ROBLOX IN REAL LIFE! Spy Ninjas vs Playing Most Extreme Obby Race IRL to Win!

Vy Qwaint

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    After Chad Wild Clay made "ROBLOX PIGGY In Our Safe House! Piggy Book 2 Chapter 3 Game Challenges with Ex Hacker!", Vy Qwaint created "WILL DEVSTER JOIN SPY NINJAS? Extreme Trick Shot Challenge vs Hacker Olympics for 24 Hours Wins", and Daniel Gizmo uploaded "SOMEONE TRASHED OUR HOUSE!", we discovered we need to defeat the gaming division of Project Zorgo! They want to delete Regina Ginera's KGup channel on November 29th! We can protect her channel though by making Gaming Videos like Among Us! After she was defeated by Butter Thumbs, who we think is Melvin in disguise going undercover, we learned about the 2020 Hacker Games event! We need Vy to be better at playing video games in real life! We tried a bunch of challenges, like bowling, reflex test, race car racing, and fruit ninja, and then played Roblox! Obstacle Courses and other fun games! Some weird mysterious men joined us to play with us. I think these were the people at the Hacker video game tryouts. Will Vy be good enough to win the 2020 Hacker Games?! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2020!
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    1. Vy Qwaint

      Hey Spy Ninjas! Thanks for laughing with me as I try to improve at gaming. What is your favorite game to play right now? Maybe I'll play it.

      1. Deanna Santana

        Play adop me

      2. Natasha Mitkovska Spasikova

        I love you vy chad Regina

      3. Tona Atalla


      4. Beth

        Vy omg I don't know if u saw him but at 3:37 someone was at the trash can with blue shirt black mask u know what he kinda looks like Franz!! Also don't worry we will save yt/KGup we will promise❤

      5. Tom French


    2. MrOrr718

      What's a Roblox character is photo shotted

    3. MrOrr718

      Just like the profile picture of the video it's pretty cool

    4. Caroline Overacker

      You got this vy I no you can do this I love your video

      1. Caroline Overacker

        My name is carilne

    5. Marcus Ng

      I see someone spying you I think it is some of your friends only one doll

    6. Arla may bowyer jones


    7. Peter Medico

      Some won was spying on you Vy

    8. naimas studio

      Oh thats way

    9. Flamingo edits

      Mine is adopted me

    10. Nayzilla Athalia Zelda

      Vy i dont trust you can boling

    11. Jay Naza

      You might want to go to Reginas channel something is wrong

    12. Calla Johnson

      Can I please be a spy ninja I like the way I subscribed and liked and hit the bell my friend say is a spy ninja please🥺🥺🥺🥺

    13. Ranyce Rose

      I just saw I just saw PJ PT 9 walking through walking to the pantry and table I just saw them this comments please cuz I just saw him he just he's singing you you don't see it because he's right behind you in your ear and you and you are busy and then you have to read this message cuz PJ Nana is behind you

    14. Brittany Dean


    15. lin juan


    16. Fatima Abdullah

      Why are you crying

    17. Nasmah Mohammed

      OMG vyyyyyy you are. So close to 10 million subscribers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    18. lacie ford

      ive played the fighting one

    19. ruslan idrisov


    20. Nooshin Jangbahadoor

      I made roblox

    21. biuxeiu1wxh jwhxh2ekxn

      I wish u guys have 10 million subscribers

    22. Ana Natad

      Vy and chad november 26 that is my birthday 😉😉😉😚😚

    23. johan mostert

      3:28 there was someone in the background

    24. Child kid888

      Hi Nate my name is Mia and just to let you know I hope you hit 10 million subscribers me you’re my only one and I am a small one I can’t do a video but is there a way that you could show me tricks I love you baby you’re the best and I love the spy ninjas I hope you and I get the call you or see you or something you are the best me

    25. Raixen mortera


    26. Raixen mortera


    27. Raixen mortera

      Me to

    28. Clyden Torres

      Ther is a hacker

    29. Kevin White

      Vy you are so sweet and beautiful and I love you from Hope

    30. Mayra Lucero

      You can do it vy we Believe you

    31. Mikaya Buttigieg

      Vy you're the best gamer

    32. Rihanna star


    33. Bella Mills-rothwell

      Fanzo was spying on you

    34. haunted dreams

      I'm such a big fan go to my KGup channel hunted dreams I explore like haunted houses near my house

