Make Your Lure BUBBLE! Fishing Hack I didn’t want to tell YOU. Vol. 4

Scott Martin

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    Simple Trick to make your lure make BUBBLE underwater and make Unique sound.l that drives the fish crazy! This Hack is another one of my biggest secrets I have used over the years.. This Fishing tip will for sure help you catch some BIG BASS.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Share this one out to everyone for me..I’ll do another soon. 🤙🏻 Let me know who shares it..

      1. TravisHardinFishing

        Very cool!

      2. Delta Hogz

        Shared on twitter! Tagged ya

      3. Floyd Pratt

        Did This Back in the 50's With Worms that had Pockets in them. Now We use The Oxygen Pellets Work Longer than Alka Seltzer.

      4. Kyle Cook

        sittin on the dmz watching this vid. cant wait to test it out when I get stateside. sharing it with all my buddies here. great idea. Thank you!!

      5. FoulMouthFishing

        @Scott Martin I'v used this trick a couple of times myself. man you as a name sake and your father as my inspiration got me into the joy of fishing all those years ago. From one Scott to another i just wanted to share that i use the needle from a BBQ flavor injector to core out the pocket/channel in my soft plastics. i never used it on a creature bait though i had focused using the alka seltzer trick on large senko and modern worms that have a bulbous tail section, running them Carolina or Texas rigged. especially as the end with the bubbling Alka seltzer floats up in the inquisitive basses face. The larger size flavor injector needles are both Stainless steel and the Angled cutter point helps me avoid splitting the end or breaking out on one side or the other of the bait. that point just gives me personally a bit more control and confidence then i use a wooden skewer to eject the plug from inside the injector. God bless and Happy Healthy Holidays.

    2. Loakila86

      so whats the need for the copper pipe and drilling a hole in it? I can just use my knife to cut a slit in the bait to put in the alkaseltzer lol

    3. Bruce Fahey

      What a simple way to improve plastic baits. Good hack

    4. j w

      This is good stuff, thanks!!

    5. Elmur Fud

      your videos are fun and informative , I've learned a lot from all your vids I've watched , thanks

    6. Braden Tucker

      hey Mr. martin, i'm a huge fan. i'm a high school angler from Texas and your hacks and videos have been a huge help in my carer. I just want to say thank you.

    7. Jason Godfrey

      Got to try this on a fluke stick!!

    8. douglas miraldi


    9. Matt Grob

      Hi love to get to talk to ya

    10. Mark Acker

      The hungover fish are going to tear this apart!

    11. Ralph P

      Thanks for sharing!

    12. Dilan Batten

      Where can i get them hooks at

    13. JN PCD

      Try and stick pop rocks in a soft plastic

    14. Trey Ferguson

      Been doing it for years. Don't be giving all the secrets away now

    15. William Weir

      Hey Scott I am like your biggest fan if you could hit me back that would be great

    16. Doug Strothman

      Loving your videos from Fisherville, Kentucky. Great ideas and appreciate you sharing.

    17. Rick Voigt

      I heard about this years ago for use with tubes, but it's pretty cool to see how you've adapted this to solid plastic baits. Have you ever tried putting craw or other scent into the bait before inserting the alka seltzer? I wonder if that would "coat" the bubbles with scent.

    18. 🎣 FatBoy Dan's Great Outdoors 🎣

      very cool

    19. The Man

      What kind of bobber stops to used

    20. Madd Hatter

      Decked is amazing. I install them where I work. Funny instructions also.

    21. Mikel Bower

      Hi. Just subscribed

    22. Joel Munson

      Just out of curiosity..... since Googan baits have that licorice smell, could you use pop rocks as well?

    23. Joel Munson

      This reminds me of the time hank hill used crack rocks to catch fish!

    24. Timothy Berry

      Hi Scott from Virginia

    25. pete hubbell

      Just subscribed. Born and raised in Naples. Would watch your Dads shows back in the 80's. My Dad even bought a Stratos from your Dads marina in Clewiston back in the day! Good to see you able to love your job, get paid for it, and share your knowledge to us weekend warriors. Many tips appreciated! Keep up the good work!👍

    26. Chad


    27. Mik Szekely

      Great video Scott!awesome wisdom imparted!! Can't wait to go try this on the paddle board!!

    28. Rusty Worthington

      Any truth to the rumor (which I just started lol) that David Dudley and Jason Wheeler are some of the first ones to watch these hack videos trying to learn your secrets? Good stuff man, thanks for sharing.

    29. jesse j james

      This will probably help were I fish thanks

    30. James burnham

      First video watched and I will say seems like a very good idea

    31. John Crawford

      Made me wanna’ bite it. Jc


      Great content keep up the good work...SMC nation...

