Epik High (에픽하이) - Rosario ft. CL, ZICO Official MV


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    MV Director: Digipedi
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    Music video by Epik High performing Rosario ft. CL, ZICO. © 2021 OURS Co.
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      1. Marie DANG

        Véritable chef d'œuvre

      2. ᴄ ᴀ s s ᴀ ɴ ᴅ ʀ ᴀ


      3. jeba blessy salomi

        I want to be like him write Savage lyrics and raps , Hit music esp visual...god did you hear me? When will you make me famous like him?

      4. Bridgette

        I've really been missing out like-

      5. Reyncygil

        Thanks appreciated it alot

    2. Irene Castillo

      mithra mithra mithra mithra mithra mithra

    3. Ashish Mishra


    4. Jossel Joyce Reyes

      Bring this back on spotify 😢

    5. Sanvi Patra

      Queen cl

    6. 山田花子


    7. whatcha howsya

      Fandoms: fighting over who "paved" the way. EH, CL, Zico: "You talk too much. Ain't no one giving a fuck what you say."

    8. Fabian Kim

      Mr Doctor?

    9. Camila MeU


    10. Deepa Sai

      This song is so epic! People may notice it more in a few years as what happens with legendary hits

    11. fl0rencia

      no vamos ni a mitad de año pero se que esto es de lo mejor de este 2021, q genios

    12. Hermilo López marin

      Se ranaguana perros

    13. Farihah Mukhtar

      All LEGENDs are here. Good start for 2021.

    14. DO Casttella

      This is the Good and Real KPOP !! the original and the precious music...

    15. move move


    16. Suppai Neko


    17. Marie DANG


    18. Soumaya Azzali

      Cl a legend waaaaw

    19. Ups Mosley

      Can we just take a few moments to appreciate the suit game in this video?? Sheesh. That Orange tie/stripe shirt combo? They're not playing!

    20. Colmillos Purple

      Amo este tema !!!

    21. KAIgom 88

      Bless my ear goddes

    22. EPIK HIGH

      This is legend record

    23. fransiscainge

      i like "im a legend and im here to stay" partt

    24. Khuriyatul Wafiyah

      i hope this song will be performed in mama or mma 2021

    25. Victoria Guerrero


    26. Z Z

      since no one is saying it, ZICO's verse is *chefs kiss*

    27. Daffa Audi 7

      This song its like tornado with zico, for CL its psycho, Rosario for you

    28. Melissa Tranfield

      Amazing, love to see the greats back at it again.

    29. Ma Nal


    30. aubstacle

      my spirit animal song

    31. Katja

      I paved the way for everyone who's paving the way-my favorite line

    32. Boss Jihyo

      The power of this song is incredible

    33. Seljaemahay 20


    34. Azeez Blue


    35. Realll Dany

      I hope this song will perform at mama this year

    36. BLINK forever

      I'm sorry, but can tell me plz who is who cause Imma kinda new yg stanner and only know CL Btw Zico looks bit like Kihyun

      1. BLINK forever

        @레로 thanq so much 💜

      2. 레로

        0:15 Tukutz 0:23 Tablo 1:00 CL 1:25 ZICO 2:12 Mithra

    37. 김옐

      와이노래 너무나 좋아요 취저♥ 씨엘님 파트 크흐 지림

    38. 장준

      한국인 있나요?

    39. Steffi Ha

      I can’t stop playing this song

    40. 김도영

      아~ 좋습니다. 딱 하나~ 총소리의 임팩트가 좀 아쉽네요. 소리가 장난감 총 같다고 해야할까?

    41. 김도영

      아~ 좋습니다. 딱 하나~ 총소리의 임팩트가 좀 아쉽네요. 소리가 장난감 총 같다고 해야할까?

    42. ur local clown


    43. Bahar Uyar

      CL's shoulders 😌😎

    44. ana graça

      It's been over a moth since this mv came out and I still come here every other day to watch it. It's one of my fav music videos ever (if not THE fav). Does anyone know who directed it? It's not on the description so I'm here wondering who made this masterpiece

      1. ana graça

        forget it. It's written. I'm dumb and didn't noticed it! It's digipedi (of course it is! they're great)

    45. NMSB

      Spotify can remove the album, but we still gon listen!

    46. Donghyuknation

      SOTY I don't care

    47. Omo React

      I'm back to listen to this since Spotify and KakaoM fucked us all over.

      1. Geniuss

        But now It's come back on spotify! Oh yes!!

    48. Jemmar Serapion

      hanryang and this song really introduce me to what k hip hop is all about and it sucks being removed in spotify .

