Morgan Wallen: Sand In My Boots (The Dangerous Sessions)

Morgan Wallen

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    1. Mitchell Risley

      Does the beet remind anyone else of hardy ain’t a bad day?

    2. Amy Williamson

      I start my mornings at work with his whole album. Not to many times I have fallen in love with a Whole album like this one. I can relate to each and every song. Thank you for making my mornings better!

    3. larry lucas

      Does he write his own music?

    4. Tanner Flippin

      Great tune

    5. Sam Osborne

      You need to come to Australia mate! This is epic!

    6. Jojjy

      Zac Brown Band Colder Weather anyone? Great Song tho!

      1. Jimmy Cracked Corn

        It has a very similar tune. I thought the same thing, but still a great listen .

    7. Michael


    8. Vaibhav Sood

      Can so relate to this song

    9. mack pop

      Who’s here from lane frost tiktok?

    10. RM Griffin

      I don’t even really like Morgan much. But this song hits

    11. The.Emmitt.Fam

      I get chills every time I hear it ♥️♥️♥️

    12. Andy Espinoza

      To Kalab with Luke combs please

    13. Will Tex

      What an amazing song!

    14. Ryan Berecz

      2.3 million views, I'm the .3 alone!

    15. Paula Jane

      I love everything about this song forever needs to be played on country radio ♥️🎸🤠💯📻

    16. Adam Goudy

      Dude. I called this as a number 1 on my fb page, the day you released it. This is a timeless song, and your new album rocks. Keep your roots, bruh. My hat's off to you.

    17. abbsnn cose

      I never even been to Tennessee and he makes you feel like you have haha 😂

    18. T Hudd12

      I know I’m nobody but stick to this raw version, we feel your emotions it’s relatable

    19. Excel

      Anyone know where I could find the sheet music for this?

    20. ZenFox

      I love the lyrics, and how he sings ‘em.

    21. Zachary Brown

      I thought I didn’t like country anymore, then I heard this

      1. abbsnn cose

        Amazing song

    22. Fisher Wharry

      I think this song deserves a real piano.

    23. Matt

      This song is the GOAT

    24. NancyMcMillan

      ❤❤😍 Love your raspy voice! Awesome song!

    25. John Butler

      Makes me wish I had a home town. My life as a gypsy......

    26. dxfl123

      This was too autotuned.

    27. William Fields

      If this doesn’t win song of the year that’s hands on sight

    28. Rosie Cashmer

      This entire album is so well written and this song is so beautiful. Thank you for putting out the songs you have. You should know your songs have impacted my life and helped me through some really tough time so thank you.

    29. BadWayneBroadway

      Damn cut into my soul!

    30. Brent Bowling

      Who else feels like this is part 2 of Somebody’s Problem...

    31. Brody Brown

      Who else seen this on their tiktok

    32. Joe Summers

      Tomorrow will bee my birthday and I am yr bigots fanbe

    33. Sierra

      I love the stories that you get lost in when he sings a song

    34. Mrityunjai Singh Shekhawat

      Love from India...🙏🏻 Lovely song.....👍🏻 "7 Summers ago" got me hooked on your songs... Big fan of You and Luke Combs. ✨😎 Wish you all the very best👍🏻

    35. Matthew Mcguffin

      Amazing song

    36. Sukitup Buttercup

      I found this song yesterday. I’ve been at least 1 million of the 2 million views this video has

    37. Virgo Mae

      Wow 🥺 amazing

    38. mikea hiooi

      Morgan Wallen is that dude 💯

    39. Life Of Annika


    40. John Hall

      This song will be on repeat this summer while your riding thru the mountain roads with the windows down singing.

      1. mikea hiooi

        I love this video, it’s so cute ❤️

    41. B B

      Morgan is headed for GREATNESS and he isnt far off already

    42. Karen H

      Wear a mask your disgusting kissing all those people in the bar! Yuck plus I do not like your music or you! My opinion!

    43. BeauV

      they reminds me of prime zac brown for some reason🤔

    44. William Black

      The efficient learning ironically blush because pyramid finallly grease absent a hulking discussion. magnificent, testy warm

    45. Gabriella Liberta

      This song hits so different stripped back....stunning

    46. haley113089

      Ahhh that rasp😍 This is what the people want to hear/see!!!! Gives hope to real coutry music lovers.

    47. BeerkegGarage

      Hey dude in case you need to know this is the best song you released recently except for the somebody's problem one

    48. Random guy

      This song has been on repeat since it came out!

    49. Victoria W

      This is my favorite song of the whole album

    50. Keeghan Strickland

      My favorite song by far !!

