We Dragged This Car 10 Miles Through The Desert!

Matt's Off Road Recovery

627 миӊ. көрүүлөр86

    So we got a call for a Chevy we had to drag 10 miles out in the desert.
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    1. Greg Baker

      Vandalism is not a cool thing, but neither is being that irresponsible car owner. Car shouldn't have sat out there for more than even a week. Wild recovery Matt!

    2. Slick1ton

      I wanna see this car on their shirts, “matt’s off road recovery, treating your car like our own”....

    3. Tyler Hamilton

      Safety first!

    4. Horia Enache

      I think this job was not only dirty but really dangerous for Lizzie. Not an inspiration to put your daughter in a junk in that cloud of dust in search for viewers...Come on!

    5. Maine Woods

      I just love the Scenery ! I almost moved west about 20 years ago but I had things to take care of here. Maine is a beautiful state and I love it here but the west is just amazing ! Great job as ALWAYS Gang !

    6. David Yummus

      I was expecting to see Clark Griswold behind the wheel.

    7. Joseph Martin

      Man me and my friends from Georgia we call that dust bogging man that looks like a blast

      1. Joseph Martin

        And you could use a regular ratchet strap to hold the doors closed food for thought in future recoveries

    8. Guy Morton

      What a hoot! Lizzie is incredible. The Lara Croft of Matt's team. LMAO

    9. Mark Williams

      Lizzy gets to have all the fun! I love it!!!

    10. D Steven Paisley

      What's that beast powered with?sure isn't straight 6 any more

    11. Dan Martin

      Lizzy is one tough you lady. Don't know many that would have taken that rind and laughed about it. WELL DONE LIZZY!!!

    12. João Neto

      One of the most fun rescues seeing Lizzi driving in the rally with this scrap car.

    13. Derrick Douglas

      The car will be on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace for $2000

    14. Josh Strout

      Hopefully the punks that destroyed the car stubs there big toe on some concrete! That’s just ridiculous I agree.

    15. Gerry Lambourne

      I don't know what the owner of the car thought of all that, but Lizzy, Randy and I definitely had a good laugh at it all

    16. Aaron Young

      Like a scene from Mad Max

    17. Bill B

      I have lost total respect for you and your channel. I first thought you worked safe and methodical, but after this incredibly stupid act we’re leaving. You endangered that young lady and don’t even realize it. Good bye!!! You have to be the dumbest SOB I ever seen! You are either going to get you or one of your crew or dog seriously hurt or dead. Get rid of that damn useless trailer. I have so much more to say but I won’t waste my breath. Wise Up!

    18. Shawn Brennan

      I think I noticed an OSHA violation or two.

    19. Stephen Mauro

      you could get this girl hurt....

    20. JS JS

      Crazy. Can't believe you guys did that. And with open doors and no seat belts. And no dust masks - or helmets. Why not just use the trailer?

    21. Dresdon Acacin

      Somebody dub the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift theme over this

    22. AMAL Woodworking


    23. Specialist 92fs

      randy "you're going which ever way the ropes pointing." my point exactly

    24. Jesse Says

      Don't scratch the paint!

    25. TheMidnightrdr

      I feel dusty after just watching this!

    26. Isaac Jose

      "The magic is in the Matt"

    27. Ronald Schroeder

      Add Matt's Off Road Dust Mask's to the list O product's

    28. ggeimer

      Matt just started a new sport Desert Tubing!

    29. Tom Anderson

      Funny as shit!

    30. Dusan Karlicic

      from drone its line google map :D

    31. Kevin Woodward

      That was foolish to do that to lizzys eyes.could cause permanent damage.

    32. caitlin leanna

      she needs a pair of "matt's custom recovery googles"

      1. DJ Kreigline

        Djk33😍😘❤ you have a boyfriend

    33. Lee Knudson

      This is more fun than a fair ride

    34. T R

      I like it tho

    35. T R

      Thats wild

    36. franz7671


    37. Larry Butler

      This is my all time favorite Matt's Recovery Video..

    38. 368 FAN

      This should make this your Promotional video.... WE GETEM OUT NO MATTER WHAT .!

    39. FlyinBryanFPV

      It's been a while since I've laughed that hard... hilarious lol

    40. mrpeabodythethird

      Wow! The girl can drive!

    41. Redlandaire

      COOL :)

    42. Santi Gili


    43. dan doubikin

      This is my favorite one with them laughing and having a good time. That would be an awesome ride.

    44. Paul Kaplan

      Best channel on KGup bar none!! Funniest episode I've ever seen; 100 times better than the "Flying Car" scene in Harry Potter. I hope Randy & Lizzie regained the use of their lungs when they got home!! I'm putting this in my permanent save file, great stuff Matt, thank you! PS. You may have just invented a new form of "off road" demolition derby. You & Paul at Fab Rats should build $200 beaters with roll bars & tow them over the same trail for time & amount of damage inflicted on the cars (not occupants) while still being able to run. One thing that's amazing, not even the Aussies figured out how to do this. I'll be back in St. George in October competing in the Huntsman World Senior Games again & I'll definitely stop by & say hello. Best wishes in 2021, PK.

