Davis vs. Santa Cruz: Press Conference | SHOWTIME PPV


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    Gervonta 'Tank' Davis and Leo Santa Cruz answered questions and went face to face in the final press conference before they step in the ring for a special SHOWTIME PPV event on Saturday starting at 9PM ET/6PM PT.
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    1. Joe Kam

      Cruz wins by vicious knockout... Bet the house

      1. Joe Kam

        @Avery Tapper yeah I'm living in my car right now

      2. Avery Tapper

        Bruh the fight already happened Davis knocked him the fuck out

    2. TYler Stimpson

      i love how they have respect for each other

    3. TYler Stimpson

      I love how they don't trash talk each other and will just leave it all in the ring. But the fans... that's another story 😂

    4. Shaan Toor

      I like the fact that Tank Davis and Leo Santa Cruz both keep it humble. No trash talk or being mouthy and running their lips. Much respect and professionalism on both.

    5. Ton John


    6. More Michael Keith

      48:50 | I don't think it has to a be a knock out. literally knocks the dude out hahaha

    7. D. Cowboyz

      It sounds like a lot of new people! Everyone no he sounds like Mike Tyson! Sents day one now we can says something different! Watch when you see that knock out! He hit like Mike Tyson To!!

    8. Lance McKnight

      "4:26" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1408 a week with them! είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ

    9. Immanuel Shiweda

      damn!!! this is a real tough fight for tank.. cruz brings that work rate and high punch output, but the thing that will really test tank is his stamina and how he'll keep up with cruz cuz honestly cruz has a very powerful engine

    10. Bryan Devaughn

      Where can I stream it for free

    11. Kirby Cecil

      Mutual respect ✊! Gotta love that, best wishes to both freighters!

    12. Abraham Jackson

      Cruz win this fight he's just too fundamentally sound

    13. Richard Cot-te-rell

      TRICK or TREAT! Leo Santa Cruz is Head at TANKS Feet! 🔥🔥🥊 Cheers🍺 Rich from the UK 🇬🇧

    14. Sammy D. jr



      Media sucks

    16. Jorge Rojas

      Puro leo Santacruz💪

    17. Jose Diaz

      IMO.., Tank is always dangerous. But gasses out and the weigh cut could affect it. But he has skill and always has a punchers chance...Leo, lacks the power but bites down, takes his licks and doesnt stop cominf forward-true mexican style. Im a fan of both, but i think leo gets the upset, but I wont get mad if tank wins

    18. Allene Williams

      Damn Tank is so frustrating to listen to. This is ur brain when u dont go to class....lmao. But he has money now, please get a tutor at least to teach u how to speak in complete sentences. Its so hard to watch him talk. Leo is from a whole other country and I can understand and follow his responses. That's crazy. Tank please get speech therapist, u need it. All that money around u and u cant even speak properly, Sad.

      1. Allene Williams

        This is ur brain when

    19. Tupac Shakur


    20. Daniel Medina

      I absolutely like Terremoto as a fighter and a person. But no way the Mayweather promotions prime fighter is losing anytime soon. Leo gonna be a scapegoat

    21. robert blackshear

      That was a intelligent question I like them both , but Leo is a very watchful guy with his words he’s everyone’s dream son and at the same time he turns into a bad ass in that ring , he’s do game and doesn’t fear anyone almost like David Carradine in the movie Kung fu. Mild manner rly good fighter . Honestly I boxed and I was just thinking lately how could I fight him because if his niceness but I got a feeling that he’ll be able to make you hit him back because he’ll ring your bell 🛎 and that’s when will have a fight ( lol) . But if the knockout came I’d be right their to pick him up and make sure he was ok 👌 then we’d be friends for life . He’s that well raised unbelievably good guy. Good luck to both champs.

