Crimson Heist First Look + Explosive Drone! - Rainbow Six Siege


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    The drone is more for utility clearing, but we want to get kills with it.
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    Map: Border Rework
    Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist recorded on PC in 1080p60fps
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    1. barbaros ozbag

      pepps gonna ban flores

    2. Robert Martinez

      Narly clutch there, post plant. It was a fantastic play, well done.

    3. Dorian Barber

      Mute players on the rise.

    4. Dixie Flatline

      I think its amazing to zone ppl, like imagin bandit tricking at chalet basement and just zone him away from garage door and then that+hard breach. And not just this. Impo, the gadget is great, but very situational. Also, i demand new tierlist :D

    5. Winnie Lu

      How DARE YOU disrespect flores icon

    6. A Fuzzy Spider

      The little pink icon that pops up on his device when he goes to pilot his corner looks very similar to the raspberry pi logo

    7. kyle hobbs

      Just suggesting and helping to spread the word from @_BLUU_ your coppper to diamond name shoul be "FloresLava" or "TheFloresLava"

    8. Husnain Ateeq Mcf19O1573

      The logo/icon is a lock because Flores is a thief.

    9. ahmad dyar


    10. url7292

      Why in the last border clip did it show 3v1 instead of 1v3?

      1. juanjo55lol


    11. SlasherShady

      So it's basically an RC-XD from Cod?

    12. Ghost Ace

      Lmao dude your funny I like most of your videos but you bitching about the dudes name is fucked up just funny how people play the game and make money because they play it but judge everything about the game and Flores is my last name that why it was kinda offensive

    13. MrRobYo Auntie

      The key hole icon is because he was a thief and he breaks Into locked houses or banks and hes from Argentina and flores Is a name that many ppl have

    14. Marika Zsufaiova

      is this shit on the teat server??

    15. Lossh 2004

      Bruh console players wont have a problem with flores to ez to hit

    16. Patrick Riches

      how many 4ks lol

    17. karebear145

      13:35 thatchers emp made the claymore disable.

    18. RECK 317

      Can't wait to use Flores as a Thatcher substitute :p

    19. Magnus Larsen

      i don't understand why it says 5 vs 1 reverse

    20. R6 Simp

      bruh siege messed up the counter for people alive

    21. Daniel Gomez

      jesus rainbow is going to shit -_-

    22. Derek tensa

      Disliking cause your ass don't care about lore of R6

    23. Andreas Pille

      For the killcount, one time its the defenders on the left and another time the attackers, it's stupid

    24. wktr

      yikes a runout in the first 10 seconds

    25. Skyz

      This game really as no more ideas

    26. Ben Jammin

      Does he seriously have 4 of them? I thought he had 2

    27. david martinez

      This is a amazing operation I can not wait for this to be out

    28. Jacob Cheung


    29. CDC Gaming

      Did somebody say THROUGHOUT YEAR 6

    30. Clown_killa202

      New operator is gonna get reworked already. 😂

    31. Jason Tjipto

      I will never get to use to the permanent orange number of people on the right

    32. Jonathan Atanasov

      Varsity: "Make it about his gadget" Me: Thinks about maverick, whose icon is a fucking STALLION

    33. Louisvanheerden

      Why does the game look like the old version?

    34. InUtero

      0:35 perfect synced rappel

    35. Jaidyn Mills

      I subbed but didn’t get the charm

    36. xyz tbh

      So i have recently switched to pc how come i am not able to play on the tts

    37. Ignis, Lord of flames

      its a keyhole because the gadget is designed to help you get into the site by blowing up gadgets. its like having a key to open an otherwise locked door. at least that's how i interpreted it

    38. Randy


    39. Two Do


    40. Pika Chu

      Question: why do you need uplay+ for test server if we are supposed to test their game, bro we are willingliy doing ubisoft's work in finding gamebreaking bugs but they can't make the test servers free

    41. Adam Banks

      A new intro 😱

    42. Karassu '

      Blackbeard nerf got me 💔👈

    43. dcl noodle

      operation silver console players worst nightmare

    44. McLasagna

      guess im a mute main now

    45. Bad Bane43

      His name is pronounced flour-es

    46. MySpeedmetal

      you have an in-game charm???? wtf

    47. Hololive EN Clips

      the UI in this new test build looks very weird and cartoony, idk how i feel about it

    48. heyyforrest

      varsity ayy FYI , girls care about the lore trust they read that shit alot it brings the game to life and funny sometimes

      1. heyyforrest

        there's more to it then just a dude with a rcxd car

    49. João Bernardo Cerqueira Da Silva Alves

      His name is flowers because he lived in a community called flowers and he stole the other communities that's the logic of the padlock

    50. George Kirby

      Is your charm going to be available throughout year 6?

