Corn Silage Harvest Efficiency

10th Generation Dairyman

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    Filling a bunker and two upright silos with corn silage. Thanks for watching.

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    1. Matthias Pott

      Super video

    2. Monte Blackburn

      Are y'all in the US or somewhere else

    3. Abde Ben

      How many cows nembers in this farm

    4. Vili Carl

      Congratulação, excelente! ViliCarl Técnico Agropecuário. Brazil.

    5. Steve Main

      I would be very careful on that silo. When you make silage from corn it produces an oderless gas that can knock you out. I was so scared of this living on our farm and climbing our silo when it was freshly added

    6. king never die

      Silace Does not catch mold fungus ?

    7. rob hat

      farmers .... Definition ....THE MOST HARD WORKING PEOPLE IN THE WORLD

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    9. Rowntree 10

      Do you rotate what you plant in the field or do you constantly plant the same crop each year?

    10. Brent Cox

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    11. Yuri Gabriel Gonçalves

      I'm brazilian🇧🇷. I really liked the video👍🏼

    12. Honey buddy

      It is so good to see

    13. Trey Gamel

      So all that yellow stuff was- corn?

    14. Darth Fluffy

      Y'all seem pretty thorough, but do you ever find bad spots when you skim the silage off for use?

    15. Darth Fluffy

      I can do heights. Not since I fell off of that aircraft hanger.

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    18. Jey M

      You can make a video cleaning all those silos covered in dirt

    19. Balwinder Thuha

      Do you need any helper👷👷👷

    20. Owen Crouch

      Just see this video has nearly 3 million views that’s mental

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      Google Drive

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    24. Daniella Alves

      Impressionante 🤯 os equipamentos e o belo trabalho de vocês parabéns 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏!

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    26. Christoph Rackwitz

      love the variety of "scenes" in this video! so much happening. the video gives an idea of how intense the work must have been.

    27. Officer Riley

      What’s the name of the the song you use for the time leaps

    28. Saul Brown

      I went from watching fs19 to real life lmao

    29. Beyti Bilgec

      Great video thanks

    30. munna multani

      Nice video I make a video this topic

    31. Tim Idema

      You wouldn't get me up on top of cilio, I'll have a accident in my pants. I do appreciate your work and what you do, working on the farm don't have to go to gym for workout you get a workout everyday, you stay skinny and good looking and a nice hot body.

    32. Karina Aparecida

      Tenho uma fazenda só falta só as máquinas

    33. Mehboob

      Nice bro

    34. Ethan Baker

      how do get down off the silo

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    36. susan kenney

      Are you hiring? I would live to work on your farm. I know it would be hard work. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Love watching your channel

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    38. TDAB Wiffleball

      Anyone else find corn silage very satisfying

    39. PhoemK KhaengK

      หล่อ เก่ง

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      UE = USA I like .

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    44. Xaxa Gaga

      Now I want popcorn :( :wildfires hold my beer

    45. Al mootaz bellah chakir

      How much do you earn in a year?

      1. Momthemeetloaf 19

        Farmers can make 6 figures a year but most of the time all there money goes back into there farm with all the equipment they have to pay off and stuff like that.

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    47. Eric Davids

      Very well produced, informative video. Great job 👍

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      Great 👍

    49. Iliya. Barisov.

      дле пищы рогаттным то да сеныж!! --так вы мое име Силла!!в сваи есле вы капутнозубноедные то нет вам!!

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    51. Bruno Repetto

      I am amazed how that bunker walls resists all that pressure. How is that possible, someone please

    52. Aher Tushar

      In India dairyfarms are not develop like that your country

    53. Duane Ross

      Is that all you feed the cattle or do they eat other stuff as well?

    54. Ben Greenaway

      Great vid


      Nice bro

    56. Rafal Golebiowski

      Thank you.

    57. asumaimay

      I would like to ask, what is the purpose of putting and compacting the crushed plant in the bunker? Is there different between those in the bunker and those in the silos. Thank you in advance.