    22. Danny Martinez

      Both classy, both great Fighters destined for greatness

    23. Quintin Myers

      True that Leo is a Humble fighter person as well but time to get exposed like Mikey or Tank to get exposed TANK like Browner the next PPV STAR TMT Mayweather takeover well it seems yhr one whod taking over I's Teo with all hardware that's what going count

    24. Allene Williams

      Yoooooo Tank needs to go back to school...real talk. He needs a speech therapist.

      1. D. Cowboyz

        He is getting better! LOL Give him some Credit !! O maybe you just started watching TANK I Ben watching G Davis sents day one! So I say he is getting better! Maybe he has one it seem like his interviews are getting better He getting Comfortable! I see it!

    25. LayLow

      majority of the people that spoke did not need to speak

    26. Travis Lane

      i will put a little disclaimer here that I did not watch this full video before I wrote this comment but it sounded like these guys said Tank has not faced anyone with significant "size".......Did these guys not see the Gamboa fight? Gamboa looked like the Incredible Hulk and was waaaay bigger than Tank .

    27. Mst_ Ghoulz

      From the Philippines bro.... I luv Buffom, I’m boxing fan since 12 years old.... RESPECT

    28. Humble Servant

      Leo is not Mexican he is American. Tank is American but ppl call him black. Sad how racist America is. Ppl born here don’t even feel accepted.

    29. Delta Fart


    30. Xclusive

      +450 Judges getting Rich Boxing is corrupt asf

    31. Goodness Grace

      I🤞🏾 trust that it will be a Dangerous fight 💥👊🏾💨💥💨👊🏾💥💨👊🏾💥💨💨💥💨💨🎯#GTankD💥💥💥#UpanduP^ #tbe #TMT 💯 #Oct_31_20/20

    32. abdul smith

      TANK HEAD!! Good Stuff

    33. Chamorro415

      Pulling for the upset. Santa Cruz beats Davis by split decision

    34. Alex T

      They show each other respect and then try to do serious damage on each other Saturday... Lol fighters are the strangest of all athletes

    35. No Name

      English is Leo's second language, but somehow he speaks better and is more articulate than Tank lol

    36. Alex T

      I feel like Davis wants to be Mike Tyson. He already sounds like him and tries to look like him

      1. Ismail Ilmi

        WHAT??? Mike was crude back in his days. Davis is really humble. Mike was wild and brash. I wanna have what you smoking my guy

    37. EB Tista

      I guess Tank is to cool to speak like a normal person

    38. Alex T

      Thought Calvin Ford was Snoop Dogg for a minute

    39. Awarriorscall1

      Floyd will make sure he wins whether it`s paying judges etc or Leo off . The fight to watch is not this one but Inoue vs Holloway on ESPN PLUS. PPV for Davis is a joke.

    40. D Radford

      Great for Tank making weight. He has a great chef preparing meals. Tank's chef box (non professional) so he knows what fighters need. The chef said Tank would make weight, and he did.

    41. IASIS TV

      when the guy reads what these 2 have done already, it really feels like a HUGE fight i cant wait to see it

    42. David Muhammad

      I really like both of these fighters, but Tank is my guy...I'm going with Tank, but the fight will be very competitive

    43. Paul Caughman

      Tank for the Knockout 💯💯 straight right, upper cut

    44. Jose Antonio Delgado

      I'm going with Tank for the win

    45. Last name_ First name_

      This is not a ppv fight, just another robbery on TMT. This is more of a free fight. Until you have the reseme of a undesputed world champion, can you ask the public for ppv.

    46. theedgarshow

      Davis looks skinny

    47. Evz

      Stoked for this fight, stylistically there's no way this is boring but I'm rolling with Tank in this one by a late stoppage. Would appreciate anyone checking out my channel and preview for the fight at the link I shared. Hope everyone has a great Halloween! kgup.info/get/fm2shnjMdY1iqIs/video

    48. Josh K

      Crooked ass sport

    49. The Ministry

      Floyd is protecting Davis, he not that good of a fighter.

