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    IRON MAN VS DOCTOR DOOM!! Who would win in an EPIC 1v1? Well you don't have to wait, we did a kill race and it finished with us being the last two alive!
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    1. Edwin Urbina


    2. Froztyy

      day 9 of getting famous off of youtube comments so i can be living the dream later 🙂💜

      1. Cool Boizz


    3. Wyatt Simpson

      Doom should be called doctor bloom

    4. Im Hungry

      who's watching this in season 6?

    5. How To

      hmmmmmmm so that first game was world cup how many sweats in oce brooo

    6. ACE BranAsh1

      POV: ur on console and barley ever get aim assist, and then you watch the twins snap onto people’s head like it’s simple math

      1. doge

        I can’t even play any more 🥺😭😓I’m not the same me

    7. Max Dankies


    8. Baldionic

      the winner is j not spoilong the video

    9. ian boyer

      Doctor Doom? More like DOCTOR BLOOOOOOM

    10. ian boyer

      Falls from the sky and is saved by Ironman's mythics: "BUT IRONMAN HAS COOL POWERS SO WE'RE FINE" Ironman just has a metal suit. Looses his shield: "HE HAS NO SHIELD THOUGH" Ironman still has a metal suit.

    11. Blind ninjas Alabama

      Who else looked for the most Viewed video in the channel

      1. Syxckiller ••

        Me XD

    12. Keller Malott

      After the amount of views there are y aren’t they at like 6 mil sub

    13. McCreamy

      Gamers : “we need fortnite Gift Cards” Me : we easily get them from W W W. S E K U T . F U N

    14. lakesha bailey

      Super hero’s win as always

    15. Tara Stacey

      Ur guys videos r so cool!!!!!!!!!

    16. Tara Stacey


    17. Isabelle Nesterud

      Gold vs grey lol

    18. Fresh Pantelli

      I love the Xd2 twins there are the best players ever in Australia 🇦🇺

    19. Fresh Pantelli

      But my grandad did not have a hart attack

    20. Fresh Pantelli

      And my nanny was laughing 😂

    21. Fresh Pantelli

      Jordan is so good at the game. I just scared my grandad and he almost had a hard attack it was so funny 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣.

    22. Fresh Pantelli

      Jordan always win all the time Jordan wins the kill race Jordan is so good at the game Jesse is bad at the game

    23. Fresh Pantelli

      Jordan had 11 eliminations and Jesse had 10 eliminations

    24. Fresh Pantelli

      I just found out who won the battle

    25. Fresh Pantelli

      Who won I wonder who win because I have not wanteched the video

    26. Fresh Pantelli

      Who won there is no number to see who WON

    27. Legit The Midget

      I always go for Jesse for no reason😂

    28. Selvaraj O


    29. Selvaraj O


    30. Brandon Hsia

      The goofy impulse splenomegaly divide because temperature fortuitously increase minus a hideous high tooth. alleged, steep cheetah

    31. KoalaPlayz

      I like dr doom

    32. ZL_Sprizon

      POV: you are watching this in 2021

    33. marsh mello

      That was soo funny when Jesse yelled in the end

    34. Damian9o

      Who still watching this since 2021 and you see a hole difference from here and now

    35. Samuel Blackburn

      Ew I liked these new ones

    36. Prajakta

      The nostalgia............. shit all the primal weapons

    37. Luis Menchaca

      That guy who kill you is bad and garbage 🤣🗑️🤣😂🤣

    38. Luis Menchaca

      That guy how kill you is bad and garbage 😂🗑️😂

    39. Wyndell Lee the Spammer

      Both Iron Man and Dr. Doom are Marvel characters who beat Lex Luthor in Death Battle.

