Dead by Daylight | Tome VII: FORSAKEN Reveal Trailer

Dead by Daylight

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    Tome VII: FORSAKEN is opening soon within The Archives, revealing new stories in the world of Dead by Daylight, including a never-before-seen glimpse into the past of Left 4 Dead’s William “Bill” Overbeck. Witness the Auris, a device capable of peering into the memories of those who’ve entered the Fog. Through it, the mysterious Observer grants players access to a new series of Challenges to complete, designed to help them piece together these memories and his own role in The Entity’s Realm.
    Tome VII: FORSAKEN includes the memories of:
    - William “Bill” Overbeck - The Long Way Home
    - Adiris (The Plague) - The Maiden Guard
    - The Observer - Universus Alveo
    Tome VII: FORSAKEN is now available through The Archives.
    Watch the FORSAKEN RIFT Overview:
    Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer, your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As Survivors, your goal is to work together to evade, escape and most importantly - stay alive.   
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    1. clément Lebrun

      Can we just take a moment to finally look at Bill’s origins before he joined Louis, Francis and Zoey on a zombie survival, guys? This got me intriguing.

    2. Blaackay The Rapper


    3. Mrumar

      Didn’t they reveal this like 7 times now

    4. Totally Rad Films

      Holy shit, I was watching and was like could it be bill......Oh my god I miss Left 4 Dead! Back 4 Blood has me pumped!

      1. Totally Rad Films

        @seeni gzty I’m very confused? :P

      2. seeni gzty

        You idiots broke the doctor and wraith, if the killer has a tiny bit of skill they hold the game hostage. Almost unplayable, thx for that

    5. Woof Wagon

      Ah yes, the WORD.EXE Tome

    6. asioe kiou

      I already can't wait to get that skin for Bill. Thank you Valve for letting the devs do this!

    7. Bread

      0:31 Hello neighbour sound effect lol.

    8. Re Connecting

      That part where he just pulls of his friends hand skin like it was a glove. Damn that's brutal

      1. Re Connecting

        @asioe kiou have they fixed the hotboxes yet?

      2. asioe kiou

        So that is where all the money from the debugging team went! Thx bE, when will the game be playable again?!

    9. Velouria Filth

      Daddy Bill !

    10. kolim jone

      “Being brave doesn't mean you're not scared. It means you're scared as hell, and then you pick up the shotgun anyway." ―Bill reviving a survivor.

    11. dcoog anml

      Letssss gooooo! It’s about time they did plage and Bill

    12. gamer man

      i read that as forskin

      1. kolim jone


    13. Abas 600

      I need REDEEM CODE PS4 ❤

      1. dcoog anml

        I guess you could say Bill was "left for dead"

    14. -Z-Jmx

      killer? give me m16!!

    15. Legendary Bun

      Last time I saw this title, Cayde-6 died

    16. C Leigh

      Daddy! As in a father figure.

    17. mac yang

      tough Bill

    18. Revenge

      I wish Bill was young ngl but this is awesome

    19. livingalife01

      Please add slenderman one day! And make him as broken as spirit/nurse :D

    20. Mike Masters

      You idiots broke the doctor and wraith, if the killer has a tiny bit of skill they hold the game hostage. Almost unplayable, thx for that

    21. leon lacroix

      Already level 31 on the premium track. Love the plague skin!

    22. Robby Morning

      For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23) Therefore also now, saith the LORD, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning: And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil. (Joel 2:12-13) For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13)

    23. Ailsa Ni

      The fact that this will be actual lore

    24. Zac Barton

      So that is where all the money from the debugging team went! Thx bE, when will the game be playable again?!

    25. LMCD

      Bill trust

      1. Ailsa Ni

        That music brings back the old days like if u remember

    26. Claire M

      This artstyle in combination with this type of animation.. Absolutely incredible.

    27. ꧁Rainbow Zebra꧂

      Damm still bloody smoking that cigarette even after he dropped it a true legend is that.

    28. Tokinada Tsunayashiro


    29. mylen Hansen

      I guess you could say Bill was "left for dead"

    30. gsamalot

      You know I completely forgot that bill is suppose to be a Vietnam vet so this was a neat look into his history

    31. Bruger

      Bill got da new foreskin

    32. Crazy_Critter14

      Man we get more backstory for bill in DBD then in Left 4 Dead

    33. TheKingsPride

      Hah, forsaken. Get it? Because Left 4 Dead is a forsaken franchise?

    34. Propper

      young bill looks way more handsome compared to his photo in the comic

    35. G T

      Bill better get a perk called glock 9

    36. Benjamín Contreras Torres

      I thought one of the infected would be in the game hehe.

    37. liquidignition

      shit trailer

    38. Tonalchutoy 97

      Thought it said foreskin and clicked immediately

    39. Zolcsak David


    40. Lee Brown

      that hand looked like the hand from left 4 dead

    41. ShadowFox76 Aws

      That music brings back the old days like if u remember

    42. Catherine Boyer

      New killer? Left for dead 2?

    43. Frank Pisa

      Curious about how Plague is gonna be in this new Tome

    44. PlaguePlayz 13

      I read this as foreskin, just wanted to leave a comment telling of my misunderstanding.

    45. Jeremy Lopez

      Even being in a war doesn't prepare you for this. They come at you and come at you and they never god damn stop.

    46. FilmsBySnow

      Thought that they aren't allowed to expand on his story since Bill doesn't belong to the DBD team? But like either way, it's still pretty cool. i doubt that this story is canon in the L4D timeline

      1. FilmsBySnow

        @Jack Ross somebody didnt have their morning coffee yet, huh?

