I MESSED THIS UP BAD! Grand Lake Final

Scott Martin

162 миӊ. көрүүлөр28

    With everything on the line... Money, Points and My Record. Things went in a different direction quick! This video features Brian Latimer, John Cox, Andrew Upshaw, Tom Remington and WORLD FAMOUS BILLY. FLW Tour Grand Lake final video.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Hey y’all do me a big favor..Please Share, Like and Comment..and don’t forget to Subscribe..Billy your the star of this one..too funny bro! 😂

      1. Angel Roman

        Billy is a diamond in a rough, PAY HIM THE BIG BUCKS.

      2. Greg Gibby

        Scott if u would have been using seaguar line u wouldn’t ha e broke off on that last one might have been a 20 lber 😂😂😂

      3. Tyrrell Harris

        Keep these coming lol these are funny.

      4. sue thao


      5. jeff sebastian

        If you see signs of crawdad consumption do you switch up to a Crawdad imitator

    2. Mike N Crew

      Don’t brake a 500 dollar pole for a 12 dollar lure lol

    3. Matthew Zalys

      so we’re all just here now?

    4. Mitchell Kiersted

      billy always doing the most in the morning

    5. Esteban Gonzalez

      Billy deserves a raise. He’s the man of the show. Cheerleader Billy

    6. mason f

      sorry dude lol

    7. Tyler Hunter

      I think every fishermen can relate to 11:32 in the video. Keep up the great content

    8. NAW

      13:02 me on my lake

    9. Texan Football Houston

      So cool man love fishing only catch catfish but I want to go catch bass and I need to buy redwings boots for work soon and I'm nervous n excited too will see how it goes.. I'm glad in these times with everything going on I am willing to work always no matter what in some way. Believe that. Even a Fishman I am from now on. Lol

    10. Carol Voetberg

      You did your best you be hard in you self

    11. Carol Voetberg

      Get done

    12. Carol Voetberg

      Scott you do it get done

    13. Carol Voetberg

      Scott i think you did good yesturday

    14. Kurt Hendricks

      6:41 Oh my lord, that is a juicy looking spot!!

    15. darcy mejia

      From this day on Scott wore flip flops regardless of weather haha keep up the good work man !

    16. Ernie Morrison

      Rocks hurt dude 😂

    17. j w

      I love this fishing videos, you guys are the icons of the sport. Good Job Scott!!!

    18. Cam Hester

      I like Billy he's a nut ,

    19. Carter Smith

      Billy "good morning Tom" Tom "shut the f*ck up billy" 🤣🤣🤣💀

    20. Infidel Hardcore

      You scared that brotha 😂😂

    21. i Bee Amazin

      10:42 If you haven't done this at least once in your life then you just have not fished enough. Sometime you just end up yanking on shit.

    22. Steve Hogan

      haah, doing it like me.

    23. Ryan

      I have crushed Grand Lake several times. When it is on, it can be fire. 🔥

    24. David 1167

      Your not afraid to show what it means to lose. Kudos.

    25. Robert Napier

      The co in Scott’s boat when the bait is hung in the tree appears to be in a “post freak out trance”. Pretty sure he has PTSD now. 😂😂

    26. Jeremy Ward Sr.


    27. T Crabtree

      hell yea grand lake is the best! my favorite local lake! next time you're in oklahoma hit me up man!

    28. tim purdy

      every body has a ruff day hang in there

    29. fishinfool75

      Awesome video as always bud!!!👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    30. Michael Branham

      That was almost like watching Bill Dance fight with a spinner bait!!!

    31. American Hunter

      Billy is awesome! 🇺🇸😂🤦‍♂️

    32. Guitar Junkie

      Ur still the man Scott, I think ur gonna pull the AOY out this year

    33. Carbon8dd

      John Cox has the best one handed net skills out of everyone. ;)

    34. D Ray Gamez

      Something weird about hearing Scott cuss😂😂

    35. CABANA Leather

      This video is one of my favorites. Super great editing guys and B-Lat, you were hilarious out there on day 1. “Look at that thing” in disbelief that you were rockin it. Guys come on, let’s all share this video and get this crew up to 1M subs.

