Biden vs. Trump! Final Presidential Debate | Donald Trump Jr. and Sen Ted Cruz Guest | #CrowderMania


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    1. StevenCrowder

      What do you think? Who won the debate?

      1. zac3197

        Steven it has happened again, in Australia search 'steven crowder voter fraud' your search results have been moved down and there are slanderous videos before it. I do not think this is chance because its happened to you before. Goodluck sir, peace be upon you ❤💪 use vpn to check

      2. mistamista567

        Who won the debate? Subjective....but I know who won the election, and it wasn't rump. 😀👍🇺🇸

      3. DokkaBAE RPG

        Papa Trump

      4. Ijesse _

        Senator beau Biden

      5. TheDragonEmperor


    2. 777 TripleSeven

      Cruz has such a different energy. He learned alot from 2016

    3. Speedball Winter

      I don't understand why everyone still sticks up for Trump... He's an egocentric bully who hates losing and anything/anyone to do with it. He's splitting Americans where Biden wants to unite them and you don't see the problem? Like I genuinely don't understand why someone would support someone full of hate. Maybe because they have their own issues they want to project onto something through hate and anger towards certain groups?? Like I do understand he has helped the economy and given certain groups of people tax cuts but like is it worth it? To see America in the state it's in now? I've always wanted to move there some day because it is a symbol of hope and freedom, but now I don't wanna do that anymore...

      1. Avery Shawn

        Biden isn’t uniting us. Trump brings prosperity which unites us. You obviously don’t understand what makes American the great country it is. There is obvious voter fraud/ irregularities.

    4. zac3197

      Steven it has happened again, in Australia search 'steven crowder voter fraud' your search results have been moved down and there are slanderous videos before it. I do not think this is chance because its happened to you before. Goodluck sir, peace be upon you ❤💪 use vpn to check

    5. Bryce Irvin

      I hope Trump Jr. Runs for president either in 2024 or 2028.

    6. Donald C

      The one reason to consider suicide....Biden....I can't live under communist or socialist rule.

    7. Ronelle Stanton

      Biden should be in a nursing home not the white house. Get him out of politics. I would rather not have that creep in the white house.

    8. Ronelle Stanton

      I got swine flu when I was in 5th grade. I was sick 5-6 days. Most of the people in my class was sick. I hated it. 😠 I also hate how Biden is so negative 😤. We get enough of that on the news and at work. He needs to give us something. Trump is giving us a light at the end of the tunnel and Biden is acting like it's the black plague all over again.

    9. Taclo Escofart

      Damn...I thought I was gonna see sharks with laser beams on their head behind Trump jr. Doesn't even have a good signal.

    10. Lord Necrozome

      Hey steven youtube is tdying to keep people from searching change my mind. If you're being shadowbanned, conservative chanmels all over are getting fucked

    11. Juan Rodriguez

      This channel attracts idiots and it shows.

    12. Lisa Lassetter

      Biden is saying " put your head between your knees and kiss your a** goodbye

    13. Lisa Lassetter

      She was paid to go easy on ol Joe.

    14. Lisa Lassetter

      If Biden is president, I'm building a basement and moving in until the next election. GOD I hope he doesn't win. I love sunshine

    15. Lisa Lassetter

      The mask he's rubbing his hand all over? Not very sterile.

    16. Aaron Brincefield

      The bias of the moderator makes this hard to watch.

    17. Aaron Brincefield

      Why the fuck are taxes being brought up during a foreign policy debate?

    18. Aaron Brincefield

      Don Jr. should run in 2024. He’d have my vote.

    19. M. Craft

      an hour in on this rewatch and that bell has me nearly chugging. this growler is going dry tonight. two more bells as I typed this... WHY

    20. D.P. Ryan

      2020 divided by 666= 30330 ...Biden’s campaign text line

    21. Dizziemiss Lizzie

      Don Jr is a hottie 😉

    22. Jessica DuBois

      This will be great to share at future family gatherings 🥳💖

    23. remmi smisse

      can't operate at 25 percent capacity? well, it could if you lived in literally any other first-world country. you know, the ones with structures in place so during a pandemic, you don't have to choose: dying from disease or dying from starvation.

