Demon’s Souls - Gameplay Trailer #2 | PS5


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    From PlayStation Studios and Bluepoint Games comes a remake of the PlayStation classic, Demon’s Souls. Entirely rebuilt from the ground up and masterfully enhanced, this remake introduces the horrors of a fog-laden, dark fantasy land to a whole new generation of gamers. Those who’ve faced its trials and tribulations before, can once again challenge the darkness in stunning visual quality and incredible performance.

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    1. Undead Army

      never played a dark souls game before this is currently installing now on my ps5

      1. Undead Army

        @Tlaloc ohh right don't know much about it all. lucking forward to it tho

      2. Tlaloc

        This isn't dark souls it's demon souls this came before dark souls

    2. Андрей Степанов


    3. Metal Tortoise

      This looks beyond epic.

    4. Azuos Cruz


    5. Konrad Lipinski


    6. Adi Satrio

      Is it as hard as Bloodborne?

    7. Fercito

      Garbage Multiplayer

    8. DC MacLeod

      It looks weird and clunky though? Like when he blocks with his shield its like he doesn’t move when getting hit and the physics behaves very strangely. Is this just a literal up on the graphics of the original?

    9. Eltro

      This looks legendary

    10. StelsGrower #

      its look incredible , one my reason for buy ps5

    11. Razzmatazz hops skiddly doo

      is it just me or the movements and pacing really got faster

    12. Arda Demir

      Bro that game is legendery but it is need online if that will come with the open world that game should be best

    13. Syed Dawdye


    14. 1110010001

      Are they gonna like release this on ps4

      1. Lord Ektor

        I doubt it. Seems like Bluepoint is already off working on their next game.

    15. Stefan Milcov

      Demon Souls. Only reserved for rich people. ~ "Sony"

    16. Harhus

      5:11 i knew ur real, great old one

    17. Daniel Holloway

      Can he do anything other than swing his sword? Combat looks boring.

      1. Daniel Holloway

        @Sunbro Solaire will do

      2. Sunbro Solaire

        Watch gameplay.

    18. Light Artorias

      Don't go hollow.

    19. FlameRyukin

      Anyone else notice the Flamelurker closer resembles the original in this compared to the Announcement Trailer ???

    20. B arkermush

      Dark Souls 2 remake.. when? 😉 I would love Bluepoint to remake Dark Souls 2.

    21. Ailurophile900

      Demons' souls is a beautiful game and an RPG. Players spend time on multiple playthroughs with different characters; obtaining items, armor, headgear, and searching online sliders through vast communities of souls aficionados. The Demons' souls communities have remained alive and prospering since the original game came out in Feb, 2009; masterpieces like these show us that people love playing this game and what options we have now will be set in stone for many years to come. The Community is already working hard at making slider presets despite the failed character creation system. Hopefully, BluePoint Games will listen to us and remedy this system for all of us to truly enjoy the rest of the game just as they have done so before. @

    22. Alex Yim

      Crystal Lizard: I was so scared...

    23. Влад Нига

      Народ, это по типу дарк соулс 4К?

    24. Steve DaQueen

      Deaf and blind enemies... This is not a $70.00 game.

    25. Gary Whitfield

      Doesn't it seem stupid that the UK have been able to purchase this title since the 12th, but can't get a console to play it on until the 19th?

    26. Alice Indo

      I'm sorry but I don't see how you can take down a monster made of stone with a sword. Unless they are made of styrofoam.

    27. Rose and Thorns

      all we need now is DS1 with this level of beauty...

    28. Ivor Fitzgeral

      this game doesnt look like this on my ps5, they somehow downgraded the graphics and is sad

      1. Sir Galahad

        The graphics will look bad on your tv if you do not have a true 4k tv

      2. xFlamewolf27x

        Is it not a problem of your TV?

    29. sapiens fiero

      At 00:23 the falling stone think it is in PS2

    30. Anmat

      The spell effect of Soul Ray is different on release? It seems weaker and lost the shockwave effect displayed here.

    31. Michael Bizaare

      The trailer for "How to Break Your Console" looks great!

    32. Meemo

      Took that shortcut a little too easy

    33. BeKoed

      Such a shame this isn't coming to PC. Huge loss for Sony and a big disappointment. One of the big reasons I hate how Sony operates.

