"Heart Emojis" - Tom MacDonald & Brandon Hart ft. Nova Rockafeller

Tom MacDonald

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    WRITTEN BY Tom MacDonald, Nova Rockafeller & Brandon Hart
    PRODUCED BY Tom MacDonald
    SHOT by Nova Rockafeller
    MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

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    1. 1175 Village Idiot

      I love how Tom keeps his friends close! Respect fam! Loyalty over everything!! Salute H.O.G 💪🙌🤝💰

    2. Adrian Lewis

      Lmao “cuz I don’t even like myself that much” 🤣🤣 shi had me dead

    3. TJ Tew

      Nova is just awesome in this video

    4. Dillon Joseph lee Costanzo

      Wow bro you guys blowy mind every time this is vibes

    5. Nicholas Pride

      kgup.info/get/epB_oW63f6l8gq0/video Crowder

    6. Nicholas Pride

      Keep sharing and make sure to get the AS Far As The Stars album

    7. Makaila Leigh

      Just a little confusing about him n his gf of years making a song that sounds like its about an ex.... Love the song but im so confused lol

    8. Caleb Puckett

      The end part was hilarious 🤣, Pushed her then she flew away.

    9. Scott Reece

      Dedicate this to TKT 👍🏼😌

    10. pp gang

      Holy shit this is horrible

    11. blahb c

      If it's not click bait poor me I'm white music then apperently he fails. Mgk probably laughing his arse off.

    12. blahb c

      Wtf is this trash...... Lmfao bruh .....lol simp.....

    13. Kyle Chicoine

      Please do a collab with mgk

      1. Kyle Chicoine

        With Travis barker on the drums 💯💯💯

    14. Declan Hedges

      Feel like it's 2005

    15. Bryan Downey

      Please make more shit like this!

    16. J T

      How about a collaboration with Childish Gambino and Tom Macdonald?

    17. Autumn Demas

      Hands down my favorite part was when Nova ate the flowers and Tom's reaction was like WHAT THE FUCK? 🤣😂

    18. erikbynum1

      Shoot your shot bro!! Please let Thai work

    19. Aaron Carter

      Idk I like the song but it's just not that great. Beat and lyrics don't seem to match up that well. Chorus is good but it's just off to me personally.

    20. Boxer Maze

      Hey I am a huge fan as I am sure you know. But so is the kid and they wanted a Tom macdonald poster anyone know where to pick this up

    21. anon ymus

      Totally sounded like blink 182 at the beginning. Love you all can’t wait for the new album also pretty excited about “killing thy neighbors” album even though it’s unsigned now lol

    22. Dave Preble

      How could anyone not like this man's music his style is nothing but everything. He has every style mixed into tom macdonald and just blows it up! Those who downplay his artistry obviously have no idea what music and work is!!!

    23. Matt musser


    24. Amelia Jervis

      "Cause I don't even like me that much." Yes. Lol Love these guys! HOG for life!

    25. Jeff Haskins

      Pretty ghey, honestly. This is pop. Garbo.

    26. Justin's Garage

      Gonna send this to my ex wife.

    27. LazyBoyAudio !

      Tom Macdonald you give me happiness love your music and you all around keep up the beyond great work HOG

    28. EntertainedORnot

      This is so good, reminds me of music growing up but new

    29. Joseph Nicholas

      2:49 bitch I said get off me!

    30. Wild Wagers Country-Home Journey

      nova said must bite roses... lol

    31. Kryss

      this year's new break up song for some hahahah love it!

    32. Melissa Brown

      Damn Nova!!! Every vid you produce gets better and better and each one is already bad ass as it is but this one....was perfect 👌🏼 ! Girl, your a boss for real!!🤩

    33. Betty R.


    34. Betty R.

      Love you two! 🧡💛💚💙💜❤️😘🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💙💚💙💙💙💚💚💚💚💛💛🧡🧡🥰🧡💛💛🧡💛💛💚💙💙💛🧡💙💜💜❤️❤️😘💙💛🥰🧡💜💜😘💙💛🥰💚💜😘🥰💛💜💜🧡💛😘❤️💜💚🥰💙❤️😘❤️💙💚🧡🥰

    35. Jeremiah Thomas

      Tom I want to listen to your new album! I don’t have CD player. I can’t find it on Apple Music or the iTunes Store. I’ll pay for it but dick, cds are dead.

    36. Dawson Plays Games

      Immediately unmatched for saying I was listening to this...... No more heart emojis♥️🥺😂

    37. tom bob

      This is blink 182 insired music

    38. GRAIN

      This is comically bad

    39. Battle Mountain Forge

      Wow you wrote this song about my ex. Good job.

    40. Melissa M


    41. Jason Grant

      Tom been listening for 5 or 6 years now if I wouldn't have known what I was playing you sound like blink-182 circa 1999, incredible range of songs

    42. Randy

      First 20 seconds sounds like something from Angels & Airwaves

    43. 1175 Village Idiot

      Damn the blink vibe is awesome! Who got their Tom in my blink182?? 🤝💪🙌

    44. Kaleb Hale

      I fucking love nova and Tom too but nova is just a little badass lol if only the rest of the females in this world was just like her the world would be a much more perfect planet to live on and Tom keep up all the great work and cant wait to see whats next, you and nova make a great team and couple and I enjoy and love all the stuff y'all do much love and support, sincerely, The Kid.

    45. John A.K.A. King0fal1

      One of the most creative and entertaining video I’ve seen in a pretty long time keep it up you guys!

    46. Tux

      That was epic!!!

    47. Wendy Tarpley

      You speaking to my heart!,❤

    48. Shogunate K


    49. Eilonwy

      Best breakup song since Blondie's "Just Go Away"

    50. Caixia Liu


    51. Brett Morris

      Blink 182 vibes at the beginning wow

    52. Jesse Schilling

      Bring back the bloopers at the end of your videos! You know there's gotta be some great ones for this shoot.

