Man Got Catfished - TLC #14


11 млн көрүүлөр886

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    1. Stac Playz

      Tell me why I clicked this video on accident and my nieces come running to me thinking it’s Cocomelon 😭

    2. Earl Flores

      waitt did he really married her? omggg i dont know what to say but congrats hahaah

    3. Miranda Martinez


    4. Minvan

      That lady is a lot of guys I've know, why that's not cheap "I'm amaaaaazed"-material?

    5. Jaden Shankar

      Why does the watermelon look like Vision

    6. S Q

      If you block me to avoid communicating with me, I’m kicking your ass to the curb! Some women accept the minimum then cry about their jigijigi luck.

    7. Nanii

      Aladin is a LEGEND! when he said f*** off hahaha

    8. Peachy Melina



      Maybe the guy is a masycist 😂😂😂😂😂

    10. MystïcalMagïc

      She reminds me of my Toxic Mother. 🤣

    11. MystïcalMagïc

      "I Don't think he actually loves me," Me: girl he took his virginity for you. I would call that love. And your in your 50!! He would have left you By now!!

    12. Aki Lucy

      Pewd "I can't wait for them to fall apart " Me"that's the evilist thing I have ever heard but I like it "

    13. Ghinwa Dakhlallah

      How he can sleep with the old woman 😱

    14. Kelly Hua

      I'm sorry but as a Torontonian, imma just say that we don't want her

    15. Tashinator Gaming

      Can I just say, this guy is making a mockery of Islamic culture. Please don't let this guy be an example of Islam. He's the most Westernised Muslim I've ever seen and I'm embarrassed for him. Thanks.

    16. yagya sachar

      Carry fan like

    17. Khalid Alraies

      "we will have a lot of jiggy jiggy"

    18. 7777


    19. Ryan Milliken


    20. Ryan Milliken

      I’ll never judge someone over their appearance, I will judge a toxic person, much love aladin see you next summer bruv.

    21. ولا شيء

      جيقي جيقي😭

    22. Kelly Moxham

      The wedding is almost as long As the courtship 😂😂🥳

    23. Abhay S

      That guy looks like the cart titan from aot (10:51)

    24. galejandro2003

      when I saw the thumbnail I thought it was a woman that went through a sort of accident and lost her face xD

    25. Hammer Shott

      10:00 This line has to be a meme 🤣🤣🤣

    26. aaxRam

      this video sucks, you called him aladin. youre cancelled.

    27. JOHORO

      noooo haha pewdiepie lol toronto is in another country dummy, Canada and USA are not the same haha

    28. The Tank

      Ta7ya tounes ya zebbyyyy 😂 🇹🇳

    29. Y.A.S. 52

      I watched this in the middle of the night and no i’m not joking. The moment she said maybe I litterly face palmed my head that even my sister woke up who was sleeping.😂

    30. Violet Sparklez

      As a Canadian I would like to personally apologise for this woman

    31. zeid nouri

      i am from tunisia and we do jiggy jiggy at school

    32. ruby

      God!! What's with intro😖😖

    33. pasenviedemettremonvrainom

      Her son is Ed omg

    34. Sash :0

      Let’s seee ✨✨mommy problems✨✨

    35. Sorrow ¿

      the intro is so bootyful

    36. Fred The friendly

      i play fortnite im virginspends money on vbucks so i dont know what this vid was about

    37. Grisel Acosta

      "Where is his accent from? Maybe he's from the Midwest" we got a comedian over here huh

    38. • Bukitsu •

      She is 😒 filters be mad with her 😅💀🙈

    39. Francisco Ledee-shave

      When he said “honey” at the airport I was so convinced they were in love

    40. go you

      the intro was terrifying

    41. Hamsha S

      6:12 I chocked!!!

    42. Classical Gamer

      18:36 If you look on the table left of laura you can see that she still has the book for dummies lmao

    43. Tirhas Hagos

      It would be cool if her name was Jasmin

    44. Muath Qadoura

      15:01 to clarify, she wants him to eat her out, but he doesn't like 'like'. This is the best series in human history

    45. Betch

      I would a hundred percent simp for him. 😭😍😭

    46. Org4nicJam

      Says," I would like you to kind of soften up just a little bit and not be so hard and hateful." Says the person who asked him who every girl he follows on social media is.