      1. Shikikan -sama

        Uh, Sony owns the IP for this game so that's why it's a ps5 exclusive. Even the original one didn't come to other platforms besides ps3

      2. Sebastien Pokhun

        And Microsoft owns gears of war.. Shame on them

    34. captainwafflezs

      Make me think about what Dark Souls Remastered could've been...

    35. BearSeek Berserker

      I only hope Dark Souls 2 gets a remaster like this one day! Congrats, Demons Souls fans, I'm proud for you!

      1. Sir Galahad

        This is a remake not a remaster mate

    36. nameless

      Second Bossfight looks kinda like the jedi fallen order

      1. Chad Dragon


    37. Revengeance

      Gotta love the future of gaming, this game looks beyond amazing!!

    38. genetenz

      Looks very dumbed down and commercialized. Pity

    39. Aleksey Kovacs-_-

      Game : Stunning Graphics and Detailed Monsters People : lOoK aT ThIs bEnCh BrEaKs

    40. Leonardo

      Que hermoso esta y se ve el juego

    41. JL 476

      Ahora espera el pirata :v

    42. Checkb0y

      Not on pc tho 😔😔😔

    43. ConantheLibrarian

      Imma kill a bunch of noobs. Praise Allant!

    44. Neam Raven

      I don't like the new camera. Any chance for an option to pull it back, up, and center it?

      1. Neam Raven

        @Sir Galahad Okay, that's music to my years. Thanks!

      2. Sir Galahad

        Yes you can play with the original camera style if you want

    45. john Sf.

      Wow this is something else really! I went from ok i'll wait for more games to buy a PS5 to not beeing able to wait a week for it to launch!

    46. Scott Montgomery

      Looks like he needed one of Sekiro's umbrellas at 04:41.

    47. PugNation Gaming

      1:40 backing up. backing up. Backing up...

    48. Daktaklakpak

      Just as much clipping issues as the original. The strongest boss to beat, is the own incompetence of the developers!

    49. Nerd Deku

      Que jogo bonito, porque os monstros estão morrendo tão fácil?

    50. Victor Hugo Neri

      Looks great, I'm not a huge fan of souls games. I played Bloodborne,and I think it's boring at many times, but I have to admit that the atmosphere of the game is unique, and this one looks the same

    51. Kamibukuro


    52. Maxius Alvarez

      qué arte, qué gráficos

    53. Karl Marian

      its ok... u got me.. i buy one.. if its possible again xD


      Never played the game, played all the dark souls and bloodborne, my checklist will be completed with this one!

    55. Miguel Otalvaro

      What a time to be alive, just awesome.

    56. Hamu Truong

      Just a copy of Dark Soul lol

      1. Maarten Rutten

        I don't know if you're joking, but demon souls came before dark souls

      2. Chad Dragon

        Comedian king

    57. クラーKlar

      このゲームが好きでボーレタリアを造ろうと思ったのです( ˙-˙ )

    58. Ojoker

      Give a PS5 with this game :( i am streamer on twitch♥

    59. His Shadow

      Me: “Nah, I’m not getting PS5. I don’t see any point too...” Announcement: “Demon Souls is coming back and it’s WAY better then before!” Me: “You son of a bitch...I’m in!” 😂

    60. Pyro

      My quality was at 480 but I thought it was 60fps

    61. Sam

      Rolling simulator.. please, nioh 2 is better than this style of gameplay...

      1. Sam

        @Shikikan -sama keep rolling wahmyn...

      2. Shikikan -sama

        Be quiet kid

    62. SpringBlitze

      Dark souls 4

      1. Chad Dragon

        Congratulations you have achieved comedy

      2. Bruno Barrios


    63. Jared Aimar Romero López

      El señor escucho mis plegarias

    64. Ole-Martin Thorsen

      I love this! But i do feel like the attack sounds are a bit quiet? or at least weak sounding.

    65. Ömer İntepe

      70 yasşımızda oynarız artık

    66. JoseMR2k11

      Its incredible, just incredible

    67. D-Brothers Games

      I don't even the play the Soul's games and I'm hyped for this!

    68. :AYigit16

      usually this type of things would be a tech demo or a benchmark tool, but now it will at least be fully fledged remake of a great game with the 4k 60fps goodness.

    69. ruben alonso

      The game is From Software?

    70. ruben alonso


    71. Thanatos

      to chorando pq acho q vai ser exclusivo :(

    72. Victor H

      Its like only different swing style.

