I'm Back... and I Have Something to Tell You


1 млн көрүүлөр36

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    1. CrankGameplays

      I'm back. and I'm doing a show.

      1. Emma Burnard

        Come to Aus

      2. Extreme Crafter


      3. Extreme Crafter


      4. Extreme Crafter


      5. Extreme Crafter


    2. Elia Smeaver

      I....adore you

    3. fnafgirlyxx

      I'm so proud of Ethan, he is taking care of himself and doing everything in place. We love you Ethan

    4. danceswithdirt

      2:47 - No, I can't say I've ever actively taken a vacation from work. :)

    5. Anna Tolian

      So proud of soft boi

    6. Judy Jenkins

      Yor show is sold out...

    7. Justice Emmons

      thought he was gonna be pregnant.

    8. sickly-cephalopod

      Ethan: I should take breaks and vacations more often, you know like normal people do Me, going to school and working: ...hmmm...vacations? you say...tell me more...

    9. Novus Talks

      I cannot get used to the longer hair lol

    10. Callie Berletic

      I'm glad to see that he is doing so well. His hair is looking really nice! He looks like he has matured so much

    11. Dasa F.

      i can not be the only person who played the first 3 seconds over and over- HE LOOKS SO HAPPYYY AHAJDLVBJF

    12. Tv Static Jumperz

      If you come to Australia at some point and i'm not broke i'll so be there!

    13. Elizabeth Del castillo

      Best and wholesome part of this: *the audience and fans pushed you to do this*

    14. Steph Bean

      Is it just me or do we need a house tour

    15. Steph Bean

      As I said you should’ve took five months off

    16. Jaleah Blile

      Man he just looks so good and refreshed and healthy and I’m here for it🥰🥰

    17. Rooh Queen

      Ethan you are not turning into Mark, don’t listen when people say that. You are growing into the confidence that Mark has, don’t let people dim your light by saying it’s from someone else. I think you are growing into a beautiful Eefbean!!

    18. Holy Shit Shea

      I saw this and deadass thought he was gonna say he and his woman were gonna have a baby, I have no fucking idea why

    19. 127Kronos

      Everybody talking about his hair, but gosh those eyes... those green eyes...

    20. Dilloninator

      Love the hair man, wish I could have that.

    21. Nel

      Dude you're telling me. I'm the fuckin WORST at managing my time. I don't live your life and I know about fuck all, but you're doin great man, and I'm excited for you and the chance you're taking to take care of yourself.

    22. Jerry Politte

      Wheres TYLER lol

    23. Flavors

      That is some BANGIN hair

    24. David Bateman


    25. Oblivisci Mortem

      Breaks are important for your health Eef, glad you are doing well. P.S. you get mentioned in my new video.

    26. Julia // Salem

      For me 0:07 7:45

    27. Spyro Stacrakas

      What that you look like mark more now

    28. Alyssa Hart

      Tickets are sold out noooooooo

    29. Foo Lessig

      I went to buy tickets and it’s all sold out which is awesome but I’m sad because I didn’t buy a ticket fast enough

    30. Petrichor Weather

      I totally didnt notice you at all wtf

    31. Original Username

      He looks so healthy and happy now! I hope that I can attend a tour someday!

    32. Arianna Sweigert

      My guy said H E A L T H and now he can do whatever! even a video of him painting his nails! i loved his black nails

    33. Writers_n_readers __

      Omg I actually live in Illinois and I cant go! Ugh sold out tickets lol. But I'm so psyched for you Ethan!

    34. Candy Copter

      "I'm back and I have something to tell you" Me: OMG ETHAN IS PREGNANT Welcome back, Eef!

    35. Huggable Panda Lover

      He’s so handsome wtf

    36. TheLordCorn

      Welcome back amigo

    37. kt

      "Check the website regularly" okay *checks it again nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds after first clicking it"

    38. Jesse Symington

      Welcome back! Love the hair ;)

    39. Jay Dexter

      I’m glad your break was good make sure to take them whenever u need them

    40. milo connolly-zebo

      Take as much time as you need we love you Eef💕💕

    41. Sheena Madden

      I guess i was too late for tickets oh well. I hope it’s fun

    42. Joëlle S.

      Your hair looks neat 💙

    43. Eigen Reimer

      roses are red lemons are sour ethan is back, he has the power

    44. leonardozmaj

      I read "I'm black... and I Have Something to Tell You" lol

    45. Grantico _

      Blue light + Ethan + Shiney hair = me rewinding so I can get what he said

    46. DONUT z

      Exactly 10 min noice

    47. Towkio

      I know I’m really late but I would like to say I can’t 🥺 I wanna go but I can’t I have strict parents plus the tickets are sold out now-

    48. C Mars

    49. alethearia

      omg Eeff. I love your hairs

    50. Megan Bowling


    51. SKpondo

      Dammit Ethan i read the title and got excited bc I thought you were pregnant. I know. It sounds ridiculous. But its just what I thought.