    50. LilBucketZ

      my main takeaway is that Leo Santa Cruz is a very nice man lol

    51. E Pang

      Respect to both fighters black and brown United 👌 we all know they’ll bring the heat then be cool with each other regardless. They know the skills will bring PPV eyes

    52. angel Perez

      Leo es bien boxeador pero Devonta es muy superior

    53. vinnie ng

      Hoping papa santa cruz stays safe and healthy

    54. Ring Wraps


    55. vinnie ng

      I aint picking a winner, love both fighters, the fans win this one

    56. NuneChi Hendrix

      I’m a Tank fan but I want bro to take classes to work on his speech delivery.

    57. Cornbread DuryeaHozay

      Nicca sound like 9 year old mike Tyson 😂

    58. Jose Arache

      This press conference are so horrible!!! they should take the book from MMA.....

    59. ThePapiGfunk

      I got Leo because of his stamina. Tank gets tired in the late rounds and that’s when Leo could take advantage but tank is dangerous in the first 6 rounds.

      1. Larry J Gary

        Well I guess it didn't make it to the late rounds. Haha

      2. Melly Mell

        What happened ? 😂

      3. Andra

        @Angelica Ramirez he KO’d gamboa round 12 and knocked him down all throughout the fight

      4. MrChaosXplicit

        YO YO YO YO

      5. Quintin Myers

        Kids a real tank when upset like Mike Tyson he look like he ready to bite Leos ears off lol mini Tyson affect

    60. Pueblo King

      Tank is super focused the most mature I've seen him act, his heads on straight kinda sucks because I'm rooting for Leo but tanks a good guy to

    61. Pueblo King

      Marquez is a 5 division champ and everyone seems to forget and not mention him

    62. No Nonsense

      They really trying to sell that baby belt as legit eh 🙄.

    63. Louie Marinda Jr.

      Tank talk like Mike Tyson

    64. Miika Mondolin

      Is there a way to purchase the ppv in europe? Is showtime the only one that sells the fight because its not accessible in europe. Are some unreliable illegal streams my only option really? Such a shame cause I’d have no problem paying for this great fight and support it.

    65. NeLo

      Wtf tank said ?

    66. Stephen Dove

      man i cant wait..

    67. Green Cory

      I seen Anthony Joshua lose to a underdog I cant just say tank gone win easy I seen AJ walk through pretty much everybody before him same as tank. Leo is legit gonna be a good fight

    68. Devious Uno

      This is a bs fight. Tank is a weight bully. I hope Leo beats him.

    69. Don Miguel TBE

      I got Tank winning this by SD!!! I'm definitely a Tank fan & supporter.....But there's no way in hell.....that Leo should be a 7-1 dog! It's completely disrespectful for what Leo has accomplished! At worse maybe 4-1?

    70. Reel Tahk

      Espinoza giving Shrek vibes :-/. Good luck to both fighters - Tank for the win!!

    71. Fernando Rodriguez

      i hate when reporters ask knowing he hasnt been hit by tank yet they ask how do u think you will stand up to tanks punches

    72. therealsongstress

      So proud of Tank do poise and mature

    73. 2fast335i

      Like Leo, but if your gonna claim 5 division champion the fight should actually be at the division weight of 135.

    74. Chiapas smoke

      I love Leo Santa Cruz no homo 💪🇲🇽

    75. Ru2yaz

      Both Loma and Lopez will beat either Davis and Santa Cruz...with that being said I sort lean towards the underdog, Santa Cruz.

    76. Marcos Martin

      Let’s go CRUZ!!🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

    77. YourRoyal Highness

      Leo Santa Cruz has been all the money he's worth on tank Davis

    78. david edwards

      anyone that thinks there was real animosity between mcgregor and mayweather look at proper twelve and TMT promoting fights together. masters of marketing

      1. Reel Tahk

        Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed!