    33. 240LTS

      ... The Kangaroo System developed by Tom Mann ... .

    34. Gary Glick

      30 years ago kangaroo worms bait and Alka-Seltzer

    35. Thomas Taber

      Just joined and like ur content. Very informative. I'm just getting into fishing n look forward to catching more

    36. Mike Fishes

      Mod starts 3:47

    37. TheMannyduckslayer

      Grande bass has worms with a floating hollow tail (air rail wiggler) I think this worm would be a match made in heaven, have you heard of it?

    38. Trey Crosby

      Hey! You said to say hello! My dad and your dad used to compete against each other in the late 70's 😁

    39. oxcarthabu

      I saw a tip using Alka-Seltzer almost 30 yrs ago..Take an old school wooden clothes pin with the two halves connected by a spring,, attach treble hooks with screw eyes in to the bottom part, open the halves, insert a whole Alka Selter tablet, close the halves. Attach a screw eye on the top front part of the clothes pin. There you go.

    40. Hal Kael

      Could be just the area Im in, but I know “bait” as food, like worms, shrimp, etc... a “lure” is not food. The title was correct, but he kept calling it bait Still a cool idea!

    41. lil_fisher 23

      awesome video scott

    42. Jerry Chapman

      O boy a farting bait😂😂😁😀😃😄😆😇😇😆😅😄😃😂!

    43. robert hafey

      i love ur googan baites just tryed them two days ago

    44. fishermanmitch1 Salzman

      Been doing this with tubes for years. Works great ice fishing too.

    45. tacticool Bassn

      such a salesman....5k likes and ill do another hack video.........

    46. Frank Mayer

      Pure Nonsense!

    47. Robert Glenn

      Would love the chance to fish with you and learn more about fishing so I can pass it down to my kids love the videos

    48. Doran White

      Can you explain what a secondary point is & how to locate them from the bank I asked your dad but no response lol

    49. Perry Bailey

      Those are some neat hacks.

    50. Tania Danzi

      What if the bass thinks the creature is farting? Would it make him turn around and leave?

    51. Razorbak

      Yesterday was the last day for deer hunting here in NC.....and what I'm I doing on the 1st day after hunting season closed, that's right.... watching fishing videos and getting ready for fishing season. Freedom is great and not it!

    52. Outcast Outdoors - On a Fishin' Mission

      Scott, I love it when you tap the butt of your dads rod so he thinks he got a hit and sets into nothing and almost falls out of the boat. I'm sure you've learned a thing or two on tour. Do you have any more fishing "punks" guys do to entertain on a slow day? Fishing in the ocean for perch, we'd toss a sand-crab (that died of natural causes of course) in the bottom of a friends tackle box when they weren't looking. (Who brings a tackle box to the ocean?) The next time he would go fishing, when he opened his box "poof!" it would stink to high heaven! And I mean it stinks BAD! Then they can't figure out why until they discover the tiny dried up sand-crab in the bottom corner. (I swear it never gets old) Shared with a dozen people.

    53. Jadan Christensen

      Great video!!

    54. Austin Lilley

      So it's neat to see. The scent from it doesn't matter? Just curious

    55. Mark Smith

      Long time fan

    56. warchant59

      That Craw looked so good under water.

    57. Jason Woods

      Man I would love to meet you I live here in lake county and an avid fisherman i seen you on griffin not long ago it would be awesome to meet you amd possibly fish with you keep up with the videos we love them

    58. Gary Thiry

      Thanks for the great tips

    59. Ricky Boahn

      Thanks Scott for all your videos, My son and I are new to the tournament fishing and have been struggling. He is 15 years old and loves fishing. Videos like this will help us not only to catch more fish but keep me and my son fishing together. THANKS AGAIN BECAUSE MOST TOURNAMENT FISHERMEN WILL NOT EXPLAIN THINGS AT THIS DEPTH.

    60. Chase Shumate

      Is this a Rowland Martin secret?

    61. JoseA Agosto

      I’m in Texas I’m Puerto Rican I’m like u new inovation fishing ubgrade

    62. John B

      Thanks for sharing the "hacks"!! Will be trying some of them in the up coming season. Pit Boss is one of my favorites & SK Rage Craw. Best wishes in the BASS Opens. Will be following!!! God bless!!

    63. Douglas Hannan

      Hello Scott from Florida. New to the channel. I am loving these hacks. Keep them coming.

    64. sense383 smith

      Hey Scott, love your videos, can't wait to see you hoist that classic trophy, hard work will get you top a classic and the elites , they are a lot of great anglers out there but Scott is def up there with the best of the best, goodluck Scott in 2020, hope you smash em

    65. cheyenne pulliam

      What about smell or taste of talks seltzer?

