Mom is jealous of me because I am too smart

My Story Animated

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    1. Virginia Barcelo Ripoll


    2. Clipped by Spex

      Everytime I get suspended I get grounded for a month I never got suspended in my life

    3. cheese

      The step mom voice is very very funny 🤣

    4. Lee Castro

      Gay 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈😈😈😈😈😈

    5. SomeMikeLOLXD

      I feel bad for you

    6. Donrique Peters

      Summoning justu

    7. amoung us

      So sad 😭😭😭😭

    8. Marijke mary

      Uhh also happens sometimes to me she said I'm a pig and I said where is the pool? My mom got angry

    9. Fvl

      When she learn the summoning jutsui

    10. Ryuka Delacroix

      Wtf is wrong with these characters and showing the Thanos in their lives mercy?! I would get my satisfying revenge but not take it too overboard.

    11. red diamond

      Man clearly real

    12. Prithameshwar Singh Brar

      Oh 👎 ⛔ no

    13. Kenneth Gabriel Fernandez


    14. Idris Mullick

      you see this is all stupid if you watch the videos most of the videos are the same


      I love this story's 😍😍

    16. ZT Squid

      Karma can be both a savior and a b**** sometimes. ☺

    17. Carlos Villegas


    18. joseph poirrier

      she belongs to the streets

    19. I don’t do roblox anymore but I do game Abag

      Just imagine if you’re teacher watching this lol

    20. Bendavid Anderson

      Who does this to their child

    21. Jhun D


    22. Rob Murray

      Dreams are good like this one.

    23. DanTDPiggy


    24. Aadomination

      Mom: UR ACTING LIKE A 5 YEAR OLD 5 year old: 👁👄👁

    25. Renee Graf

      So sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭sad sad 😢

    26. Alana Brown

      I don't know why these stories are so freaking funny but when she said that you belonged to the streets I was like And I oop

    27. GiridharaSai nerella

      I saw a add and a man saw a hot alien girl

    28. Demoskar

      2:32 bruh she’s 6 and she has Facebook

    29. GiridharaSai nerella

      You are done

    30. GiridharaSai nerella

      You are mean

    31. vlad wolf team

      I dont ounder steand

    32. Andre Lewis

      Who else thinks the mom is crazy and ugly

    33. Guadalupe Gallardo

      AY BOY

    34. Guadalupe Gallardo

      Ay BOY

    35. Poli Alegre

      Her mom is soo selfish and mean I wish I was there to help her

      1. Jacob Genaro Rodriguez

        Me too 😞

    36. Saqlain Hussain

      These vids are cringe ngl

    37. Ellie Soleil

      You're acting like a 5 year old She is 5 you dummy

    38. teh rachel

      Me to I hate my mom!!

    39. Prarabdh Sharma

      11:11 summoning jutsu

    40. Γερμανος Σιδηροπουλος

      1st time here and your stories are perfect you see the possibilities that can help you advance the story and close it when its important

    41. Rhy Gaming

      This story is so confusing- like There is a lot going on-

    42. Rhy Gaming

      Mom: YoU'rE aCtInG LiKe A fIvE yEaR oLd! Girl: But I am five- Me: ...

    43. h h

      her mom should not be jealous to her child,instead she should be proud

    44. Marco Andrei Sta Juana


    45. Marco Andrei Sta Juana

      Next Story My mom Hates Me Cause I Jumped Every Day And My Life Was A Physco Life

      1. Marco Andrei Sta Juana


    46. Marco Andrei Sta Juana


    47. HTK Nick

      Se belongs to the streets 😂

    48. Muscool Kid

      😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 noo mom boooooooooo

    49. I'm Just a Doggo

      imagine you draw for years then hearing:what am i suppose to do with this garbage You: ._.

    50. Vaughn Frialde

      The part 11:13 hahahahahhahaha I was so laughing so hard pfft

    51. family eleanya

      why am I watching these stuff when there yo take for meh :^

    52. Stolen Memes

      All you need is a mp5 a cleaner and you are good to go

    53. Joseph dagamac

      Mr.white but his black My mind:🤯

    54. ying fun koay

      If she was me i would have get the f**k out of there.... who agree?

    55. RankLamb6860

      Well mom really happy when i got B

    56. George R


    57. George R

      can i say the

    58. Eva Hernandez

      That’s a pretty long story WOW!!!

    59. Chris Awwad

      The summoning jutsu moment was epic

    60. Ema Zimmerman

      You should have moved with your dad

    61. Emma Sick

      The mom got what she deserved

    62. mia


    63. exotic gaming


    64. Ghostlife498

      Summoning Jutsu

    65. sethhanz

      U yuor

    66. sethhanz


      1. sethhanz


    67. battle projects

      Jesus I wish you were my great granny shes very nice I would just. ... run away

    68. Rabab Kasmo

      Dr einstein is your enemy?? XD

    69. FancyCatYT

      If she was 15 years younger than the mom that breaks the bylaw of getting married sooooooo

    70. Jarianrod

      And the picture looks butiful

    71. Jarianrod

      The mom is the worst I hate her

    72. Lv velocity

      Nice wat u did

    73. Little Boy

      xd a lot of lasban but it ok funny tho XD

    74. eka kopaliani


    75. eka kopaliani

      if l was her wen l bi 10 l just leve

    76. Faith Baustista


    77. Precious Adebosin


    78. Precious Adebosin


    79. Precious Adebosin


    80. Jädë_Trønçösö

      This kinda akward because I can't stand that stray girl not even the mom

    81. RikyHam - Fanoušek HamRiky

      Wat if ur mom uploaded that it sleeping? U will just report it no?

    82. habitatforfitness

      9:20 i didnt know this channel wasn’t family friendly

    83. jasmine serano

      what wrong with her

    84. Michael Alvarado

      It's all right

    85. AS Astha Samridhi

      0:26 My sis can relate when my sis cried for no reason when she was 2 years old my mom said you are acting like a two year old and then I defended her and said she is 2 me and my mom laughed and then my sis watching us started laughing too

    86. Schau nicht So blöd

      11:12 wtf naruto? 💀💀

    87. Arafat Islam

      Naruto summoning ju-jitsu

    88. Nilam Goundar

      That thumbnail was quite insulting😠😠

    89. Bacon Cousins

      funny thing is your mom is not famous. Thing is when she sees this video, she will beg LOLLLLL! Thank you for this video, I’m sorry that this happened, I hope if she was still mean, JUST HURT THEMMM

    90. H20delirous ???

      You are acting like a 5 year old But i am a 5 year old

    91. Derrick Palmer

      I had a dream that I had a gold play button

    92. Power Puppy

      Wait her mom is gay

    93. Vexter


    94. Storm trooper

      Next title :albert einstein was jealous of me because I was stupid

    95. Milton Guallpa

      It was funny when your step mom put a blanket and walked away

    96. Sarith Soeng

      Next story: My dad cheated on my mom but my mom died 5 years ago. Please????? 👉👈

      1. Sarith Soeng

        (Weird right?)

    97. ĐGC WølfGirl

      What a guilty mom...

    98. Stār_ Artz

      Bro every mom is suppose to Like gifts from their children

    99. gamerboymax 5001

      for you mom

    100. Flor Rianne Belinario

      A tip for parents: never compare your kids with someone. FYI: i'm a 12 year old girl