Crimson Heist & Y6 Roadmap Full Reveal - 6News - Rainbow Six Siege


89 миӊ. көрүүлөр16

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    1. Canadian Goon

      “We know you’ve asked us to fix MnK, Rework BlackBeard, and fix the hit registry. With that in mind, we made it to where you can use gadgets after death, and we’re going to punish people for teamkilling. You’re welcome”

    2. Austin McFadden

      Honestly, it’s more defensive, because they keep nerfing attackers, so they have no idea, what they are doing anymore, no vision, no new maps, are you kidding me?

    3. Жечка Дырова

      52:35 black ice shield

    4. Жечка Дырова

      Ubisoft ruining this game😩😩😩

    5. Fabian Kramer

      Does it also includes when your teammate does someting stupig as walking in your line of fire and then mark it as a teamkill?! Also i always gets matched (defense) with people that run arround like a chicken without a head leaving it a 1 vs 5. Fix that aswell. And what happens to rook?? Since you removed armour for health does that mean he will become doc2.0?

    6. PPP SSS

      Why nurf Maestro!? Nooo

    7. Shaq Ueena

      So with the reption thing ig your dog shit or at the bottem of the team you don't get rewarded?

    8. StarDroGeN

      ubisoft: game is defence sided, we want to make attack more balanced with defense. also ubisoft: we buffed defence so they can use their gadgets after death, oh and bullet proof cams can rotate and shoot emp darts now :) they are actually braindead

    9. Grim Creeper

      These are the sorta halloween skins i want to see, not whatever the hell we got last year

    10. Pokero

      29:12 customization

    11. Sunny

      I played this game for 3 years and I knew I was wasting my life you guys need a wake up call this game went down the shitter in year 3 it's a joke it's all traps and bullshit mechanics I can not belive this game is still alive it's shockingly bad the operator movements need updating at least it's terrible now so outdated

    12. Schnappschildkröte

      I love the bulletproof camera I mean its my favorite gadget and that might sound weird but I like it and I have fun with it. But this is over powered empty, full movement and more! I mean they must up last year but this this is unfair...

    13. skique


    14. JustSomeRandomGuy

      What about the mouse & keyboard on console, Isn’t that cheating too?

    15. connor Stier-W

      I didnt know tachanka was that crazy

    16. DyingHurtz RNG

      21:34 twitch has 3 secondary weapons?

    17. DyingHurtz RNG

      13:16 this is the biggest fucking cap ever

    18. Zak Attree

      Fight beef beef

    19. Marvin Minaya

      The whole thing of keeping players active after death with having attackers/defenders have full access to drones and the abilities is walking on very thin ice

    20. Hero Metzler

      I’m a little worried about the drone after death in regards to soloing or even a situation that you have a toxic teammate

    21. Xtermenator217

      As usual no care for the console players

    22. Jacob Kelly

      52:30 look at Fuze he got dat black ice

    23. Best Eiffel

      16:08 Kaplan

    24. Andy Rivera

      imagine R6 with these graphics!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    25. M. E.H.

      23:02 are we gonna ignore what she said? Defenders having an emp dart?

    26. Avitus

      The team with Tachanka on it lost. Unacceptable.

    27. Lorenzo Falorni

      Siege is a one in a kind game, Ubisoft should try harder and not let Siege die

    28. AverageatBest

      finally ! attacker get some love, because most of the map are defender sided

    29. Riky Song Su

      I feel like the Gonne-6 could have been an under barrel attachment like Buck's skeleton key for some attacker weapons taking the place of a fore or angle grip. Then give it two charges.

    30. I love Nick

      When is the battle pass/new season

      1. I love Nick

        @SkyBorik thanks

      2. SkyBorik

        March 16th

    31. Alexander Moss

      Now I need night maps back and destructible light sources. Flashlight under barrel pls

    32. Tejas verma

      i really didn't understand the reputation system

    33. Rxse x Exploit

      They really need to find French people with lesser of an accent cause reading the subtitles and hearing someone that sounds like they’re spitting out slobber all the time is really annoying

    34. ImDjGhost

      So what ghosts are now operators in siege🤔🤨🥸

    35. Rainbow Toxic

      All i want is to have a fun and now im fucking crying.Pure 55 minutes of crying

    36. f0v3r.

      what a garbage fucking roadmap full of recycled content, greta thunberg would be proud

    37. RAPAELIs282

      Yo quería que ganará mira :(

    38. ᆞAshtraylad.r6


    39. Anthony Vat

      Lmao people overhyping content yet again

    40. Donut Tai

      Thanks for having the full presentation without any fluff. Still can't wait to hear your comments on all these potential changes

    41. BulletsFTW

      So some defender utility is getting nerfed, what will happen to the ones that are situational like Castle and Warden. Will they get reworks ?