    73. YoSoyNahum 10

      it's the same as sekiro, take out something new don't copy things

      1. Bruno Barrios

        yeah sure, a complete remake of a game 11 years ago is similar to sekiro

    74. Prasanna Venkateswaran

      Will keeping the bible next to me help?

    75. Hyperion CFO

      No easy mode? REEEEEEEE... - IGN

    76. ashtonjackfanny

      btw this version in this video is the 30fps fidelity mode with real time global illumination and real time shadows. the state of play is the 60 fps mode with dynamic 4k there are differences graphically i'll be playing at 30fps

      1. icoughlaughateverything

        i see what you mean i was getting ready to yell downgrade, but there is a clear difference between fidelity mode and performance mode visually. fidelity mode is crazy smooth though i thought this was 60fps. bluepoint imo did a bad job showing the differences between fidelity mode and performance mode. both do different things, game looks amazing no matter how you play but I'm a graphics freak and like you I'm playing at 30fps

      2. manny perry

        just watched the state of play and if you compare the two cutscenes of the flamelurker breaking through the pillars. you see things are missing in the 60fps version that are present in the 30fps version. like in the 30fps version flamelurker is spitting fire from his mouth in the 60fps he is not

    77. Israel Gonzalez Abrego

      Why the camera looks different in this trailer that the state of play

      1. Israel Gonzalez Abrego

        @Kar Wing Leong ok so we have a option?

      2. Kar Wing Leong

        The state of play showcase is using back the PS3 camera. Many old fans are happy with it!

    78. The Fountain

      *I pray to the GODs for a Red Faction remake* Please blue point games I'm begging you from the bottom of my wallet

      1. Sir Galahad

        Bluepoint Games cannot remake Red Faction if Nordic does not hire them to do so

    79. onizorimura

      anyone know if the npcs are getting a new cast to voice or reusing the same ones?

      1. onizorimura

        @Kar Wing Leong cool cool thank you

      2. Kar Wing Leong

        Most NPCs are getting new cast by the same voice actors from PS3 version

    80. Invidious

      It's going to be hard to resist watching the streams next week. I prefer to wait to get the game. Of course, that means I have to wait to find a PS5. : /

    81. Илья Гвоздецкий

      even trailer lag lol

    82. Christopher Martinez

      I'm using a hammer for sure!!!

    83. Dallas James

      I think the lack of information on "elden ring" could be because the release of this game.

      1. Chad Dragon

        This isn't fromsoftware

    84. My man

      After watching the latest trailer, I think this game looks better with HUD off

    85. Z390

      the running animations seems a bit floaty

    86. Doku Jack

      Das nenn ich mal Bosse und nicht solche Witzfiguren wie in Diablo III

    87. rafli aran

      What happened to elden ring

      1. Ashton

        Thats Fromsoft not Bluepoint

    88. Роман Романов

      Как жаль, что Sony думает, что издавая эту игру только на своей консоли, заставит меня побежать в магазин покупать PlayStation 5. А за такую цену за Demon's Souls желание отпадает сразу. Я хоть и жаждал поиграть в Bloodborne, но не побежал покупать PS4. А теперь Demon's Souls снова эксклюзив только PS5. Покупать Консоль из-за двух игр это глупо. Поэтому пусть сами играются на своей консоли в свои эксклюзивы всем подразделением Sony, а я найду во что поиграть на PC в Steam.

    89. Loosely Gaming

      not sure making the game look like a cake walk is the best way to sell it but whatever

    90. Loosely Gaming

      light gear mage > everything else in demons souls

    91. Rizz

      Deal I’ll take ir

    92. Enzo Tagawa de Oliveira

      I understand why they didn't put Valley of Defillement on the trailers

      1. Chad Dragon


    93. Super GamersToxicTv

      me I have played with demon souls on PS3

    94. SpikeTheWolf


    95. Gardevoir Trainer

      Can you imagine Bloodborne 2 in this engine. Not that Bloodborne looks bad, but still. 🤤

    96. Exploder Fish

      This looks incredible.

    97. doomguy

      Looks like pianelmentable

    98. The Crow of Yharnam

      They ruined it the original is superior

      1. The Crow of Yharnam

        @TheOnlyHumanBeing of course you don't you zoomer

      2. Kar Wing Leong

        U mean those extra costumes need more 20bucks?

      3. TheOnlyHumanBeing

        Nobody cares

    99. Fady Muhammad


    100. Potato

      This seems like another Insomniac situation. I feel like after this game comes out and sells like crazy, Sony's going to announce an acquisition of Bluepoint.