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Sid Meier's Civilization

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    The New Frontier Pass is a new season pass for Civilization VI that brings eight new civilizations and nine new leaders, six new game modes and more to the critically acclaimed strategy game. Content will be released in six DLC packs delivered on a bimonthly basis from May 2020 to March 2021. Some features require either the Gathering Storm or Rise and Fall expansions to play.
    Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against history’s greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time.
    Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Explore a new land, research technology, conquer your enemies, and go head-to-head with history’s most renowned leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known.
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    1. Wamon11

      can you add ohlone as a new civ leader isabel medows likes civs with lots of preserves and national parks, dislikes you taking every district and no preserves unique unit naabaahii, 5+ combat when on forest and hills tiles andwhen killed it can make another one when it dies, builds the hooghan niitl ni which provide 6 faith,7 culture and 2 gold and 5+ combat when there is population put there. unique improvement hooghan niitl ni 6faith 7 culture 2 gold and 5+ combat agenda is go to the sea sea improvements and seasteads provide 6+ faith and 4 culture when next or 2 tiles away from land

    2. Ishtar Cultist

      The perfect civ to defeat Murica!

    3. Jonathan Muñoz

      the best way to debunk the muricans

    4. Amethyst Blade

      We be Elf now.

    5. Aznromeo

      Aww nam!

      1. Spooki

        Damn u late

      2. Ezekiel R Pajarillo

        so we back in the tunnels yeah that doesnt fit at all

    6. David Taylor

      My first time playing as Ba Trieu, I won. Geography wise, Vietnam is already a fortress, but those thanhs added so much more to my defense and culture. Felt like a matryoshka of fortresses.

    7. TheQuangBang

      So cool! There are thirteen subtitles and yet Vietnamese is lacking though, maybe it's time to add that. ;)

    8. Joshua Nguyen

      Studio người ta nước ngoài làm game về Vn đều thuần Việt trái ngược với lũ đvcp muốn giống tàu cơ.

    9. Anirudh P.L

      Voi chien is very similar to Chandragupta's Varu.

    10. sdgedfegw

      Vietnam's unique ability is not historically accurate at all. Ba Trieu (along with her sister Ba Trung) rose up against Han dynasty's authority from the Mã Delta (modern Thanh Hóa province) to the Hồng/Red River Delta (Northern Vietnam) in 42 AD. the Mekong Delta/Đồng Bằng sông Cửu Long (lit. Nine Dragon River Delta) in the southern part of modern Vietnam was of Khmer's authority at the time and wasn't conquered by the Kinh/Vietnamese people until the 18th century.

    11. astotzka countryball animations

      Can u make civ 6 on Huawei Y9 pls

    12. im what you call a thinker

      They should add haiti

    13. V L

      As a Viet I am so proud that my country is in CIV! I almost cried tears when i saw it, this really made my day thank u!

    14. ויקטור גלאם

      Were is the Hebrews

    15. Andrew Emberso

      Everybody gangsta until rainforests speaks Vietnamese.

    16. Airbrusher Studio


    17. Fredy Hermann

      Welcome to my rice fields!

    18. TempleofBrendaSong

      Don't fucc with Vietnamese women

    19. Bach La

      does anyone hear "fu*k you" rather than "Ba Trieu" in this video?

    20. Rey Gonzalez

      Vietnam: get's announce Mongolia, America, and France: sweats profusely

    21. human being


    22. Squidward on land

      I thought fortunate son was about to play

    23. Kenneth Servida

      Will the forest will considered as population when using this civ?

    24. Screw Tape 3

      Could we also have Hùng Vương King?

    25. Ethan NO

      yay! Vietnamese representation!

    26. R. Brown

      Hey, Civ team, how about developing a Civilization map option on a globe instead of a flat map? Work it like Google Earth where you can move the globe any direction.

    27. Thanh TC

      I watch this again and again just to listen the theme. Firaxis have done with it very well. From a normal folk song, now it can express a lot of attitude.

    28. Liam Dysoco

      While we're adding Asian Civs, Emilio Aguinaldo for the Philippines would be really cool

    29. Kai Nguyen

      So our unique district is literally a fort...even the name means a fort or ancient wall. Since everyone uses elephants in southeast Asia, why not give us the Vietcong, and I said it as a republican C: they can dig hole and move undetected for 50% of their movement points, but they move faster in the jungle. When they attack, they lose their stealth. It will make the early modern war a thing Vietnam is known for. Just imagine having an elephant and tell it to be stealthy is like putting leaves on a tank and hope a dude 5 ft from it thinks there is nothing there.

      1. bradle

        Vietnam isn't just known for the Vietnam war?

