Project Hazel | World's Smartest Mask


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    Introducing Project Hazel, the world's smartest mask. Designed to provide a safe, social, sustainable, comfortable, and personalized experience, this mask ensures the highest degree of safety with the best quality of life enhancements. Face the new normal with protection that’s far from average:
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    1. Frostbite

      Finally I can strap a pc on my face

    2. Car TM

      That's cool and all but can you please make a wireless cheap keyboard

    3. Alexander Sommerer

      i like the project but i would like it more to have not transparent mask

    4. E P

      so wassup

    5. MrIkon

      All I Want Is Razor give back mrbeasts money

    6. Sam O'Connell

      Now I can breath in 60fps

    7. fe4r doggo

      When will we be able to buy it

    8. Time Navigator

      Plandemic** Scamdemic**

    9. Taqey NINJA

      Who else checked if this was on april?

    10. En3rgy Sleety

      i Really hope that razer makes this

    11. Sumedha Ranganath

      Game streamers trend... I mean not for safety..

    12. Captain Chris Sherwood

      So like when yall

    13. Arush Dubey

      Yay I will play outdoor gaming with this

    14. Sherine Tai

      damn sick dude il buy it

    15. o-o-o ;-;

      mais e ai vai posta kk

    16. Araxiel el prro

      awebo banda, voy a poder respirar a 160 fps

    17. Æilert Argenthorne

      Demon Slayers when they find a mask that let's them breathe:

    18. OstravaBonGamez

      So does it come with graphics card amplifier

    19. bot owner

      is this real or a joke?

    20. M A R K II

      Plot twist : ears are gonna feel heavy with this type of strap and comfort tip : try to make a lock in mechanism that goes all the way around so that adjusting would be easier and looks gonna be better plus your ear is not gonna feel the same way as a heavy mask👍😁 Now if you add this it's gonna be 💯% smartest mask till now😂

    21. Big

      Just saying. If they don’t release this. This is very scummy. Making a mask during a global pandemic. But never making it. 😐

    22. Zarate Ignacio

      barbijo con lucesitas xd

    23. JasonHill

      Make it opaque. Some of us want to be ugly in peace.

    24. NB술TWICEU

      Smarter than me :(

    25. Furious wolf

      how much will it be

      1. PETTER

        50 dollars

    26. Lubna Zeeshan

      Yay gaming mask I wish I could buy it

    27. Sam Wong

      So ugly

    28. Saeed Ahmed Khan

      It is 150 bucks

    29. Andika Rachman

      It would be cool if it have the option to not be transparant, you know like maybe the have an app companion in which you could choose the look, probably in the next gen.

    30. A common man

      sneeze 🗣️💨🤢

    31. Gud :3

      With this,you can breath at 120 FPS.

    32. Shounak Ghosh

      That background sounds is interfering with what he is saying, let either one be clear, the song or the fella speaking!

    33. IU AniTV

      Joke: Now we use mouth to play game, no more hands.

    34. 취미로 요리하는학생

      How much is it?

    35. Katelyn Horan

      im sorry thats so ugly

    36. Ry Arroyo

      how do we download RGB chroma for our masks

      1. 48kGoat

        Probably an app

    37. Prof. cheesy

      Can you make it glasses friendly

    38. SOVA 123

      If you dont want anyone to look at your face if you would wear this mask, just stick a black paper on the glass and boom, nobody can see your face

    39. Carlos Daniel Hernandez Espindola

      de locooss

    40. Carlos Daniel Castro Erazo

      Suena cómico ser tan arriesgado o tan estúpico para que una marca de tecnología famosa por la baja calidad de sus productos en comparación con su precio, haga incapié en la evolución del mundo, ¿de cuánto será el costo de este lamentable producto?, ¿realmente somos tan imbeciles para comprar esto?, dejando a un lado el morbo o la espectativa por tratar a la mierda como santidad.

    41. Yaniv Sommer

      Is this part of April fools?

      1. 48kGoat

        Nope it’s actually coming

    42. Jeremy Madison

      How about you release this during the virus as you can see its slowing down soon we wont need this yet this is the one I want as masks and the co2 build up drives me nuts.

