Alexa Bliss joins the “Firefly Fun House”: Raw, Oct. 19, 2020


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    Bray Wyatt can’t wait to make new friends on Monday Night Raw, including Alexa Bliss. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. #WWERAW
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    1. la familia G y V

      Alexa is so black

    2. Valentina Cholico

      why do you look like a evil dollAlexa bliss

    3. Chairman Meow

      he reminds me of alex jones sooo much lol

    4. david hart

      She shud definitely play Harley Quinn

    5. Aubree Wilkins

      You can't because you're evil

    6. Lauryn Gillion


    7. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Alexa vs Nikki - Chairs match Steel cage match Firefly Fun House match

    8. Jamie Baxter

      The firefly funhouse song is just amazing

    9. Παυλος Νατσης

      Love Bray Wyatt - Alexa bliss

      1. Lautaro Martinez inter

        Alexa + Bray/ The Fiend 👍👏😈👑😘😍🔥💰

    10. Neeraj Nagpal

      The Doremon cartoon

    11. Lareeb Khan

      Firefly fun house with Alexa bliss

      1. Lautaro Martinez inter

        Awesome 😍😘👍👏

    12. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Ryan Cabrera is the luckiest man in the World. 😍😘💟👑👏👍💒💐💎💍 Alexa Bliss is a Megastar, Talented, Strong, Beautiful, Determined, Fantastic and Adorable.

    13. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Alexa vs Asuka for Raw Women's Championship

    14. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Stable: Alexa- Raw Women's Championship The Fiend- WWE Championship Bo Dallas and Strowman -Tag Team Championship

    15. Lautaro Martinez inter

      I love Alexa

    16. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Raw: Alexa vs Nikki/ Raw: Alexa vs Lacey Survivor Series: Alexa Attacks Asuka Raw: A Moment of Bliss Alexa Attacks Asuka TLC: Alexa vs Asuka

    17. Davide Matera

      Alexa Sexy Bliss vs Asuka Raw Women's Championship

    18. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Bliss and Bray vs McIntyre and Nikki Bliss and Orton vs McIntyre and Nikki Bliss and McIntyre vs Orton and Nikki.

    19. Nicholas Ramos

      I am happy for Alexa Bliss She is always entertaining

    20. Midnight Dawn

      Bray Wyatt looks so clean

    21. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Who's the best I like: Alexa in The Firefly Fun House Comment: Alexa Dark Lady

    22. glorfac

      Is there *sauce* to be found?

    23. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Alexa Bliss vs Charlotte Survivor Series 17

    24. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Sexy and Beautiful Bliss Alexa vs Asuka for Raw Women's Championship

    25. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Alexa and Bray vs Nikki and McIntyre.

    26. Stephen Mwaniki

      Oh so hilarious


      There is only 2 things I'm looking at and they soft and round and amazing and squeezable

    28. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Alexa 4 Raw Women's Championship Alexa vs Asuka.

    29. Lautaro Martinez inter

      1:25. Alexa. 👏👍👑😈🔥💟😘😍😳💜💛💚

    30. Lautaro Martinez inter

      I love Alexa. 💜💛💚

    31. Cycling CMDR

      Fire Fly Fun House > Cocomelon

    32. EMILY harley Quinn fan


    33. Lautaro Martinez inter

      next episode Alexa dressed as a sexy Vampire o sexy witch.

    34. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Alexa and Bray the beauty and the Beast Chucky (Bride of Chucky) The purifiers of “The night of judgment Pennywise

    35. Lautaro Martinez inter

      1:22 1:25 1:26 1:27 1:28 1:29 1:30 1:31 1:32 1:33 1:34 1:35 1:36 1:37 1:38 1:39 1:40 1:41 1:42

    36. Squinch

      What if the fiend isn’t trying to destroy retribution What if he’s trying to save them from there own destruction

      1. LifeWithSteph

        Oooo plot twist!!

    37. Nageshwar Sah

      Big big big fan the fiend

    38. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Alexa vs Asuka Alexa vs Nikki Cross Alexa vs Lacey Evans Alexa vs Mia Yim

    39. G-Han Bax

      Took me a year to find out that his fiend mallet is actually a reference to the Bludgeon Brothers.

      1. Marc DiMartino

        Oh my gosh, I forgot about them. Thanks for pointing that out, really cool.

    40. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Alexa is adorable, cute, sexy. Beautiful Bliss. Alexa 4 Raw Women's Championship.

    41. spencer brown

      Love how bliss never gets boring shes always relevant.

      1. Billy Joe

        as a face, she got pretty stale, luckily Bray helped her to get back on track

      2. Jeremy James

        Alexa is my favorite

    42. Bink de wit

      This is the reason wy iam watch wwe


      Alexa bliss is the best female performer since Aj Lee....


      the only reason shes with bray wyatt is because her career is in the toilet

    45. redrose121123

      The best storyline in a long time

    46. Riad Bro

      23 second erick rowans mask

    47. General Skywalker

      Lmao remember when Bray was Husky Harris?

    48. sehhi vooty

      Woweyoye 😂😂😂😂

    49. Jamie Baxter

      Alexa looks so fit like 🤣

    50. Miguel Perez

      Wwe running out of ideas!!!!

      1. sehhi vooty


    51. Luis Rivera

      it looks like he is not mean to her

    52. Zombiewolf 96

      Boogey man should join the funhouse

    53. HIMESPIT

      Now THIS how you do a Harley Quinn-esque angle. I still can't believe he really cheated on his wife, he wouldn't have been so cute otherwise.

    54. Charles' Classic Commercials

      Alexia is an amazing actress . Forget about WWE and go Hollywood.

    55. MedelNoir 803

      Maybe Alexa Bliss turns into Annabelle.

