Bassmaster LIVE at Grand Lake 2018 - Sunday


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    Bassmaster Elite Series visited Grand Lake on April 26-29, 2018.

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    1. SportCampbell

      Why has KVD disappeared off the planet since MLF !?!?!?

    2. Jadalovesfishing

      Go KVD WOO

    3. Ignore Narcissist

      sorry. is it Nascar thing???

    4. Charles Robertson

      Boat flipping those fish is just too much of a risk. I would like to see BASS change the rule on boat flipping and using a net. Let's see what effect that would have on these anglers 👍🏻💯🎣

    5. deatra locklear

      Video quality is horrible.

    6. William Mawk

      KVD would probably win a half of the tournaments if he wasn't busy all the time taking care of the other commitments he has. How would you like to be a lure designer and make educational videos, be a pretty fun job huh.

    7. Zac Zoidis

      Get em Seth!!!! Love from MN

    8. Ryan

      Grand has a lot of fish.

    9. luster 5

      biggggggg nono right away. it's way too cold in the morning to bring a baby to a bass tourn.

    10. RSD Outdoors

      Hey Bassmaster, can you upload the 2007 tournament from High Rock/Lake Townsend that Fred Roumbanis won, the 2011 elite videos and the old Allstar events those were some of my favorite tournaments!

    11. Troy Johnson

      8:20 watch how fast KVD ties hook and and trims tag end

      1. Jonathan Velazquez

        Quick Palomar knot!

    12. Devon Banks

      Grand Lake is an awesome fishery... With BIGGUNS.... Devon Banks Fishing on KGup

    13. Money Bass

      Juh Juh juh giant! *Catching Bass for Cash*