I'm Thinking About Leaving California...

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    I'm Thinking About Leaving California...
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    1. brindlebot

      I got offered a great job in California at 30% more salary. Then I did the calculations and realized it would need to be 150% more for similar lifestyle.

    2. A B

      The elites manipulate the supply and demand for their benefit

    3. Edward Warwick

      Move to Texas, they have no state income tax and you could buy the same house you have in California for 1/2 the cost in Texas.

    4. Edward Warwick

      I am thinking of never going to California under any circumstances ever. Leave the job before they close down your division. They need you more than you will ever need them.

    5. James

      Sorry Dave ~ Can't leave Cali now. America just became Cali...! With Godmother Pelosi at the helm the California Mafia is in FULL CONTROL of America right now! We're officially ALL in the same boat now!!

    6. Miguel Valencia

      I moved from San Diego to NY. Not much of a difference

    7. Florida Family Life

      Best thing we ever did. 50 years wasted in that state. Florida has no state income tax and beautiful beaches.

    8. S K

      When I said I was moving out of SB CA 35 years ago, all my friends said where are you going to go? It's like they didn't think there was anyplace else on earth. I've had absolutely no regrets. It maybe a nice place to vacation, but don't live there.

    9. Danielle Rush

      Then leave. What's stopping you?

    10. Samus Aran7

      The title should be United states... lol

    11. pauls931

      California is what happens when too many like minded people are in control for too long. This is why we can't let this happen at a national level. Hence bounce back and forth between parties despite how similar they may be. You need turnover to survive.

    12. L.A. M


    13. Dee Belisle

      Please dont bring the Tax and Spend disease to Texas

    14. Jesse M

      Born in CALIFORNIA. Can drive to beach in 30 minutes, Hollywood in 15, San Diego in 2hs, Malibu in 30 min, Santa Barbara in 90 min or so (traffic) or 5 hrs to SF. Please leave if you don't like it here so we can replace you with someone who does and can also afford it. Go to IOWA, OK, TX or some other stinky, humid armpit. ENJOY!!!

    15. GManGT

      The reason the real estate is still selling in CALIFORNIA...is because the new Chinese migrants are buying everything.

    16. Moe Shipley

      Sacramento politicians are entertaining the idea of an exit tax. Get out while you can.

    17. Bunne Rabb

      That's like saying "the garage is on fire, maybe I should move my car".

    18. Michael Smith

      Oh your going to move from California, because all those leftist politicians you voted for ruined it. You voted for it, you live with it!

    19. Adam Pearson

      Civil War: East vs Left

    20. hdjc86

      There are big drivers keeping values high here. Regulation makes it impossible to build new units anywhere where geography doesn't already. Regulation causes misallocation of units. CA property tax laws create incentives to hold forever. Foreign cash buyers looking to preserve their blood money are invited in. Rent control creates a subleasing economy where there is a class of people who signed rental agreements decades ago and sublet to make their living without any investment in the upkeep or improvement of the properties. So much pent up demand that the supply would have to jump tremendously before any middle class families just starting out could compete to enter. Here it takes 2x 1% salaries to limp into a house you don't really want.

    21. Kevin A

      There's always going to be demand for a house in SF. It's a wealthy person's market. The values on houses continue to soar.

    22. julia eshete

      All the Californians are coming to Vegas...it’s getting crowded here lol

    23. Kevin Stenger

      My parents left in 1966 when I was 4 years old because it was getting crazy back then. I’m retired now and could go visit if I wanted but I just don’t see any reason to go back, ever.

    24. Dennis Hinckley

      Left California in 2005 after 60 years living there all my life. The Democrats finally made me leave a once great state.

    25. Art Bridgeman

      I hoped this guy moved as people are nuts and have been getting into bidding wars! Cash in NOW!

    26. Est D

      You’re more than welcome to move out, just don’t bring your liberalism with you. There’s a reason California is in shambles

    27. Christian Aaron

      I lived in CA all my life including my time in the military....there's no such thing as a mass exodus. look at our real estate the numbers speak for themselves. Also during the housing crisis in the early 2000s, San Francisco was the only city in the US not impacted by it.