    24. Keith Mccray

      Biden Harris: trump is racist Also Biden Harris: responsible for more black incarceration than anyone🤔

    25. Clone199Trooper


    26. Clone199Trooper

      So, it's taking a business man to fix our economy, AND HE TOOK THE BULLET! Boy am I glad that I changed Political Parties.... god bless you Trump for taking the bullet for the COVID-19 vaccine

    27. Sasha Brown Pants

      Trump said they have a vaccine. Where is it?

      1. IDRAHAJE dan

        @Sasha Brown Pants Pfizer has come out with a vaccine that is 90% effective

      2. Sasha Brown Pants

        @IDRAHAJE dan where?

      3. IDRAHAJE dan

        It’s here! :)

    28. FallenAfterling


    29. Sean Burns

      HERE AFTER TRUMP LOST !!!!!💙❤️

      1. its cringe

        You do realize he didn't lose right, or are you just stupid?

    30. Joseph Wuttunee

      Were you aware that your friend Rudy likes to diddle his little willy on camera? A man so stupid that he literally got duped by BORAT and now he is duping you. You ready to lose the election Steven? It would be funny if it wasn't so damn pathetic. Face it Crowder your party is an antique of history. It's finally time to put that Grand Ol' Party Trophy on the shelf. This time for good.

      1. Austin Reichert

        Steven has already said that he will accept Biden as president when he is officially president, he even said it would be better for him in profits. But until he is officially president, we will fight to the end

      2. Ethan Macdonald


    31. lars venegas

      Alright what the f. happened to Crowder? He literally supports Trump, even doe there are a thousand reasons not to. Im not saying that biden is any better, but hes still the best and only option. Almost anything is better than trump.

      1. its cringe

        @lars venegas look at the whitehouse website and read through the list meanwhile good luck finding a list of biden doing nearly as much while he was in office for 47+ years also biden opposed trumps travle bans calling him xenophobic and a mask mandate is unconstitutional and if anything more fascist than trump ever could be

      2. lars venegas

        @its cringe at the same time he claims to have done thousands of other things that he didnt do, he told so many lies, the USA society is split like never before and most importantly he failed to do basic countermeasurments against covid. Biden at least wants to do those countermeasurments that trump refused to do, thats at the moment the most important thing.

      3. its cringe

        @lars venegas he has 47 years in office and has a list of accomplishments half the size of trump

      4. lars venegas

        @its cringe he has much more politician experience than trump and wants to change many things. Is he a racist ? Probably, is trump a racist? Probably. Both trump and biden shouldnt be presidents but since the USA has this terrible presidential "democracy" where only one guy rules everything, weve got to put our standards a little bit down and in this case biden is the better option.

      5. its cringe

        how is Biden the best option with his terrible tax plan and also clear racist tendencies.

    32. Mischa Chan

      I like Don Jr and Don.. hope DT wins again

    33. Suzanna Coleman

      30:40 is where it's at

    34. Zeus

      trump jr is actually great. thats my first time seeing him

    35. Joseph O'Hara

      ABOUT the minimum wage being 15. I am an EMT and make 14 an hour. but because of St. Louis's minimum wage shit, a pizza delivery driver makes more than me. because you increase the minimum wage does not mean everyone gets a pay raise

    36. Blaze9516


    37. Blaze9516


    38. Andres Cruz

      Trump 2020

    39. Ana

      2:05:55 is where Trump talks about the climate thing by "aoc + 3". Priceless

    40. Tyler Gibson

      Trump just sat up there and abused Biden. This is one of the best debates I've ever seen from Trump. Biden had answers for nothing and when he did have an answer it was a lie. TRUMP 2020!!!!!

