Joyner Lucas - Evolution (Full Album)

Joyner Lucas

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    1. scott laine

      So fucking hard.....🤯

    2. Humanoid Gaming

      30:42 🥶

    3. Jarryd Meyer

      The opening 0:00 - 1:40 gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. Felt your words deep in my soul!!

    4. Provoke444

      remember this☝️🔥❤️

    5. Sin withthesauce

      Zim zimma😡😈

    6. Rivas Fana Guerra

      I just don't like whoever played the teacher

    7. Micah Scale

      black man, what a black woman made?

    8. Heather Tanis 1984

      Must be nice to make it in life. Poor white chicks like me don't have any chance. We have no features that make us superior, no talent, no hope. Many folks have talents because they were allowed to play sports or be artistic, sing or dance.. some of us never were allowed to do anything and grew up so poor that we never will. I have no talent, no skills because no matter how hard I try I'm not good at anything, no family, nothing. Must be nice to be so talented and have money Joyner. You're NOT oppressed. You're blessed. Don't take it for granted.

    9. Reuben Sammich


    10. ollie7465618


    11. Killian Clarke

      Someone blow this shit up on tik tok NOW

    12. Jasmine Cleveland

      Whoever disliked this album dislikes themselves. Like seriously slow asf but I bet those same idiots listen to throat baby smdh

    13. Jake Trusler

      bro he sound like nipsy frfr

    14. LiicK

      Everytime i hear Joyner rap i get goosebumps keep it up man love ur work!!!

    15. oSINEWY

      You are a savage for everything you do stay up everyone one love

    16. david anderson

      That’s real talk I Used to think that I was the problem until I realise that my company around me was the problem

    17. Kenny Peppers

      Nas spit 🔥 🔥 on this ... Ok then..

    18. Sicat Aldrin

      joyner lucas pretty underrated

    19. timtoom zegoon

      1.When I Grow Up (Intro) - 0:00 2. Evolution - 1:14 3. On This Way - 3:48 4. Things I've seen - 8:27 5. Zim Zimma - 13:09 6. Tattle Tales (Skit) - 17:09 7. Snitch - 18:25 8. Str8 Like Dat - 21:17 9. Fall Slowly - 24:45 10. The Problem - 29:36 11. Legend - 33:19 12. Father's Day (Skit) - 37:37 13. Like A River - 39:03

      1. BustyBustBoii


    20. Devil Mace

      This guy is so 🔥🔥🔥 the way he delivers any bar or hook he does with meticulous precision and swag. He has a story that i relate to on my own level. Pure lifting guidance i get from his lessons. 💯👌 respect Joyner and thank you!

    21. Tony Walker

    22. Mr Dendo Supreme


    23. Chris Baker

      Joyner & Dax #LEGENDS

    24. Ubongabasi Eka

      Thank you for this masterpiece 💜

    25. Mikelty Garza

      Honestly i know no ones gonna see this nor care but every song and every music video he puts out resonates with me in ways i cand even explain....his music make me feel better about myself. Just knowing im not alone in this fucked up world. I thought Joyner adhd album hit hard but this one killed me inside. Like a river hit me.....still I cry every time i hear it.

    26. ChrisToefur

      19 mins in love it so far! love you Joyner!

    27. Collins Akhungu

      Yoow joyner You got some bars Kenya 2021

    28. Sky Lightning

      Is that his son?

    29. Seby Sebastian

      Yo... The start and the ringing sound of the bell, damn childhood is crying inside me 😭

    30. Kahale Mulapo

      Listening from Africa 🌍 🎶 ❤️

    31. Sid Parmar

      to enjoy football watch its god Messi,Neymar,Ronaldo and talking about real hiphop the god is joyner loove from INDIA

    32. Anna Cox


    33. dylan robinson

      "dont know what is worse, sleeping alone or sleeping with someone you know you gonna hurt" Damn man! This man is a future legend!

      1. Devil Mace

        Yea its deep

    34. Cris I.V.Y

      Black said a lot I think we all gotta get it G period

    35. Mike Le made me tear up. This is real music.

    36. Sideswip Kicker

      The part that always gets me isn’t even part of a song it’s a skit.” I wanna make sure my kids are straight, and my kids,kids.,kids,kids are straight.” That’s an achievement we all want.

    37. BeatsDown Gaming

      The Game sounds like Nas here.

    38. 6sixty1 Gixxer

      One of my top 5 of 2020

    39. ares ares

      Amazing. Joyner shines his own light to the world.

    40. itsArabik thegr8t

      this album lit🤙

    41. Rykturr

      Anybody else got kinda shook at that intro? That shit hit me like a semi. This album hits on so many different levels. Thank you Joyner

    42. Cece

      Bar after bar it just gets better 💯

    43. HEPHAESTUS Young_Heffy

      Joyner is so real and one of the only artists that dont talk about doing drugs all the time. His concerts are amazing as well.

    44. Musa Ceesay

      Ma typa album 💿 💯

    45. Humanityinc videos

      Dope album 🔥🔥

    46. keval patel

      Most underrated artist and ALBULM of 2020 period.

    47. Generation Z

      Lucas its #ACA107gggOMM think peacefully i come from the joyners of the AntiChrist

    48. Sagittech Telecom

      This album feels Nipsey Hussle like...