    45. Colin Gale

      This has to be the most entertaining rescues I've seen on this channel. Offroading cars that should only be on the pavement is always a blast

    46. Shubham

      drone camera sucks

    47. Mmm Mm

      ايش هذا يخواجا

    48. safety first in texas

      Geo surfing Sun sand yellow banana surf's up

    49. Max Ptak

      Thats a crackhead

    50. gettingolderwithgrace graham

      Oh my gosh the two in the car were having a blast. Lolol

    51. Jayden's Book Review and other Stuff

      It looked like you guys were filming some type of Comedy film!

    52. Brandon Koff

      That's one of the best videos I've ever seen in my life.

    53. Peter Gurney

      Lizzy did a great job driving that chunk of steel.

    54. Barry A.

      BEST PART OF VIDEO >>> 7:29

    55. Barry A.

      That young gal behind the wheel had to be terrified during some of this >> 5:58

    56. Antoine Gordon


    57. Matt Lajera

      Definitely the most entertaining recovery yet

    58. John Loughrey

      Had to be a Ball

    59. nogsnoke

      That's crazy man..you can remove the door and wear a mask for the safety of your crew..

    60. Mike

      Funniest shit i've seen in a while... :D

    61. Joe Devine

      That was epically rowdy rowdy!!!

    62. Trailing Gen 7

      That looks soo fun

    63. K Petro

      Why didn't they use the trailer?

    64. Gnarles 692

      This has to be the best recovery ive ever seen

    65. andrew manro

      I want to try this so much but with a windshield 😂

    66. R U SERIOUS

      Love when you said that was the most ridiculous thing you’ve done in a long time and then the camera flips to them getting out the car with grins on their faces 😅

    67. R U SERIOUS

      I love you were in pure flow no time wasted on that call out 😂 much respect to those guys for having such a fun time doing that without goggle and face masks

    68. R U SERIOUS


    69. shawn rich

      That was the funniest, coolest off road recovery I have seen. So cool , made me smile, grin and laugh so much! Love it, looked like so much fun!!

    70. John Craft

      So many good quotes in this one. We’ll close the doors later. This is going to be quick and violent. I can’t see. We lost something (about choked at that one). Oils good. We’ll take em home and hose Em off. Got to love Ed.

    71. Nicola Caminha

      Just for fan kkkkkkk

    72. JP Cobus

      Lizzy had more cutz as plentty mans For sure she do it with smiles and fun Thanks Lizzy you makes the video cleare Thanks Matt tanks that was a great oftowing Injoy it so Cobus of South Afrika

    73. A N A L O G . R I C H

      OMG best episode yet, I couldn’t stop laughing. Lizzy is amazing 😍

    74. Derrick Lytle

      Why did I wait a month to watch this? 😂😂😂

    75. Sterling Beghtel

      This highlights the importance of working for and with good natured people. My favorite video from you guys by far!

    76. weed warrior

      ufo 8:54 in! thanks !

    77. BigMerkGee

      I would of reported that as stolen and washed my hands with it!🙈

    78. Diffuse Gaming

      LOL, Lizzy is a champ!

    79. Dennis Bellamy

      What an adventure!!!!! thank you filming it

    80. Rocky Roel

      I think doors needed to be taken out before dragging it out of there.

    81. mini life

      You know how much you could charge to do that I would love it

    82. Kent Schroeder

      What fun...the ride of a lifetime!!

    83. Rob Campbell

      I doubt the punks were "little".

    84. Pete Harriss

      You guys need to get dust masks for the tow crew, that fine dust they're breathing is silica, and it's extremely harmful to the lungs.

    85. steve ducell

      so what makes more sense............financing an ATV and trashing it OR buying a 500 dollar POS and trashing it. The only thing he screwed up on was leaving it.

    86. de Moritz z

      This has to be the best recovery everXD

    87. Jeremy Smith

      Side by side owners did this, they are the worst thing to happen to the off road community! JEEP owners don’t do this kind of asshole thing, we would’ve helped this dumbass get that thing out of there and then beat his ass for being a fucking moron! This shit pisses me off!

    88. Other Tipo

      Man, in this pandemic there're face mask everywhere, this was a good time to use it.

    89. Ben Robles

      By far my favorite episode yet 😂😂😂

    90. Nuno Ribeiro

      LOL....crazy stuff :)

    91. J Schermerhorn

      Matt, this episode has to be the best yet! That car ride for Lizzy and Randy was epic, totally hilarious! Good thing Lizzy is super-adventurous and doesn't seem to be bothered by danger too much!

    92. TheOReport1994

      7:24 I love how they're just laughing like kids! :)

    93. TheOReport1994

      1:49 Jeep wave! See Cherokees can do it too!

    94. realcoolphil

      America needs more kids like Lindsey.

    95. David

      To the punk who did this, THIS is video more cool!!

    96. Richard Luis

      money to blow

    97. Seth heath

      Man you're insurance gonna get cancelled!!

    98. danny crayton

      Lizzy is a trooper, go team Lizzy!

    99. Dean Martineau

      You guys had alot of fun with that one

    100. Alexpmgr8 K3

      Yah.... 7m40s i think we can safely say no return for this one..