Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Northstar”

Apex Legends

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    Valkyrie's been pulling smuggling jobs for years, but she didn't take this one for the money. Still, someone's got to pay...
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    1. S-Y-N-C -1


    2. S-Y-N-C -1


    3. RagingJoJo

      literal chills from this video when she turned on the northtstar.... brought me back to years ago sitting in my living room as a teen playing titanfall and minecraft all day after school

    4. Okami

      Soooo Valkrie is Viper's daughter???

      1. Kevin Zurek


    5. xander zoom

      0:52 srsly that titan is 103 credits that's like an r-201 if you pause and look at the tablet

    6. Loyals FN

      Valkyrie- you took everything from me Jack-I don’t even know who you are

    7. Lou Richter

      This sound... "Northstar system engaged" Whoo my spine is shivering, i am so glad that after years they did not change it.

    8. k ain

      "Speed is life"

    9. ognjen miladinović

      Can i speak to your manager

    10. Fiskalny Maks

      We want titanfall 3!!

    11. Wildx

      There were so many Secret

    12. troll ed

      This girl is a bad person...

    13. kaveh kianian

      these are good videos Always

    14. Hunter Poke

      Kai: Can I speak to your manager? Me: TOTAL KAREN RIGHT HERE!

    15. The medic

      I feel bad for killing viper in the campaign now

    16. Eujan Kenjin Malapad

      Valkyrie in the Video: 🥵 Valkyrie in the game: 😅

    17. Jacob carlyle

      She looks lik Kim Jon un (I may have spelled that name wrong) and the villain from the movie Lorax.

    18. Rock Wiskowski

      How is she piloting it. Don’t you have to link with your titan

    19. Gankslicks

      0:07 if you look to the right you can see what I think is BT's arm.

    20. Jeef Berky

      Viper and Kuen are even more badass than we thought

    21. Kool Cat

      I want more titanfall

    22. George Mullin

      god WHAT HAVE I DONE

    23. George Mullin


    24. Spark Rock

      If only Valkyrie had the northstar flight core sound effect when she did her Ulti or something.

    25. 김개미

      7:46 Rampart?

    26. Baba_Yaga

      So the jetpack we see in 7:57 it's the same one we get with Valk's launch bundle. Does it mean that Valk's launch skin is canon?

    27. Daniel O'Leary

      make tone

    28. WINGS4LYFE

      Anyone else notice the octane skin ?

    29. Vic

      He knew what he was fighting for.. **speed is life**

    30. regat 19

      evenin the apex universe the auto titan is useless

    31. [ ŘƏĐĂĆŤƏĐ ]

      I'm confused, why is titanfall and apex connected?

      1. Federico A

        Apex takes place in the Titanfall universe. It should be chronologically after TF|2, when there's a sort of stalemate in the war

    32. Kiwi Bruh

      Yooo my name is kairi (not spelled the same lol)

    33. Manuel García-Casas

      valkyrie: Can i speak to your manager? every single karen in the universe: *OUR TIME HAS COME*

    34. Greyson Sanderson

      Nice I always like viper also this gave me ptsd

    35. Oli Thomson

      5:05 titanfall og’s will recognise

    36. 5B Rags

      Speed is life

    37. TSUNAMI

      ok that sound vipers northstar makes when it fires the missiles literally gives me chills

    38. X-LIX cod mobile

      Man some titan fall 2 vibes

    39. ForbiddenSpatula42

      This just makes me want more TitanFall and less apex legends.

    40. BIG3506/ ZeeBenton

      So that’s what Viper looks like. I almost feel kinda bad for killing him. He was definitely my favorite antagonist

    41. Prodan Ioan-Alexandru

      1:04 Karen?

    42. Mr adolfgotgames

      Me meeting Valk in the field "I killed yo daddy"

    43. Astroe

      are we gonna talk about how Valkyrie looks very different from the sfto to the actual game

    44. WolfOfMen

      Please buff crypto to have a passive where his drone can fly along side him. Make the highlighting, that the drone is able to do, more narrow sighted in this mode so it's not to overpowered but make it to where you don't have to throw his drone all the time.

    45. Doc Millington

      Valkary : can I speak to your manager Me : Karen?

    46. ZOMBIminer

      I always wished for Titanfall three, and too be honest Apex legends never got properly to my interest... Untill Now! I also just saw the new Ash skin and seeing the continuation off the most epic game Ive ever played makes me happy! Ash'es and Viper's stories got me standing with chills down my back! I really hope Ash will become a playeble character tho, even if it means coppying Octane's main ability.

