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    My first journey into wood gas has been quite a ride, but will work.....
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    1. colinfurze

      Well this was a journey, I've got a way better design in me but I love the trail and error and I know you like seeing it all to, stay tuned for the ultimate garden swing. Limit stock available on the merch so get it quick www.colinfurzeshop.com

      1. Иван CNC


      2. emtbrat21

        i know in the UK they had a coal powered truck

      3. paranee trakulkittiwat


      4. piratebuddy

        when are you going to power the bunker???

      5. Intelegentbean

        can you try making something powered by steam, like a car or boat, or just a simple steam engine

    2. blueridgeocean

      Looks like something out of willy Wonka

    3. Davide Del Zingaro

      Wonderfull 😍

    4. SJHil

      Some how I have only just found this mans KGup. Going binge watch now. Awesome stuff mate!

    5. David Jeffreys

      Are you sure what was making the mower work for that short time wasn't some petrol left over in the engine?

    6. Michael Downs

      I have decided that you were the young version of Rick Sanchez

    7. scratch

      germany tried something similar owo

    8. Harry Nutsac

      God awful music, the woman is tone deaf.

    9. David Labella

      Alternate title: Crazy Australian man uses wood to run lawnmower

    10. Gabriel Athero

      2:47 Bosh! XD I don't know why i like this word so much, but it always cracks me up.

    11. Brandon Case

      I’m 100% convinced Colin made a badass still at some point

    12. Sta Tom

      Looks like polish latest technology finally leaked.

    13. Achim Haun

      Did he just make tge carburettor completely useless by lutting a valve on it to control airflow?

    14. David91

      maybe make a steam power mower🤔

    15. David Kenny

      Paper will have less tar in it.

    16. I will Survive

      You need a bubbler. Gas passes through a water so that the tar will remain to the water

    17. Justin White

      I always wondered why I could sometimes see jets of flame coming off burning logs... Thanks to this vid and some of the comments, now I know!

    18. Quid Fit

      It should be powered by burning grass

    19. Spiro

      ok but hear me out.. wood powered chainsaw

    20. Roblox Boi317

      Colin creating a steampunk lawnmower be like.

    21. Squidge Lad

      "I used the plants to destroy the plants"

    22. David Hand

      The next step is making a lawn powered lawnmower

    23. Ony Suryono

      mad scientist ... 😂😂 i ike it

    24. Serum InChina

      north Korea just subscribed....

    25. bryce thoreson

      Can you put a turbo on one?

    26. Callum Faulkner

      When are you going to do the bunker video it's been 8 months

    27. MrHuman 21

      you should make a go cart like that

    28. Ghost_Control

      secretly a preper for the end of the world, only man on planet earth witha working lawn mower

    29. eldevors 1000

      An apocalypse can happen and this guy financial stability would stay the same lol

    30. TF3 Confirmed But HV

      now a wood powered chainsaw

    31. Lucky Star

      Next up: Grass powered lawn mower

    32. Buck Starchaser

      Run the hot gas through water immediately after it's created. That should cool it and stop the tar very fast. It will be water saturated anyway, so you may as well cool it through direct contact/splashing of water. This will also drop the ash from it. Then use the condenser pipes to collect the bulk of the dirty tar/water spray. One final air/water separator after the "fuel" valve should get the remaining condensible water out, since the pressure drop will cool it for the last time before the engine warms it back up.

    33. fearofchicken

      This is why plumbers make horrible small engine mechanics.

    34. WhinyVermin714

      Lol what if you could do a grass burning lawn mower so it just runs off the clippings, this is still pure genuine, nonetheless

    35. Kiwi Blitz

      so the engine is basically vaping wood

    36. Alexander HASE

      Ein Holzvergaser.

    37. Zachary Johnson

      I love his reaction when his mad scientist contraptions actually work! He's soon happy! Good on him...

    38. DennoDerCoole

      Lauwn mower from cyberpunk 2077

    39. Gardeners Beehive Bees for bees sake

      Any chance you could make a Fischer Trophic converter and turn wood into petrol or diesel to run a mower or ride on. Would be very interesting to see how much wood makes a litre of fuel.

    40. Wolfe Mike 10

      Now make it grass powered

    41. nomadtales

      My grandfather (a mechanical engineer, later professor) helped convert cars and tractors to gasified engines during the Second World War. I have an album of photos he took of all the engines he converted.

    42. CMW18

      Honestly, you could also make moonshine. Wood alcohol too.

    43. Kooper Jerome

      6:40, You can BARELY notice it!

    44. Mr G

      Colin furze & Guy Martin would make a great double act.

    45. Daniel Nielsen

      Looks like a small nuclear power plant 😄😄

    46. Caden Schwanke

      love the music in your vidios

    47. HMC RedFed

      Unbelivible, giant congarulations for a 1850 styled wood gas powerd lawn mower! I love it

    48. Erdmännelchen

      Make a lawn powered lawn mower

    49. Duke Dirty Work

      Shouldn't it be grass powered?

    50. Nikaluss


    51. Robert Calmes

      First I've seen your channel, LOVE IT!

    52. justan idiot

      shouldnt it be running on grass clippings? my goat does :) he cyclone probably wont work too well at the airflow it has, and looked like the outlet was jammed in too far... iunno. cyclones are tricky. try an oil cooler/condensor instead, with catch can and fibre filter following. looking at the original designs, they all had one thing in common... a water boiler to add steam to the combustion air. usually just an open drip fed trough wound around the combustion chamber and mixing with the intake air, also preheating the air. plenty of regeneration, feed air and water preheaters, that sort of thing. also making the feeding chute as a double hopper airlock affair, two cones facing each other. open one, dump in fuel, close it, open the bottom one into the combustion chamber. no escaping gas then. bloody good job though!