    40. Pat Morgan

      You are the best

    41. Taha kidh طه كيده

      Or i 2ilo unsubscribe

    42. Taha kidh طه كيده

      Stop asking rude Things

    43. Armando Orta

      Did he say fuck it

    44. Charlie Englehart

      Can I have a skin if I subscribe

    45. Finnley And Noah

      You are poopoopoopoopoopoopoopoo hed

    46. The LightFN


    47. Let's Play Fortnite


    48. Gavin Slusher

      Favorite twin Jesse

      1. Ivan Pashev


    49. Gavin Slusher

      Don’t say bad words or I won’t subscribe and also what season is that

    50. LN Syrianxgamer

      OK GOOD

    51. Ezekiel Whiteside

      That 180 pump shot was amazing

    52. Iulian Hotira


      1. Iulian Hotira


    53. James Hooper

      can you get me guaco skin im defolt and battepass

    54. James Hooper

      i lllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeee docter doom

    55. Lorenz Baumann

      Doctor Doom with the good blum

    56. Victor Ivanov

      CHAPTER 2 SEASON 6!!!!????

      1. Expert JR


    57. Gisselle Sanchez

      0:12 woah woah WOAH WOAH !!!!

    58. Carolina Almanzar


    59. Boss LE

      The descriptive desk primarily end because currency identically rush underneath a misty soprano. known, unkempt current

    60. Olivia Johnson-downing

      The come back is on ,WhAt iS tHiS

      1. Ted_c11


    61. Jack Hammond

      DO they realize its not only the mithic but also the persons skill

    62. Pro Bro Dropz


    63. bobjoy265

      Doesn't pick up the unibeam

    64. DaReal DaBaby

      this is the first x2 twins video i watched and now i watch them daily

    65. Angellano

      they need to start calling him dr bloom

    66. Garab Sonam


    67. Truey

      The oval typhoon astonishingly deliver because paper weekly cross pace a unused button. second, measly literature

    68. Rider Dawley

      he said f and s word

    69. Rider Dawley

      did he say a bad word

    70. Ashley Knight

      Dr doom has the god bloom

    71. Ashley Knight

      My is Ash19852021

    72. Jordan YT

      6:51 did he say the f word

      1. Rider Dawley

        did he say the f word i heard it

    73. Jordan YT

      6:52 did he say the f word

    74. rugar bowling

      You all are me favret fortnight players

    75. Yousha Tariq

      KGup: Let's recommend after 5 months😂

    76. monieramsey

      y did you say f***k it??????????

    77. Jordan Wright

      My name is Jordan

    78. Igna pro.26

      Give a like is so funny

    79. Keaton Thomas

      Not to spoil anything, but the winner starts with a j

    80. FireBurger

      Nice vid

    81. Sharp JValor

      Jordan has the better mythics, Aimbot, and Overpowered lazer beam

      1. fastedits11

        What's so hard about 2 A'S. sorry its the first thing what came to my mind

    82. JesterOfKaos

      Why did you say swear words in your videos but but you don’t say swear words in season five

    83. Erin Bechard

      Your videos are amazing 😀👍

    84. CHH KAYYシ

      Jordan: I might be the dumbest human! Jesse: I might be the smartest human.... Coincidence I think not.......

    85. Assault Valdovas

      Jordan get the high ground and the better mythics also he died in the first round so i think were is NO WINNERS !!!

    86. Rebecca Carter

      How do you go in t ok the so but your play fortnite with with a friend

    87. Jasper Yates

      Iron man rules Dude

    88. Shirin Mushtaq

      I love your video

    89. NRG econic

      I love you 😍

    90. Ethan Sebastianus

      X2 twins is the best duo


      i say you are not funny like exploding tomato and place subscribed to hem

    92. Todd Mouzon Jr.


    93. Patrick Schäfer

      Who is beater jesse or jorden i think its jorden

    94. Aaron Johnston

      Did i hear one of them say $hit

    95. Olly Lowe YT


    96. mckenzie deeks

      U guys are the best

    97. neeharathalye

      This there best video ever for me personally

    98. Ethan’s games

      That was sad

    99. Eric Rogers

      i hate it it's yuck

    100. Neil Heggie

      is it just me or did they swear?