    30. Lenny

      Could have been Emperor Quang Trung, Trần Hưng Đạo, Ngô Quyền or Lý Thường Kiệt. If you ever go to Vietnam and ask the locals about famous generals, they'll probably say those names cause people rarely remember her and even Trưng sisters are more well-known female generals.

    31. אור גלוזמן Or Gluzman

      and now in civilization you to can get the trees to start speaking in vietnamese

    32. NotASpy

      With we could’ve gotten Mexico, but this looks promising! Good Work!

    33. Liviu Bostan

      I am not a native English Speaker nor am I familliar with Vietnamesse prononciations. Is it just me,hopefully not,that heard FU in the first 2 sec of the video? Also Vietnam should have a 50% more combat expertise against U.S and Mongol troops.

    34. TurtlMunk

      I don't remember vietnam fighting with elephants.....

    35. av8

      civ 7 is going to be one of the goat video games

    36. TUYẾT VŨ


    37. Ahmad Ni'mal Waafy bin Mohd Fauzi

      when trees starts to speak vietnamese every single civ in the game : *CONFUSED SCREAMING*

    38. 이하성

      Where is Ho chi minh? Who is she?

    39. KOE C

      설마했는데 진짜 마음큰 누나가 맞았구나? 그리고 코끼리를 탓다는 것도 침략자 추방도 어느정도는 역사에 바탕을 뒀다는 거구만...

    40. камаз

      Please add to the game Kievan Rus with Vladimir the Great or with Yaroslav the Wise. Or add the state Zaporozhian Host (The Cossack Hetmanate) led by Bogdan Khmelnitsky. Many would be very grateful to you for this, including me. Thanks!

    41. Just AViewer

      Please add Bengal Sultanate Civilization.

    42. Quyền Nguyễn

      Everything is ok, but WHY NINE DRAGON DELTA?

    43. minh cù

      The leader looks like your tomboy neighbor who kick your ass every time she catch you bully younger childs in town

    44. No This is Patrick

      Lol i thought she was saying "f*ck you" at the start

    45. ChristopherROBN UUUuuUuu

      So we just gonna act like this game is playable on ps4... Right✌

    46. Thanh TC

      I play this civ just because of the theme music. So chilling.

    47. Cosmic Latte

      America is shaking in their boots rn

    48. Martynas

      Feminists wet dream.

    49. Kami Thulak

      Which bonus are we giving vietnam? Yes

    50. Triz E.N.Y Highly Opinionated

      Who cares if multiplayer is unplayable due to 100% consistent network disconnect errors.

    51. John Winter

      Ho Chi Minh when?

    52. TheCarlosis

      Automatic Victory over USA in combat should be the unique ability.

    53. owenofhb 1

      They’re in the trees

    54. tvjodis

      Played her today and won a religious victory. I was attacked by Chandragupta, and when I retaliated and captured 2 cities and razed them, I was denounced by everyone else as a warmonger. Go figure 😮

    55. Ebany Dwayne

      *The United States leaves Civilization 6*

    56. Pyrrhus Of Epirus

      I swear, every story that involves Vietnam and another foreign power attempting to invade can pretty much be summed up with, “They come here but they do not leave, they will regret that”.

    57. issac clarke

      Unique unit Anti aircraft emplacement

      1. bilinas mini

        They’re in the Trees

    58. Huỳnh Văn Tiên

      We thank You for The Civilization of Our Country. I love how you keep Our own names like "Voi Chiến" or "Thành"... not "War Elephant" or "Citadel"... i will update it!

      1. bilinas mini

        I just bought the new frontier pass because it's on sale at steam! All right, I have something to do at Friday night.

    59. Chinh Ha

      "Tôi muốn cưỡi cơn gió mạnh, đạp luồng sóng dữ, chém cá Hải kình ở biển Ðông, quét sạch bờ cõi để cứu dân ra khỏi nơi đắm đuối, chớ không thèm bắt chước người ta cúi đầu cong lưng để làm tỳ thiếp cho người"

    60. bilinas mini

      Khmer, China, France, and America, with all those Macbeth trees: Ah, shit, here we go again

    61. Matthew Rosenkoetter

      Love the new content. So, can we please get an No AI Wonders option?

      1. bradle

        'No Ai wonders option' what on earth does that mean?

    62. Tri Nguyen

      the unique unit should have been talking bushes that are invisible in the jungle tiles and capable of using AK 47

      1. bilinas mini

        *trees start to talk in Vietnamese

    63. Johnny Le

      I love everything about this except the presumably white lady pronouncing the Vietnamese words with a Chinese accent.

    64. Liew Noswald

      "Inspired by Guerilla Tactics" What'chu smoking Civilization Team? that's an Elephant.

    65. Y. Bonnemay


    66. Luis Martinuz

      Too cowardly to use Uncle Ho

    67. kuraido

      I am here for those eyebrows. They can conquer my civ anytime.