    41. YO_Harp

      Why at 1:26:26 Steven sounds like Obama? 😂😂

    42. Vincent Ferreira

      Remember when Al Gore said that the Earth would be destroyed in 10 years...14 years ago? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

    43. Mak Carolin

      Steven, you’ll never read this, but I just want you to know that I deeply hate you and everything that comes out of your mouth in this video is utter crap and it is terrifying that your garbage show is what American conservatives like to watch and support

    44. Dax

      And the laptop gets brought up, I can't see how Trump can lose.

    45. Dax

      Biden looks like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.

    46. Hamcat

      that reminded me of southpark's douche election. technically both were bad, but honestly biden sounds like a puppet filled with empty promises even worse than trump's not so guaranteed news. what's worse is biden's cryptic language. it's pretty hard to understand what he means most of the time.

    47. Dax

      I'm very impressed with Donnie Jr's reasoning and arguments, if I ever immigrate away from Britannia then I'll go to Texas and vote for Cruz and the Trumps.

    48. pvaituu

      How can we get the trump song in the beginning of this show?

    49. Caleb Lim

      “I’ll shut the virus down, not the country.” What? What did he...what?

    50. Caleb Lim

      I distinctly remember the media lambasting Trump for closing the US to China early in 2020, when my country, Singapore, was also doing it. And now Biden claiming he would’ve closed the borders earlier. Fool.

      1. VanTesla

        Pelosi and Biden where even by end of March saying Trump shouldn't closed China... Pelosi taking a page from politicians in France and Italy who advocated to hug a random Chinese person up to that point... Mind the sentiment without said context isn't bad to be friendly with strangers... But the fact they said this to their own constituents to try bringing some racial tensions and obfuscate the pandemic themselves... Seriously at this point many in our own government are way worse than any foreign interference or manipulation. I'm sure that is no different for many current Nations as well given the political and social turmoil seems to touch everything currently... I hope for all people no matter said Nation they get sooner than later the right people in office. So there can be a more general positive term in our lifetime. Not going to hold my breath on that fantasy though...

    51. skateractics

      This feels like it happened a year ago

    52. Tremaine Kelly

      Biden's standing there like: Any foreign country who interferes with our election will pay a price (Directly to my campaign...)

      1. Gwreed

        Lol true

    53. Kingston The Curious Cutie


    54. Bam bamboozledly

      Further proof Joe Rogan should have moderated the debate. Huuuge missed opportunity. Irony intended.

    55. Austin Restovic

      Trying to find where it was that Biden said Blacks/minorities need to be on food stamps, can the comment section help me out?

    56. Billy O1

      Old mmmmmm the shut down is for the rich to get richer the poor getting poorer sick

      1. its cringe

        The rich dont get rich without the middle or lower class making money also lmaoo do you not understand economics?

    57. Billy O1

      If the core isn't made way is trump standing beside him stupid

    58. DXdombiekiller

      i love Michigan born and raised its a beautiful friendly state but i hate mayor witless and her idiotic entitled liberal moron supporters

    59. Michael Leary

      1:04:30 Fact Checkers United This is why I respect Steven Crowder as a journalist. Proof a Canadian can be an American, or Macho Man Randy Savage, if he feels like it 🇺🇲 Wait did he just say "Abercrombie ethnic" 😦 holy shit man, I take it back, You are a Canadian 🇨🇦

    60. yourbadday89

      Listening to Biden talk about Trump doing business with china is just hilarious

    61. Permaculture Ecuador

      I vote for Trump and im pro-choice for vaccines.. lol

    62. Alyssa Simon

      Donald Trump Jr. for president 2024❤️🇺🇸

    63. Jessica Tungate

      Steven EXCELLENT point about this moderator's techniques being more subversive and I'm seeing now, insidious. I DIDNT know half of what I was missing until rewatching this with you guys commentating. Bravo

    64. Cub Notch

      Blues can do reds might lose

    65. Gary Gordon

      This moderator is disgusting. So one sided.