      2. Jack Ross

        Well CLEARLY they were give permission or a back story to use for the game..... duh.... ¬_¬

    47. Kaiden B.

      The plague music 🥵

    48. عذبي مشعل خالد

      Is he a killer or a survivor

      1. عذبي مشعل خالد

        @Jack Ross I played the game then why did I watch the trailer

      2. Jack Ross

        I will assume you haven't played the game.... hes a survivor

    49. El Spook

      Billy bill bill bilbo bilblb

    50. Shikaschima

      The fact that this is canon to Left 4 Dead Bill, since they needed to get the OK from Valve is pretty funny to me. We are getting Lore for a non DbD character through DbD xD

      1. Shikaschima

        @Jack Ross It is funny that Valve has abandoned their main game series for so long and the only way for them to get any form of new content is through other media that isn't made by Valve. Also, maybe reread what you wrote and reconsider if the tone of voice you used is in any way or form reasonable.

      2. Jack Ross

        Why and how is that funny? The licence characters came with their respective lore and they were allowed to add more of Bills lore to their game... how is progression and being able to do more with a licence character remotely funny? It's great they can actually bring more life into ALL characters in the game. ¬_¬

    51. Beefstew _


    52. Your Mine

      Behaviour: Adds SKins, New Character Styles and etc.. What we want: Fix bugs and the pallet bug and etc...

      1. Jack Ross

        there is no "we"

    53. Kevin Jake Asuncion

      I think we can lift up dying survivor🤔😂

    54. Emre5545

      Anyone know when this is live?

    55. Jeremy Modz

      And you need only 200h to max the pass

    56. xDummyBoyx :3

      Bill loves action , he has It on his Blood

    57. Ravel Nascimento

      Bill take the pills

    58. Andy Perry

      Ugh my military gear junkie is screaming at this...Bill is a Vietnam vet...all his comrades in this are wearing period correct gear...but the Devs make young Bill a post 2000 operator...

    59. Ya Boi

      New bill skin? Pog.

    60. Joshua 18

      Ya are getting very very good at advertising making trailers! ngl watching this made me go want to buy the Premium Archives!

    61. Hyena Screech

      New update is just wack a mole with a pistol and a bunch of hands popping out of the ground

    62. Anbu Trippy

      It was so dope that only 4 fingers were left. I miss you left 4 dead 🥺

    63. sheesh

      damn, good thing bill brought "left behind" and now can find a hatch easily

    64. BOOM627


    65. egghunter212


    66. lagatita3025


    67. Coolius Caesar

      I know this seems really nitpicky and I’m really happy that Bills getting much deserved love but his equipment seems a bit too modern since he’s a Vietnam war vet

    68. david martinez

      So like left for dead 3 confirmed

    69. Flamrage

      A licensed survivor tome? Awesome!

    70. Speakland

      Don’t care, just give me borrowed time rework

    71. Iris

      This has more backstory on Bill then the l4d comics lmao

      1. Iris

        /j btw I'm a huge l4d fan BACK 4 BLOOD IS GONNA ROCK

    72. Dani Dinew

      0:31 the first time I see him drop his damn cigare

    73. David Význer


    74. Galaxy

      0:21 unrealistic asf.. they did not care about our lives during this war

    75. Rahul Vijay

      While screaming... while getting hit... while getting mori-d... he didn't drop his cigarette... When his comrades in danger, it slips out...🥲

    76. Bubba’s house of fun

      also really thought that was Barry from resident evil and was a bit disappointed , thank god it's bill

    77. Bubba’s house of fun

      what the heck they made a young bill skin from a single line reference where he mentions there were zombies in Nam. i am geeking out that line always resonated in my head cuz my grandpa went to nam

    78. Stone Rock

      WOW the CIGARETTE drop BILL! What happened?

    79. Ebola_bird21

      Behavior: Look at this tomes reveal trailer Everyone: BILL DROPED HIS CIGAR OMG


      Honestly they should use give up on this crappy game Friday the 13th is better in every way the lawsuit ruined it but eventually Friday the 13th will rise again to its former glory

    81. Werewolf Korra

      I wonder how closely Behavior is working with Valve. Is Nam being the source of the Zombie contagion canon?

    82. 私は基本的にオタクです

      Has a prestige 3 bill..... I'm soo excited

    83. The EpicGameHead

      yo why does bill have modern military clothing on? how do you mess up that bad

    84. Jesus Flores

      They add a bunch of characters but don't fix their shitty servers

    85. AshleyTheFighter

      I feel like this guy should have a perk called, I don't know- I'm just free ballin' here; "Left behind?"

    86. Mystic115

      I just want bill... adiris is cool too but bill is better

    87. XBA GAMING

      Omg was that a left 4 dead reference 😮👀

    88. Mister EntityYT

      Imagine if bill had a gun

    89. 비둘기

      pill's here~

    90. Stove Pipe

      BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL Bill Nye the Genrush Guy

    91. Doom Ghost

      Left 4 dead copyright

    92. David Lopez

      I didn't know that Bill look like Kenny form the walking dead the game before

    93. Mini Mistro

      Looks good

    94. TheKidShawn

      Yessir 😎🙏🏾💫

    95. TheTruHudson

      Poor bill :(

    96. Quan Bình Nguyễn Ông

      War Vietnam?. New Chapter?

    97. Gastly Bastion

      Freddy and Quentin in the background hoping to get a skin next

    98. chlorinekid

      Yo the 4 fingers are giving me nostalgia

    99. Milantique Studios

      Are we finally getting a zombie?

    100. Mega Sega Fan

      Tome VII and still Jake is the only original 4 survivor with 0 backstory stuff. I think the devs hate Jake Park lol. Otherwise yay bill finally getting cosmetics!