    47. Robert Kemble

      This thumbnail wtf man lol

    48. Poisssd 1

      i dont get why his theme song is cocomelon

    49. Hailie F

      At first Alahdin kinda looked like Dhar Mann. idk why

    50. Rose Peter

      “I just want to see them fall apart”💀💀💀me tooo man👋🏽💀

    51. Random

      8:15 Ayah,Ayah.....Ayah *guitar*

    52. Lamia Rahman Ruponty

      9:42 pewdiepie sneezed ..lmao!

    53. Travis Lindsey

      How to have babies in your sixty's ....FOR DUMMIES

    54. laura Vanessa

      I Guessssss...... 😪😪 getting with older woman 🤦🏻‍♀️

    55. jhanlee123

      I'm just a kid but I would not marry some girl that's older than me

    56. greg lialios

      The unadvised chard phylogentically influence because south america logically chew throughout a unable iron. disturbed, plucky church

    57. Rafah Vivo

      I think i got the wrong cocomelon for my sister

    58. Daniel Quek

      What a guy

    59. Mahdi Mozafari

      The thumbnail reminded me of a monster from doctor who

    60. ProphesyLAB

      Can you do one about Daevan and Jihoon?

    61. Interwebz Bell

      why're you mocking his accent? He speaks multiple languages, put some respect on it. it's not funny white boy...

    62. Levi Akerman

      Why wife fighting in different country... because of language can't understand each other

    63. Kristofer Mcdaniel

      That poor man I feel like he lives in fear of being beaten by her

    64. Ali Jeridi

      Not all Tunisian people like that btw

    65. Thijs Hendriksen

      in the together shots she looks like his mom

    66. Thijs Hendriksen

      the son looks like if i minimized al the settings om my ark carachter but put head with on max

    67. Thijs Hendriksen

      you no it's a mismatch when she says ''a man if his culture'' way to start of the marriage ith some nice racial profiling

    68. Ayeub Ayeub

      see the struggles some of us have to go through for a green card . be grateful

    69. Cookies Girl887

      Who else gets creeped out by his intro......

    70. nanayeoms

      that poor guy though he seemed so genuinely happy but he rlly shouldnt have married so wuickly

    71. Милица Јовановић

      She's such a Karen

    72. Eesh

      Why is it that it’s always the Americans who are the annoying ones and these people from other countries are so much better

    73. Eesh

      Cover your mouth when you sneeze

    74. Muhammad Affan F

      7:09 lmao dont mind me just making a replay button

    75. Physical Computing

      Felix and Marzia argue over each new female subscriber. Subscribe!

    76. Dojo Parsnip

      Yes my girlfriend was projecting also.

    77. Patrice Dhanis

      Can't she even brush her hair?

    78. Karim Xyz

      what is this golden thing you are playing with around, i am so jealous of it, i want also such a thing, give me the link where to buy it right away ;)

    79. Fatty Meow

      WoW that's sooooo disrespectful for him our north African guys are very prideful on that side and she just insulted him like it was nothing

    80. Kateaclysmic

      So sounds like they could have worked out if she'd just not hounded him over his followers/friends on social media. What a waste.

    81. Faisal Aman

      *Imagine seeing a grandma reading a book about you-know-what for dummies* Ugh.

    82. Melissa

      How tf at 51 u wanna have a baby? I'll be off the grid by then on a tropical island

    83. Melissa

      She looks old ..some WOMEN close to 50 look way better and younger..js 😻

    84. Morgan Brennecke


    85. Neil Murphy

      That guy sounds like dexter from dexters lab

    86. Destiny Rivas

      6:04 no he didn't 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    87. Nandini Tripathy

      He looks like Luis Suarez

    88. miguel manalo

      she slammed the tablet-like its a laptop hahaha hes still in the call

    89. Grey Gods III


    90. Clipzi V-

      Whrn she find all the money we have the new Mrbeast 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    91. Mamoon Al-rawi

      I’m Arabic 😂🇦🇪 dame, what’s going on in this life 😂

    92. Darlyn Camartin Asis

      Grabe Ka my dear😂😂😂💗

    93. Jennifer Castellanos

      Por favor no.

    94. Ki Bell

      The intro has me dying cos my son love coco melon lmaoooooo I had to check make sure I clicked right video

    95. Garbagebagislife

      Today’s intro was disturbing...

    96. Salmon Behm

      What's he playing with in his hand

    97. Cassie Turner

      I died at 'The Problem is coming'

    98. Mr. Conservatarian

      2:43 We get Jiggy Jiggy 😂

    99. Albert Spice

      that woman in the wedding dressing thingy was not excited about her new look

    100. Bass Boosted

      i saw she is from florida it explained all of it