Drop Pokémon Card in Water???? #Shorts

AJ Correia

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    Dared to drop a Pokémon card in water
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    1. Justin's Cracked at Pokemon

      Is your name Justin, cause I think you are cracked at Pokemon my guy

      1. Elijah


      2. Pizza corn Gaming


      3. Dsrm dsrm

        I meant it's damaged

      4. Dsrm dsrm

        I found a sleeved Pokemon rare card in my backyard and it's wet and muddy and not damaged and the card is a torterra do you know how much that's worth?

      5. Zeravla

        Excuse me i don't know your name but you can you do and take a shower with the last card

    2. Natosha Fuhriman


    3. AshGreninjaYT

      Nice vids bro u always made my day make more pls

    4. Kalyn Ellison

      I have that milotic V-Max its that exact card

    5. Stevie J

      Ur the best with pokemon! I don’t rlly open packs but I still watch u!

    6. Anna Rose Tolentino

      Why do you need to do all of this i think it heart your fillings

    7. Anna Rose Tolentino

      Do you have this emojie🕷🕷🕷🐚🐋🐝🦀🌸💮🕸💮🦂💮💐💮💐💮🌸🏵🐌🌹🦂

    8. Anna Rose Tolentino

      Is your name justin because you like pokemon and you so handsome 😏😏😏😏😏

    9. The 2 Amigos

      Open a pack Take the last one rip it in half drop it in water and light it on fire after Drying it off

    10. eternalXpeace

      Milotic = Molatic lol

    11. Ayven Koni

      Rip the last card in pieces

    12. Igor Miljic

      Put the Last kard in the ocean

    13. PumpkinplayzRobloxJR

      Moltic is a water type she has a 97% percent of survival

    14. Cy Gaspard

      What the fuck is wrong with him

    15. PSboro 23

      Isent milotic is water type?ಥ⌣ಥ, u should be just right, sleevit

    16. Kelli Roberts

      Chill its a water Pokemon

    17. Emma Misner

      put the last card in a Drawer and mix it up and find it hehe 👌🏻👻🙌

    18. Evan Marin

      I hate rare Pokémon cards getting ruined awesome great video how are people getting those emoji’s

    19. Rob Stansbury

      Open a pack and do not do the card trick

    20. Wilmia Lora

      Open a pack and burn the last one

    21. Valstrax

      *why would you do this*

    22. SuprisedPikachu :3

      But milotic is a water type..... .-.

    23. Blake Thompson

      Last card throw it on a frozen lake don't look at it and if u want to know u have to go get it

    24. Daisy Minks

      Put last card in your dogs bed

    25. Olivia Johnson

      Donate the last card in a pack

    26. wmaiah2223

      But it never said how long he could have just dropped it on the water and then took it out

    27. Ahmar. Ishmael

      I like how he doesn't lie at all and he does it whatever card it is consider subscribing hes not clickbait

    28. Eric Rich

      The last card burn it with no reaction

    29. mistahhbean gaming

      This is why you dont do that trick

    30. XxDarkShadowxX

      Poor guy

    31. سعد غنام

      Open a pack and let ur pet bite it 🗿

    32. Ceandte Jacksonville

      I mean water type in the water makes sense

    33. Kirsten Payne

      quick commenting these challenges because you making his life harder

    34. Andreio Hartanto

      Its ok is just wet

    35. Hanna Anore Tohver

      Hey i have one of those cards i have a 17.53worth card to

    36. Jandrew Ramos

      Open a pack dispose the last card

    37. Alton Lee

      Cook the last card into an omelette

    38. sk8 is life

      Open a pack and put every card in a shredder

    39. sk8 is life

      Ehhh put it in rice

    40. Triple Snakester 190

      Last card make your roommate eat it

    41. Gage Klinger

      Everyone it’s ok it a water type

    42. Vibe Daemon

      It’s fine it’s a water type

    43. Proであう

      atlis milotic if life in woter

    44. Fardin_king

      Me:For "MILOTIC" a "WATER TYPE" to be in "WATER". That, that makes sense. 😅 Collectors: That make no sense.🤨🤨🤨

    45. Joseph Benjamin Beltran

      Make the last card into an origami

    46. Vaanessa Mcmillian

      That is why you do n ok t accept any of these stupid challenges like these

    47. Pailwalrus

      Don’t worry, Milotic is a water type.