    28. WildBoy Liv

      Just DON’T come to Texas, no more Californians here

    29. Abhishek Dev

      Please California pass your exit tax law.

    30. Abhishek Dev

      Commifornians don't move they just metastasize.

    31. omarwanderlust

      We left in 1995, quality of life goes up.

    32. sweetpotato man

      Texans be like: Nah i heard new mexico is super nice this time of year tho

    33. james samuels

      66 years old same job 27 years still has large home loan he is stupid

    34. Glenn L

      Get out while you still can!

    35. JB sparks

      There's an unfettered flow of Aztecs pouring over the border and moving several families into homes to prop up real estate.

    36. Keith Bacoccini

      Thats good I'm glad your thinking about leaving. Just please don't move to my state. Thanks t all of you moving here, our rent has gone up triple and keeps going up. I'm sorry your state sucks but all of you are ruining it for the rest of us and making your problems our problems.

    37. phillip stuart

      Sold my house today 585k 35k over appraisal 1040 sq feet Made 400k in 11years Love San Diego See ya California

    38. DD C

      Like I tell all the Americans immigrating to my state from Cali...plz don’t bring ur politics with you...So Dave, plz Don’t bring your anti Mormon bigotry to my state

    39. 1anastudent

      I moved from California to Indianapolis. I live better on less money. California is awful unless you are rich

    40. Intercepting Fist

      Just leave your voting habits there please

    41. Steve Dippert

      Good riddance.

    42. Bob Bowie

      Moving to TX from CA makes sense if you're going to make around the same amount there with job security. Longterm is probably better.

    43. Art Deco

      Now that Californians have destroyed Texas, time to homestead in California.

    44. Angie Wiedenkeller

      I'd get out of Ca asap . I want out , houses are selling fast in our area . I want to leave and pay off a house elsewhere.

    45. xealit

      don't vote for Democrats! also, an anecdote: In Socialist States of America the Golden State goes broke.

    46. Paul Rath

      I used to think Californians were “just liberal.” Now I realize that the Left has achieved one-party control and total dominance through fine-tuning and manipulating election processes. Its been getting worse, but in 2020 it became obvious.

    47. Nick Renaud

      Ok starting this video at the top... Hoping Dave has SOMETHING smart to say. We'll see.

    48. Catherine Wright

      Raised in California... I moved the moment I turned 18 cause I knew it would be to much. Live in Texas now and living a great life!

    49. David Lanham

      Sell that house. And your taxes are going way up.

    50. Mary Jane Lawrence

      Yes my kids moved to Texas and that was guessing 24 years and in 2016 I moved from Calif in Northridge to Texas in and love it only miss 2 things the beach and a restaurant called Johnny in west los Angeles Washington and Sepulveda Blvd that I missed the weather is in hot here and calif its nice missed but gas food are cheap and no state taxes will go back to vist my family will stsy only gor couple weeks

    51. Travis Williams

      Ha. Leave for sure, smart financial decision. Just don't bring any Democratic party thoughts or votes to Texas! We don't want anymore CA losers ruining our state.

    52. Greg Smith

      Sold my house in less than one week in CA and now I'm heading to KY.

    53. Albert Pettibone

      Stop crying snd move...

    54. Musica Flowerchild

      The problem in Tennessee is these people migrate from the high priced areas they left, then bring their greed with them. The rents here in East TN have gone up astronomically. You can see it from the thrift stores that they manage to rent and home sales. If they ruined the state they migrated from with monetary greed, why are they bringing it with them to the places they move to? And with the big land grabs, there is absolutely no oversight on the part of the cities, counties and the state. It's a free-for-all.

    55. quartytypo

      Wherever Californians move in numbers, you will see California-American clubs. These are clubs where Californians can eat their native food, wear traditional dress, and do traditional dances. They will be included in parades carrying a big NATIVE CALIFORNIAN banner.

