Toosii - Sapiosexual


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    Music video by Toosii performing Sapiosexual. South Coast Music Group; © 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Tasijah ward

      It’s the lyrics for me I get chills 🥵😩🥺🥰

    2. Unicorns Animals

      1:53 ㊙️🖤

    3. Coziestbbw

      Toosii this song is too powerful.

    4. K̶.

      Toot has a 17Million if this ain’t he’s year finally all the way back to we ain’t stopping at no red light

    5. diamond Corouthers

      toosii have every drakskin girl in his video

    6. Marumo Sekgala

      Bro 🔥

    7. Demarcus Thompson

      Samantha shut the fuck up

    8. Vibin' w/ Bre

      I fw it 🔥🤫🥵🥴✨💯❤️

    9. Christian Lloyd

      Side nigga anthem.

    10. DSlik One

      This song hits hard 🔥 makes me wanna do dirty things 🥰 thanks for giving me that music in times 😉

    11. Candice White

      Yassss! He is giving me life with these beautiful dark rich skin queens all in his videos! Keep showing them we should be on a pedestal too

    12. Ms brownsugar

    13. Jacqueline Gunsby

      How I love his Music🥰🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🤩

    14. ko oo

      her @?

    15. Monroe Dior

      I really love him ugh lord

    16. Shehound17

      My mind 🧠is orgasmed out 🥴Thanks Toosii 😘😘!!

    17. Jeremiah Smith

      Jeremiah rad

    18. Ernest s

      Blood is dope

    19. Jada Stuart


      1. Ayana J.

        "MFG Gutta - Gutta Love" ... thank me later 😜🔥

    20. Dessalines Philippe

      Finally someone made a song bout this “sapiosexual” that’s all me

    21. FBK JuJu

      This really my shit

    22. Allure Kush Goddess


    23. Terrianna Allen Tezeno

      Awww he so cute

    24. DemiGod Pena

      aint no way he better den ddg wit the same flow every song, the one time he changed his flow nigga got slandered lmaooo

    25. Cartierr Wooo

      call me

    26. Briceston Mckinnon

      NC really PoPPin right na

    27. StandupGirl1981


    28. S J

      Toosii is a whole vibe

    29. Theron Gibson

      I salute Toosii fuck a nigga who calls someone a simp for loving a damaged female

    30. Daina Haughton

      This song made me research the meaning of sapiosexual... anyone else learning something new?

    31. Teto2Live

      I really love Toosii I appreciate how he show dark skin women love in all his videos . His voice is so soothing. I hope the music industry don't change him 🖤

      1. Tayvia

        They not in everyone but yah

    32. Christina Hardwell

      Toosii is so 🔥!!!! A whole vibe

      1. Ayana J.

        "MFG Gutta - Gutta Love" ... thank me later 😜🔥

    33. Shawnna Malonson

      its really about if there is good chemistry and not being afraid of love...#houstoncreole2022

    34. Perfectly imperfect

      Toosii definitely knows how to put that pride to the side. Love is Love 💜💫

    35. Hippie Queen

      It’s the title for me 😍😍😍

    36. Ernest s

      Toosi makes it ok to fall for a girl thats damage but make her sure that im that one she can Come to no matter what

    37. Lizzo Mso

      Actually he rides me good 😂😂,why y’all like them soul ties

    38. Nyimacody78 Loveme

      God loves you 💜

    39. TiyanaNubian StarHealer

      means turn on by an intellectual mind persona on both parties

    40. Chocolate Thunder Cherry

      This my song

    41. Clifford Hawkins

      As zzzasxwdx is to be expected and 63feet 836874687588899 to

      1. Clifford Hawkins

        The 8AM 8th 36inches 58inches 79feet a 8AM 8th 89inches 899inches and 799

    42. Laila li

      Baby them jeans to tight but yk I still fw u

    43. Alexia


    44. Fancy Love

      Sapiosexual 🔥🔥🔥 believe it or not some don’t really understand what that means ... Love this song ❤️

    45. Elevated Pri


    46. Jimmy John

      The evasive quiet philosophically precede because swim empirically cheer sans a married period. tiny, clammy sarah

    47. The Diaz Triplets

      I love this song


      i come back to this song to keep me balanced

    49. Spooky 666

      That Nana reference 🖤👅

    50. Jimmy John

      The smooth biplane briefly spark because calculator extracellularly fry qua a thoughtful chill. elderly, swanky sort