    49. 플럭

      와 카메라 무빙 뭐야뭐야 멋있어

    50. Joyce Choi

      BIG WOW

    51. Joyce Choi


    52. Yaña Aviñez

      You can’t drag down the legends 🔥

    53. Feliz Bermello


    54. imthelilbluemonster

      Coming back here to put Rosario on replay because it's not on Spotify anymore 😡😡😡

    55. Indah Wulandari

      sadly i can't hear this song on spotify again :"

    56. An Go

      I don t understand this song’s views

    57. Camila Cano

      Alguien sabe porque quitaron tremando rolón del Spotify???

    58. Nurunnisa Azhira

      i cant hear epik high again on spotifyyy😭😭😭 i mean why epik highhhhh😔🤯🤯🤯

    59. Yvette Ubay


    60. 잘생긴사람이좋아요


    61. marina

      This song absolutely proves how views mean nothing. Rosario (and all the tracks in the album) is a masterpiece, did well in korean charts and is widely recognized by the public. Yes, they don't have fans loosing sleep for streaming, so what? Does it matter? I really wish we could all enjoy the music like we did before and stop de nonsense of who has more views.

    62. Ivy Fonclara

      Best collaboration ♥️

    63. Ananya Oberoi

      They removed this from Spotify so I bought KGup Premium

      1. Clement Dubois

        I m from France and it disappeared too:/

      2. Ananya Oberoi

        @jasmine_trbl not for me, which country are you in?

      3. jasmine_trbl

        Both albums are back now

    64. Ankita Gaikwad

      Most EPIK collab of 2021

    65. 비비


    66. It's Me Safira

      cl's voice plis-

    67. Elham

      Song of the year 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 what a smash Hit

    68. Itzel Alcacio

      I adore this song 🥺🌷💗

    69. Mel Gi

      booooy this MV is art, CL is art, Epik High is art and Zico is art! goosh im a huge fan of the shining and I love this!

    70. anjana prakash

      Vanished from my Spotify 🙄

      1. anjana prakash

        @jasmine_trbl not in mine

      2. jasmine_trbl

        It’s back for me

    71. Fatima Habib


    72. Vivian Newman

      I'm here because this song disappeared fr sp0t1fy

    73. Nguyen Nina Lan

      Who's here after Spotify and Kakao removed the whole album ?

    74. GabDubrinsky

      I can't stop listening this song..

    75. BLACKJACK #2NE1


    76. Monica Perez

      must songs return to Spotify!

    77. Kyndrah

      Why was this song taken off of Spotify?:(

    78. offthehook1001

      playing the MV because Spotify has let me down

    79. Aya Vegas

      God i'm surprised this masterpiece is no longer on my Sptfy playlist anymore. From now on as an inter fan I'll come here everyday :'( luv u epikhigh

    80. Izzy Veiz

      Kakao M and Spotify...GRRRR😠😠😠. Aiit...guess I'll listen here. Some solidarity for the artists missing out on streams...this is an idiotic situation. Edit: Is back, me happy! ❤️❤️

    81. V Librando

      It was lost in spotify 🥺

    82. Chiara Bertoli

      I'm listening on loop this song since it came out

    83. Maja Magazi

      not us listening to this here cause spotify did us dirty💀

    84. Jessica van der Valk


      1. CramerDraws

        Bruh, no they're not 😔😔 I wish tho

    85. heybigsplendour

      wow damn

    86. Ihsan Nur

      i can't find this song in spotify

    87. Sofia Magalhaes

      I'm having abstinence symptoms for not having this song available on spotify anymore

    88. Rie Rina

      Why can't I listen to it on Spotify?

    89. 지코니

      2:10 어깨깡패

    90. Jonathan Willson

      How dare spotify turn epik high off. I can't jam rosario and leica anymore noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    91. Morgana Sj

      After the fight between Spotify and KakaoM I REALLY NEED this music in my life. Where can I buy an album? I live in Germany. I don't know where to buy it to benefit the group and the artist

      1. Morgana Sj

        @Jessica van der Valk Goodness!! thanks!!!

      2. Jessica van der Valk

        It’s back on Spotify

    92. r juliza

      Omg this is masterpiece

    93. 황Prinica


    94. mei tachibana

      back here because spotify is being an arse ;-;

    95. Aghnez Dina

      I can't hear on spotify 😭

    96. Brishti Biswas

      Can't forgive Kakao m & Spotify for what they did. my epic high playlist is gone 🤬🤬

    97. zulaikha Khalid

      this song🔥🔥🔥

    98. Ro


    99. Ro

      this song makes me wanna go to war

    100. John DavidVilla

      Who is here after the song removed from Spotify due to Kakao? :(