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    This Tungsten Cube is pretty much the heaviest 4” cube you can get here on earth. It’s one of the densest elements which makes it insanely weighty for its size. You literally can’t make sense of it when you see it then try to pick it up haha. We’ve been wanting to KO stuff with it at our drop tower for ages so it was epic to finally get it done!
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    1. How Ridiculous

      200,000 likes on this vid and we’ll drop our 300kg solid steel fist on the cube!! 😳🤯

      1. Frimbrite

        Cube vs Refrigerator full of paint and silly string

      2. BuBba KuShInGToN

        2500 dollars USD without shipping

      3. Mike Day Concrete

        Awesome, that would be cool to see!

      4. Zak Peach

        I reckon the cube cost $639.39

      5. Richie Ellis

        Great watching you guys do you do 44 club and rexy face masks they would fly out i reckon.

    2. WPE Wingman

      I want to see the cube go against the unbreakable box.

    3. Star Lux Studio

      Thanks for the video! Unfortunately The Borg will study this in the future 😢

    4. Kris M Wallas

      Anyone know the title of first 3 songs in the video

    5. Matt Farmer

      He needs a lady" hahahahha

    6. The Bachelor's Fridge

      $2,500 AUD on the cube yeah? I bet it would tear through a crate of chopsticks.

    7. Not Real

      Feels like an ad for that shopping bag

    8. Daustin Mathew

      The tungsten was $2,500 - $3,000 just for the cube got one my self 😂

    9. Nate Rambo

      cube vs reinforced glass

    10. Zinger

      Try it with ooblek (or however you say it).

    11. Nick Bumpus

      That banana looks like a flamingo

    12. Chelsea Yancey

      444 shirts and rexy vs tungsten cube

    13. Emma

      slow mo guys X how ridiculous collab?? 🤭🤭

    14. The Grizz

      Well a guy shot that metal with a Barrettm50 with a black tip and it barely dented it so that thing is pretty dang dense

    15. oiuet souiu

      "Can I paint my hhaaannnddd?" I melted lol

    16. William Hancock

      What the Hell is the point?

    17. Unknown Username

      What song was that. The video was lit, the drops were lit, the song was lit. I really want the music.

      1. oiuet souiu

        bretts daughter was so cute omg🥺

    18. Jacob Meetze


    19. Cslims Sims army


    20. Logan Smithurst

      $2,499 U.S. dollars and its 1,862.69 in pounds

    21. Matt Martineau

      Seems most of the hits weren't quite on target (glancing blows)

    22. Mr. Noneyabidness

      The banana 🍌

    23. Woodelf Swampert

      Yo was that tiger?! Whaaaaaaaaaat????

    24. Nathan Vance

      It’s really cool how the cube entered the water for not even a second and the glass broke because of how much exerted force there was like that’s amazing

    25. gerardus w

      5:19 dinosaur extinction

    26. abuhurairah amjad

      I'll like them to drop it in like a bigger aquarium, or a very big water body to see whether can a large amount of water actually stop or slow down its momentum

    27. Manideep Goud

      bro what was the music at 5:00 plss tell me

    28. Austin Levine

      It has the symbol “W” because the element used to be called Wolfram. Your useless trivia for the day.

    29. Romeolz gaming

      2499.99$ exactly

    30. Teddynator

      The cube costs 2499,00$!

      1. inquire within


    31. Daniel Berry

      $2499 USD

    32. Chayne Baltezore

      bretts daughter was so cute omg🥺

    33. A Hameed

      Wondering which legend bring back to the top for next dropping 😂

    34. Zero Life Bar

      I saw these guys comment on demolition ranch

    35. Michael Kent

      Should drop it on a fully pressured up fire extinguisher

    36. nickcube4

      $2500 USD

    37. Allomelle

      Can you also do an episode with the slowmo guys?

    38. Allomelle

      You should drop it on some crystal spheres.

    39. B_WELCH_


    40. DeadPool


    41. sam metz

      I've been waiting for a year for a collab with slomo guys. This stuff needs real slomo

    42. Sergio Perez

      I think maybe 560 dollars? Maybe 325?