    56. Stefan Griffin

      Bray is a GENIUS. This feels like early 90s WWF and I’m all about it.

    57. Chris Dropulich

      This is my favorite story line with Alexa Bliss since she came to the main roster, she is already the Harley Quinn of WWE, but her joining Bray Wyatt is incredible in my opinion she plays the part so well. And they have great chemistry.

    58. Debapriyo Mukhopadhyay

      Best thing of the Monday night raw!! Please wwe don't ruin it. I'm enjoying it,weeks after weeks!!!! Though I'm missing Alexa as a singles wrestler, Still!!!!

    59. -A-C B-L

      Is that DX?

    60. Diego Domingues

      Morta viva

    61. JoeBananas888

      This dudes a dork needs to just go back to bray wyatt

    62. Nobody

      Me when Bray comes over: "Alexa, let him in."

    63. Swagg Killer


    64. Damar Aditya


    65. Daniele Lunardi

      I don't think Bray Wyatt is now a face just because he attacked the Retribution and Randy Orton

    66. Gaming Is Fun


    67. Jaswinder Singh

      Alexa is the future hollywood star💓💓🔥🔥🔥😘😘

    68. thegoodplayer ken

      Looks bray wyatt is not realy bad because his good for kids

    69. SkiLL INDIA zone

      Poor miss bliss you can't become like harley quinn.... so stop doing stupid things

    70. Naomi Pacheco


    71. Filmography Within

      The Firefly Funhouse is having A Moment of Bliss.

    72. MasterJTLS

      It would be funny if Alexa just sat in one place in firefly fun house and Bray just says things like "Alexa set an alarm for 6am", "Alexa what is the time in London right now?", "Alexa how old is Beyonce?" And "Alexa are you working for the government?". Alexa can then just respond with facts or what she found on the web. Maybe I shouldn't be giving Vince ideas.

    73. MasterJTLS

      I don't care what anyone says Bray is still the best character in WWE. Screw that Goldberg victory I like to put it down as non-cannon like most things at those Sadi shows. I pretend it never happened. I love this pairing of him and Alexa Bliss. The Joker finally has his Harley Quinn. Alexa was getting stale in that role but she has fully embrace this new character. I love the new look and I can't wait to see what they do together in the future. Bray has amazing character work and both of them are great talkers. Now they can together mess with both male and female wrestlers. When the crowds return if they are still together the crowd will turn them into massive faces and hopefully more gold will come for the two of them and when I say gold I don't mean bloody Goldberg again. WWE you have a good thing here and you have a chance to breathe fresh air into these two good performers' characters. So please for the love of God don't screw this up!

    74. Brian Mowday

      Bray Wyatt and AJ Styles are the only reasons I watch WWE at this point. I love this storyline, Bray and Alexa both seem to be having as much fun with it as we are.

    75. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Alexa and the Fiend vs Asuka and Orton 👍👏🙏

    76. Kovu Lion

      Oh hm... Are they gonna set up a Kane / Undertaker brother feud with real life brother Bo Dallas and Fiend?

    77. Jeremy Salto

      He is such an idiot

    78. Leonta Kemp

      He coming after randy

    79. mack

      i stopped watching wwe for a while because i thought it was kinda starting to get boring but i might come back for this 👀

    80. Nobody

      I can’t tell if bray is fat or jacked

      1. qopoy dnon


    81. Reginald King

      They are the Joker and Harley Quinn of WWE.

      1. qopoy dnon

        Atleast Alexa getting better with the fiend

    82. Angel Hdz

      The fiend vs Randy Orton for the WWE champion?

      1. Afi James

        Yes, HE is seeking revenge for what randy did.

    83. arthur king

      I really thought they should have used Liv but Alexa is doing an awesome job and is really filling the role very well.👿

    84. NovaCaneKills11

      Hey that's not Liv Morgan

    85. ceerw buty

      Yep it's confirmed Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss are the joker and Harley Quinn of WWE. I just noticed the fact that she's wearing the Freddy Krueger attire

    86. NOVA GH

      Alexa has gone full on horror, and I love it.

    87. Sean Park

      0:29 foreshadowing a match with Randy.

    88. Danzo is gay

      Let Me In

    89. Nicholas Jackson

      I think the fiend is going to make WWE a lot better The fiend it’s like the best character that could’ve ever been put in the WWE

      1. ceerw buty

        WWE RAW for Kids 👍

    90. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Sexy, Hot, Awesome, Beautiful, Cute, Phenomenal, Fantastic, Perfect. 🔥😍😘👍👏👑💯💍💎💐💒

    91. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Five Feet of Fury Goddess in the Bank The Goddess of WWE The Harley Quinn of WWE Little Miss Bliss Ms. Money in the Bank The Wicked Witch of WWE

    92. Lautaro Martinez inter

      Five Feet of Fury Goddess in the Bank The Goddess of WWE The Harley Quinn of WWE Little Miss Bliss Ms. Money in the Bank The Wicked Witch of WWE

    93. Manchester united

      His going after randy Orton

    94. Will Sacana

      this guy is the demon who faced retribution

    95. Lautaro Martinez inter

      when Alexa knocks on the door and it's not yours

    96. vin esh

      Atleast Alexa getting better with the fiend

    97. Marcus Finnerty


    98. adam pruitt

      I want Little Miss Beautiful Sexy Alexa Bliss to LET ME IN!! LOL 😆

      1. Lautaro Martinez inter

        Five Feet of Fury Goddess in the Bank The Goddess of WWE The Harley Quinn of WWE Little Miss Bliss Ms. Money in the Bank The Wicked Witch of WWE

      2. Lautaro Martinez inter

        I love Alexa Bliss

    99. Master Game

      is this Harley quinn costom or what?

    100. Lou Cipher

      Firefly Fun House just turned into *Firefly F$$K House*