    47. James foxley

      4:24 ptsd hits hard

    48. Alex We

      I like you guys game

    49. 4178Charlie

      Standby for Titanfall

    50. Seb boi

      1:03 Me, an intellectual: *K A R E N*

    51. Showirstraw80

      This almost makes me feel bad for killing viper

    52. Orestis Georgatos

      This really woke up the pilot in me again thanks Respawn

    53. seav

      Apex Legends is gonna be Titan Fall at one point

    54. BetrayFate

      I want to know more on what Blisk said the word "Pilot" used to mean something. Is that implying that Pilots aren't a thing anymore or limited in number, or perhaps that so many people have became "Pilots" and the title is oversaturated with a bunch of of hot heads without the skills to back them up.

    55. Cantact

      valkyrie : can i speak to your manager?! Karen legend confirmed...

    56. Michaela Fiedlerová

      Finally i know how viper locks

    57. AbledProductions

      I was a Northstar and robin main so this is perfect for me now I'm a Valkyrie main

    58. Refri Raditya

      4:24 Pure horor

    59. Gabriel Almendares Modhwadia


    60. Lawrence Sahanna

      Okay but why is rampart so fine in this trailer?

    61. Rusty Shackleford

      are they just gonna completely retcon that titan usage requires a neural link?

    62. Rusty Shackleford

      You killed a Good And Loving Daddy You gain brozouf My legs are okay

    63. TheRevaniteProduction

      Anyone else’s favorite boss was Viper. Honestly coolest boss and titan

    64. Anarchy Ace3

      Viper (her dad) was the only boss in titanfall 2 that made 8 year old me cry since he was too hard

    65. Brewskiii MD

      She is no pilot.

    66. Joseph O'Reilly

      Haaaaaang on. Is that Typhon in the intro?

      1. Joseph O'Reilly

        @Lawrence Sahanna well then.

      2. Lawrence Sahanna


    67. Jaysen Cabrera

      So bassicly I’m the one who ruined her life because I murdered her father GREAT

    68. Kane St. Hilaire

      Valkyrie is such a Karen. Can I speak to your manager?

    69. Caleb Owen

      Viper from titanfall 2 face reveal

    70. Morbid Mirage

      I would have thought that viper’s titan would be more responsible and stop her before she did anything crazy. Also I am sure she will be cool, but I would MUCH rather a viper simulacrum.

    71. Jiriaya _the legend


    72. react reaction action

      The link we needed......

    73. Flashback Gaming

      4:24 All TF2 pilots when they hear that sound: (Fox 10, I've got good tone)

    74. Nota Bird

      Voodoo 1, Viper's on station, your journey ends here pilot. The skies belong to me. Nowhere to run, no where to hide.

    75. TWERK CHI

      I've heard those stories...🤦😎

    76. Danjuw

      God what an insufferable character

    77. Joseph Zulu

      Incorrect, I'm the best pilot money can buy

    78. The Traveler

      Even bad guys have familys....

    79. The Traveler


    80. graydient

      Ah so viper was using a Northstar, another reason why I hated him as a villain He was so badass tho

    81. RetroPlaysGaming

      Wait new girl is Karen

    82. SniperLynx

      4:25 Viper

    83. SniperLynx

      Bro how tf is there viper in titanfal

    84. hasta la vista

      What's the song playing at the end ?

    85. only carlos

      We need a new titan fall

    86. a short engineer

      1:03 thats a karen joke or she is a karen?

    87. Tartaglia

      Okay by far she is the most uninteresting legend next to...well.. alot of these new legends after rampart are uninteresting story wise.

      1. Tartaglia

        @LordZ19 im saying this in the perspective of a person that had never played...Sorry if I offended u. I just like when their lore connects back to other legends stuff like dat

      2. LordZ19

        Homie. Do you understand the lore? Have you played TitanFall 2?

    88. 点数お姉さん


    89. A random cow Just chilling

      Cooper be like Oop I pulled a stinky one

    90. Joshua Ayer

      This gives me a whole new perspective on the Apex Predators. Viper wasn't just a kickass pilot, he was a father who wanted his kid to have a better life. He became a mercenary for the money, because he didnt want his kid to do it.

    91. end heart!

      just a confirmation this is the parralel universe right?

      1. end heart!

        @LordZ19 yeah i jsut recently checked its Wraith thats the only one who is from another universe where hammond industries reached the outlands..

      2. LordZ19

        Its the same universe.

    92. Roo Saxton


    93. L.U.C.C

      los que jugamos Titanfall: (gritos de de fan loca)

    94. Armordillo

      Hmm.... Nobody exploded in gore? This is not how I remember Northstar...

    95. raahim malik

      My favorite Story from The Outlands and the best Legend origin story In my opinion

    96. For Honor Hot

      when you realize that you killed her dad

    97. Viper The Pilot

      *Viper Approved*

    98. Samurai Genji

      Every body gangsta till everyone hears 4:25