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    Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.
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    1. Dylan Williams

      And then there back together

    2. Kurt Ramos


    3. Leddion Xhinovci

      he can't keep a girlfriend for his life

    4. hazyfeels

      what nooo

    5. Kassandra OB

      Aw, Logan is so sweet. I hope he takes care of his heart and heals. Sending you love Logan. ❤️

      1. bush pig

        They're kinda back together

    6. Jada Rodrigue

      Start makeing vlogs more

    7. Logan Main


    8. Akeno Chu

      Josie was gorgeous

      1. bush pig

        There kinda back together

    9. jenna anshel

      I thought Josie and him were meant to be like honestly they were perfect

      1. Clocks

        @bush pig wdym? why'd they break up in the first place?

      2. bush pig

        They're kinda back together

    10. jenna anshel

      Awee I’m sad I love josieee so much


      hopefully they'll get back together in the future. 😣

    12. Brooke Louise

      No josie he ducking baught a horse for her

    13. darko galic

      Girls cry for a month and they are done, done.... We drink and suffer longer

    14. Pugspunny

      Good man logan new man logan

    15. nikkidavila92

      Josie was the best he was gonna get smh

    16. GoSsE The YouTuber

      I’m literally crying 😭

    17. diego lucio

      did josie keep the horse?

    18. Nirzon

      Man, all that boob flashes. The editor ain't seeing anymore boob flashes.

    19. Shinjuura •

      They were such a good couple💔

    20. Isabel Peterson

      Jesus Christ is our lord and savior!

    21. Fahad hussain Mahar

      I knew one day he will be single again 😂

    22. WongTaiFung

      idk why i really like how mike addresses topics

    23. avanaboodhoo

      Mike lowkey a little toxic

    24. Avi Sanguri

      DiD JoSiE gET thE HoRSe?????

    25. Daniel Lallian


    26. Ryan Gray

      All I want know is did she keep the horse

      1. ThePoneCone

        yes she did

    27. luis ramirez

      Brake up don't suck.. just move on.

      1. I have an extremely small dick, but

        Have you ever had a real relationship?

    28. Alejandro el bachatitas


    29. grand theft ana

      No one has pieced together that it's because Josie didn't want children and Logan wants them now. He's constantly saying this. The problem is he doesn't want to marry his girlfriends first which is, understandably, why the women leave. On the Ben Shapiro episode Mike let it slip that Logan was looking at surrogacy so it's clear that he doesn't want a mother for his children, he just wants a womb.

    30. Sean Sinclair

      Is she dating KSI😲😂

      1. Victor Cruz

        Lol why would you ask that?

    31. TechLeak

      Logan was acting like a prick at jakes boxing after party and they fell out.

    32. Elijah Afk


    33. Gabriel Lorenzo

      I feel like Logan broke up so he could focus on boxing and not be distracted. Relationships can be distractions to life goals

    34. Domjayceon

      nah ma dats acc sad

    35. Br5ndxn

      he bought her a horse

    36. babieangel jeno

      Man,,, they were like soulmates and balanced each other. Josie was like Logan's happy place

      1. bush pig

        There kinda back together

    37. Daanish Manzoor

      lmao when Mike said Lana didnt fuck anyone while they were split up. Ok buddy, ok.

    38. Yisroel Weiss

      Low key this is really smart, it’s like they don’t give a *** of what people think of them and taking it in for a personal conversation. You get help the way you do.

    39. Kaustubh Poule

      I'd just like to say Mike is such a smart guy I love him

    40. Memes For Joovier

      Let JJ fight her horse

    41. SOunZOne

      dam, i really thought they were gonna get married one day. I can see the pain in logans face

    42. ZeefanPlayz


    43. Sheldon Cooper

      Let Logan talk man!

    44. Jawad Khan

      Mike is often so insensitive, like he gotta shove his "super funny" in every conversation Crackhead, I will be so glad if Logan gets rid of Mike

    45. DocsWorld

      how dare you break up with her!

    46. The Chair

      Yeah I knew for a long time they broke up and would not last

    47. JBhawk

      You can tell how sad he is about it

    48. Angela Tapay

      Huhuhu yeo my logan and josie heart 😭😭😭😭

    49. eshaay

      I really got excited on the thought that y'all were going to have little Pauls running around

    50. Corry Elzenga

      Logan please come back together with her

    51. Kartikay Bhardwaj

      He and Alissa violet should date again.

    52. Aaron Breaux

      Shit just keeps pilling up whith Logan it sucks sorry for ya man

    53. Jesus Gasparjj

      Is Logan going to return the horse that he buy for Josie??

    54. Subscribe to Black Motivation

      Super i like it 🤣🤣

    55. Travis Broesder

      Is Justin Bieber mad you robbed his haircut. Are you a man?

    56. AR Gaming

      and this guy was thinking about having kids

    57. Shubham

      Things people do for money and attention

    58. rakesweep

      i really liked her:(

    59. Siobhan Lapierre

      so did Josie get to keep her horse?

    60. Shyloh Halstead

      Well I’m sorry Logan but that wasn’t long at all sorry

    61. dhumin1

      Mike knowbody wanted to hook up with you. Lana could have called Davin King 🖐🏿🖐🏿🖐🏿🖐🏿🖐🏿🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆or any one.

