Charli D'amelio CALLED OUT On LIVE TV For This?!, Zoe COMES FOR Charli?!, James Charles IN TROUBLE..

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    Charli D'amelio CALLED OUT On LIVE TV For This?!, Zoe COMES FOR Charli?!, James Charles IN TROUBLE..
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    1. Stoopsie Diary

      Wendy was SO correct tho....the hate was unnecessary....

    2. -jazz violets-

      Tbh if it's not your children it's not your business but at the same time why the girl posting about it ofc she is going to get some hate. It just doesn't make sense to me....

    3. BANG PINK


    4. Sofia Pino

      you mean Zoe Lagrooomer

    5. Og Sadity

      Wendy what did u do love 🙈🙉🙊😙

    6. Sienna Brown

      its the not knowing how to refresh a page for MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!. Since they are new followers they obviously have to refresh the page DAAAAAA

    7. Maddie

      Err, James didn’t lie tho

    8. Well that’s a situation :\

      The girl never said she wouldn’t love her kid if he wore a dress. She just said she didn’t want him to wear a dress. This girl has done nothing wrong, she has a right to her opinion and James shouldn’t have said anything. That’s my opinion about it.

    9. TropicalxWaves

      4:05 more like why does Zoe laverne still have a place on the earth

    10. Daisy S


    11. Daisy S

      I mean she's wrong about Char and her fam but she ain't wrong abt Tiktok-

    12. Jadah Wise

      Is no one gonna talk abt how Zoe spelled it "exstentions"💀💀

    13. Prem Kaur

      My opinion is she has no write to talk to a 16 year old

    14. Paris London

      Im bout to sue Wendy willams

    15. Hallie Ruck

      Can someone please tell me what smh is.

    16. Samantha F

      James is actually right that she shouldn't have kids she just clapped back at James because he had a valid point

    17. Livy Liv

      I love James but did he need to clap back at this girl and he is right and wrong because he could have gone past it and not said a word, but he is right because you need to let your kids to be who and what they want to be.

    18. Mountain Flower

      Okay? But kids don't know what they truly want because their brain isn't fully developed under 18, smh. Besides, it's her kid, she gets to decide how she wants to raise him until he's of age. James' comment started unnecessary drama tbh. Wouldn't it have been better to just ignore, and just accept how people want to live their own lifestyle? Spread positiveness instead of hate, it's not that hard -_-

    19. Ashii xx

      not me seeing the thumbnail and singing the tick tok song oh no, oh no, oh no no no

    20. Aaron Dsouza

      I think James did the right thing i mean let the kid be what he wants to be

    21. Deniesa Gidden

      Lmaaao 86 years old🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    22. •Lily Lion•

      I legit hate Zoe like stfu go groom that 13 year old

    23. •Lily Lion•

      I love these videos even though I don’t have tik tok lol

    24. Sauske

      i like charlie. hate dixie

    25. em ma

      You're not having a kid if you give yourself the right to dictate what they wear and how they express themselves because they're unique humans who will most definitely not share your same opinion not a doll or a mannequin you bought to sit there and look pretty by your standards

      1. The Fetus

        But it’s all religious belief and it’s funny how the Lgbtq and many supporters of them want to tell a parent how to run their house hold but if you tell the gay couple how to run their house hold then they get offended

    26. em ma

      Zoe lost her right to call out anyone the moment she decided that dating a toddler is okay

    27. Girly_x_gaming

      Anna last year:😌spills a cup ☕️ Anna this year:👁👄👁 Spills a hole kettle 🫖

    28. Miss Jam

      She sounds like my grandma lol

    29. Ziasia Teal

      I dont think it matters what age the person is if they did something wrong then should be called out but not bullied, theres a difference. I personally think its better for an adult to call them out because maybe they might actually listen and realize their in the wrong. But they should do it in a respectful way not bully someone. just my opinion

    30. Ella Ishya

      😐There can't be one day with-out drama on tik tok😒

    31. Ana's Chill Zone

      Ugh zoe Laverne is toxic SMH 💀👉👈 I hate zoe she's so ugh i can't °~° ugh I have no words 👉👈

      1. PEACHXPOP

        Ikr she is so cringe and she SHOULD be in jail

    32. lele woods

      She exaggerates way too much

    33. marie cruz

      Believe me many more people sided with the women who has her children, you don't tell people how to raise their kids . Learn to keep your opinion to yourself .