    56. Aman Bansil - Crush The Wealth Gap

      Although I have been considering a move to NV for about 3 years now; CA is not as bad as people are saying it is, it's sort of become a popular meme...odd..but that's what has happened. Certain areas have gotten tons of homeless...but those areas used to already have homeless...and now they're just arriving here from every state; so, yea City will need to figure that out. It really depends on the type of income you generate and what assets you have. I have a house in North Cali (bought in 09), I work in IT, I invest well...I rent in SoCal (for now) and I'm not rushing to get outta here. Longer term, I want my dollar to stretch, so I'm certainly considering a NV move (probably Henderson). Waiting for property prices to correct. Also, will start buying real estate all over the country where prices and incomes are favorable. But, I am actually glad that people are finding better places to stretch their dollars...because, not everyone should be in CA...I always shake my head when I see my cousins talking to me about long term stays in expensive areas...and buying property there. Forget about it! Get outta there. Go into a more economical area that fits your budget. Finance 101 guys. So, anyhow...all in all, it's fine to get out of Cali but the negativity is so overblown...but it's cool though, we could use some lower rents and prices...so, yes yes, keep moving out. But, I'm not sure if other states will accept us with open arms. eeek (we're going to displace locals where we go as prices rise there)

    57. mayhem1974

      Funny how California and NY are run by Democrats?

    58. mayhem1974

      Don’t worry, once the real estate crashes Gavin Newsom will buy the vacant lots for pennies.

    59. Ryan Wood

      Why not stand and DEMAND change? Ultimately, the failed political leadership is winning when any conservative citizens leave the broken state. By in large, people exit the state and drag their broken culture with them rather then embracing a new culture.

    60. cogen651

      Good, leave.

    61. Andrew Flores

      California, get rid of your governor

    62. Allan Vargo

      Don't leave California fight to get Gov. Newsom out of office! Please sign petition to remove Gov. Newsom!

    63. Richard Williams

      Why would a 66 year old still have a house payment?

    64. Flash Gordon

      I just moved to California 2 years ago and Cali is the best state by far bruh. The golden state baby

    65. User7777 Conn

      Democrats will eventually ruin the whole country

    66. Reese Carter

      i moved from California to Houston Tx. Best decision of my life.

    67. Laura Sopha

      China is buying the houses!

    68. Ma Ma

      Why would you be there in the first place....SO EXPENSIVE!

    69. Steve Weiss

      Earthquakes anyone?

    70. UltimateBargains

      Your homeland is an accident of birth. Go to where you are treated the best.

    71. Annette Breton

      It’s a great idea!

    72. Jay Engineer

      California has 49% of the country's homeless, 33% of welfare recipients, collects $200 billion in yearly taxes from the residents, yet pays the lowest unemployment despite the highest cost of living.

    73. Erik Hopkins

      For those living in Cali, what the heck is going on there?!!?

    74. Joe Mala

      I moved to California out of college and it was a much better place to be at the time. Over a decade later, I see increasingly higher cost of living, more homeless flooding the streets and more protests every other minute. My friends and relatives used to envy me living here, now they make fun of it. It's not supposed to get better, it's supposed to get worse with more businesses and notable people, rich or otherwise, leaving the state. Democrats caused this and they need to fix it soon before California becomes Michigan or Illinois.

    75. Tim McKenzie

      Stop thinking about it and go! Lead a better life, buy a better house for a cheaper cost, pay less in taxes, put more money in your pocket. No brainer!!

    76. R.

      Listen, I'm a California native. Family has been here since 1940's. Southern Cal used to be awesome, even when I was young. But within 20 years, it's become a wasteland. I told all my friends that came to school here to only stay for university and maybe 1-2 years after graduating. The average any person should stay in Cal is 3-5 years because unless one gets an amazing job out of college, there's no reason to stay. I'm living here because I live at home with my family, we have 1-2 properties, and I can permanently work from home. The nicest places to live (which I won't tell you so they don't get overwhelmed with humans) in the LA area are the only places I'd consider moving but obviously, I'm young and broke (newsflash: not beverly hills or malibu). KGuprs and plastic Fashion Nova "ambassadors" are all that's left. Most people were living here for the experience but there's no more "experience" to have (i.e. Hollywood, life in the fast lane, etc.). My guess is that people will move back to LA eventually because every young, non-native wants to be famous and would likely attempt to try to make it big here, even if they only stay for a few months lol. Good luck, kids.