    66. T Crabtree

      this is awesome.. please do more of these videos... more often.. loving it scott.

    67. OneAndOnlyChi

      Thanks for the hacks. Just recently got into bass fishing and now my daughter wants to go fishing with me thanks to Hillary Sue. She wants to catch a shark! Thanks for sharing your family fishing experiences!

    68. Douglas Mack

      Scott, I really like your "fishing hacks" they seem to be "old tricks" like my Dad and his friends were doing when I was a youngster. KEEP SHOWING THEM PLEASE!

    69. Big D

      New subscriber, that looks awesome, especially when bass are a little finicky...

    70. SF7Dragon

      Awesome tip, can't wait to try it out. Thanks and keep the Hack vids coming, we really appreciate it.

    71. Arcasting

      What’s up Scott! Wonder if you’ll respond haha

    72. Tim H

      Plop plop fizz fizz oh what a big bass it is!!

    73. Brian Outz

      Putting alka selzer in baits has been banned for 20 years in pot tournaments on Hartwell

    74. Lorenzo Jones-Raston

      If you do another hack video, give us a gem.

    75. Hunter Surrette

      I am going to give it a try, Thanks for the tips. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

    76. Kerry Parks


    77. Dragon King Nate

      Heyya, I'm new here. Interesting hacks :)

    78. Shake-N-Bake Bassin

      Dude this is bad ass!! I'm so doing this

    79. Al Is Up Outdoors

      I’m gonna just build a box for my old danger ranger. I’ve looked for a box even from the brand in your truck. I can’t find any.

    80. Hobert Gordon

      I wonder if you could do this with pop rocks

    81. Jeff Hayde

      Cool beans

    82. Bobby Mabire

      I do this with the hollow crawls on hurricane lake

    83. Bobby Mabire

      Hi I'm new

    84. Jim Joyce

      Scott......I’ve done this for years and also from time to time insert closed cell foam pieces into the created pocket to make a “ high tail floater”. I’ve found that if you take a small saw or file and cut two slots across the tip of your tube (before you reduce the inside diameter) at 90 degrees, your hollowing-out effort will be much quicker and easier.....and I agree that uniqueness in a bite can get big mama bass all excited! Jim Joyce Jupiter, Fl.

    85. Bill Kennedy

      1st of ur videos I've seen _ but I'll be watching ur older ones now

    86. PAULYDLT Videos


    87. Jerry Duncan

      Great video Scott I’ll sure try this it looks like it would be good way to catch more bass always looking for better ways to catch fish God Bless

    88. Tom Light

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge, love the Googan baits !

    89. Harry Estep

      Love the hack videos!

    90. gene lemon

      Enjoy your vids. However you may want to pull this one. Not sure what googan bait you were using, but I've seen rocks with more action. The legs just laid on the bottom. I'm thinking that hack will probably work best during Saturday tournaments when the big bass are hung over from Friday night looking for some plop plop fizz fizz relief.

    91. Michael Fischer

      I think the MOST important factor of this hack is the sizzle sound emitting from a bait totally dead in the water. What a KILLER bed tactic!

    92. Jerry Francois

      Yea..that's old..I'm 53..used to do that when I was a kid..

    93. Travis Johnson

      so this is why my dad kept so much alkacelzier in his tackle box. i just thought fishing gave him indigestion.

      1. fish in


    94. Trey Good

      Love the videos.... keep em coming

    95. T Cress

      Wow. I expected it to bubble up like crazy and be gone in one or two casts. Worked way better than I thought with minimal bubbling. Awesome tip.

    96. Stephen Bowen

      I have a decked... Seen it on your videos and wanted a place secured and dry to store my gear. I LOVE it. I need a lid now for extra space and dry storage on top of my Decked.

    97. Central Coast Bass

      Thanks for all these great hacks Scott, I am repeating them on my tips & tricks. My views are going through the roof. You rock keep it up.

    98. Tennessee Jeff

      Then the bass swallows the Alka-Seltzer and explodes!!

    99. Heath Spratlin

      Why not just put alka seltzer up in the tube? you dont have to hollow out the bait. Alka seltzer right up the tube.

      1. Heath Spratlin

        @Scott Martin Happy Holidays! fair enough! I dont know if you remember meeting my Dad and Me at Okochobe about 16 years ago, you were supposed to be our guide and you hooked us up with Jerry great guy.

      2. Scott Martin

        Because a tube is just a tube..

    100. adam spade

      Great tip...I'm going to try this in my tourney season...keep em coming...