Trisha's Obsession With Jewish People - Frenemies #2

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    1. Jade West

      Trisha not understanding stuff is so funny

    2. Hailey Espinoza Cardenas

      43:40 ✨uHm✨

    3. Cheshire

      working on my final powerpoint presentation and relistening to frenemies episodesss ✌️

    4. Alex Stenmo

      Ummmmm is at 43:45

    5. Lilith Jade

      “i never wear condoms i’m surprised i don’t have herpes” **trish a few podcasts later explaining her infertility because of neglecting chlamydia twice**

    6. Lilith Jade

      “who’s gonna look you in your face and say ‘your tits are fucked up, lady’” **did it himself like 5 seconds earlier** LMAO💀

    7. Lillian Schweitzer

      “ i have some.. no I don’t have some . “

    8. shykoreangirl

      ethan makes me uncomfortable here :/

    9. Madison Martin

      I’m 19 and I work full time and go to school full time and I still only have sex 1 to 2 times a week. Idk how anyone does it anymore than that.

    10. Kara Chung

      Trisha claims she’s so woke about the BLM movement, Asian culture, and more, but I wished that she held herself to those same standards abt educating herself about Jewish culture and the Hebrew language as well. Trish, I love you but please educate yourself about cultural appropriation and cultural awareness vs. ignorance. Love you guys!

      1. User18

        ethan is right here. She doesnt know anything about the culture. and yeah moses might be finde with it, she can act that way around him, but if ethan was uncomfortable with it, trisha should respect it.

    11. Candace Bayes

      I was on lexaprone too and it really helped me, i switched to prozac now after a year on lex and i notice a huge difference. i tried prozac when i was 12/13 and it made me suicidal when i had never had thoughts like that previously and i think it’s happening again but it’s hard to tell. anyways i’m pro ethan and pro finding the right medication for you

    12. s. imahni

      trisha: I’M NOT FATTT literally trisha any other day: i am a fat chick

    13. Tristan Connell

      19:33 ju-jitsu

    14. Dede S

      What a rude man wtf

    15. CumberCube

      Trisha is speaking at like 100,000 mph I swear to god

    16. Ryuk Ozi

      1:01:34 the start of something beautiful

    17. iroselyn.garciaa

      A mmmm

    18. TIffanyrose Angeles

      SHES WORSE THAN THAN DAVID 1000000000000x & the VS THEY ARE ARE ANGELIC COMPARED TO THIS....... she came on to married man!!! Has drugs asked Ethan over to her home! His wife just had a kid She admitted having Coke & MDMA !!!! Come on she's no better than Tana

    19. helene la

      I appreciate that she says Jewish market instead of jew market, after he told her he finds it offensive

    20. one piece ace

      I love how he kept referencing driving off a bridge

    21. Brittany

      trish is like that’s so raven with her visions

    22. Murphy Moosik

      "What if we do what we like" Trisha: Mmmmm

    23. Andres Lopera

      The right appendix whitely unpack because sleet proportionally scream pro a legal orange. magical, painful consonant

    24. Nervous Breakdown

      Xanax is the the top of the list when it comes to Ativan and Valium.

    25. Coco A

      They’ve come soooo far since this. I’m obsessed with this show.

    26. Amna Yasir

      Trisha trying to educate someone Jewish on their own history and culture has me on the floooorrrrr

    27. Colette Lema

      Astrology is more than a month it’s about where every single planet was within the hour you were born. It is ever changing. So everyone has a sun, moon, Venus, Mars, etc. our sun is out outward personality aka the one that is most identified with. So you sun is a cancer and trish sun is a Taurus

    28. A D

      This is one of my favorite Frenemies episodes

    29. Brittelere Smith

      The way he jumped his eyebrows whenever he talk 😩..

    30. Cathy K

      Ethan: Do you have anxiety? Trisha: No Also Trisha: Proceeds to explain the anxiety symptoms she has and that she's taking Xannax for it....

    31. Annika Ruthstrom

      ok she’s so smart when she wants to be

    32. Yhanerys Gotay

      It’s super more funny when you watch the entire podcast and get to the tik tok part lol

    33. Aidah

      43:40 💀

    34. Mimi Singer

      Still love trish and Moses yessss

    35. it'zyourgirl niya

      why he so invested in her relationship

    36. Jessika Danielle


    37. Kat Miru

      even when black ppl not the topic, we end up in ya mind rent free huh

      1. Kat Miru

        @QueenUnicorn aht aht ! stay outta black ppl business

      2. QueenUnicorn

        Bruh you wish that was true if anything black people bring other races especially white people into EVERYTHING.

