The “Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat” (BRRRR) Method Made Simple | BP Podcast 327


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    It’s here-THE book on BRRRR! And who better to write it than the leading authority on this strategy: our co-host David Greene.
    In this episode, he breaks down exactly how to “Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat” your way to wealth.
    David reveals how BRRRR allows him to force equity, leverage the talents of others, and recycle his capital so he didn’t have to keep working 100-hour weeks as a police officer.
    You’ll learn about the velocity of money, the “core four” players every BRRRR investor needs on his or her team, and the way to eliminate fear by taking a cold, hard look at the numbers.
    David also explains how this strategy can reduce capital expenditures and how to come to the bargaining table with a cash offer that puts you in the driver’s seat.
    He also addresses some common objections, including the notion that it’s difficult to influence the appraised value of your rehabbed property. Plus, you won’t want to miss the “Deal Deep Dive” where David goes into detail about one of his recent real-life BRRRR deals.
    Whether you’re brand new to this method of investing or are looking to fine-tune your BRRRR skills, this episode will provide you with a ton of value. Still, we only cover part of what’s in David’s book, so check it out on the BiggerPockets Bookstore.
    Check the full show notes here:

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    1. William Dauria -Financial Freedom Channel

      Another great video! Keep up the good work!

    2. cory cormier

      Is this doable with $10,000?

    3. Juicing With Jay

      “Tore up from the floor up” That’s hood lingo ... 🤦🏾‍♂️ lol give credit where credit is due !! Love the videos ✊🏿

    4. Juicing With Jay

      I bought this book!!! Easy read !! And I bought it before I realized that I had subscribe to this page 😆 the universe is working for me !!

    5. Rick Dickson

      When your on topic the video is so good, when you go off topic it's always so cringy I wunna bring you emotional harm

    6. chad jones

      Everywhere I have seen, houses under $100k are death-trap dozer bait. The lower the price, the less you actually get per dollar. That seems to be true wherever there are good rental markets. Best values are around $350k with .5% rental. What am I missing?

    7. Eugene Clark

      If you brrrr a buy and refinance, you still have to pay the loan back (refi) from the rent you’re collecting. The margin of profit is not as high in the beginning or am I missing something

    8. jo lo

      You guys comedy is cringe and distracting from the info your try to get across. Stop it

    9. Josef M Nicholson

      Fixed up in the Mix Up....Guys it rhymes and you'll remember it!

    10. Steve Rutherford

      So to BRRRR properly do you have to pay for the house 100% in cash and 100% pay cash for rehab? Can you do 20% down payment and 100% cash rehab. Then pull out your down payment and and rehab when you refinance.

    11. Ryan Willis

      So the bank loaning to you the asset is used as security or what?

    12. Tonyo Brown

      This is f*** gold right here I swear I’m on y’all ass right now

    13. Brin Amberlee

      I’ve been watching a lot of real estate videos because I want to start investing this year. This is by far the best one. Thank you so so much 🙏🏼

    14. Matthew Bove

      If 1:04:00 to around 1:09:00 isn't motivational and inspirational af then you're watching the wrong podcast

    15. Xx xX

      Fixed up from the bricks up

    16. Lyric Spencer Books

      Lots of black people doing this have their homes appraise way under their projected ARV because of the jealous gate keepers. Luckily you still make good money with this strategy somehow. Don't ever let racism stop you. Go to black owned banks! No excuses.

    17. Justin Lopez

      When you guys talk about comp's, what are you referring to? What does comp mean?

    18. LolaNeverLeaves

      But what happens to the "Refinance" R in BRRR when you start with a loan on 3% then interest rates go up to 5% (for example). Doesn't that make a refinance impossible?

    19. gelindark

      Shame on you, I just watched the Randy video and am emotionally shattered.

    20. Andre Klos

      GREEEN you have a magic voice!

    21. Adam J. Howard

      combatives. bruce lee quotes. ROI. this podcast has it all.

    22. Mark Stach

      Please give us cautionary stories about BRRRRs that went bad. We need to know what to watch out for.

    23. Ms H

      Do you have to have good credit to brrrr

    24. Snug Oddie

      Hit a wall with 9 doors in 3 years. Then BRRRRR'ed my way to 17 in 1 month. Can't say it doesn't work.

    25. Catmomthrifter

      Does this change if you have access to a VA loan?

    26. Noel Flores

      New to the Channel and excited to change my life.