    48. L. Misfit

      Throw the last card into you’re hot tub

    49. Alesha Hill

      Open a pack and flush the last card down the toilet

    50. Ean Vang

      What is the code card for

    51. TheDankestDoodle69

      It's going back to its natural habitat because it's a water type

    52. Jaime Sebastian

      I have the card he slevd

    53. Jonathan life

      You could have took it out the water

    54. Ryger Thomas

      Its a water Pokemon its fine

    55. Aiden Duclos

      Sweet home Alabama

    56. Sienna Kramer

      Speaking of water get a pack of Pokémon cards leave it in your hot tub for four hours and then open it sienna Kramer

    57. Someonenamed Niya

      As soon as I saw the card I was like: 😮 well to bad to sad

    58. Junior Bunior

      Why you so sad it’s a water type

    59. Nice_Avo

      Dare!:open a pack and throw it into the woods!

    60. NoahsInShock

      Last card eaten by aliens, and dropped in sulfuric acid

    61. Cookie Gamer

      Open a pack but the last card you burn

    62. kaikai squad

      It lives in water right so it's fine

    63. GlowingPanther

      Dare: Stop ruining rare cards

      1. Watermelon ASMR

        He don’t answer to KGup comments

      2. no name


      3. ·Juicey ·99 years ago


    64. Fifty Spence

      Open a pack and tie the last card to a firework

    65. duh donut

      Thats why they call it a water type

    66. Eva Patino

      open a pack and the last card you get has two be gone forever no refunds

    67. Comment Bot

      Its a water type it should be fine

    68. Micky Bernal

      It was a water tipe pokemon so it belongs in the water 🤣

    69. Brennan Cote

      Open a pack and give the last card to a stranger

    70. Darlene Conley

      And I'm starting to collect Pokemon cards because you told me and I got some really cool ones and I like your videos I subscribed and liked

    71. shiloh rodlund

      Why is all of the rare cards at the end it's like rigged

    72. ginger Buchanan

      Don't worry,he's in his habitat now.because he is a water type

    73. sktang5

      U could just pick the card up n dry it up

    74. Mossyking

      Open a pack then send the last card down a water slide

    75. Dsrm dsrm

      Today I found the Pokemon card it's all wet and damaged

    76. Dsrm dsrm

      I found a rare pokémon card in my backyard it's a torterra card how much does it cost

    77. Cesar C

      Bruh It’s just 4 dollars

    78. Carlos Ramos

      Open a pack and put it in too a Mac and cheese .🧀😁please do it 🥺

    79. Itz_Milly_ Hazel

      Ohhh Dont worry😂its a water-type pokemon😉😉it'll he ok😂😂😂

    80. Kaya Richard

      hey isn't that a water type Pokemon it should be fine it's actually getting a field bonus unless I'm thinking of the wrong anime

    81. Seth

      Love your videos and I’m sry for those people that are haters but I’ll support you

    82. poo pooy

      Open a pack and lick the last card

    83. Amy Gerber

      I dare you to glue the last card of the pack onto a lightbulb for 24 hours and then The day after see how hot it is I hope it burns your hands that would be hilarious

    84. JCL Dubya

      I was waiting for him to open a charizard psa 10

    85. tomholland2013

      SleeveIt AJ i love your vids so much my guy

    86. unkown

      I mean milotik is a water pokemon

    87. Evelyn Gbato

      Open a pack and burn it

      1. Evelyn Gbato

        Open a the last card and burn it

    88. Sofia LaBarbera

      Gets milotic me : your a fish thing and u can’t swim?

    89. Nicole Laryonava

      Open de pack de last card look at it for in heure


      Put it in rice

    91. Lewis Goodbourn

      Why not take the card out and dry it

    92. William Molloy

      Open a pack and then after throw out the pack even if it has good cards in it

    93. SNCwimp 1242

      Open a pack while sitting in a car

    94. Mace Whitehead

      I got the same card lol

    95. NIONLion

      Open a pack and then burn your money with the amount of the cards worth

    96. The Waltons

      Open a pack and the last one goes in the oven 🤯

    97. wolverine 26

      Feed last card to dog

    98. Ashley & Robin Gosse

      Eat the last card

    99. the_fox_girl

      Open your pack and put the cards in Cyan paint

    100. shinobiHunter

      Freeze the last card