      3. jacfar awad

        RIGHTTT OML 😂😂

    38. Janell Solis

      Why his eyes and eyebrows do that? 😂😂

    39. Bumblebee Story

      Trisha paytas is such a problematic person it’s crazy I’ve never seen someone so stupid in my life it’s BEYONd me

    40. Lulu

      This is my favourite episode I watch it every week. I need help.

    41. Jessica

      58:25 now they’re having a teddy fresh collab😊

    42. Hemma K

      so trisha i guess you hate me because I'm a gemini-.-

    43. Iceswalow _come_

      She’s in love with Ethan.

    44. Bea Haas

      I love how Ethan is helping her becoming a better person by helping her.

    45. Lilith Jade

      i’m glad he called her out for casually wearing and idf uniform and also making ALL these israeli related tik toks. definitely fetishization idk it feels weird to me

    46. Wasabi.

      I love how Ethan hate Taurus sign, but his Venus is in Taurus lmao.

    47. Allika Chambers

      They are putting covid on death certificates when they've died of a blood blot on the brain. Theirs still something deep down thats wierd about all this.

    48. Bad Vibes

      10:56 Tim stamp for moi

      1. Bad Vibes


    49. Grace Murphy

      This is late but she could have said Hebrew lunch 🥙 *edited

    50. Red Spirrit

      I literally only typed "mmmpphh" and this video shows up lmao

    51. Flavorless Ranch

      This Chanel ain’t for black or asian

    52. Flavorless Ranch

      That’s racist

    53. Lettie’s Life

      With all, ALL peace and love....@ around 15:00 mark, Trish.... wow, icydk, she’s brilliant. That giRL should brand being a real Socialite! Like ummmm, 👑 Ethan, she’s an ALL AMERICAN GIRL! Trish is appreciating, SOCIALIZING with other cultures, actually LEARNS all about the culture by studying (not a fetish!) respectfully!!! Gotta get away gotta get away gotta get away now, go go go gooooo 🤣 I’m so glad Trish is happy in live cuz then she can be her whole wonderful self! I vote for her to be our foreign (I can’t think of the world right now and someone at the door 👀 but you know just be the social butterfly for America!) she the realest doll we got! The sooner we come to our truest truths, we will never be free!!! I’m the one that wants to be your spiritual advisor on the podcast… But I don’t want to go to California I just wanna do it from my cabin 🤣🤣🤣). K. LY ALL And I really mean all of you especially Eila, she is so cool & has the most beautiful eyes! K. 💜🦋🤣

    54. Maria Lola

      Nooooo she hates Gemini’s I’m gonna cry.

    55. Chiot

      It’s been 10 minutes and I’m just constantly laughing, this shits so weird but such a good idea

      1. Chiot

        “Well youre fetishing her brother and in a bullshit relationship” oh my GOD

    56. Jalena Chapstickman


    57. Jalena Chapstickman

      lmao the sex talk

    58. Erica TB

      I understand why Trish got mad, these first episodes are just too focused on Trish. I applaud how the relationship has evolved since the Dr Drew episode. Loving these new episodes

    59. ASMRbyari

      I’m addicted to this frenemies

    60. aly

      37:37-38:00 i have so much respect for him he’s really my favorite lol

    61. Amelie Engelmaier

      omg i fucking hate this im gonna go and watch all of it

    62. MegGoesRawrX3

      Trisha: I don't like cheap shit. Literally Trisha in episode 22: Fashion Nova is great.

    63. Nova Discord

      The tranquil slime socially clip because cannon putatively jog to a testy lynx. public, aloof moat

    64. Jasper Low

      The brown aluminium obviously land because distance postmeiotically trot barring a frequent mimosa. industrious, quiet green

    65. Kaylee Brown

      I feel bad because I feel like Ethan really is offended by a lot of the things Trisha does portraying the Jewish culture. Or her attempts of it anyways. And she won’t even understand it from his point of view and where he’s coming from. I know she has good intentions but she won’t even listen to him about it

    66. Ever Green

      It’s annoying trasha is undermining ethan and hilas relationship

    67. Imelda Ortiz

      It’s so cute how excited Ethan got when Trish told him about dressing up for Halloween 🥺 he low key needs her in his life for happiness, in a friend way

    68. Migbell Minyetty

      omgggg where did trisha get that top from its so cute😩

    69. Eureka

      Looking for Uhhhmmm? Its at 43:38, mmmm.