    51. Gabriel Garcia

      His voice is amazing❤️❤️❤️

    52. Lawana Grimsley

      LOVE it don't change a thing

    53. badluck71

      Glad your back bro,keep em commin

    54. Brad Jones

      My favorite song on the whole album 🔥

    55. Itz ben

      Why did this song make me cry??

    56. Atticus Manning

      Magic happened at 2:28

    57. Ajdrums 48

      All the dislikes have Sand in their boots

    58. sokin jon

      sense when you read the lyrics and then ur like OH that line is EVEN BETTER NOW

    59. Meeshell Vivs

      Who else got this album on repeat?

    60. K8AG

      We did not deserve this. Thank you Morgan.

    61. Noah Burns

      This is by far the better version

    62. DogSoldier777

      What a song, Keith Whitley was born & raised in my hometown here in KY & the story is Keith said he knew a great song when it brought tears to his eyes, this is one of those songs. Great. Absolutely Great. You can hear the heart & soul that went into this song.

      1. sokin jon


    63. Bent_life

      This is absolutely amazing. Thank you

    64. alida flus

      This is my favorite side of Morgan Wallen. Anything raw or stripped. Beautiful.

    65. Sandra Lee Weeks-Hubbard

      I wish I had gotten my CD which I ordered 11/4/2020! I am missing a lot!

    66. Jon Lucas

      Great song 💯🔥😎

      1. alida flus

        I love this song!!! Way to start off 2021!!

    67. joshgarland100

      This has a Zac Brown Colder Weather feel.

      1. Ally Milligan

        This is the best comment in the entire comment section IMO

    68. Luke

      Does anyone else get the analogy that sand in my boots means? Because you come back from the beach and yet you will still find sand lingering in your boots for months and months to come. And that is used here to mean that, but also to represent that his feelings for this girl will lingering for months and months even after they went their separate ways.

    69. Hernan Morelos

      Making nothing but hits

    70. Thad Loor

      This version needs to be on Spotify


      Can't get any better ,you deliver again and again Morgan !!! Love the entire album

    72. Pacemaker

      He didn’t write this... hardy and a few other people did..

    73. nickalus moss

      No bad songs

    74. Aaron Simms

      Song hits home wow

    75. Leah Jowers

      You’re the best country singer I’ve ever listened to. You’re voice is so Southern.

    76. Drew Stephens


    77. lillinsey100

      morgan wallen gets better with every song

    78. allison nicole

      this song is so underrated.. my favorite prolly in the dangerous session🥺🥺

    79. Chris Briggs

      release all of these versions on spotify please

    80. Reena LeeAnn Diaz


    81. Trevor Meredith

      Him and luke combs have the best country singing voices, its like thats what they were meant to do

    82. Fair Dame

      I love this song!!! Way to start off 2021!!

    83. Sandy May

      Wow! That was a heartbreaker song , if I ever heard one. His voice just crushes it.

    84. billy cotton

      I got the CHILLS! raw talent!

    85. Tom Eskew

      Am I the only person who’s hearing how similar this song is to Colder Weather by ZBB?

      1. Brewer Fan

        @DALE JONES JR let people enjoy things

      2. Brewer Fan


      3. Aaron Taylor

        Yes I knew it sounded familiar to another song but this is pretty great!

      4. DALE JONES JR

        It’s not even the same chords....

      5. Clay Huston

        Thank you!! I could not figure out what song this sounded like

    86. Eli Randall

      new favorite song

    87. Kayla Ashton

      I need an acoustic version of the whole dangerous album.

    88. Jeremiah Gonzales

      Damn!! Morgan Wallen everybody.

    89. Nation Nation

      I’m glad you started singing.

    90. Mattski

      Keep living the dream bud... great music coming out of ya

    91. Mel Landry

      This is so beautiful the whole song just gives me romance novel vibes love it!

    92. Maria Martines

      beautiful 🌹

    93. LiveInternal

      I never even been to Tennessee and he makes you feel like you have haha 😂

      1. Gregory King

        You gotta go. Its a beautiful state!

    94. Mickelson Family Homestead

      Wish this version was available on iTunes I love the piano!

    95. D B

      1. He is this generations Travis Tritt 2. Anyone else get Colder Weather vibes? 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

      1. John Butler


      2. Aarron Conkright


      3. BeauV


    96. macksFN

      Chills!! ❤️❤️❤️

    97. Shane Frederick

      Best song you've ever had.

    98. Layne Frost

      Will This side of a dust cloud and bandaid on a bullet hole be put on Apple Music?? I have the album downloaded but I don’t buy CDs because I listen to my music on Apple Music. By the way great album I already know all the songs word for word

    99. Timmy Edwards

      Anyone else getting a mad 'Colder Weather Zac Brown Band' feel here?

    100. Jordan MacCarthy

      so awesome