    27. Model Home Deals

      I've tried your rental calculator 4 times and all it does is go on saving and doesn’t show information wondering what I'm doing wrong

    28. Elie Mbys-Davidson

      Fixed up from the bricks up. Theres your rhyme

    29. Lance Teodecki

      So if you screw up a flip Just say you intentionally BRRR INVESTED Just kidding guys

    30. Aditya Kumar Soma

      Thanks Brandon: BRRRR is the game changer I have done 5 BRRRR's so far working on BRRRRING 17unit building now. this wouldn't be possible without bigger pockets🙏🙏

    31. Tim Carb

      So when the bank gives you the refinance check is that another loan you have to pay for?

    32. JevonMusicGroup

      Did he just take credit for "tore up from the floor up?!" Good vid nonetheless.

    33. Neon Charge

      You are not closing in a sunroom, running ac, electrical, and plumbing for 4k.

    34. TwoDudesInBusiness

      I love monopoly. ;)

    35. frank li

      very informative

    36. jamman55

      Buy the house with cash... Not realistic but thanks anyways.

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      Hello everyone Money Mitch here, if you could kindly check out my premier video of my investing channel. I will be covering dividend growth in details. I appreciate any support. Happy holidays!

    38. Jasmin Kelley

      Tore up from the floor up is VERY old urban slang

    39. ZERG ON TOP

      The main host of the podcast is rolling on something

    40. Nico_GG_88

      Question: does the brrrr strategy still work if I live in the property as the renter, and then I refinance? Also, how long do I have to wait until I can refinance the property on average?

    41. Cinci Simons

      Cut to the chase.

    42. WannaKatana

      Why would all those people do all that research work for you for free? What's in it for them?

    43. WannaKatana

      Learn from masters - they dont' share their secrets for free ;)

    44. sosodef

      I’m in the military, so I’m constantly moving. I’ve started buying houses whenever I move, then I rent them out. I buy, move in, Reno/Update, move out and repeat.... is this a solid idea? Or am I doing it the “expensive way?”

    45. bros

      dam lucky im a plumber

    46. Francisco H

      brrrravo sir !!

    47. Michael Davis

      The real question is where are you finding these houses at $30-60k

      1. blackl1steddrums

        @Kenneth Petersen ok thanks

      2. Kenneth Petersen

        @blackl1steddrums pretty much anyone who is anyone in the financial/investment world refers to the period of time where the American dollar bottoms out due to over printing of money and hyper inflation as “the reset”.

      3. blackl1steddrums

        @Lyric Spencer Books Im just asking what you meant you dumb-asshole, how am I to know what your little code-words mean? f off

      4. Lyric Spencer Books

        @blackl1steddrums LMAOOOOO! You have no clue what's going on in the world? Corona? The next housing crisis? It's going to be the great reset!

      5. blackl1steddrums

        @Michael Barido ..would you mind elaborating on what you mean by "reset"?

    48. S H

      Totally get the multiplier effect of this, but stop saying you’re getting your money out of the house and you have free cash flow. You Don’t. You have a loan on the house.

    49. Alex Chavez

      A police officer that likes BLACK?!

    50. Genuine Gents

      I feel this so hard... Talking about being a police officer and working all the overtime to pay for real estate, currently me 😂

    51. Bill Golden

      Could I do this with the equity in my primary residence (~120k)?

    52. Ed González

      This is the Genesis of real estate investing for individuals.

    53. You Auto Know Joe

      David Greene is one smart man

    54. Game Geeks

      When going to the bank to get pre-approved, should It be for a conventional loan or tell them it’s to refinance a Brrrr Loan To Value?

    55. World Peace one at a time.

      Hi Brandon and David l. After the book and all these podcast you guys skip a very important part. That is if you are not able to refinance at all. I own 2 rentals primary home with no mortgage and doing three flips at same time. I am not able to get loan because of the debt to income ratios. My flips even if it’s purchased with cash the taxes on each of them are over 8,000 and that kills my debt to income ratio. My other two rentals I could let get a mortgage. So I have to save all the money for my third rental through flip profit. It’s frustrating. Is there a way I can brrrr?

    56. Trey P.

      I'm really not understanding how the lender is getting paid back if the bank is only giving you 70 - 75% of the worth of the house

      1. Flash Steals

        Buy a house priced low and calculate the numbers bro. It’s so simple it seems complicated. Hope you got it figured out by now.

    57. J Arnold

      Wow! So glad I found this channel! Wish I could do this right now, but at the moment i want to downsize/sell my house. Comps all around this neighborhood are flying like crazy in the 160's & if I was physically able to do & afford the updates myself thats what i'd be asking & get for it too. Been searching for a heloc but lenders round here keep pushing for a whole new mortgage & there is NO WAY I'm going back to that (sigh) any suggestions?