    36. Brian Albrecht

      dont ever let Billy go dude he is absoulty AWSOME

    37. Tyrrell Harris

      Lol you definitely need to keep these morning intros coming.

    38. Livonia Outlaws

      Can the marshals actually fish

    39. Mark G.

      I'd say the last day of the tourney is hard because the competition is stiff and 90% of the fish have seen every lure made lol

    40. Semperfi2011

      24:50 he has his hat on the bed. Explains the bad luck

    41. Cerus98

      Stopped watching after you let your first two fish flop around on the carpet and rods on deck. Shame on you. Respect the fish that put money in your pocket or there won’t be any fish left to do that for you.

    42. Derrick Gautreau

      I have never heard Scott say a cuss word before. Caught me off guard! Haha great video

    43. Cade Crocker

      Happens to everyone great video, great laughs. Good fun.

    44. Josh Narron

      I almost puked when you were getting your spinner bait out of the tree a different camera angle would be appreciated for jerking of the bait LOL

    45. Ethan Aschenbrenner

      Scott freaking out about catching a keeper is me in every tournament I fish.

    46. Bill the carp man Stoltz

      Does B Lat's fish count, the one he snagged? Or the one who struck yet missed?

    47. Bill the carp man Stoltz

      Love billy when he is on SMC

    48. feellnfroggy

      Good job opening the video billy, that was funny.

    49. Micah Brandt

      Next time use the Monster's Inc Bass Boosted Theme to wake people up, Billy

    50. Leroy Smith

      9:56-12:03 had me dying

    51. txman201

      Scott, you need to add a cheap $20 pair of "water shoes" to the rear compartment with the batteries. It won't matter if they get wet stored there, they take up little room and weigh almost nothing. Then youll have them if you're in some kind of bind and need to get out of the boat into the water.

    52. Paul mascagni

      Great video

    53. KW Fishing

      fun videos...

    54. clinton payton

      Billy starts the videos everytime now.

    55. Jared Headrick

      "just a little poot" lol lol

    56. Derrick Bullock

      Billy like your shoes

    57. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

      Everybody has those tough ones. Even the best struggle sometimes. Still loving the tournament video’s!

    58. Zac S.

      Ouch...not laughing at you... laughing with you! Rocks do hurt...but keep it up! Can't win em all. 👊

    59. Ntizda

      Lol the freak out was hilarious and him walking on rocks lol

    60. Michael Scott

      My Favorite video of alllllllllllll times! More Billy Plz!

      1. Scott Martin


    61. Brittany Bailey

      My brother is a big fan he lost his leg about 2 years he got hit by a truck on his motorcycle.. and now he barely gets out the house he wants to meet u very bad it's a really big deal for him is there anyway u can help him get back out doing what he loves

      1. Brittany Bailey

        His name is Brandon bailey

    62. Weston Loeser

      My takeaways: What kind of tree was that? Never seen a branch hang on so strong. For someone who doesn't pay for baits he wasn't going to let that sucker go.

    63. BassGeek

      It's good to see the tough days. Makes us feel better about ours.

    64. bob smith

      The spinner bait to other bait snag, then to going to get it!!! Hahahah

    65. Random Photography

      “ I can throw a spinner bait that’s weedless open hook it can’t get hung” absolutely hilarious frustrating but hilarious. Oh the irony. 😂

    66. Joey Irick

      Hey Scott or anyone reading, Im really liking your videos. I am new to fishing and want to get more into it but do not know where to start to be honest. I have a cheap Micro Spin rod I got years ago and since its finally warmed up here in Missouri I have gone out a couple days and got nothing. I am wanting to start at crappie fishing and do not know what I am doing wrong. I am unable to fish from a boat so that doesn't help. If anyone has any tips on what I should be running or what I should buy or where to fish for either bass or crappie I would really appreciate it. Thank you

    67. dedreman 22

      I could never be that cherpy in the morning

    68. Austin the fisherman

      You got to stop cussing Scott,you are really disappointing me😢😢😢😢

    69. Jeffery Powell

      bring some crocks next time

    70. T W

      What Evinrude motor is that on Curtis Richardsons boat?