    34. Summerkplayss

      I miss old Tik tok we should make the rest of the year like old tik tok like the last year I miss so any things but so thong need to stop

    35. Miah Cruz

      The girl talking about I am not gonna let my son were a dress in my house Sorry but it doesn’t depend on what you want your son to wear your son can like make up your son can like nails your son can like anything he likes it’s not up to you you don’t control his life he doesn’t show what he wears well you do but if he wants to wear a dress he can work address if he wants to be like James Charles he’s gonna be like James Charles Charles

    36. Miah Cruz

      Zoe needs to get her life together she can’t be Shading Charlie all the time Charlie did nothing to her so Zoe needs to get a life

    37. Christy Jerome

      Why do we have a ✨Queen Oprah Winfrey✨ wannabe 🤮 attacking a 16 year old girl for what honestly the only way I remember her is the lady who talked about Michael Jackson too much and fainted

    38. staying gold

      6:05 yesssss queen jessi

    39. cxrtney

      i...she ain't have to call Wendy outtt like thattt LOL

    40. Mafe beingmafe

      6:05 jessi what are you doing there?

    41. Munira Gormy

      I tried it myself tho...i didnt believe others and its tru

    42. Connie Frosto

      8:09 IS THAT A HOBI STAN I SEE 👀👀

    43. Seriah Hernandez

      Wendy is right tho they only on tik tok for the drama

    44. kindly Kelly

      Wendy wasn't lying tho

    45. Marija Markoska

      Why does a 56 year old speaks about a 16 year old charlis live just begins every one makes mustakes

    46. Leslie Bryan Curvis

      I agree with James! LET KIDS EXPRESS THEMSELVES!!! I’m a child and my parents let me express myself!

    47. Leslie Bryan Curvis

      Video at the start: lady dropped baby in pool Me: haha this will be awesome video

    48. AyaN

      You just can’t say if a 50 years old can’t ‘drag’ or something to a 16 year old?.!?? Wendy lived more and seen more and know more what happen past and present and her way saying that really shows what she’ve seen.

    49. AyaN

      I agree with wendy, not about charlie. About the drama .

    50. Chocolate chip Kookies

      Any of the ARMYs here freaking out about the username that had Jhope and Hobi in it?💜💜

    51. Laura Sofia

      I hate when society expects ppl to just believe in the same thing like some ppl respectfully don’t agree with wearing opposite sex clothes that doesn’t mean the parents don’t love them as she said when he’s 18 he can do whatever so meaning he can be gay or trans or anything when he’s of age she is the parent of that child so she can do whatever she pleases as she’s prob the one whos spending money on her child

    52. Sophia Nunez

      LOL she really called Wendy Williams 86!!!!! HAHAHHAHA I LOVE UR VIDEOS ANNA OOP

    53. Its Cyn

      Isnt Charlie buying followers real tho, because I checked myself to see and when you go to her followers she doesn’t appear on their “following” some do and some don’t.

    54. rosetube

      OMG leave zoe tf alone

      1. rosetube

        no hate

    55. ilove_horse

      I Stan white james

    56. Meplayzroblox! Playzroblox


    57. LadyMiaaa

      James Charles is a✨Heather✨

    58. Kim lopez

      Wendy aren't u just asking for drama by now? 😐

    59. YT_RaullovesFNaF

      honestly I feel like that's not nice for a 56 year old to assault a young 16 year old.

    60. A

      Wendy ain't wrong though..... Don't shadow me for this ok?

    61. SuperBlueRock

      Wendy was doing her job, as she should and she’s being doing it since Charlie was literally in diapers or longer. But fact is, Wendy wasn’t wrong.