    68. John Bennett

      Me: see’s Vietnam is the next civ My Brain: *Fortunate Son intensifies*

    69. Dane Pongos

      Boo ANOTHER Indochinese civ?! There’s already been the Khmer as well as Siam in the last game. Let’s do the Philippines! Or at least make it interesting and do Brunei, Malaysia, or Myanmar.

    70. Nathan Bricks

      Should have also said that they take extra damage against US napalm

    71. Zaigrana Koala

      is civ 6 dev team stupid? Don't just pump out DLC's, at this point you're worse than EA. Atleast fix the bugs or update the previous DLC's or give some free civilization to players who don't want to or can't spend money! You guys are only after money, that's why it's DLC DLC DLC DLC

      1. Viktor wusten

        Nothing is free in life and the season pass is only 20

    72. Mr Game

      *Vietnam flashbacks*

    73. DitzyQueen

      I just bought the new frontier pass because it's on sale at steam! All right, I have something to do at Friday night.

    74. Max Steffens

      They’re in the Trees

    75. Adam Romano

      As a person who regularly plays America, I’m scared

    76. Hail

      I cannot wait to teach America a valueable lesson...

    77. Aleksandr Litvinov

      ho chi minh

    78. Towerbooks3192

      *trees start to talk in Vietnamese

    79. El Chapo

      I hoped the Unique unit would be Vietcong Guerrillas.

    80. Paprus

      Imagine if there was a hidden ability tied to vietnam that caused their troops to deal extra damage to American units

    81. doliio volay

      Bravo, CIV team! 👍🏽

    82. tobak952

      do yall know what time its out?

      1. tobak952

        @Zack Fair did it come out for you? consoles are always a bit behind

      2. Zack Fair

        @tobak952 It doesn't appear to be out yet on xbox. Maybe in the hour or two.

      3. tobak952

        @Luke Patrick its out now :D

      4. Luke Patrick

        Been waiting myself

    83. Arnoldus sine Amico

      If my memory serves Lady Trieu is also well known for her giant t... blossom

      1. doliio volay

        It is a great honor to see my country and its cultured being mentioned once again since the Age of Empire. Hurrah!! Ah my apology. THANK YOU!!!

    84. KaneVapor

      I will go destroy USA. :D

    85. Michael Zurfluh

      Can somone tell me something about Bà Triệu? I never heard about her before and i couldnt find good informations on the internet...

      1. Michael Zurfluh

        @NanYueEmpire thx! Where i can read more about her?

      2. NanYueEmpire

        She fought again Eastern Wu kingdom during Three Kingdoms period in China.

    86. Sulvan Key

      today is 28, where is vietnam? upgrade steam!

    87. Dan Chen

      would nail salon be considered a economic building or entertainment ?

    88. Hi I am Norm

      Ooh, The trees

    89. Chi Trương

      Lyrics 1 Đoàn quân Việt Nam đi, Chung lòng cứu quốc, Bước chân dồn vang trên đường gập ghềnh xa, Cờ in máu chiến thắng mang hồn nước. Súng ngoài xa chen khúc quân hành ca, Đường vinh quang xây xác quân thù, Thắng gian lao cùng nhau lập chiến khu. Vì nhân dân chiến đấu không ngừng, Tiến mau ra sa trường, Tiến lên! Cùng tiến lên! Nước non Việt Nam ta vững bền. Lyrics 2 Đoàn quân Việt Nam đi, Sao vàng phấp phới, Dắt giống nòi quê hương qua nơi lầm than. Cùng chung sức phấn đấu xây đời mới, Đứng đều lên gông xích ta đập tan. Từ bao lâu ta nuốt căm hờn, Quyết hy sinh đời ta tươi thắm hơn. Vì nhân dân chiến đấu không ngừng, Tiến mau ra sa trường, Tiến lên! Cùng tiến lên! Nước non Việt Nam ta vững bền.

    90. Old Man

      **I am Sean Bean and I speak for the trees, and the trees speak Vietnamese**

    91. Kuwa Rin

      Should be Ho chi minh

    92. PurpleMonkey95

      nice, but when are you guys fixing the game for mac users???

    93. Michael Hall

      Guerrilla tactics, sends in an elephant lol....

    94. 韩依洛泰

      Great design, better than kublai

    95. Cr Hu

      What an awesome quote lol. Already a fanbois

    96. miky carney

      Disappointed.. no references to the war,, special unit should have been Charlie a invisible rifleman unit

    97. Sneeds Feed And Seed

      stronk indepentent wymen

    98. Kjetil

      What time does it realese in europe?

    99. MInh Ha

      It is a great honor to see my country and its cultured being mentioned once again since the Age of Empire. Hurrah!! Ah my apology. THANK YOU!!!

    100. Rising Sun

      This civ is unbreakable