    62. Brandon

      Logan is really blossoming into a wise, fun, entertaining individual. I’m sure I’m just late to the party, but he seems super down to earth and chill to talk to. I’m 29 if that matters..

    63. Little Tfue

      I think he is faking this only bcs of the fight so mayweather doesn't talk about his girl on the fight to make him angry

    64. Rafi Rahman

      She was a shameless woman!

    65. Luke Vitt

      This is so sad

    66. NoobDestroyer69 Ortega

      And thats on never believing in perfect fake social media relashionships.

      1. Abd Essamed

        I thought she was the one for him but nah

    67. Ali Wonderland

      who is josie

    68. mike mack

      stop buying animals lol. whatever you do has to be for you the world doesn't matter

    69. Mohammad Anwar

      Do you guys think men should only go for the lady that makes them feel happy in a relationship?

    70. Mohammad Anwar

      Get well soon 🔜

    71. Nawang Topten

      Don’t tell me this is not scripted

    72. Kodachi

      Aren’t they back together now

    73. Ellie Burns

      Tbh I just miss the glow Logan had when he was with Chloe 😕

    74. Luis Prado


    75. Alex S Quinn

      No one has any right to judge someone for sleeping with someone outside of a relationship. As for the "gross" factor, you either trust that the person has been doing so in a healthy and safe way, or you don't trust them and therefore you shouldn't be sleeping with them in the first place. If you and an ex get back together, it honestly sucks to hear that they've slept with someone els; but that is an insecurity to overcome, not something to dwell on or factor into the decision of wether or not to get back together.

    76. Gurjot Singh

      I cried

    77. Laura da exploraaa

      I really liked Josieee she was such a pure good person for Logan.

      1. jp

        No. Shut up.

      2. Sky


      3. Timothy Smith

        Clearly have no clue about anything in life if that was your take fucking PURE that’s hilarious

      4. Gean Draige

        She flashed on camera

      5. HalaX

        With a shit ton of makeup

    78. Elvan Saglam

      Remember the times Logan lived in a apartment and broke plates, and nearly was kicked out bc he was to loud 😅

      1. Tina Pourshirazi

        Only the OGs will remember. His energetic and wild energy just made my day better. Blows my mind how a few years and a few hardships can change someone entirely. Although he’s so much more mature for his age at 25. And he acts like his age. I liked the old “stupid” and wild Logan. He just had a lot of energy. I still like Logan now and take a lot of things from him. I miss the good ol golden days

    79. Salhi Meriem

      Mike's voice is soooo annoying...and he talks tooo much 😩😩😩

    80. vinish dubey

      Loyalty is so rare now days

    81. yaboi

      All we have to remember is Haden still has josies b00bs

    82. Benjamin Ibrahimovic

      I dont fucking know how u can be together for a little bit and break up like dude if theres a problem break up but ur young why tf u fight and then break up over the fight

    83. Rangon kabir

      What happend to the horses???😁😏

    84. Brody Seiber

      Logan got so many pets with all his ex’s lol

    85. Brody Seiber

      Bruh Logan never gettin married now

    86. Sylvester Haokip

      Sad smile in his eyes

    87. Jack

      NGL Logan needs a fucking trim , looking like he gavin a mullet

    88. Bella Ali

      damn i hate seeing Logan like this :.(

    89. xX_esp_dzXx


    90. Tyler Salvador


    91. JEFFINATOR_777

      Y’all still remember when Logan said Josie could keep the horse, even if they break up🥺

      1. MxR Scientists

        Yo I bet shill just give it back

      2. THE BaBuChAk

        Yes she got horse

      3. aidan cody

        Let KSI fight it

      4. Fancy Felipe

        Bc he loses

      5. Arsalan Ars

        Yeah is she gonna keep it or give it back 😂

    92. Krolie.

      Now he’s into Valkyrie. What a joke.

    93. Abhinav Rawat

      Logan gifted all those horses and they had such a fun time together. Josie did all those dumb things for logan. Like getting inside that dirty tank,paintaing.etc Josie and logan were the best couple

    94. wicked tuna

      Didn’t he buy her a horse ??

    95. alpha 200

      Every girl leaves logan before or after his boxing matches 🤨

      1. TETRA

        logan boxes???


        Illuminati ""tudurutu puuuupipupuupiiiii'""

      3. m7 ketbi


      4. Nate Bond

        What other time frame is there bud

      5. Shindy Black

        Thats basicly every girlfriend he will ever have the way you word it

    96. Chris Garcia

      Tell George to trim up his mustache and beard and line it up. Man looks homeless but rich Sf

    97. kingstoner stoner

      Oh gawd Mike talks too much! He just made everything abt him fuk sake

    98. Lex G

      Every time poor Logan goes through a break up he says “it was a special time for us both” 😂😂 I love him lol

      1. Åtmös s ë r 4 ñ ä t ö r

        @Kyanberu sama 🙄😂

      2. Kyanberu sama

        You should try and get with him, maybe he'll buy you the animal of your dreams. Then you can split with him and keep the animal

    99. SSB

      Logan please hook up with James Charles 😂

    100. Shobhit Makharia

      Whatever chloe was the best