      1. Hippios

        @N. Bojangle that's not the reason why she's biased. Look at the follow ups she asked trump vs Biden

      2. N. Bojangle

        Yeah doesn’t let trump talk over anyone so biased

    66. Gary Gordon

      Start at 58 minutes and listen to Biden. Over Steven... he basically said we need to do something about the number of children people have.

    67. Reverend Veritas

      Ted Cruz says there should be unlimited corporate / big donor money in politics. He wants unlimited corruption in our system because he thinks the First Amendment applies to buying out politicians; when a business gives tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to a politician that's not bribery - That's just them "supporting" free speech. Yeah right, Ted, maybe YOU just like being bribed as a mouthpiece for corporate propaganda.

    68. Seanut Butter Bramwich

      Biden is so openly racist But the only way to get votes is too be a good person so he pretends Trump does what he says hes realistic unlike the Liberals who want your money and power the liberals are so oblivious If you hear someone is bad or racist you believe it instantly Republicans look for facts the liberals could do anything but if they say its to protect people you buy it Unreal look for the facts Biden litterely keeps saying racist bull crap he just said all black people are on foodstamps play it back omgosh

    69. canebro1

      Trump responds: Moderator talks over him Biden responds: Moderator immediately shuts up The media is the enemy of America

    70. Jessica Bailey

      I just need a spa treatment center.

    71. April C

      Wow! This was an amazing town hall, Trump did so good! If the voter fraud doesn't wreck everything and Trump gets back in as president I would love if he fought to take Alberta as another State, hahaha

    72. Desmond Blythe

      This videos need to be shared! SHARE PEOPLE! SHHHAAARRREEE!

    73. W K

      I am really excited for the election night and buying lots of donuts and wine

    74. Duquette Beats

      I didn't wear a mask in 2020 why in the hell would I consider one into 2022.lmao give me a break. Coronavirus is the next terrorist game for the crooked political parties.

    75. Duquette Beats

      There's decaffeinated brands that are just as tasty lmao.

    76. Jade Wayne

      Kamala getting foil tin panned in the face made me chortle out loud.

    77. Jerky

      I am a big fan of crowder and his views, I have been supporting the channel for years now but I really dislike how he spoke over almost everything Biden said, and not at all when trump spoke. I support trump by the way.

      1. Gabrielle Oliveira

        I agree. Even the way crowder spoke was immature. I am also a big fan, but thought it was somehow very annoying.

    78. Devon Miller

      why does she keep telling Trump that they have many questions and they need to move on but when Biden speaks he can talk as much as he likes with absolutely zero interruption!!!???

    79. Patryk kuś

      Im from Poland currently living in the UK, Im following the US closely rooting for Trump Massively, Western Europe is becoming a NeoMarxist state compared to the USSR, I feel persecuted on a daily for wanting Freedom of Speech for everyone here, My Grandparents did not Fight for Democracy in Poland against The Soviet tirrany in the 80s just so The EU can Became the same thing 20 years later, Trump is keeping Poland safe From Russia by moving the US military from Socialist Germans that are actually best Buddies with Putin over to Poland, If Biden wins who knows it would be quite possible that Russia could invade Ukraine and Poland , and of course our brilliant "Allies from the western Europe" would leave us stranded again. TRUMP 2020 !!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🌎🇵🇱🇵🇱

    80. Wyatt Piersall

      I like how welker actually said FORMER VP unlike everyone else

    81. This Guy

      Ted Cruz quoting Real Genius just became my favorite politician

    82. kirk0respite

      Biden Harris: trump is racist Also Biden Harris: responsible for more black incarceration than anyone🤔

      1. N. Bojangle

        Um Reagan and Nixon say hi

      2. Nullpointer

        Do as I say not as I do

    83. I’m Gone


      1. its cringe


    84. MTPatriot1787

      2:05:06 Biden is a moron...for so many reasons, but his statement that he will CREATE millions of jobs (on any policy or for any reason) is a blatant lie. (18.6 million jobs) Government creates NOTHING. They steal from the producers to imitate production and ingenuity. The idea that we should trust 535 people with not only our national trust, but our future, is disturbing on so many levels. We need to make a nationwide "none of the above" option. THAT will get people to vote.