    42. NoRoom4commies 0

      Sigh Lots of sjw keywords “diversity and inclusion!” Dont care Alot of “reworking” really how many of the average players care? Even the people i know that play ranked dont care and want new stuff (maps). And the casual people i know i could NEVER get back “new maps? Nahhhh not in 2 years!)

    43. Ali Bagheri

      49:16 he forget to say THE FLORES IS GAY....

    44. Happysammon

      I’m actually looking forward to all these changes. I might have to get back into siege again. IMO the goyo change is gonna make him more useful and the new op looks interesting. Everyone who is calling the game dead should look at previous seasons. Every season and year people claim this game is dead and it still is very much alive AND being worked on, not a lot of games can say they are still getting regular content and fixes after six whole years

    45. Timbo Slice

      How is the explode drone not gonna be op for people playing def and on cam

    46. Anonymalos

      I wonder how they will incentivise people to play the TS, because unless there is a new operator coming out, I don't believe people are actually playing the TS much, if at all.

    47. Ethan Campbell

      Plz read my other comment

    48. Ethan Campbell

      Plz read my other comment

    49. Ethan Campbell

      Plz read my other comment

    50. Ethan Campbell

      Plz read my other comment

    51. Ethan Campbell

      Plz read my other comment

    52. Ethan Campbell

      Plz read my other comment

    53. Ethan Campbell

      Plz read my other comment

    54. Ethan Campbell

      Plz read my other comment

    55. Ethan Campbell

      Plz read my other comment

    56. Ethan Campbell

      I just hope u can tell ubi that when ur tm8 walks Infront of u and u to them accidently no-one ever watched the replay and says it was on purpose. So for the reputation system it could be the opposite of what u really are. I always watch it and see what happend. Also I feel like if someone has been tk already and u kill the person who killed them it should be less of a bad score.

    57. Daniel Alexandru

      So to get this we have MANY NERFS and new elite skins wow damn thanks ubi

    58. Lucas F

      Ubisoft: Lets massively nerf Kali Ubisoft weeks later: Come buy this awesome Skin for Kali. Success.. genius.

      1. Bonless Human

        She's getting buffed now

    59. AVANT

      Still waiting for that polish map.....

    60. thejanusproject32

      And just like that, the first 8 minutes of the matches and the world lore of R6 Siege, has mirrored just like real life. The operators are now...divided.

    61. Shawn Xiong

      R6 is adding ghost mode where you come back as a ghost and control electronics

      1. DespacitoDaniel

        Rainbow 6 : Phasmophobia

    62. Timotej Janovec

      We need letter outline Ubi!!!

    63. American weed

      Wtf is this there is hardly new content

    64. shootdack

      I quit siege but that animation was really good

    65. Turtle Warrior

      47:08 Caption error, GSH-18 called DSH-18


      I hate 100 lvl battle pass pls reduce it's just 50 that fair enough

    67. IveGotIQ

      Only thing I hate is the maestro and melusi nerf.

    68. Jack Jay

      Those changes with what you can do after death is actually ridiculous. I don’t see how they can successfully balance and make it not annoying to play against

    69. Bberg15 Bberg15

      So you don’t need buy season pass anymore just the battle pass for the new ops?

    70. Villager #9

      Wish they did something like what cosmetic your wearing it should be seen in their operator splash art or something Idk wut's called during choosing operators.

    71. Stiles Batman

      I don't like these changes to droning while dead and choosing operators while droning. That's gonna maek shit so weird

    72. Austin Martinez

      Bro this lady in the event could not speak clear English for the life of me 🙄

    73. Stiles Batman

      Please stop with the women empowerment bs

    74. Dankestofmemes

      really don't like how they might let some operators (or all) use their drones/gadgets even though they're dead. I hope that doesn't get implemented.

    75. rxztu

      I feel siege could also try and improve on their seasonal skins and provide larger access to attachment skins throughout the next few seasons

    76. firetigerx08

      No one gives a rats ass about a casual rework.