    53. Nicholas Pride


    54. LucVNO

      Just left a 5 year dark cloud relationship ... feeling this song strong.

    55. Chanel Stuff

      😂😂😂😂😂 Lmao! Tell me most of ya'll posting on this thread haven't felt the same exact way at some point. Ya'll ROCK! And you obviously had fun making this video. Love ya'll ❤ #HOG4LYFE

    56. Beyond The Flames Official

      Ay ma boy tom always making a banger and to think people label you as a trash rapper makes me laugh at there stupidity keep up the good work man 👍

    57. Tamara Fletcher

      He’s rapping about an ex but he’s been with nova for literally forever, 14+ years? I’m confused

    58. Detested Individual

      Is this about the left ? 😂

    59. av3ngeassa5in

      Absolutely love this Tom and nova keep doing what your doing, you are both worthy role models while educating the masses instead of making them dumb

    60. G H

      Every artist since the early 2000s has been garbage, Tom MacDonald is the only one keeping my faith in music

    61. איתם הובר

      This song made me smile:)

    62. Carl Bridges

      ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Wow..... Another Homerun #HOG4LIFE

    63. Michaela

      Love you! ❤️

    64. Tru Trust

      Like always I love the whole f****** song but Brandon you f****** killed your verse 🔥🔥

    65. jewl0rd

      This is awesome, reminds me of Temple of the Dog and Blink 182... But extra cool

    66. noControl

      I didn't want to like this song, but dammit I do.

    67. Brown Wet Toast

      Got a Tom add when I went to watch this

    68. Brittany Costello

      My whole household cannot stop singing this or everybody hates me, one person starts singing and the rest pickup the next line. Tom MacDonald is so underrated and needs more attention! Thank you for giving the youth a better role model than the establishment puppets.

      1. NoobMaster 69

        It is fucking freeaky how you say that because we know every lyric to almost every song, at least every song released after "fake woke" because that's what got us hooked on Tom, but that's insane how there's a whole other household with the same love for Tom

    69. Jennifer Works

      Jamming Thomas❤️💋 Omg it's perfect Love u Love u NOVA 💗

    70. Carmy Mattson

      Love you guys...❤😁

    71. Dalton Lynn

      my dad loves your music!

    72. Cactus Lover

      Your music is awesome your amazing how you get so much don't during this time and how just you and nova do all of this it's awesome we love it 😁🤘🏻👍🏻

    73. rachael Ann stanton

      Gaaaaaahhhh I love this you 3 rock 💜❤️ freaking awesome. Love to see the silly playful side and see something different you are awesome. I listen to this daily just to get me up in a happy vibe for the day. And you two are the perfect power couple. love love love

    74. Dede Bi Deli


    75. NidgeDFX

      My ex gf name is Ashley too xD

    76. Courtney Manley

      Forget Joker and HarleyQuinn.. this is the POWER COUPLE that we don’t even deserve❤️

    77. cody copeland

      Tom McDonald.....the most influential.....the most versatile and alot more. I love your music man, please don't ever stop.

    78. CODSLOGO


    79. Ice J. J. Fish

      Why do I feel like I watched a Blink 182 video

    80. Damon graham

      Tom... thanks for getting the truth out on such a large scale. Thats what this world needs right now.

    81. sehhi vooty

      Brandon hart shocked me in this after his church feature. Tom's peaking and I feel it's gonna be a long one. Guys got integrity for days.

    82. Due Unicycle

      Awww look it's mgks inbred brother lol

    83. Ashley Noel

    84. M

      Does anyone every wonder why no one wants a feature eith this guy🤔 maybe... Hes trash

      1. M

        @sehhi vooty i dont think anyone is with him

      2. sehhi vooty

        You guys are perfect together😥

    85. CyberOrganic

      He does the same mannerisms in all his videos.

    86. Kenneth Tappen

      I am fat

    87. Jëssìçá Wäyñē

      "I left the stove on so theres food for u too eat that I hope u choke on" 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😅😅😂😅🤣🤣🤣

    88. David Stockdale

      So glad mgk brought this style back lol

    89. Apple Jack

      Wishing I was 40 years younger, but enjoying the music just the same. Actually I don't think I would want to be in my teens right now, I thought the Thatcher years were bad enough, then we got Blair, now all we get is bullshit.

    90. Justin Bullock

      My two year old plays this song for us to dance to when she gets up haha!

    91. Sean Tobin

      Eating the flowers 😂😂😂😂😂 every time

    92. Jai Chandra

      1:44 Easily the best part of the video...

    93. Aidan Smith

      Think he got inspired by MGK? Pink guitar bit of rock sound??

    94. mikehenkes

      An American folk story as old as time.... The underdog (immigrant) defending America from the MACHINE

    95. truecolour28

      This is Blink182 with your spin dude, please make more of this. Please please please! Also Nova is pro status all day with these videos

    96. mr.wiseass

      I guess some one went the MGK route. Trash 🗑

    97. Brennon Strong

      This is amazing!

    98. Kristi NandNillbethere

      People sayin this is soft. You guys think an artist has to do one style and if they change it up for one song you talk shit. Reminds me of " fake fans ". Tom is versatile that's what makes him awesome. This man isn't soft " closet so heavy full of skeletons u couldn't force it w a forklift , your bitch prob fell in love cause you forced it, now she bump my records while u deep inside a porn binge". My fav Tom Macdonald bar. Does that sound soft?? Give this artist props and stop trollin

    99. Taylor carlson

      You guys are perfect together😥

    100. Mystiek Melody

      Lol. I like it!