    49. Luke

      this album is fuckin fire bro good work

    50. Oswin Da God

      Fuck this generation though, so hard to find any good anymore. I’m really bout to massacre just to get my message across what the media is doin and how they do it. Get some fuckin sleeper cells and get a militia fuck people aren’t dumb they stuck in a trance. Treat us like some fucking animals

    51. Oswin Da God

      This shit going to blow up as the kids grow up though. I been calling it these kids aren’t gonna be dumb forever

    52. Muthoni Kabugarah


    53. Antoan Damqnov

      The best thing i ever did today was to click on this video

    54. hunderson mwachia

      TEACHERS:Joyner never fails... COMPANIES:Joyner delivers dope shit... TULLY :Joyner kills every beat... album is on fire...ZIM ZIMMA love that song...great work @joynerlucas

    55. MP . X

      Holy fuck 🔥 so underrated

    56. nostalgic guy

      I’m black, I’m black. Stfu. Lazy songwriter

    57. TerMy

      The image is one of the best covers i have ever seen . This needs more than 10 mil views please .

    58. herc pow

      got dayum, preach joyner, preach

    59. Harry Singh

      The pathetic kitty apparently pine because mexican findingsinitially pedal till a volatile ghana. mammoth, seemly database

    60. mukwaya benjamin

      My new favorite

    61. Guy Tovey

      str8 like dat got a nipsy feel to it

    62. Ayanda Ntamo

      This Album is fire! How did I miss it last year?! OMG

    63. JaySan22

      I don’t get why this guy is hated.. fukn guys bars is off the fukn chain.. he flows with the beats and the story behind his bars is ON POINT.. I guess the exposure you get when u own ur masters is minimal compared to wen a record label owns ur ass.. Joyner ur badass dawg.. Keep rockin ur style. 💯💯 Big ups brotha.

    64. Melissa Danaher

      Joyner lucas ur a legend

    65. Chris R

      Releasing that full album for those who can't/won't buy music services like a legend


      Zim Zimma hit hard

    67. Kay Moore

      xoxoxo thank you for this.. I needed this song today :)

    68. Virgil Tharpe

      Joyner Lucas is bigger than rap. Pain, anger, self doubt, embracing the mask... Joyner is becoming our collective subconscious. For better or worse. Lot of weight to carry and I hope he's strong enough.

    69. Double Ace

      this video is like a classroom to me

    70. Pedro Navarro

      Thanks Joyner

    71. Brian jimmo

      Its as if I feels like a soul in as much distressed as mine woa

    72. Agustin Pacini


    73. Polygons & Pyramids

      Fine wine 🍇 is only appreciated when a rich 🤑 dude buys the wine 🍾 joyner Is that fine wines that a rich man can't buy.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

    74. Rettumy Rios

      young thug :)

      1. Rettumy Rios

        thank for the like big dog

    75. Live Love

      Yeah str8 light that

    76. Great Mogul

      Every track/song on this album deserves a video.

    77. Felldor Grimm

      hey man i told my French immersion teacher the same thing when i was a kid ( intro) i cant believe it man i have adhd but was add when i was a child man keep going man keep fucking going

    78. Wassim Zakaria

      the transition from the intro to this first song Evolution is SO FUCKIN' SMOOTH i can even believe how good it is

    79. Kay2 Kay3

      Such depth in all Joyner’s lyrics...❤️

    80. Cameron Isaac

      One of my all time favorite rappers but what kind of racist shit is this. If someone changed the word "black" to "white". There would be a riot. Shits dumb but won't take a beautiful song away

    81. Neo Gustafsson

      That 🎷 in the backround was 🔥

    82. Ril Specific

    83. Julio Figueroa


    84. Daniel Noesges

      when i think of her i want to joyner in life and death

    85. Crystal Norris

      1 of the Hardest rapping in the game💜💯🔥

    86. Udate Records

      🙏💪✌✊😎 #udaterecords

    87. loverabbitt

      Waited until my new year vacation to listen to this. Happy New Year fam

    88. Honeypea Digital

      The verses on #4 could fit well on UK drill. Just saying, since it's on a come up.

    89. Tasha Auset

      Dam...this my first time hearing him!!!!!!!this is like finding good food!

    90. Truth Hurts

    91. themba habile

      Joyner has been good from day one....this is just him being magnificent

    92. Mathilde Lgo


    93. Arade Comate

      Loved Joyner when he was dissing. Was the top of his game. He's new songs are low energy, confusing and uncomfortable. Like something you listen to when you're high. Still is a great narrator.

    94. Digital Ras

      Idk if you ever read through all this comments but I feel blessed to have lived in your generation cause you embody the entire artform in your work. I feel each an every single detail in what you put out. From your realest +256 fun

    95. Brian jimmo

      This grown assvthinnkin is creeping in. Woa...

    96. Brian jimmo

      Omg. Hits me deep even the Dr part were he refused to beive the number. We're that high..fuckem .....let's see how hard de ride.

    97. buzz1n

      Sickest album of the year !

    98. TheGrinder503

      legend sounded like nipsey

    99. Amos Luther

      Here after wlr

    100. George Kilonzo

      Word: GOAT Summary: Trust the Process