    79. Luigi

      Tank is barely beating okay fighters he's over rated in my list just like lomachenko on other over rated fighter got schooled by the younger fighter but lopez is hell of a top level fighter that's how you prove your the best fighting good too notch fighters mayweather jr is relieved and happy lopez beat loma cus now tank now has a excuse to not fight loma. Loma will wup tank like nothing.

      1. Luigi

        @Johnny Hughes leo is still a hell of a fighter fighting in his weight class he will beat tank in 130 and of course tank can't make 130 that's were the cherry picking comes in tank looks for fights he can win.

      2. Johnny Hughes

        @Luigi Loma 😆 ok excuse? Ok Tank not scared of Loma man u show don't think much of Leo now my how fast u turn 😆

      3. Luigi

        @Johnny Hughes tank came in weighing 10 pounds heavier come on leo is a natural 130 and tankbstill got knocked out chery picking in my list leo affairs my a top fighter good but is not in A list fighter, tank got to much flaws

      4. Johnny Hughes

        @Luigi 😆 lies u talked all that shit u put it in your head like Leo is a top fighter now he not which one is it my my the world see it tank fight before this one was better than this

      5. Luigi

        @Johnny Hughes tank got knocked out by leo is not a hard puncher and tank got the lucky uper cut punch mayweather jr choosing fighters he knws tank can beat. tank says hes willing to fight anybody yet he doesn't call nobody out Ryan garcia will school tank to slow

    80. delia Vargas

      Davis is Nervous !?? Waauu!

    81. fast eddie

      I wasn't the biggest Tank fan, he was cocky for nothing and missed weight but the growth &maturity is evident since his early days.

    82. Orlando Reyna

      My opinion again Devin Haney another good fighter but no big names on his list he hasn't fought top fighters so how can I give him credit if he hasn't beat any good names or boxers.

    83. Orlando Reyna

      My opinion is okay javonte Davis got plenty of power but he has not fought big names he has not put out big names last one I know it was gumbo but the dude was fighting on one leg or shall I say one ft he tore his Achilles in the second round fought all the rounds with him and he couldn't take him out.

    84. Mr. Gamer

      The way Davis talks pisses me off

    85. Ray Falk

      Cruz will win it is the will of god

    86. Sweet James Jones II

      When you have two mega fighters this good you don't have to sell it with shit talking ♥️

    87. Eisern Front

      Best wishes for both. I am excited to watch this fight and hope they put up a good fight.

    88. Vicster Jigster

      As of right now tank is like a adrien broner to me before the maidana loss he really hasn’t fought anyone

    89. Devin Anderson 1

      Tank going to have to KO Cruz to win if he doesn’t KO him Cruz will win by Decision

    90. Kyler K

      Loma 116-112

    91. Franco F6

      14:35 I got you fam

    92. 401 Files

      Leo “ I wanna thank my mothers, mothers, mothers dead cat Clio. I wanna thank my dads brothers wife’s cousin disabled little brother Ricardo”

    93. zxzrp0

      TRUMP 2020!

    94. R C

      My 2 cents, Tank has never fought a guy with this skills. Leo is smaller & Tank can fight at 140 easily but the drain cut tank is doing will make the fight very competitive.

    95. 401 Files

      Tank is a beast

    96. Gustavo Acosta

      Too many belts and too many champions !!! Who da fuk is leo santa cruz lol these boxers come outta nowhere

    97. Rizzo Aristotle

      I like both fighters very humble individuals and both came from rags to riches. Tank will be too much for Santa Cruz I believe #DMV

    98. Joël

      Man my respect towards both guys respectful to each other thats how it haves to be

    99. Ronald Brown

      I smell a skunk did he really purchase a expensive car from Mayweather and he's getting ready to fight one of Mayweather top fighters Santa Cruz mind should be on Knocking tank the fuck out instead of running around with Floyd buying his Lamborghini or was it really given to him and for what That's the big the big question for Y'all to figure it out

    100. Kimberly Addison

      Tank gonna test that chin in the 7th round SIR! Let's Go TANK GETTER DONE!