I Have Something To Tell You... (Girlfriend Tag)


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    I have something I need to tell you...

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    1. Destiny Gant

      It was just a prank!😤 SIKE THEIR ACTUALLY DATING!!... gotcha 🤪

    2. Kouleen Arwen David

      i love why dont we too as my favorite band

    3. Jana Mohammed


    4. Emma Brugman

      *Vince watching this video* 😓

      1. Sarah Daniels


    5. Hannah Fisher

      Nezza wearing a boys lie shirt during a girlfriend tag video is beautiful

    6. Random

      Wow Crawford with a black queen lucky you

    7. Candeezy Marie

      I ship this! I really do! Corey is looking down thinking thank goodness they both will take care of each other!

    8. Alexis Colon

      the dog in the corner is SO adorable!!!! 3:39

    9. AngBeaVideos


    10. AngBeaVideos

      the impression was so funny 😂😂😂

    11. Courtney Sigmon

      Nick Mercs is one of my favorite streamers I watch him almost every day he’s so damn funny 🤣🤣

    12. shushuu

      can yall do picking each others outfits, cooking fancy food for my girlfriend/boyfriend, do 5 hairdos on nezza, pie in the face challenge, po box openings, never have i ever, and more among us pleaseeeeeeee

    13. Areebah

      crawford was getting so shy when nezza was talking about their first kiss AWW

    14. Wauneka23

      Holy shit me and Crawford have the same birthday!🤘🏻

    15. Faiza Israt

      How did I predict this would happen...someday I just knew it would happen. I can just picture Corey there being supportive but being his usual Corey where he's funny and tells you not to get to full of yourself, and then you two teasing each other.😂 I support you guys and hope you guys are happy together!🙃😗😁

    16. Nadhirah Zulkafli

      crawford is cuteeeeeeeeeee he looks so happy!!

    17. maria Vazquez

      i love you guys together, makes my heart meltttt

    18. Audrey Leeann

      Crawford: what's my favorite band? Nessa: Why don't we Me: yes this is the only acceptable answer stream fallin now

    19. Audrey Leeann

      Awwwe look at cap being so cute on the couch 🥺🥰

    20. jolyn c

      i love this

    21. samiexk

      Cappy in the background is everything 😂

    22. pmp

      14:06 STOP THIS IS A SIGN!!

    23. Tahmena Ferdous

      Its really awesome seeing Nezza so happy

    24. Gladys Salazar

      all these comments abkut corey, crawfs flirty comments, nezzas beauty, the chemistry, and wyl running, i love this video and the vibes sm congratulations to the both of you! wishing you the best in your guys relationship

    25. Sharanya Verman

      We need more relationship content !!!!!

    26. Jasmine Tabbay

      i watch this video and then i just press the replay button literally everyday

    27. senorina anabel


    28. Brianna Suazo


    29. brooke!

      i knew this would happen

    30. Victoria M

      Corey saying “ don’t get to comfortable sweetheart” to nezza just like he did to kian.

    31. Adrian Graves

      do song association with nezza

    32. Saylagirl 3


    33. Dani Marie TV

      Omg you guys need to make a song together!!

    34. Julio Medina

      The hand in the back looks so real. Lol

    35. Lena Seixas

      I love how Nezza has a jacket that says “boys lie” lol🤣

    36. Damian Louis

      Didn't Oscar Buy Him A BMW

    37. Deanuh Osmani

      i was biting my nails when he said he bit his nails that day... sucha baddd habit 😬

    38. Deanuh Osmani

      i love that crawford loves drake

    39. Muzic_kidz113

      When were u only paying to the dog in the back

    40. aisha ahmed

      This is so cute omgggg

    41. gabby smith

      Will being in both videos is ajsgsubevdg

    42. Vanessa Copeland

      I love them so much🥺🥰

    43. GiGi M.

      crawford likes them spanish girls lmaooo. they are cute together

    44. Mocha Bby

      I feel like I’m the only one who thinks it’s not a good match 🥺

    45. Leia Xplr


    46. Mieyah Meyers

      why does crawford stay looking high😂😂

    47. Casandra Ogoe

      Congratulations on your first relationship I pray that everything will be fine 😊🎉🎊👏

    48. Ninaray DM

      I love that i saw Will leave and come back in two separate videos! Also I feel like with couples that start as friends, there is that inital worry that It'll mess up the friendship but after that, I feel like those are the relationships that last the longest because you already know so much about each other and you know you get along.

    49. Eliza T

      Super happy for you guys ♥️♥️♥️

    50. mara_jordanfisherfan

      They are adorable 😍

    51. aola wili

      I think Nezza has to leak Crawford's music when he is sleeping

    52. LS EH

      I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched this, lmao. Need more content!!! Haha I think Nezza should raid and declutter your closet, by the sounds of it!! New video idea lol 😝

    53. Meg Marq

      I still only see them as friends wtf

    54. whatever nikkie

      love y’all together!!! i’m dating my best friend and it’s the best ever so happy for y’all

      1. aola wili

        I never saw this couple coming but I didn't know that I needed it. I love them together.