    51. ChickenManiac 123

      The name Flores comes from how he was called in mob circles, "The man from Flores." Siege has had lore based names since launch, thatcher and jager come to mind.

    52. axey

      What happened to dash of drew

    53. Mr. FrenchFry

      Varsity what crosshair opacity do you use

    54. 919dd

      I swear whenever I look at this guys sleeve makes me think youre playing zofia elite.

    55. the1andonlygxbe

      I wanna see Rob use the Flores Explosive Drone

    56. Joker King

      4 drones 🤯🤯 it is soooo OP

    57. not seanyg

      am i missing something or can a drone with a nitro cell jump but twitchs' cant?

    58. Jesper Playz

      Next: my NEW charm will be acailable troughout year 6

    59. LaLo

      This dude literally hates Flores for just existing

    60. RYL Tman36

      Noooooo not border

    61. Ken Jong Bill

      15:00 Evan Braddock video incoming

    62. AggroKave


    63. GG. Daisy

      Alternate title: Getting slammed by coconut bra

    64. Exhales

      I love how flowers is a last name

    65. Itz_patrickk

      It’s a keyhole cause he picks people off with his drone

      1. m

        Still doesn’t make sense

    66. A A

      the game has fucking changed and i’m here for it 100%

    67. Sorry D:

      I feel like twitch should have normal drones. The fact that flores has them doesn't seem fair to her.

      1. Conall Gelston

        I’d agree except that Flores drones last a maximum of 10 seconds from release and can’t stay the entire round like twitch

    68. Jessi Flores

      u guys did godly wrong lmao

    69. s4tanas

      Did mute just jam the claymore? I didn't even know that was a thing 13:37

      1. Forgivey

        They added it this patch he can also jam airjabs now

    70. MatoXav

      Your Spanish accent 😫

    71. Crimsoncad3

      Don't play with Get_Flanked. He'll try too ban you just because you are better.

    72. Gabe Balocca

      Why are you complaining about Flores' icon when like one other operator in the game has an icon that relates to the gadget. His name is where he originates from, and the icon makes complete sense because he is a thief and generally speaking he is a key to any locked door. Just use your big brain Varsity cmon, dont be close minded.

    73. Capt. Cy

      I would say it's a lock since he's making new entrances ;)

    74. Turbo2019

      I didn’t like border at first but the rework looks like it made it a lot better can’t wait for it to come out onto consoles.

    75. Romadsss _

      Bikin bodhi recked you when mute tricking lol

    76. Bryan baez

      This dude really mad that Flores is called flowers for no reason literally for just existing

    77. Nicolas Agustin Scandizzo

      His name is Flores as "The man from Flores". Flores is a borough in Buenos Aires, from where he operated as a "master burglar". His symbol is a lock and key since he was a burglar.

    78. sycOwood

      THE CHARM IS AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT YEAR 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But will it be available throughout year 7?

    79. HYJ

      7:44 any other way to destroy as a defender? cuz nobody shoot it

    80. Prestige Hoarder

      I have a feeling they’re gonna take away one of the drones

    81. Nirmit Patel

      At 13:42 what is going on with that airjab? I’ve never seen an airjab disabled? Is this some new thing?

    82. CHICKENCIK chicklet


    83. Kloncker Man

      Might have to be a mute main now

    84. Xavier McCreary

      My video speed was at 1.25 for some reason and i thought they made the game faster💀💀

    85. Rister_gamer06

      his logo is a lock

    86. Bruno Ferreira

      That castle strat was hilarious.

    87. Emilio Del Pozo

      Copper to Diamond acc name should be TheFloresLava. Not my idea, spreading the word cause I like it.

    88. 8pagesofalex

      Varsity complains about Flores having a picture that doesn’t relate to his gadget while Melusi has a tree and Ela has an angry emoji

    89. about world

      Worst op ever flores is not good useless

    90. Micah Rittierodt

      Flores the new fuze

    91. KJ King-Lopez

      Wait why was the claymore deactivated @13:41 ?

    92. Romeo Flores

      Me last name flores

    93. Sebastian Moreland

      His icon should be the grenade from when you deploy the drone.

    94. Release Ze Krakken

      I already foresee him getting a drone removed lol

      1. MephistoGinger

        i assume it will only have 2 drones probably

      2. Ignis, Lord of flames

        honestly yeah. i think two is enough personally, but no more than 3.

    95. Hypyeas V2

      Flores is a last name btw

    96. shankh

      So flores is a combo of twitch and ash's lovechild

    97. BFJ 20

      Is this still considered a year 5 season?

    98. TeamXhussam

      y r u gei

    99. Ryzmuh

      Ofc godly not having fun lmao trying his hardest to kill the new op

    100. Pirud

      When is the TS public