Calloway


    32. J'Kjuan Williams

      Qr scarry I saw that fight you lost but lul tum whateva the fuck his name is is just as scared as you all hands he pulled out the gun shot you should quit because thats fucked up you diss dead dude tf von rip bro


      Lil Tim did what he was supposed to do, quando was gettin bitched up by von so Tim did what he was paid to do

    34. Shisui The Shinobi

      I like von but he’s pretty stupid it’s his fault he died because he was supposed to be going somewhere that’s not the club

    35. Vibez with softie

      It’s funny how this was made after to passed ..That’s juts saying that your scared 😐.

      1. Vibez with softie


      2. A J

        dumbest comment i’ve seen

      3. Unknown Killa

        Why would he make a Von diss before that then ? U sound dumb asf

    36. Jackson Matteson

      He showed up somewhere he was not supose to be and got someone killed for being there how is that self defence

      1. Stoopid Backup

        He was allowed there wym. Von ran up and was bout to jump him and Von got clapped. “Walk it how you talk it.”

    37. Destin Dfhj

      Free lil timmy😈😈

    38. J'Kjuan Williams

      End of nba should be next song

    39. J'Kjuan Williams

      End of abg should be my next song

    40. J'Kjuan Williams

      Dislike this bull shit to show appreciation for von

    41. J'Kjuan Williams

      30 deep whoop yall

    42. Cut Up

      Where quando @

    43. J'Kjuan Williams

      This is clickbait

    44. J'Kjuan Williams

      I aint no internet gangsta im speaking facts

    45. Lesley Kaspers

      We aint tryna box right now

    46. Zaumez

      "free my boi lul timmy"- Tupac Shakur

    47. suckmaballz25

      Sad part about this is rondo gonna die too

    48. Kelley Skipper


    49. lil smoothie

      he said “ABG” y’all just didn’t listen ‼️

    50. lil smoothie

      “If the shoes was on the other foot” y’all know if quando dead rn y’all would be posting “SMOKING ON THAT QUANDO GAS” Rondo the goat yall needa wake up ‼️ ABG

    51. Cr3edboi419

      All this shit senseless.... But at the same time, if I see my brother get stole on and he crowded by mfas all over him. Yea, faces on t-shirts omm. I bet we get home

    52. 1 1

      He sound high

    53. Fifa Shortfuts

      fuck von von pack all 2021

    54. keishawn Hood

      He should of never put his hands on him damn (haha KING VON😂😂)

    55. Jahaira Gomez

      It's funny how you made this diss track but you was the first one to pick up king von

    56. Khahiem Reynolds

      say bye bye in 1 year

    57. Claudia Colorado

      Rip von rest up

    58. slays-on- yt

      U finna get put in a pack with lil Timmy

      1. slays-on- yt

        @Stoopid Backup na that quandoand luh Timmy loud asf

      2. Stoopid Backup

        That Von pack is loud aff💨💨💨

    59. Christopher Hooks

      These niggas then let quando drop the realist song of 2020 damn lol r.i.p von

    60. Blue Devil

      Crippin on the top♿️🔥

    61. Truu a todos Cashanova

      Celebrating some much death ... Great music. I'm praying for you brothers.

    62. Yasin Walid

      What poeple don’t understand it’s that king von came from one of the most dangerous hood in America he was a real gangster quando rondo knew it and von was always talking about creating a new pack because he was tired of smelling tooka

      1. Yasin Walid

        @Baby Rob true

      2. Xaomi Phone

        So did Quando

      3. Baby Rob

        Ugly mentality

    63. Amauri Purcell Warner


      1. Xaomi Phone

        Wow you're gay

      2. Baby Rob

        He smokin von now

    64. marquel rice


    65. marquel rice


    66. K K

      The story ain’t over

      1. Baby Rob

        Is von gonn come back like christ?

