Keith Eats Everything At Jack In The Box

The Try Guys

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    Keith is back and so is Jack! Today he's eating everything on the menu from Jack in the box! featuring the rest of the guys!
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    1. Joel Turtles

      31:50 is where Keith gets stoned and eats the munchie menu. You’re welcome 😉

    2. Radha Lavanis

      I love how this show went from being about eating and enjoying food to incessantly worrying about Keith's digestive tract lol

    3. Sarah Dickson

      I did not realize this video is 40 minutes until the end. We all watched this man (and guests) eat for almost three quarters of an hour

    4. Demil G.

      31:43 - 35:28 Look how pale he got from being sick!

    5. Karen Goytortua

      I hate fast food lettuce!! Especially the shredded one 😷

    6. Brandi Mullins

      I have yet to meet a Jack in the Box item i like. I barely qualify it as food. I'm here to see how Keith feels about the place and so far its only slightly better than my perceptions of it lol

    7. Chloe Writes at Night

      Keith looks like he is campaigning for the next presidency by eating fast food

    8. Romeo Tobar

      I love Jack!

    9. Kandice Jasso

      Why does he look like the miserable dad from Coraline

    10. Prakan Pollard

      Ok...the drunk thing was pretty annoying.

    11. DajahLeah

      “I love a JBC” (junior bacon cheeseburger) I was dying 😭

    12. Bri Nicole

      Best eat the menu video and most disgusting lol. I'm never eating here

    13. Zeyda Falu

      Loving how he tried to sing boogie wuggie bugle boy

    14. Gabrielle Smith

      Keith tries everything from Starbucks😌

    15. Alexandra Oliveira

      I want the bucket back !!!!

    16. Jimmy Hull

      0:32 He sounds like Mr. Meeseeks

    17. TheRainSkyandRiver

      Keith was so food high that smoking weed made him sober.

    18. Ethan Sony

      Keith: The first time I've encountered Spanish on the menu. Taco Bell: Am I a joke to you?

    19. the clock

      He's telling people to grow the fuck up and then a second later he opens the bun of a burger and says Roar

    20. the clock

      When he said it tasted like a McDonald's Whopper I was dead

    21. Mc

      i love how keith gets progressively more incoherent throughout the video

    22. The Llama with just one eye


    23. Anne Gerbek

      If you guys ever come to Denmark, Keith should eat everything at Sunset

    24. ganjabong master420

      the taco is actually vegetarian, the “meat” is soy based

    25. GracieK

      4:45 that music sounds like Poor Unfortunate Souls from Little Mermaid

    26. Jocelyn

      The meat on the tacos is actually soy meat...I found out in a weird way

    27. Josh Fiore

      The tacos are pre made and we just fry them, then we quickly open them up while hot and add the cheese then lettuce then the sauce, oh and by the way it’s not real meat lol, it’s soy, jack in the crack pls don’t fire me !!

    28. preserver7777

      Can't WAIT for the heart attack

    29. Aphile Ofana Zoko

      I'm a vegan yet I still come here to watch Keith eat fried chicken and beef. There's just something about watching this man eat the menu that's special

    30. Will Thornsbury

      The greatest part of this video is when the crew asked "Are you only F'ed up on Jack in the Box?" Indicating that Keith may be f'ed up on possibly a lot of other things at any given time and we need to be sure.

    31. Evelyn Parrott

      Dead 🤣 love the enthusiasm! I strive to be like you 😂

    32. Robbie Still

      12 minutes in and Keith’s impression of Rick Sanchez is pretty decent.

    33. The Brainiest Ashes Ever

      While we don’t have Jack In The Box in Florida, I’ve traveled to Texas enough times where I *should’ve* eaten there already. But I *haven’t,* because my family always insisted on eating somewhere else... Doesn’t help that where we stay in Texas, there’s literally a Jack In The Box opposite of our street

    34. Rene Rios

      They should have Keith's twin Grant on one of these

    35. Allie Bingley

      Can't we just spit out the food but like cut it out? Because like you can still taste it but also ya know not fucking consume it :)

    36. Shawn Thompson

      Keith eats Scottish Breakfast next. ALL OF IT.

    37. Wintercat

      Sodium-drunk Keith was in rare form in this one, he deteriorated so quickly, lmao!!

    38. Chi-Town Monsters

      Vote for Keith steak sauce

    39. Chaotic

      "0:28" Yea i've been getting paid with *p p a l c a s h . x y z* i'm making over $1699 a week with them! εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ

    40. Travis Ryno

      Their chicken nuggets are REALLY GOOD ....I mean actually pretty high quality. (Make sure they are fresh though.....they are supposed to be made fresh always.)

    41. Wen Du

      Keith just seem like a very messy eater...

    42. Aisnerh Ezekiel Perilla

      39:02 you can really tell he's high

    43. JRG Original

      "It taste like a McDonald's Whopper." I died 💀 🤣

    44. Taylor McNeice

      If Keith and zach came out with rolling papers ... I would buy them

    45. Natalia

      How drunk were you when you did this?!

    46. april phranasith

      I love there tacos 🌮. I know there’s not much to them. But are still really good.

    47. Ash Rowan

      Oh Keith bud if you're having a bad time half way through a shoot we aren't gonna mind if you cut a shoot into multiple parts

    48. Maple Syrup

      You can see the mellow high start to become an anxious high with the introduction of the coffee.

    49. Leyla Picou

      When he said he was excited for the munchie meal part I screamed cuz it's what I've been waiting forrrr. That chicken tater melt is my HOLY GRAIL BABYYYYYYY. still offended he thinks Arby's curly fries are better but opinions are allowed - sigh -

    50. Jack-Naomi Krueger

      He should eat the Runza menu

    51. Maria Elizabeth

      Jack in the Box is super lame for vegans.