      1. ioan ward

        compact it in the bunker to try and remove as much oxygen as you can also help's fit more in as for the bunker vs silo I'm not sure i guess silos are easier to unload and you don't have to sheet them but they are probably more expensive and take longer to load

    58. Andy Chan

      What video card you using? graphics is so real. (just a joke about farming simulator :) )

    59. Sánjin Cresent Tail

      Farm Simulator really has the equipment exactly as to real equipment

      1. عبد ابو ربيع


      2. عبد ابو ربيع


    60. Erik Muxametkulovich

      Almata kazakctan ✋✋✋

    61. ARYAN SJ Zone

      i have seen all these things in fs16

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    63. Jamie Wick

      I don't like silos Or them stairs I get claustrophobia or what ever

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    65. Еркин Клаубаев

      Замечательно если есть техника

    66. Noel Cahill

      Great video rare to see ye in america with pit silage very common here ireland and britain

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    72. Michael Alves

      Alguém sabe o nome da musica que começa no minuto 6:48?


      All that for fermented feed ?¿?

      1. SV Thora Sailing

        No all of this to guarantee a feed supply and continuation of farming and income,droughts and floods set in quick and can be prolonged which ultimately makes feeding the cattle an uncertainty limiting income,ya just can’t keep running back to the bank to extend the overdraft on the loans.

      2. Cody Sheppard

        Oh yeah city boy

      3. Darth Fluffy

        Look up silage on Wikipedia.

      4. Kelpy G alt account

        That’s what the cows eat

      5. AvatarTheGamer

        what u mean

    74. Akash Kadam

      You start farming in India.plz

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      Wow wow wow

    76. phil Robinson

      to many adverts mate

    77. mack plymale

      Thank you for feeding us and the video! Press on with your wonderful self.

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      Am I Pakistan 🇵🇰 where are you from bro

    79. Mohammad Ali

      I know this work 🥰

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      are you in America if so what state

    81. Jass Guraya

      You used old method

    82. f lad

      i lkie it

    83. Wesley Modesto

      Belo trabalho amigo parabéns...


      I’m from Pakistan


      Good job..

    86. OPBjorn

      What animals eat this silage? And isn't the stalks a bit woody and not so much nourishing compared to leaves? Why is the silage always compacted and stored in those bunkers? Thx good video

      1. Lewis Archer

        It’s fed to cows It can be used as it is or mixed with other ingredients to make TMR for a more balanced diet for the cows Cows have four stomachs so can digest harder parts of plants Compacting the chaff removes air to make the fermentation process faster and the bunkers just make it easier to make and doubles as storage

    87. شروق البصراويه


    88. George Isaak

      Hello there and thanks for sharing this video with all of us , the people from all around the world ! I have some questions for ya because even though i am not a farmer myself in real life , i kinda love a game called Farming Simulator . With that been said i figured who would be better than you to answer my questions ... Silage : Is it made just from corn or there is a variety of crops that could be mixed ? Silage : After you compact it and cover it , how long it takes to be ready for use ? and the last question is why you need to make such huge quantities of silage , does that depend on how many animals you have to feed or you make more anyway and you can sell to others ?

    89. Gassan Behno

      like 👍 👍

    90. the government

      What sort of corn is this? Whats it used for?

    91. Owen Olson

      Silo is dirty but makes a good haunted house theme

    92. 捷

      The effect of stacking a piece?

    93. Wantey Jake

      I’m such a big fan of you someday I want to move out into Indiana and become a farmer

    94. سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

      اللهم صل وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين 🌹❤️،

    95. joel Fontaine

      Bonjour vous avez combien de vaches belle ferme bon courage

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      15:41 maquina KUBOTA KKKK

    97. Victor BoYY

      Imagino quanto combustível gasta

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      Massey Ferguson power💪

    99. Singh from bijnor

      Ur life is very easy Comparing to indian subcontinent farmers