    43. Blobis

      Ah yes finally breath in 60fps

    44. EPET 291

      Music is waste here

    45. MaIk BoY

      Drop it

    46. SantianoBe

      Razer, for the love of GOD, please equip this with an hardware based realtime voice changer! You could change it with your phone, or a little "hidden" nob. Like, the entire ring around the vents could be a knob, just like the galaxy watches. I would really pay good money for something like that. One side (vent) to change the voice, the other side (vent) to turn on, and volume. Simple! I mean, why do wearing a mask have to be boring! :D

    47. Hem Sanith

      razer please make a vibrating stick and put it on sale in amazon

    48. lopo edwards

      after project mcfly and venom idk if this is true

      1. 48kGoat

        It wasn’t on April fools so ig it’s true

    49. vamp

      Voice changer

    50. hailElmo

      gamers, get ready to breathe in 4K

    51. Shane Gio Z. A. Barus

      Thats what i call RGB gaming mask

    52. Bot Yeet

      What about my floating mouse

    53. Pat Ryot

      literally was beyond me why someone with the rights didnt A)make a Darth vader breather mask and 2)make a bane breather mask..would have sold millions

      1. Mitch C.

        Still can

    54. Joshua Sibayan

      Literally where do I buy one

    55. timmy

      All I hear is music over the dudes voice

    56. Mocita

      If this is real, when can we expect a release date?

    57. Jonathan


    58. TheDxmbGod

      I can finally breathe at 2000 fps.

    59. Xaber

      Razer corona keyboard when??

    60. Julio Cəsår

      Tem que ter RGB senão nem compensa

    61. Inte_ RR

      Imagine this but with voice changer lol

    62. Hoth Cook

      Is this a joke? I guess I will not be supporting razer any longer...

      1. Kusiga

        They gotta get that $ from the new "normal"

    63. schnee snow


    64. Daniel San

      Where can I buy it? Or is it fake advertising?

    65. michaelrowave

      why do videos outoplay when the slider is off? lame YT, super lame

    66. Robloxian The Random

      Razer: "Has a Transparent front, so people can pick up your facial cues." Me: *Needs a mask that hides my mouth so I can chew bubble gum in class*

    67. Ben Utzmich

      gogogo.....more details plz ... price, release date

    68. Hadouken OCX

      no one in eu will let you in if you have this mask bec ppl dont belive its ffp2 or ffp3 :3

    69. lipon lipon

      I just know it's 3trillion dollars

    70. blackgecko13

      "New normal"? Dislike.

    71. Gta 69

      I would not get this because for the worlds smartest mask it’s not the most protective one With the cost of this mask which will probably be high you can buy 10 P100 masks and I can’t figure out how they will power the speaker on the mask but I see the appeal for a clear transparent mask for social interactions which is also reusable.

    72. BornTo Eat

      Idk but it's seem to be in empathy lol 😂

    73. Alex Powers

      When breathing drops below 60fps: Suicide is badass!

    74. Sumedh Patil

      Unpopular fact: The editor of this video is a PewDiePie fan.

    75. snak1ty

      gaming mask moment

    76. Suave

      Does it include 5G?

    77. Derpiewormie Turtle

      Im tired of my mask lagging

    78. RJ 480

      I need one!

    79. John Patrick Fay

      Absolute joke..

    80. Sunny C

      Please when will this be realest

    81. Ghost 9 YT

      Where's the lighting?

    82. Tristin Sperry

      Doesnt even put on mask during whole the video, wouldve been perfect for marketing it

    83. Rhfet

      60 FPS Breathe With It

    84. 토드

      100$ is ok

    85. D'octor Pear


    86. jay C Perez

      Make it transparent

    87. Darren Liunardi



      good to know razer supports authoritarian oligarchs and communism

    89. Alex Tuan

      I'm wondering if the models had to hold their breaths while shooting, cuz those masks they were wearing must not have the designed features.

    90. Alex Tuan

      So... do we have to take the charging box all the time, like AirPods? I mean it's much bigger than an AirPods box. No matter what, I'm happy to pay for the coolness!!!

    91. jamir gordon

      I don’t like the transparent design but it’s cool.

    92. מוגלגים שמתרגם

      144L of O2

    93. Let's Talk Nerd

      This is hilarious that this is real.

    94. AJ7

      It’s reasons like this why the 2nd Amendment was created.

    95. alexanderhamilton alexanderhamilton

      i like the music

    96. isidro jr Villanueva

      How to order? pleas....

    97. Butler Technologies Inc.

      This is a very smart and innovative way to combat COVID-19. Thanks for sharing!

    98. il barile divino

      The cost?

    99. Jaxonize

      The RGB scares off the droplets

    100. starxmocz

      ahora puedo respirar a 60 fps