    53. Lonely Wanderer 111

      This is the most steampunk thing I ever saw

    54. James Bryant

      Forget this. Grass powered lawnmower is the future!

    55. Bigboy Adams

      Do a grass powered one

    56. Scrocrates

      Next project: flux capacitor

    57. Mika Misaki

      Sooo basically it's burning Creosote lol Also, why wouldn't you change the fan to metal blades???

    58. Fivespeed 302

      Great now make it run on grass clippings.

    59. Amro Plays

      Grass powered lawnmower?

    60. BuildWorm67

      I don’t even know what I would do if I saw my neighbor mowing their lawn with this.

    61. J .Strike.

      sell out

    62. athif ahmed

      Bye bye tree😃

    63. logan graham

      perhaps you need to water cool you're filtering pipes to get more of the tar to liquify onto the pipe walls ? and parhaps fill the pipes with a mesh ... maybe steel wool?

    64. Hikola nikola

      would be way better if it was grass powered...

    65. MrMoo Moomoo

      Talking team trees?

    66. 4Real

      Vegans won’t believe me when i tell them this is Bio

    67. jhack buena

      it has a gas

    68. UxziYT

      One day Furze will make a rocket to the moon, but it’s wood powered.

    69. Caden Fisher

      Make a grass powered lawn mower that runs itself when you cut

    70. Kaua Antonio

      Algum br que assiste ele

    71. Ben F

      Your surname in German is all about gasification!

    72. Binary Wizard

      I haven't watched hid vid 1 yr

    73. lo l

      soo much wast of time

    74. Ruben Kelevra

      Skip the combustion engine. Burn the wood from the bottom and put the air in the bottom. New wood needs to be stacked very high on top and will capture all the ash and tar. This means the tar will be burned later too. Then ignite the wood gas in the exhaust stream by providing air and a heat source and heat the bottom of the a cylinder of a sterling engine. The other side of the engine can be cooled with a deep well water which is pumped in a cycle. Should be nearly quite, smoke-free and by introducing oxygen into the exhaust stream very early you avoid that sud will collect in the chimney.

    75. Sahibdip Sandhu

      i cant tell if your super enthusiastic or slamed on hardcore black tar heroin.

    76. Dukhobrix A.K.A. B Bricks

      This is how people mowed lawns before electricity

    77. K1ttyPlayz

      Should’ve made a grass powered lawn mower

    78. Kendal Schorn

      The enchanting poet inevitably fade because spot inferiorly play mid a overt pair. premium, powerful dog

    79. Zain Infinity

      Greta be like how dare u🤬

    80. Max Venus

      You should have made it grass powered. Oh the irony.............

    81. Comrade ходящий по небу

      you need a radiator! and a water bubble system to clean it out the gas plus you can you the lawn clippings to power it

    82. ThePixelatedHashtag

      You should put a little rain cap on top. Just bc

    83. OddPoppet Esq.

      Am I the only one that was thinking that all this is missing is a mechanism to transport the cut grass into the burner to keep it going (If grass can produce the same gases that the wood is producing, I should add) and possibly some thing else to dry it en route to make sure it wont flood the burner with moisture....... 🤔

    84. Mr Dalek

      is it me or does it look like he is bilding a nuke

    85. Su Anjelica


    86. Bean Man122


    87. lord snoopy

      Now you need to make a grass powered lawnmower😂

    88. Luwixc

      that’s some video game looking stuff

    89. MalawisLilleKanal

      I think you need to use some kind of hardwood. Far less tar. If the pellets were regular pellets, they are made from pine/spruce - or IOW the tarmakers favourites.

    90. Staś-Tech

      Crazy scientiest 🤪🤪 great men!

    91. waterfuel

      After water conversion to Engines,the surging upper RPM problem on several engines had been solved. Not the water flow to carb, or special relay/electronics power supply. High volts and added 10 amps produced water vapor PRESSURE + Hydrogen gas. Heat from burning hydrogen expanded the water to steam in cylinders. It was finally figured - that it was the lack of EGR connection for Nitrogen compounds going back to the intake manifold. (Some water drippings saved) Piston compressed air in chamber has embedded Nitrogen required for smooth running engines.The new added S1R magnetic coil and 2.2Mh Inductor retarded the timing, since the 18HP mower engine had fixed factory timing at Zero point. See KGup Videos 1+2 from S1R9A9M9, and web site tech notes and documentation from Dr. Graneau fog pressure lab experiments.

    92. snaplash

      Modify the gas engine to run on steam with modified cams, add boiler.


      Just use water as a filter

    94. Anthony Ryan

      Amazing work, looks completely steam punk. However isn't GASIFICATION the exact opposite of sustainability?

    95. sergio leone


    96. Alex Samaris

      So....couldn't you have it burn lawn clippings instead and have it auto feed back into the burn chamber as it runs?

    97. Barnacle Man

      He should have made a grass powered lawn mower

    98. Cryptonitor

      I like it when you say words like "slag". Now try to make a gorrilla-officechair before I do :D

    99. Alun Rees

      I’ve just realised, it’s like watching the A-Team!

    100. FireRejack

      RIP to your valves lol

      1. FireRejack

        Love the video tho!