    71. Cyclone61Jeff

      I thought Tom was Redington not Remington?

    72. Zachary Cooley

      Did B-Lat not have a marshall in his Boat?

    73. Andrew Kelley

      lol, billy was up like an hour before everyone else

    74. Doc Mangold

      Fishing points of interest!!! (That's the juice)

    75. la pêche au gros

      Thank's Scott for showing also tought moments . It's fishing. You're great person and a model for a lot of fishermans. 👍👍

    76. Corbin Miller

      Billy is awesome! He need s a channel!!!

    77. LiveEachDay

      don't let Billy start your video ever AGAIN

    78. GOOGLE Abuse

      10/10 intro!!

    79. Jerred Wayne

      Turd lake got you flustered on this one buddy

    80. Bruce Thivierge

      Billy's had some great moments in these videos but the "fishing points of interest" map takes the cake...omfg... i was in tears...

    81. Ignaeis Fishing

      Great video Scott, whatever it takes. It's a grind some days...

    82. Jonathyn Polanco

      I thought Scott’s morning wake up I would have been annoyed but billy is worse lmfaoooooo love y’all god bless good luck gents

    83. Outdoors Ahoy

      So this is my favorite show since Joe Thomas had his show anglers on tour. However, are you covering B. lat and Cox for the rest of their tournament. If not why? I think its killer content that your missing. Why cover them for 2 days then quit. Still love the channel best thing on.

    84. Out Fishing Your Bass

      "Guess what today is" "shut the f### up billy" lol

      1. Scott Martin


    85. Jfer569

      Bill should open up every video 👌🏽

    86. Devin Henson

      You can tell B. Lat been hanging with Scott too much with every time he says “dude.” 😂

      1. bob smith

        I know dude..

    87. Andrew Floats

      LOL who was on the onewheel 😂 Surprising too see on this channel haha. Love bass fishing. Love Onewheeling.. Sometimes I onewheel all the way too my local creek too go fishing.

    88. jeff sebastian

      Hey no matter where you finish I'm a massive fan of you I started watching your dad when I was little my great uncle was a bill dance person he worked for on TNN but I always rooted for the Martin's family and it will never change hang in there buddy I believe in you

    89. jeff sebastian

      You should do like I do buy a pair of scuba diving shoes or in my case hitops your feet will get wet but you don't have to worry about stepping on stones glass or stuff that could injure you I carry mine any time I'm near water and my fins and mask and snorkel I know it seems extreme but just the scuba shoes or boots make a huge difference

    90. Dusty San Miguel

      help em billy!

    91. AviatorMentor

      Hey Scott, saw you’re truck today at a gas station in Cadiz Kentucky, went to turn around to go say hi and you were gone. I was so upset 😂 almost met the legend 🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. Scott Martin


    92. N1K 5m1Th

      Keep a pair a crocs in da boat!!! I’ve fetched lures before haha!!! My fav fisherman! Keep me coming been watching for years now!!

    93. Mrjustin_time

      I love Billy! Lol

    94. PBFishin

      Funniest video in a while 🤣🤣

    95. Matthew Nolan

      This video was probably Sponsored by GEICO

      1. Scott Martin

        It should be..lol

    96. Extreme fishing Squad

      That one annoying dude that wakes up easy and makes everyone get up with him😂

    97. Rough Country Outdoors

      Latimer can neat fish like nobody else.

    98. Jd Barton

      Shouldn't have Billy such a hard time lol.

    99. James Ireland

      Billy the intro was awesome upbeat and positive good way to start the day.

    100. Southern Life Forever™️

      Hilarious! Get up boys! Time to go fishing. Woot woot!!🎣