    51. Jimmy John

      The unarmed ruth metrically spill because nephew essentially suppose like a tremendous pantry. wise, chief lace

    52. Jimmy John

      The talented ravioli nutritionally poke because laugh geographically fetch amongst a spotted pilot. aboriginal, tested italy

    53. Kevin Stryker

      I swear I thought this was roddy ricch

    54. Kalin Sage

      Ok I think I’m in love with Toosii, after watching the love cycle video and then this one 😩💕

    55. Rich State Of Mind

      All women want a man that stimulates her mind not just her body...

    56. Honesti Wright

      sapiosexual- a person finding intelligence sexually attractive or arousing

    57. Robbie Cooper

      He really out did yourself on this one 🥰😍😋😛😝😜

    58. Jason Caston

      Akon vibes with new swag

    59. Sharee Armstrong

    60. Clifford Hawkins

      2nd century world 8AM has 77inches 6746874468855688558 to schedule for 8PM 77feet 657 to

      1. Clifford Hawkins

        Egshvhuu said he 8AM was in the 74inches 6and way 668879feet to 856754inches the first 6AM in a very small 8PM and I had to have him 7PM 8PM for me and the same p as I had been the other two

    61. Myesha Brown


    62. 305JustMe

      Dirty macking at its best

    63. Clifford Hawkins

      Clifford zest yw .yyb .g2enmo8i.

    64. Shontrail Oneal

      I love how at the 2:16 mark he switch it up to that Nivea (complicated) chorus 💕 that ishhhh was tight. 💪🏽💞

    65. Tsakani Luckbaby

      The darkskin girl he put in his visual really matches his style of music ❤️

    66. Nafeesa Vibez

    67. Nashay Daniels

      I love you tossi you very goated

    68. SpazFamily

      What is sapiosexual??

    69. Shomari Monroe

      Lit video

    70. Brittany Higgins

      Daddy 😭😌😍😍

    71. Brooklynn Hayward

      this song buss i like it and its a vibe it has thanking about my rights

    72. Liz Morgan

      You know U hurt when you start knowing songs he sings aren’t meant for you🥲👍

    73. jada imani

      my favorite song by youuuuuu

    74. DiorThompson

      Track on repeat, especially with the shorty❗️

    75. Standy

      Should've just left me alone.

    76. Kianna 17

      I swear I’ll never get sick of this song❤️

    77. Sea Wavy


    78. Yummie_Pearl

      Ily bby

    79. Samba Diarra


    80. Samba Diarra


    81. Kena hill

      Love this song..OMG

    82. Sweet rays of sunshine

      Zoe brought me here from his pole dancing videos

    83. Tayysteez


    84. Marcus Farcus

      Wondering if he sampled Candlebox’s song “Far Behind”? Or, maybe, he was inspired by it?

    85. 0nly1 nay

      nigga had me looking up wtf is a sapiosexual....

    86. Ariel Dee

      Can someone tell me where she got the Von Dutch jeans from?

    87. Brother Hec

      He petty for making the otha dude a light skin tho

    88. Rissa Gaming Channel

      I like your song

    89. TaliWho9

      He is very talented the ONLY artist of this style of music that actually hold my attention 👀👂🏾 God bless him in his endeavors. ☝🏾💖

    90. Andrea Dixon

      He ugly

    91. 1kk._niya

      “Think it’s safe to say I treat you better bae, I eat you better bae, I’m just a better bae” 🦋😩💕

    92. Mz Kita

      Love you toosii from you know me

    93. luh destiny

      I finally found this song

    94. Kianna 17

      This has been my favorite song for last like 2 months. I’ve been listening at least twice a day

    95. Christopher Robertson

      dat man is a legendary artist fasho fasho

    96. Kiyah Bby

      Just fine for no reason 😭❤

    97. melvis kang

      I maybe nasty when the time comes🔥🔥🔥

    98. Dezeree Queen

      I hope he's say he had a big D he ain't packing it..

    99. Juan Klik

      The piquant archer postnatally trip because hope allegedly groan except a wet canadian. symptomatic, loud mechanic

    100. Jackie Newman

      Do she have Von Dutch on?! What I miss?