    35. Sadie Smith

      haha vy

    36. Masindi Machaka

      I like vy

    37. Thertius Erlangga

      I think vy pressed alt f4 after geting the ball XD

    38. Sales Agent


    39. desykrisdiantin


    40. Rebecca Yardley

      Lol you gusy make my day ♡

    41. mr bob [white crew mate]

      5:26 *''bopeebotenyo''*

      1. Peter Medico


    42. Sadia Mehrban

      👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋

      1. Sadia Mehrban


    43. Lauren Villamelendez

      La jaca Was designed the video

    44. Tauhid Khan


    45. Yacqub Master

      Look there

    46. Brooke Sinclair

      I love Roblox and don’t wari I am sorry for you

    47. Emma Diamantes


    48. The kid Mir

      They creaping

    49. Eddie Ortiz

      Who is h

    50. Eddie Ortiz

      There’s a creepy blue Guy he’s very Creepy

    51. JasMarie Jackson

      Vyquaint on your biggest fan

    52. Tasha Smith

      My favorite Game is among us

    53. Tasha Smith

      And I’m subscribe to Chad wild clay and yours

    54. Alaya Bottomer


    55. Tasha Smith

      Can you give me a shout out

    56. Lavishka's Toy World

      Some Bani is speaking to you

    57. kalifa smith

      my fav game is roblox and my name on it is miaflowers23 whats your's v

    58. Hayaan Alam

      Love vy 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 she. My fav spy Ninja 🐣🐣🐣 tiny vy

    59. Rahaf Musa Al-J

      He was spying On you guys

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    62. Damon Varney

      I’m spying on you

    63. Cynthia De jesus

      The mystery is 542 I’m showing shakes

    64. Mohd Shah

      I subscribed and like,d your video 🕴️

    65. Mohd Shah

      I like your chanel

    66. Alyana Avril Viquiera

      o may g vy my be your are not the one for playing roblox and it is not your hobie just saying

      1. Alyana Avril Viquiera

        and just being honest

    67. Azaria Rose

      At the back of you some one was there before you play

    68. Cassandra Rago

      Someone was sneaking behind you I don't know who it was it was a person with a blue hoodie

    69. Zoe Cowen

      Somebody spying on you

    70. Zoe Cowen


    71. Megan Campbell


    72. Sharia Miah


    73. Omar Jussa

      The last vedio was hunted ghost is was so creapy I was tottaly creaped our...😰😰😰

    74. Shifa Zaman

      I love the spy ninjas so much 😍 I feel bad that they have t deel with project zorgo😒😒😟😟

    75. Isla Sophia


    76. Xenia Gamer

      Can i please play roblox with you guys I have not met youtubers in roblox

    77. Sandra Logijin

      I saw the blue shirt behind spying on you guys

    78. Kris Rosario

      /pin hello

    79. Kris Rosario

      By you bad at roblox



    81. Jabunnesa Tonny

      When you was doing the reflect game thingy I saw someone behind you that looks like Melvin

    82. Yeah boy Messi

      There’s someone in the background

    83. Poop Rainbow

      There was somebody spying on you at 3:45

    84. Pamela Rama

      I hard that Franz said to your raseing car a loser

    85. Pamela Rama

      No I really don't

    86. Pamela Rama

      I don't really like FRANZ

    87. Daunae Campbell

      The police was a hacker the police was a hacker so get back on the channel and police was the hacker

    88. Laura Luna

      I was somebody behind the trashcan when you guys were hitting the ballk

    89. Little snowman On a cake

      The flashbacks I went to the end of that obby

    90. Shafina Khan


    91. red kay. games

      Vy its ok ur playing on track pad its hard to play on track pad but if u try u can be pro

    92. Gemma Knapp

      Just try your best vy

    93. Ahlyea Guzman

      Vy can you play family blox it's really nice and I'm so in love in the game and I bet your gonna like it you can buy a house there is a pink house and a blue house and a yellow house and you can edit your avatar nd you can buy stuff from the gear shop and you can buy stuff from your robux and you can buy premium and the sword game i also played that.

    94. Siraj Ruqi

      Can u play minecraft please vy

    95. Jackie Ozane

      thay hade some one in the back groind

    96. Yvngwavy

      some one is spy on you

    97. Hiyoko saionji

      Ultimate- *danganronpa has entered the chat*

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    99. Kevin Hardman

      Just practice Vy its okay!

    100. Cheryl Broadnax

      Yes sir