    85. MTPatriot1787

      Biden just went MAN=BEAR=PIG..."....the earth is going to boil over in the next 4-8 years if we don't do my policieeeeeeeees." FFS

    86. MTPatriot1787

      1:37:40 Biden got his "recovery act" $800 billion and $145 billion went to ACTUAL local communities. Where did the rest go exactly? That's $655 BILLION dollars not accounted for under Biden.

    87. MTPatriot1787

      I spent a lot of time in south Korea. No one there is worried about NK. Why is that the biggest foreign issue question for this debate? Because there aren't any other issues? FFS. In all seriousness, NK isn't even our problem. If we haven't armed and trained SK well enough in the last 60 years, then THEY have failed. Anyone with a brain and knowledge knows that it's nothing more than geopolitical positioning. Meanwhile, we are still in the middle east. WHY? FOR WHAT REASON?

    88. TheJudasrising86

      jesus when did he start to think come on is a catchy thing to say

    89. MTPatriot1787

      How is the idea of any party "packing the court" acceptable? What it is saying is that the Judicial branch of our government is no longer an independent leg of our 3 legged stool. We already have an over reaching central government that oversteps its bounds on every level. The last thing we need is the executive and legislative branches dictating to the 3rd what they should and will be doing. FFS.

    90. Denis natanov

      Joe* huh! what where am I *biden

    91. MTPatriot1787

      I am all for Ted Cruz's proposal for debates going forward. Primary and general election debates. I think we might actually find some substance in them instead of lip service.

    92. C4Mburg3rs Workshop

      I'm gonna be honest here, I'm not from the US. but seriously, any American who is considering voting for Biden, please don't... this bumbling idiot is doing nothing but fear mongering. dont make the same mistake we made in NZ and vote an incredibly left leaning government back in that has practically bankrupted the country by overreacting to this covid stuff. the land of the free must remain free...

      1. its cringe

        @K R if trumps entire platform is fear mongering why is the left constantly saying the world is in trouble with trump in charge how come Al gore said the world would end in 10 years... 14 years ago how come the left is constantly trying to call trump supporters cult members and Neo Nazis it is blatant ignorance to call Trumps side the fear mongering side

      2. Hippios

        @K R kamala just released a Marxist ad on Twitter lmao. Keep supporting them if you want this country to become a 3rd world shithole

      3. K R

        Trumps entire platform is fearmongering. He does little other than tell his fan base how the other side plans to strip them of their rights and values. I’m sick of him. He’s divisive and and terrible. I’d never call Biden someone worthy of being president, but I consider him the lesser evil

    93. Josh Solders

      Gotta say, that this moderator wasn't even pretending to be unbiased. This is beyond embarrassing for the last debate of this presidential election. Anyone who takes Biden serious after this malarkey is retarded. 1:49:11 When he said this, I was like, "You shouldn't have to teach your kids this. This is common sense. You show the officer respect. If you aren't showing the officer respect, there's a good chance harm will come to you. If you don't get that, then you don't understand much about the real world. Its not just blacks who do this stuff, its everyone, Joe."

    94. Jacob Sayre

      You gotta' talk every time the idiot speaks?

    95. Jacob Sayre

      Wonder why cops are wary of black people? Hmmmmmmmm.

    96. Jacob Sayre

      Could you be concise?

    97. Julian Barriga

      Ted Cruz needs to run again after Trump gets 2020.

    98. Viking Ghost 117

      Omg that WWF skit intro 30:42 was perfect!

    99. It’s a Pearson

      Joe Biden just keep dropping the soap and trumps taking advantage of it

    100. leroy podunk

      I hope yall keep on makeing great videos because politics can be boring and yall make it fun btw been watching since 900,000 subs