    67. Mc'kayla Sumner

      I can't wait till we smoking on your pack

      1. XIIRipXII

        Von already in my backwood by the way he smoking good🥱


      '' gunna see these heavens gates or jail'' - polo g

      1. Chickurtle05 Ufa

        Hell* or jail

      2. OfficiallyDaedae

        Von seen both at a young age almost every age of his life but not 18 and lower

    69. Justin King

      His guy did what he was suppose to, isn't that why they are there? If this world was perfect and safe would there be a need for a shooter? I watched the video with 20-30 people shit I would have shot too

    70. Tawon George

      Smoke on von

      1. xgamez

        @XIIRipXII plus you a fortnite player goofy

      2. xgamez

        @XIIRipXII bro that's not cool, how would you feel if someone killed you then they say they are smoking you?

      3. XIIRipXII

        @xgamez damm von smoking good🤣

      4. xgamez



      Now this is sum big actual fire for real aye KEEP THAT BIG FIRE COMING 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    72. Sound_GIRL88

      Garbage af he can’t be a real crip. I’m from LA and 60’s don’t move like this...

      1. Xaomi Phone

        LA sanctioned the Savannah Rollin 60a

      2. 60 Keptback

        What tf being from LA mean crips ain’t just there that’s a goofy statement

      3. Tyriq Stewart


    73. Jeremy Asuncion

      All these comments and dislikes act like they in the situation mine ya business fr 😂

      1. astro allen


    74. Yyyy Bb,b


    75. Yyyy Bb,b

      Disn king von

    76. Yyyy Bb,b

      Quando Rondo

    77. Yyyy Bb,b


    78. Yyyy Bb,b


    79. Yyyy Bb,b

      Quando Rondo

    80. Sara Porter

      Song is fire

    81. nasair Williams

      Wish his gun wasn’t jammed 🙄

      1. xgamez


    82. Kevin Gray

      This song so hard💯🤦🏿‍♂️

      1. Felicia Worthem


    83. Shea Jones

      quando yo da oops on my dead grandpa grave

    84. Shea Jones

      I hate u u killed king von

      1. XIIRipXII

        @Felicia Worthem Go and pick your mans up🤣

      2. xgamez

        @Felicia Worthem I hate lil Timm but quando still god imo I'm still an otf fan tho

      3. Pathe Diallo

        @J14 Fr

      4. Felicia Worthem

        Facts I hate him to

      5. Felicia Worthem

        @J14 u shut up

    85. ToniioTv


    86. Extreme Heat

      He already know what otf capable of

    87. Caden Thomas

      No lie dis song fye 🔥🔥🔥

    88. Lil Choppa


    89. Jeremiah Marc

      Quando yo bro could have fight Von but yo brother have to shoot

      1. Infamous

        He got jumped that the reason he shot

      2. xgamez

        Anything that coulda went wrong did

      3. Felicia Worthem


    90. Certified cash

      Quando my nigga bro I feel his pain in every music but ain't quando was trying to help king von when he got shot

    91. SwipE_Claps_TTV

      Jk jk jk

    92. Rred Rrum

      Von got himself in this situation thinking he can run down on everybody like he can't be touched and all them so called shooters around him failed to protect the bag 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ tim did exactly what he was supposed to do which is protect the bag 💯

      1. xgamez

        But they ain't have to shoot

      2. P Jayyy


      3. Chase Lewis


    93. Kashmir

      Why did you kill him

      1. Frosty DPG

        It wasn’t quando it was bro in the back

    94. BIGDGE

      bro im a king von fan but who tf said lil durk put money on his head? and we dont even kno why the situation sparked so ima just leave it here until somebody tell the full situation and why von did what he did. #llkv

    95. Tony Simmons

      Them Crip niccas winning fr 💙♿♿

    96. Reddシ

      If the shoe was on the other foot🥲 I’m still a king von fan

      1. Felicia Worthem


    97. A Too Lyrical

      von went out nutty

    98. Alex

      I’m a Von fan but this shit is 🔥

      1. Felicia Worthem


    99. xgamez

      I feel like the only reason the fist figh- *gun fight* happened is because of quandos beef with lil reese

      1. Christopher Hooks

        I been saying this i think he went in that water for Reese to

    100. Malazan

      Despite this controversy this is a banger and Quando is talented