    77. Lukas S

      Siege has died it’s sad time 2015-2021

      1. Lukas S

        @Wyld Ztyle yeah I know it my opinion I still am going to play the game but I’m just say the way they are changing the menu and stuff pisses me off

      2. Happysammon

        People say “OHH RIP GAME DEAD RIIIP” literally every season

      3. Wyld Ztyle

        Your opinion

    78. SEAN notseen

      So what I’m hearing is, defenders are TOAST

    79. MoreAverage48

      Wait, reworking ranked? Does this mean it's finally gonna be skill based MMR not Win/Loss based MMR? (Ie, bases it off your own average performance and the average of the player in the current match)

    80. Topromonboi Chavez

      I think Mute is going to be insanely picked as well as Mozzie. I think I’m going to be a Mute main now cause of the new OP and in the future.

    81. Paul Ryan

      Wait so if there’s no more damage reduction for armor level, do we still have damage reduction on limbs? Is it a standard reduction across armor levels?

      1. Daniel Alexandru

        I don't think so because they removed all that was armor and that means now rock will give you some health? XD I NEED DOCTOR ROCK

    82. I intentions I

      why are they revolving around 20 sec meta?

    83. Atticus

      I still wonder when they're gonna make castle useful...

    84. Shayaan Shazeb Huq

      Another kali elite? Don't we already have 1?

      1. Spencer Byrd

        Same one perhaps

    85. Just Vibin

      This update is literally just how can we fuck over defenders

      1. Muovi

        They have a higher win rate on literally every map.....

    86. ScepticalAim-

      I got a free 7 day renown booster is that related to reputation system

    87. bored commenter

      I still want a recruit elite

    88. Campbell Dietz

      It seriously bugs me that Sledge and Thatcher are on two different sides of the Kali vs Ash argument.

      1. Daniel Alexandru

        @Parker McCuistion no it was hibana with pulse

      2. Daniel Alexandru

        I might be wrong but I'm sure just for breaking them apart and they got angry because of what just happened but yea a little bit like SLADGE IF SHE WANTS SHE USE YOU AS MEAT SHIELD and sladge so what...

    89. Joshua Searcy

      removing Goyo shield is probably biggest miss of the reveal. Pretty much completely removing him from use

      1. Joshua Searcy

        @Savimbi maybe one day theyll add the option to console too. They seem to do everything around pc and neglect the console community

      2. Savimbi

        @Joshua Searcy yup I used use a lot when he had all three shields especially when me and my friends played gwars but u know one thing I WOULD LIKE being able to play old unreworked maps in custom so I can play gwars again

      3. Joshua Searcy

        @Savimbi nah I wouldn’t say completely useless, if you pair him with a jager he can hold areas pretty well. Just a shame people don’t know how to counter shield

      4. Savimbi

        Yes you are very correct there making useless op more useless

    90. Vtrun fast

      51:00 how the heck is anyone getting to 15 rounds in ranked?

      1. Vtrun fast

        Max is literally 9 dude clearly the nerd in the video doesn't play the game

      2. Savimbi

        Fuck 8 rounds already take like and hour bruh

    91. KIm Jong Russel

      I think a lot of the stuff theyre adding is pretty good for the game. Maestro and melusi are ops that require little skill to use their gadget but give defense an ungodly amount of utility. Melusi now needs to be more creative with setting up her gadget instead of just placing it in the middle of a corridor and leaving it, Maestro now needs to expose his cams even more now to get use out of it. I like the ability to move drones while dead, dont agree with dead ops still being able to use their gadget abilities though. I think a lot of people are overreacting like they did with Aruni when she was revealed.

    92. Joshua Searcy

      can we get a bros team to win next year? Like let the homies win it

    93. Otomachi Una

      Thats cool, but can we get a solo q only playlist?

    94. Obsidian Mother

      “Its not normal that we have people who are toxic in text and voice chat” fuck off it’s been a staple of gaming for years.

    95. Koil

      Montagne had a black ice shield, Pog

    96. Rama Apk

      God I hope they reduced the tier level

    97. Tristen Platt

      When’s the update coming out?

    98. Jonathan B

      Why don't they just speak French?

    99. Sykrotima

      I have one complaint, can we please changes the models of the 1.5x 2x and 3x sights? Someone who does work on firearms, they just pain me to see them.

    100. Hankey Baby

      16:20 What is that logo?