Minecraft, But Mobs Drop OP Items...


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    Minecraft, But Mobs Drop OP Items... (Challenge)
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    This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, MOBS DROP OVERPOWERED ITEMS! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This one got really intense.
    #MinecraftBut​ #MinecraftChallenge #Minecraft

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    1. Eklavya Ahuja

      You have the amazing intro

    2. Alma Goren

      omg its op

    3. MA 2030Paxtian

      When he put his Eleytra on his cape said oooo

    4. andres muhlia

      You are the Word futuber

    5. alexander sebastian cajayon ang

      ME TOO

    6. Ronino McDougall

      bUt WiSp YoU mADe A dIaMoNd ShOvEl!

    7. Sendrive Boi

      Does anybody know how e made the upgrade thingy

    8. Sendrive Boi

      No you look good without the mask

    9. Jordan Rutledge

      I ♡

    10. Millennium God

      The ad just rickrolled my when I clicked on this video 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    11. Beau and river YouTube channel

      You look cool when your mask is off

    12. Sam Bannon

      Why did he make a sword he didn’t even use it

    13. Shiv Kumar

      How about animals in Minecraft drop over power tool

    14. BlueNinja Boy


    15. Lorna Grice

      Wisp: iv only been here fo

    16. Marisha Rabago

      Do Minecraft but every 60 seconds you get something random

    17. mirsad kadic

      Make it a serie

    18. Happy Harry



      how to get this mod?

    20. legit proe

      Bro can i have link of datapack pls

    21. Ryan Tucker

      1:40 i would usually do that if i had a lot of diamonds lol

    22. Ryan Tucker

      0:54 XD

    23. Ednosuck

      Me: he made a useless axe Wisp: it's not useless Me: ...

    24. henry taylor

      i have 4 billion fireworks ;)

    25. Sam Yang

      dream fan

    26. Fun Media

      hey in da game of real there is nothing like sharpness 10 or da number 10 in enchanment book

    27. Ultimate Content Bug

      This is the mod fake speedrunners use.

    28. Ultimate Content Bug


    29. Henry Ojaokomo

      Wisp and Biffle are pretty similar as they always cover their faces

    30. #the__ Best

      Wisp doesn’t realize that he is literally carrying lockdown

    31. Lazar Aleksic

      No no no no no no gad eppls

    32. ASHER SETH

      0:54 your face!!!

    33. Ynter 704

      how to do it?


      please mod donwload

    35. el gacha

      Me sees wisp without a mask:I Thought this Was wisp who this?

    36. DubSki


    37. Timothy Turak

      Tq wips I subrib your videos


      Give me the mod plese

      1. Edrix Gaming

        Y ES THE MOD

    39. bofooit gojo

      Fun fact: None of us have finished this video yet

    40. Exility Gamez

      that Ariel duel was cool

    41. Ashjun Johnny

      Nice shovel I like it

      1. bofooit gojo

        Wisp: 10:48 Also Wisp: 12:48

    42. Lactoosi Paloozi

      You’re on the road to success not to 2 million?

    43. Anjali Ghongale

      Big fan wisp

    44. spxrrkyy

      How can I play this

    45. Unikiki Playz

      the 900 people who disliked had their screen flipped upside down. so the dislikes don't count.

    46. goomishyoda

      How many times did he say I’ve done it? I only know it was a LOT

    47. Frindjinny6

      Minecraft but your bad at the game and need a crutch

    48. Max K

      fourtune 10 on the axe, hello

    49. Jpw 125

      famous words spoken by a true man "why cant i hit her"

    50. Nathan Mol

      legends say he is still living the dream

    51. Unknown Light

      Imagine you kill a spider and get bane of arrhropods 💀

    52. Liam Natochy

      I've never seen someone so eager to find mobs...

    53. Sam Cliff

      Did anyone else notice the blue thing in the dirt on the left side 2:21.3 before the wood planks?

    54. InfiniteApples

      bruh what mod is this

    55. BIG BOY Skits


    56. BIG BOY Skits


    57. Minh Nguyen

      Why does he not have a shield?

    58. allyssarivera312

      Mans beat Minecraft in 20 mins😂

    59. Ghost12

      why would u put fortune on a shovel you could've been swimming in diamonds

    60. NeoDynamic

      I can’t wait for people to call him a dream Stan because he is using a axe and criting the mobs 😐

    61. Ghost12

      i kinda like it without the mask

    62. Jonathan Herbert

      why would u make a dimd shovel

    63. BOT• MiLo

      No one: Wisp: has insanely good stuff, “Can I do it?”

    64. Макс Хеллсайд

      Dream luck xD

    65. ClizixThunder 2


    66. Nisha S

      you are cute without your mask

    67. George Ferminky

      The brave airplane synthetically bubble because jasmine intialy puncture pace a little water. wicked, zesty lumber

    68. Jamie Madden

      I saw the faze logo when went in the nether

    69. Rohan Williams

      He is a dream and a tapL

    70. Mindils95

      how do you download thsi mod?

    71. RyuTheSadSnowman

      Minecraft face reveal

    72. Eshan Gagguturi


    73. MAdhavi LAtha

      Poor wisp he should have flied the direction of the eye of ender instead of walkingbfor some distance

    74. Video Game Challenger

      dude you MUST add power and punch 20 ( cuz u have TOO MUCH power and punch 10 books )

    75. bowen voowy

      Hmmmm, Interesting XP number you were on at the end...

    76. Mitko Damqnchev

      Wisp l am your bigest fan

    77. Fernanda Jasso

      why diamond shovel

      1. bowen voowy

        Should be retitled to Minecraft but I freak out over every mob I kill

    78. Elyrb Selapat

      Ddduuuudddeee ur luck is so insane

    79. gurwinder singh

      Nood nood


      You copeed other people like tapl

    81. Carlson tjahyana

      Wisp: and without eating any Notch apples 11:29 : "Am I a joke to you?"

    82. Maximo Tarazona



      i"m Done With Subs Lol

    84. Za'vayah Cutler

      me:no that was a cute face my mom: more like ugly

    85. i i

      How do you get it so the caves light up

    86. huu nguyen quy

      The literate editorial logistically spell because eye outstandingly plug alongside a entertaining fragrance. dynamic, awful patio

    87. zeze rubio

      The taboo david unquestionably interfere because drill simplistically muddle midst a married deodorant. elfin, boorish editor

    88. King BoZo LEGEND


    89. William Liu

      r u sure this is even a challenge any more? LOL

    90. Gillian Telling

      I will kill because you made the Sunil

    91. Aaron Woods

      I'm living on notch apples me not good enough screw an elytra

    92. Uniwolf

      Wisp: SHES NOT DEAD Me: dude she hurt u from explosion damage

    93. Draoonpo g

      Should be retitled to Minecraft but I freak out over every mob I kill

    94. Cant_see_blue

      For a sec I thought this was gonna be one of those UHC videos until he started beating the game

    95. The Cat Next Door

      Until he throws one to many eye of enders away lmao

    96. klvin loknauth

      Welp wisp face reveal

    97. Graceme123

      Legit fake dream. Lol. He has the same into (no hate)

    98. Donatello Boy

      This is the dream more like you are dream

    99. Donatello Boy

      His mask oh no identetie

    100. prankdemon

      please give me this seed PLEASE