    62. Roblox with Lucy

      I don’t think Zoe was trying to stir up drama, I think she was just sticking up for herself. Like when Dixie posted the video dancing to Trisha saying the N word- she wasn’t doing that to stir up drama, she was just sticking up for herself :/

    63. Foxy Hey

      I think Wendy is a rude bitch and yeah she was crying because wouldn’t you if you where reading death threats

    64. Allena Way

      Oh my goodness...🙄 this is why I delete social media bc who cares

    65. Life with Niyah

      Do not call wendy a bully she literally spills tea that the reason for her show like your overreacting Wendy is doing her JOB

    66. Rose Rivero

      Wendy ain’t wrong LMFAO

    67. Leahs World

      Wendy can have her opinion that’s literally her talk show smh she can have her own opinion 😉

    68. •Sunshine• official

      Zoe is like the second peaches but shes' not psycho like peaches..

      1. Aniya McGrier howard

        Not even close to peaches💀

    69. Kuromi Dub

      I mean Wendy ain’t wrong- MY OPINION

    70. groceryjin

      As a member of ARMY @urhopejhop3 I Stan this kid

    71. dxsy

      She did buy her followers lmao

    72. Nimrah Khan

      8:43 not his name 😂😂😂

    73. Baddie Vibes

      bro. anna oop is so dramtic like shouldnt we should be cancelling you hunnyy.....(dont mind the spelling)

    74. Lauren Butler

      tbh wendy has a show about drama she needs to Shut up and mind her own buiness like girl

    75. Addison Melan

      As a TikTok, I agree that we start drama.

    76. Liddie-Lydia-San

      A CHILD should be able to choose how they dress and express there self, goddamn

      1. Regi thesilentgamer

        As bi person I think the lady is right the child is under her care and it is her right she didnt say not at all she said when he is of age

    77. Scarlet Contreras

      Do these people have school

    78. viviana salas

      It’s true what Wendy said

    79. viviana salas


    80. Kawaiikitty x3

      I dont blame the people who disliked ur the one being dramatic here and not her

    81. {[Sa'Niya Beaver]}

      wendy:KIds tHEse DaYs LivE fOr the DRAma me:aren't you a talk show host -_-

    82. Kiley Hagerman

      I unfollowed that lady bc of that video she posted on kids.

    83. Zeke Maddox


    84. Zeke Maddox


    85. ura whore

      ive always thought wendy was ugly and old since i was younger..ill never not think that LMAO

    86. AmazingWorldOf Gumball

      Wendy wasn’t wrong tho. So I’m not mad at her at all Edit: also wendy wasn’t bullying her.

    87. Ivanna Sofia V G

      Girl stop Charlie is not buying her followers oh my God😦

    88. Ruby P

      Honestly, James is 100% right I see where he coming from completely.

      1. The Fetus

        It’s all because of religion that’s all but people always want respect but never wanna give respect

    89. [{:XcrystalclearX:}]

      being famous iz the worst thing for me 😗

    90. [{:XcrystalclearX:}]

      Some people are just really problematic and clout has taken over their brains they don't want to get off the comment section even tho they don't belong in the app like be mature

    91. Maria Gounari

      I can't even imagine how would I be without this girl telling us the news about them

    92. Plush TrapYT

      Not james charles

    93. Toca world stories

      Ok wait he is right tho like LET YOUR KIDS DO WHAT THEY WANNA DO🙄toxic.


      Wendy has a point “TikTokers live for drama”

    95. caleb weber

      If drama was a person WENDY WILLIAMS

    96. Clorox Bleach

      Bruh Wendy Williams is literally a gossip show...her whole job is drama

    97. heavy on the crackhead energy

      Honestly, I agree with Wendy about Charli's parents. Do they really not see their child crying about death threats? Sometimes they really need to be present in their girls lives. What about dixie and charlie too? Theyre sisters(are they following eachother, I dont have these platforms for exactly this reason: drama) how come they never comfort or stand ip for eachother. Honestly, social media is just a mess-

    98. Love Bigmacs

      I think it is so pathetic that 56 year old woman is bulling a 16 girl and like sis she was reading death threats.

    99. kuromi

      is wendy lying about how tiktokers LOVE drama? no

    100. Ranou Bissoondath

      Zoe should mine her own business