    58. Nelson Enegbuma

      Do you have an office at GTA Canada. I am looking for a mentor on this sort of investing

    59. God’s Kids

      Don’t you have a 30 year loan to pay back when you cash out refinance?

    60. Willie Will

      Now how did you know it was going to be worth 120k before the bank appraised it?

    61. AberrantArt

      Where do you suggest canadians go for real estate info? The loans are much different and the regulations as well.

    62. erastus muhia

      Was training to be an Accountant and as an ex-cop to have this knowledge is amazing !

      1. erastus muhia

        They never actually train you to invest ..

    63. The 1

      He really try to take claim of "Tore up from the floor up" WTF....

    64. João Pedro Santos

      Real state goes brrrrrrr

    65. Terry Lashley

      F. E. E. L. Is definitely life changing.

    66. Love Me

      Best podcast I’ve listened to without the hype just straight information 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    67. SkyBlue

      Come back here every now and again to reset. So much great information in one podcast.

    68. Bryan Built

      Great info! Currently closing on our first property.

    69. marrbrtrs

      You should have a black wife 😉

    70. Herndon Davis

      Brandon you talked waaaaay too much on this one. You should have just given a monologue

    71. Carol Small the Realtor

      “Fixed up from the Sticks up”!

    72. Zakkee Ramadan

      Do the bank always give you 75% back on your investment?

    73. Frogger 251

      Listening to this for the third time in 3 days

    74. Frogger 251

      infrastructure repairs are necessary in my area.

    75. Daniel Escamilla

      Can you use the BRRRR method to acquire new construction condos at pre-construction prices?

    76. Fan of YouTube

      You have a new mortgage

    77. Fan of YouTube

      But if you refinance how are you free?

    78. Frogger 251

      Does the book talk about asset protection?

    79. Frogger 251

      Just bought the book.

    80. Greg Carroll

      Should one consider using BRRRR on Mobile Homes?

    81. Douglas Clark

      DBC aka "I Win" checkin in.

    82. Sydney Hight

      1:02 what is it?

    83. Norsefalconer

      USA 02Sept20: Spoke to a loan broker last week. He said they are not refinancing investment properties at this time. Spoke to one of our servicers as well, same answer.

    84. Programming with Sebastian

      Step 1 - Have 120k cash :| Step 2 find a 90k property :|

    85. PureUnwindASMR

      58:30 is where you can start if you want to skip to the actual method

    86. John Chan

      I like you guys but when you mentioned 12 ROI It is a BS

    87. John Chan

      BS no property can get 12 percents

    88. Steph Liveright

      RE is a horrible investment for making money. Good for raising a family, but a horrible investment. Look at your favorite REIT fund... Down 30%???

    89. Mikey NYC

      After you buy it and fix it , how long do you have to wait before you appraise/refinance and pull your money back out ?

    90. Beatnick Classics

      We bought the book package.. We are going to start in Jacksonville fl... Could use some pointers if you can look into that area... You guys are the best.. This process is changing our life...

    91. Kiara The Baby Rottweiler

      Wow, David Greene is awesome. He really knows his stuff and confidently responded to every question Brandon threw at him! Impressive. Needless to say I'm going to be reading his books.

    92. Jason Amada

      My favorite new channel. Just discovered these guys.

    93. Adam Hedrick

      I'd rather eat Randy. Man you dusted off that fossil! XD

    94. Charlotte Bingham

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    95. Scott Murray

      I'm dying right now watching that video only watch like 30 seconds of it that was enough for me hahaha

    96. Brooklynz FyneSst

      What's the link to the bonus content, I have the book I'm a third of the way through (great book btw) would love to get the bonus content.

    97. Stef Valentina

      I don't understand. Aren't you burying yourself in debt? What do you do if one or more of your tenants stops paying rent?

      1. Leniece Gains Wright

        Replace them, sell

    98. Vince G

      Do you have to have a W-2 income to do a cash out refi on a BRRRR?

    99. Juan Aldape

      Question: Is there an advantage to becoming a real estate agent in doing this BRRRR method? Or does it not matter? Thank you for sharing.

      1. friendlywhiteguy

        It doesn’t really matter but it’s probably more advantageous to be a contractor rather than a realtor when it comes to investing.

    100. James Ford

      I live in NYC how can i buy bargain deals out of state or down south .