    43. Dylan Henneke

      Even though the cube is not pure tungsten the average price of 1 kilo of tungsten or 2 lbs of tungsten is about $225 USD and if you do 225 X 19 kilos = 4,275

    44. microphone

      Cost is 2,999.00 on Amazon

    45. Dylan Henneke

      That cube is $2,500 USD

    46. Andrew Gessel

      The bucket bounced because water is almost completely incompressible. So when the cube or stone hits the water, the force transfers through the water and bucket and tries to transfer it to the ground. However, since the ground cannot move, the force bounces back on the bucket, launching the whole thing into the air.

    47. Ricky Patterson

      I believe your next evolution will look like molten material. Globular free falling masses shown in slow motion by cameras along the way. Wax, glass, plastic, lead.

    48. x219c

      $1600 USD

    49. Eli Doty

      The cube is 800$

    50. Andrew Gessel

      wait until How Ridiculous discovers osmium, the densest material on the planet.

    51. Dr Strawberry

      Here from demolition ranch

    52. Ricky Patterson

      Use soft metal like lead. Or drop tungsten onto lead. Aquarium was favorite

    53. Nathan Ho gaming

      To be honest like a year ago I look on amazon.

    54. Nathan Ho gaming

      The cube was 1999! :)

    55. Captain Davy Jones {cruel and cold}

      That nanner though

    56. Joseph Rose

      #comtest $1229

    57. Michael Karanja


    58. Allison Bennett


    59. Bluegriffin 175

      The cube cost 1,282 dollery doos

    60. Meryk Glaser

      If you were listening to the kiwico things I had the last one before I saw this vidio

    61. Cody Beidler

      $2499 us

    62. Truth not opinion

      FFS less chat and more splat!

    63. shakingspears

      hit a car with it

    64. Ahmad Chaudhary

      I think the concrete would have had a better chance if the slabs were stacked directly on top of one another.

    65. Dylan

      I’ll guess the cube costs 3,400 Dollarydoos

    66. Ryan Malley

      $2500 USD

    67. Quirky Quokka

      Price for the cube is $2,499

    68. Aikano9

      Now imagine if that cube was a huge rod (more aerodynamic), and it was dropped from space. Probably do as much, if not more damage than a medium nuke.

    69. Noodles Zepeda

      Keep it up, that was cool!

    70. JS8artist

      I'm thinking that's a $2,500 cubey

    71. Frankie Brown

      I'm betting the cube cost like 600 dollars.

    72. barney is a qt


    73. Sandra P

      You should put T shirts around the paint buckets and drop the cube again- BOOM 💥 HR-Art Shirts!

    74. Nick Hemming


    75. Mr. Pickle_EX

      150 dolary doos

    76. Samuel King


    77. Noah's Videos

      100 00

    78. sehhi vooty

      If you all make so much from this, invest in a renovation that adds an elevator to the tower. Also maybe a height increase too.

    79. JRobAviation

      Jon B

    80. Dwarf planet Quaoar


      1. sehhi vooty

        $300 bucks for the cube

    81. Send H3LP

      im pretty sire its 1,200 American dollars i dont know the conversion

    82. Chandler Clark

      SIX dollars. Max it can be. Absolutely no more

    83. Hacks and Gaming

      Are you the brother of dude perfect? You make great vids bro 😎

    84. London Busfield-Hockley

      The cube was 2000 usd

    85. Marshall Musuraca

      can you guys drop molotov cocktails?

    86. Will Beck

      Every time these guys say cube I think of rick and morty’s bushland adventures

    87. Anonymous

      $2500 USD for a tungsten cube

    88. Orlando Castillo


    89. Jacka1376

      Commtest, At least $1

    90. AntHill12790

      3400 Aud for the cube.

    91. poppa Rock

      3:38 drops a tungsten cube onto a sand bed and wonders why it was "unaffected" ... big brain stuff here fellas..

    92. Nick Brown

      $2500 for Timmy the Tungsten Cube

    93. Nimrod Abance

      I don't see the lucky guys who got pinned

    94. Venceremos Allende

      4:25 min. Your welcome

    95. JJ Jones

      $300 bucks for the cube

    96. shadyLemur34 Games

      Tbh the slow mo guys should definitely team up with these guys like imagine how fucking cool it would look

    97. Roblox gamer 200

      Not gonna lie thats the all spark from michael bay transformers

    98. Sven Claassen

      You guys strike me as cricket players. Cricket jocks.

    99. Stinky Fool

      cost of the cube 2,000$ idk

    100. Brady Anna

      3600 dollars