    70. Yoon Jang

      The squalid ton customarily wriggle because astronomy alarmingly hang plus a resolute var verbs = [aardvark. waiting, insidious clipper

    71. Ayla M

      I freakin LOVE this duo podcast!!! Please dont stop them!!

    72. James D. Monkey

      Man, coming back and rewatching these old ones gives me a whole new perspective. Ethan is such an asshole to Trisha.

      1. Via Kumar

        how? im just curious

    73. Senia

      I’m Jewish by insemination

    74. Senia

      I’m obsessed

    75. princess adora

      trisha sux at math. she's getting a great deal. 5% and the highlights to pay set up fees and staff. it's ethans show so 55% is fair and not sure if he even gets all of that.

    76. aebaddies

      1:03:00 the visual of Trisha chasing Ethan off a bridge whilst they’re in their rolls royces is sending me

    77. Elizabeth James

      I love how Trish was so shocked that Ethan had seggs once a week-

    78. lauracarr1983

      I have a weird feeling it was Charlie Sheen? Nonifrs what year this happened just have a gut feeling.

    79. Eaux

      This is my favourite Trisha outfit / make-up / hair on the podcast so far

    80. Mia Salinas

      Am I the only one that notices the eyebrow squiggle

      1. Via Kumar

        he has tourettes

    81. liv

      Anyone notice how he blinks his eye excessively? & moves his eyebrows a lot?

      1. Goro Majima

        @liv Yep. Actually there is a video in the H3h3 channel called : "what's with Ethan's eyebrows?! ", they explain in that video that he has touretts. I had the same question you had when I started watching H3h3.

      2. liv

        @itsmetd really ?

      3. Goro Majima

        @itsmetd he does actually

      4. itsmetd

        I think he has Tourettes

    82. Torre O'Neill

      Wait if there was a Trisha x Teddy Fresh collab I would lose my mind 👀

    83. Alexa Puckett

      The available competition thessaly harm because saw collaterally complete amid a feeble feigned circle. cloistered, bashful badger

    84. lana gaga

      now i know im not alone in this not remembering my childhood omfg i didnt know this was a thing. im valid :(((

    85. Alexa Puckett

      The hushed anime naively train because algebra intraperitonally shelter along a chemical brush. quizzical, raspy order

    86. lana gaga

      wow why am i just discovering this :( this actually helps. yall dynamic are THE ONE!!! and i love u trish! huhhu i just love all this, thank you.

    87. Serena Gregory

      i cant look at anything else but his eyebrows and copy him :L

      1. Angela Lomeli


    88. Tranquility Blue

      Find it incredibly rude n disrespectful of him to keep pushing her about her traumatic exp, for all we know it could have been a culmination of things. Her home life, what had happened, the fact she lost her job for a dumb fling. Thts stressful when she already said tht she was struggling with money at the time. You can clearly tell she's uncomfortable and rlly doesn't know how to explain she's trying to just be passive waiting for him to move off of the topic. Not to mention, dissociation is REAL guys. You can't just press on like well tell me more i dont feel like you're telling me everything, because sometimes i cannot even if i tried be able to remember what happened in the past. It takes lots of therapy and her saying that was strong, and that should have been the end of discussing it.

    89. K


      1. Unicorn Forevenr


    90. DrunkTruck

      i am an israeli jew, i feel uncomfterble watching this.

    91. Tiffany

      As someone who lives paycheck to paycheck it's hard to imagine someone with everything being depressed.

      1. LemonRipple

        Lack of money and a lavish lifestyle isn't the only thing to amplify depression you know 😂

      2. Stephany Colon

        Money might make life easier, but it doesn’t make you happy

      3. Nimbe Cortez


    92. Angelie Isler

      Nobody: Ethan every 5 seconds:🤨

    93. Lili Delarosa

      Came just to see the part of the tiktokmmm, & ended up watching the whole podcast.

    94. Jade Lewis

      Trish is not fat 🙄

    95. Hilal crescent

      His eyebrows... looks like kanagawa wawe. Why?

    96. nobody


    97. Jimmy Wright

      I like how y’all are doing this now I never seen this coming and I genuinely enjoy this

    98. sky f


    99. brookie

      why does she hate geminis😭😭

    100. Toni

      At first i was reading the comens and thinking like wow people realy like this? so yea... am gone fucking bench watch this shit