    55. Sonia Bergen

      Calgarian here wishing you two the best!

    56. D34d Lif3

      Hearing him say baby is omfgggggg like damn he's Such a good guy

    57. yuoop noke

      Nezza looking at Crawford at 8:28 That's it, that's the comment

    58. MBiebs 01

      That lipstick looks SO GOOD on Nessa

    59. Kamil Kanji


    60. CarlyNicoleMusic

      damn I was really starting this video like aw crawford got a girlfriend now I can’t date him even tho he doesn’t know I exist but here I am smiling at you two. happy for both of you to be happy together!! we ship whatever makes you happy and OBVI Nezza does🤩

      1. yuoop noke

        calgary? he’s canadian?!

    61. Loretta Athans

      Crawford.....his eyes & his expression while he's listening to Nezza's answers...his heart is smiling!!!! So very sweet together!

    62. Amber Ruark

      Okay did anyone notice the severed arm in the background??? Or am I just trippin😂

    63. Liberty Justice

      We have the same birthday!!!

    64. Horse Lover

      Then calling each other baby made me realize how single I am...

    65. Be Unique


    66. Christen Johnson

      we all need a crawford in our lives

    67. Victoria Woodruff

      Okay so you say you don't have a car what happened to the car Oscar bought you? Also I see you are both wearing a ring on the same fingers could they possibly be promise rings?

    68. Taylor Nichols

      I love yall

    69. Sydney Bowman

      I never saw this couple coming but I didn't know that I needed it. I love them together.

    70. rosli noor mohd

      I knew it... I freaking knew it 😂

    71. Emry Woods

      Crawford: I did it I got a girlfriend Me: no way, this is click bait Nessa: hi guys Me: oh crap I still don’t believe it

    72. Emry Woods

      I am so happy you guys are sooooooo cute

    73. Windy Lavasii

      Post another one I’ve seen this too many times 🤣

    74. Agustina Robinson

      One down...still waiting for Kian and Franny

    75. Mali Maslow

      She looks like Hailey Bieber., or is it just meee??

    76. iamdn

      calgary? he’s canadian?!

    77. princess 2163

      I am in love with Crawford's voice especially when he calls her baby

    78. Karma Sonam choden

      Omg but I lowkey in love with Crawford, love his personality👉👈nezza you lucky Love from Bhutan💗

    79. carrin perkins

      Y’all so cute🥰

    80. Haley Mayo

      See you next year

    81. Ashton Bond

      Nezza should teach you how to dance 💃

    82. Keena 3

      Nezza impression of Crawford was spot on 🤣🤣

    83. Gabby Gonzales

      Why i was smiling the whole time while I’m watching this🖤

    84. Shauka Hodan

      y’all’s first kiss is out of a whole netflix movie 😭❤️

    85. xxMyBlackRosexx

      Literally the AMOUNT of times I watched both of their videos since they came out is RIDICULOUS 😂😂😂 They are so damn cute, so happy for them

    86. Estefany Sepulveda

      I never pictured them together, this is so weird for me lol like obviously I love them both but I really thought if he were to date ANYBODY from the friend group that it’d be Sydney but I knew that wasn’t even going to happen😂

    87. TatiFromMaui

      Their chemistry is... 🔥😍 I love them together so much. I want to hear how this relationship started! What was the moment that changed their previous friendship to a romantic relationship?!

      1. Shauka Hodan

        Either way again I’m happy they are happy and finally found someone they want to be in a relationship with!! ❤️❤️❤️

    88. Megan

      This couple makes me so happy! They both have sweet souls and seem to complement each other so well ♥️

    89. Faihat

      Crawford : I have a new girlfriend Nezza t shirt : boys lie

    90. Aishah Al-aidarus

      the fact that Nezza’s shirt says “boys lie” 👁👄👁

    91. Vanessa Pimentel

      Seeing you guys together makes me so incredibly happy, I wish you guys the best

    92. Mayis Lopez

      Cappy in the background

    93. BrittanyNicole

      Omg Crawford is blushing so much in this video lol

    94. Merna Mahmoud

      Why re they so cute😍 i love it

    95. Desiree Hurd

      I hate when couples call each other baby it’s so cringe to me

    96. Diana Gaman

      This is so awsome it seems unreal

    97. Yvonne Chau

      Crawford: “what can I spend hours doing?” Me: “Nezza” 🤫

    98. cnmmd qiuoo

      Them: We’re dating Us: we know.

    99. idora musa


    100. Codi Marie

      Welp... for a second there I thought he was gonna say just kidding!!! They have been friends for so long!! I’m just curious as to why now!!? Why not before? They have both been single for awhile now. 🤔 Soo many questions!!! BUT I am super happy for them!! Maybe this is better timing! Maybe they got closer than they were before and developed feelings! Either way again I’m happy they are happy and finally found someone they want to be in a relationship with!! ❤️❤️❤️