    52. Vyshnavi Tatta

      Kieth eating lettuce would make the best meme EVER

    53. Josh Dutczak

      I love Keith's personality. He's so laid bacc and hilarious. Lmfao.

    54. Gone

      "Its not hard to make a sausage patty" while true the 1 and only time I went to a Jimmy Dean's restaurant they messed up just that and it ruined breakfast.

    55. Ouranor

      I don't know what it was, but the combination of the set, the suit and yellow hat just made me so happy. The colours popped and it just looked awesome :D!

    56. Emily Lister

      As a fan of the show and the try guys and general, Thank you for making these videos. They lighten up my day. my suggestion for Keith's health would getting stuff from freshii or other veg-friendly restaurants. They don;t have to be fully vegan but have good vegan options.

    57. Sarah Leidhold

      Keith, if you ever go to a voice acting audition, go food drunk. You will book it.

    58. Anabell Gonzalez

      I would actually like to see Keith eat the menu of a healthy place and be super critical something like sweet green

    59. Icarus James

      Keith: I think a tortilla should be very thin. Me, whose Hispanic: *Virtually slapping the geographical tongue out of his mouth*

    60. Iris Liniado

      Damn I feel sick just watching this 🤮

    61. Reece Wallas

      Man sounds drunk

    62. TRON

      Yo, you ate dog shit ?

    63. Raiye

      my favorite parts of this video that i remember: -*while burping * remember when we were babies? - i ate some dog poop as a child, i cried. - *barely coherent to Eugene* try it with my burger sauce -*slurring* look at the tomato!! this is good, this looks good! *ned* i dont think this looks good Keith, in what world do you want this? I think youve got Stockholm syndrome buddy -*zach* I feel like were being punished for choosing a salad! *keith staggering between zachs words* auugh! augg! augh!

    64. Raiye

      as someone from nebraska what the hell is a pilot gas station

    65. beatfaceDanni

      Keith gets food drunk and it's hilarious

    66. Oi,it's Sarah

      I don’t really like eating pancakes with syrup so if they’re sweet that’s a plus for me 😅

    67. D4CE 42

      Gotta love how each guest made him feel better in different ways Eugene calm him down by talking about other things Nee tried to hype everything up Zach made him laugh and Becky was his wife

    68. D4CE 42

      Ngl I love eugene in eat the menus when Keith is food drunk in the future eugene should always be the last guest that comes in when Keith is absolutely fucked up

    69. joeynpj

      I think Keith should do in and out next, he deserves a break.

    70. Erin Morticia

      Wow, Kieth REALLY loses his mind in this video. I haven’t seen him go this crazy since he ate the menu at Olive Garden in the back of a truck. 😂😂😂

    71. J - J

      @ 13:16 I could have sworn I heard "homicidal ranch chicken club"

    72. Felipe Fontes

      I’m so stoned watching this lmao 😂 I can’t stop laughing. 🤣

    73. Niamh

      Jack in the box is one of my faves 😍

    74. Bharbi3 lemøn vibez

      Keith sounds and acts high in this video

    75. Riften Guard

      Please just span the menu by a few days. I hate seeing you in pain.

    76. NADARE17

      Keith and Julia need to do a crossover together

    77. Emily Balan

      Please do panera bread next please

    78. Aera

      “It tastes like a McDonald’s Whopper” *confusion*

      1. Lilah Monet

        he meant it tastes like what a whopper made by mcdonalds would taste like, so if mcdonalds made a whopper it would taste like that.

    79. Mara Johnson

      this makes me want to vomit

    80. Ky Fitch

      keith was fucking unhinged in this video and I loved every second of it, omg

    81. Harrison Perry

      All these people bitching about his health. He does it to himself. I dont feel sorry for him at all.

    82. D4CE 42

      Anyone else notice he gets full a lot faster since he started having second bites on everything with his hot sauce

    83. Brandy Brown

      alt title: sad clown boy eats same burger in different fonts with friends

    84. WC818

      Don’t stop with the sourdough jack. That’s one of my favorites 😤

    85. Elle El Saltador

      next stop: Jollibee

    86. Raccoon Boi

      Kieth eats everything at Zaxby’s

    87. Kylie

      Keith was in prime form this video

    88. Bradley Is Kool

      Spin off of Eat the menu : Eugene Drinks Every Alcohol in his House

    89. GreaterLynx

      Wtf is a jack in a box hahaha Did they just spewed out famous fast foods and dumped em all together?

    90. Haley Rosenthal

      you BETTER do Panera!!!!!!!!! ASAP!

    91. Yourboii Luis

      Búfalo wing pleaseeeee

    92. laura kelly

      The more that goes on the more high he looks and sounds and then he says near the end I'm going to get high now 😦😆

    93. ツRel

      Every time I eat hash browns imma sing WAP now

    94. KayBaeLily

      chick fil a!!

    95. Adrian vaughn

      Keith looks progressively more and more like Boris Johnson in this

    96. Sha We

      Jack...get back in the box...

    97. Duckies Are cool

      Yoooo if you can do in n out

    98. Beast Incarnate

      Eating so many food is bad for digestion.... Keith is like a candle, slowly melting away from all the grease he consumed.

    99. CERO PRIDE

      You can tell this is his idea lmao

    100. 124 gaming

      Keith and Becky have perfectly colliding top lips. Becky's goes in an upward curve, and Keith's goes in a downward curve