    52. Moosification

      I love his pan shirt

    53. daddys toy


      1. daddys toy

        cries because theyre sold out

    54. Thatonegirlinclass

      ETHANS BACK YEAH! I have never been more happy in all my life!

    55. sw0gersmiles

      we are so proud of u

    56. Solemn Mojo

      Therapy over zoom? Dude I'd rather be """irrasponsable""" smh man

    57. ValiantAtlas

      holy shit he looks amazing

    58. TenNine D

      So close to 1mil

    59. PassionFruit

      Tickets are sold out...I sad

    60. Ocha Mocha

      thank you for existing, ethan :’))) you make my days so much brighter

    61. Ariana Hernandez

      Now that the Chicago one is sold out, will you perhaps have another, maybe in LA?

    62. Ariistra

      *clicks on link to buy tickets* "Tickets sold out" Oh 👁💧💧👄💧💧👁

    63. Ariistra

      Oh man, it makes me so happy to see him feeling better. After Unus Annus ended and other stuff happened, he just seemed so down and drained and he really needed this month to come in terms with everything and be able to properly move on and I love this change. He's evolving in every way and he clearly looks so much healthier mentally and physically and I love that and it makes me so happy

    64. Lago Playz

      Have you heard of Jazz?

    65. Mustard Guzzler

      You better do a flip at the show

    66. The Void Army

      You and mark needed a break 10/10 you did well

    67. Lord Zac

      i hate u and you anger me beyond belief

      1. Electrical Fire

        what the actual fuck? why tho

    68. Patrick Gaudette

      He got the mark hair👌🏻

    69. fluffy one

      Is mrkiplier your Aidee coz ever since unnes annus you have been changing....

    70. M.L .B.

      Omg he stole marks hair cut

    71. Emily Fossberg

      His hair looks so much like marks 🤩 haha but he looks happier and healthier

    72. waka waka

      tickets are sold out ;-;

    73. I'm_A_Unicorn

      I'll be honest. I thought he was going to say he was pregnant-

    74. seiom jvony

      POV: you havent watched Eef for a while and your extremely confused as to why he looks like a better version of Mark

    75. Patrick Lynch

      very proud of you

    76. Renno Dumortier

      I'm so happy that you can see how unus annus has changed his mindset and that he has learned a lot out of that year

      1. seiom jvony

        He's such a grown up now...

    77. Andrea Rooney

      Lmao anyone else just get their unus annus merch last week ? (Ik this is unrelated, not complaining, I genuinely find it entertaining)

    78. NickOG

      Why is he starting to look like Mark

      1. simonomis

        Seriously though

    79. Victoria Phillips

      I'm so glad you had a good break! Take as many as you need because we will be here for you! Your health and mental health is IMPORTANT and I'm glad you're seeing a therapist. Everyone should have one even if your not super bad mentally because it can be extremely helpful. Play/do what you want because I will be here and so many others will as well and we love your content!

    80. Toby Ridley

      Would love to buy tickets but with the current state of the UK and how unpredictable thing are, I don't know if I'll even be allowed to leave the country in November, let alone come to a show but I wish you the best of luck!!

    81. Pedro Alcocer

      I love how the " Post Mortem *[REDACTED]* " long hair style suits both Ethan and Mark

    82. Twissy

      I know I’m late- but we missed you so much!! Please don’t overwork yourself we can wait!!! ♥️ ♥️

    83. Erik Smiles


    84. Emanel

      welcome baack boiiiiii, keep it up, im catching up on vids now lol

    85. Mae-Elizabeth Page

      I wish I saw this sooner, King Eef has come back.

    86. A

      Ethan. If you are at the show, I know people will be happy to be there. Even if it's just talking about whatever you are thinking about at the moment. THAT is how much your community loves you. I look forward to it. I think we needed something good to look forward to in general.

    87. Carter’s Aquatics

      I wish my hair was that long

    88. Noah Gifford

      So, all tickets sold?!?

    89. game Yeah

      is unnus annus back?

    90. Potato HEAD

      Welcome back 😁🥳

    91. thatlittleredhead

      He's such a grown up now...

    92. gamesmenames

      I like the hair also glad you’re back

    93. keyara

      he looks so happy and healthy,,, 🥺🥺

    94. keyara

      holy shit i missed him-

    95. Tokyo 204

      No matter how long he takes to come back im waiting and id say many others are waiting here with me

    96. Potatoe Overlord

      I suspect his hair is only this long because of quarantine, but I like it.

    97. Susu Qanrilaq

      Is Spencer still alive i love that little puppy or dog

    98. Nightmare :D

      We are glad you are back and more better you definitely needed it man

    99. Fallen Human

      Yay Ethan's looking good!

    100. Lisa Dance

      Love the hair.