    77. Mike Bear

      all Californians in LA and San Francisco should move to TX :-) it's great

    78. John Aguilar

      How about get a new job like any normal person. Also just an FYI, colorado sucks. Don’t come here. You’ll hate it. Move to Texas. It’ll be perfect for you.

    79. Kenneth Carter

      The problem is California refugee's behaving as evangelists. Other states should institute a strict immigration policy for those coming from CA. Don't allow them to vote until they have been fully assimilated. If they don't want to assimilate send them back.

    80. Kevin

      For a guy who supposed to know a lot about money… Sure was curious why you would stay in high tax California all of these years.

    81. Carlos Stephen Garcia

      Stop thinking about leaving and get the heck on.

    82. Check Zombie

      What cyberpunk is foreshadowing

    83. Matthew

      The Chinese commies would like to move in cheap.

    84. VanGirlCamgirl

      66??? Wow over there sounding like 33!😊 reminds me of the time when I would call up my great-grandmother when she was living and she would answer the phone sounding like a 30 year old woman and she was actually 85!

    85. Ashley White

      I left California 6 months ago for Texas. I love it there. My quality of life has gone up tremendously. I have a great job now, I love Texas so much.

    86. TAN NGUYEN

      Correction good idea to leaving Cali. Democrats built way communist party. Encouraged people lazy like to feed pigs Democrats cover illegal. Crime. Homeless. Robber money from richer all that’s ways communist party did .

    87. taku sungjung

      great another californian leaving to californicate another state and chage its policies to just like california.

    88. Tim Rohrer

      Scumbag homeless tweekers r taking over I'm glad I'm in Oregon

    89. Dwight K. Schrute III

      Cyberpunck 2077 coming out in 2020 is foreshadowing the future state of Cali as a result of the state of things right now. 😂

    90. Just Facts

      Yes... get rid of all these celebrities. I'm moving to CA now! Texas property taxes are ridiculously high. I'd move to TN, but Ben Shapiro moved there and drives his RV with a leaking propane tank.

    91. Theophilus Jedediah

      The urge to stay is based in fear. The strongest course of action is to move immediately and cash in on this very temporary housing demand. Even deep pockets will eventually quit buying houses in a state where the biggest export is the most productive citizens and the dream of great weather and homelessness continues to feed the biggest underlying problem.

    92. Christopher Hogg

      Good, leave.

    93. Daniel Laamonte

      If everyone keeps leaving my great state of Cali, ill just scoop up more real estate at a discount and wait for them to come back in ten years lol......that weather California weather is worth every penny

    94. rickydavis1051

      A lot of people who currently live in CA are staying and relocating to the Central Valley because it’s a lot cheaper than the rest of CA and you can still commute. Houses here in Fresno county are getting built like crazy and are selling so fast it’s unreal

    95. F. Rick Herr

      Left 22 years ago, no regrets. I just go back to visit CA when I miss it. But I love the Midwest.

    96. LemonGecko

      It’s hard because you’ve built and have been rooted in the community. Your social circles are In the current location. We wait, we stall because we’re not ready to leave. It’s harder than it sounds to leave.

    97. Augusta Dawber

      After all the bitchin moaning and complaining by Californians about their authoritarian Legislators and Governor, the dumb taxes and their absurdly high Tax Rate - they will all go out and vote Democratic again ! If you live in California that is what you do.

    98. Joe Eberstein

      The shut down will be the final nail in the coffin. No longer fun here or healthy.

    99. Nathaniel Carreon

      I am thinking of staying in California forever including putting up an ADU even though I hate their politics.

    100. pigjubby1

      No matter where you go, it will all be in the reach of Democrats. Find God, because the devil will be coming for you.