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    In todays episode, we discuss the AFC and NFC championship, along with flemlo's reaction to what Albert Haynesworth said about him on instagram. What are your thoughts on this show? Comment down below.
    0:00 flemlo gets right into it
    27:15 AFC and NFC championship reaction
    45:36 great teams save their best for last
    49:08 most underrated RB trait
    1:02:21 the talent gap in the NFL is small
    1:06:31 teddy bridgewater's story is insane

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    1. Ask BAMAGRL26

      For someone who needs a kidney to live, he should be the last person to throw stones. Flemlo your sources are always SPOT ON. No need to question your talent, because your content is the best out there.

    2. Husky Gaming

      Hearing flemlo say “you a stupid doo-doo head” made my day.

    3. James Ferguson

      That dude has real problems

    4. Colonel Roberts, Jr.

      What was the best deal you could get for Albert in Madden '12?

    5. Colonel Roberts, Jr.

      When NFL Films labeled him as one of the top ten Free Agent busts, he didn't say a word to them. He mad because Flem reminded them of something that didn't disappear from our memory bank lol Keep doing you Flem, you and Karsten are more credible than these network figureheads!!

    6. Bryce Cartwright

      Bullies/lazy people always hate getting call out on it.

    7. Glenn Sampson

      When Albert Haynesworth was playing for the 49ers, I thought he was one of the top few defensive tackles in the league and was going to be a star for a decade or more. But once he got that big contract from the Redskins, he seemed to stop caring, became lazy, and played only for the big bucks. Flemlo is absolute right in that all his former teammates in Washington said essentially the same thing. He simply reported the truth and to Haynesworth, the truth hurt. What annoys people, myself included, about Albert Haynesworth is that he was blessed with extraordinary talent but had poor character and values. Talent is something you are born with; your behavior, character, and values are things that you have control over and define who you are as a person. The rest of us think, if only I could have born with such tremendous talent think of what I could have done with it. Albert Haynesworth was born with the talent and wasted it; he was in it only for the money. At the opposite end of the spectrum is people like Walter Payton who played purely for the love of the game. Sure, he had loads of talent but what is more admirable is that he was a man of great character and integrity. He played for losing teams most of his career yet always gave his all on every play of every game. His team, the Chicago Bears, could be behind by 40 points and he would still be giving everything he had, fighting for extra yardage and taking lumps doing so. He recalled teammates coming up to him asking, why are you going through all this, the game is over? The reason is that he was a man of great integrity who could do no other. There is something to be said for being able to look into the mirror and proudly say, there is a man of integrity. I am reminded of a line from the 1956 movie "The Harder They Fall." It is a story about boxing and the mobs involvement in the sport. The mob played up a very big man from South America but unbeknownst to him, all his fights were fixed. When he was finally scheduled to meet the champ, two of his friends revealed the truth to him; he was a lousy boxer and the champ would murder him. So they showed how he could last long enough to make it look good -- clinch whenever the champ got close, etc. When the champ finally connects with a really good shot, simply go down, stay down, and collect your money. But instead the boxer tried his best and would always get up if he could. He took a savage beating having his jaw broken among other physical punishment. After the fight, one of his two friends (played by Humphrey Bogart in his last movie) asked the other "Why did he take that awful beating?" The other friend said "Well some people can sell out and others can't." Albert Haynesworth is a sellout; Walter Payton could never sell out. Note: I have never been a fan of the Chicago Bears but one doesn't need to be to recognize that Walter Payton was a man of great character. It is appropriate that the NFL's Man of the Year trophy is named after Walter Payton. While the NFL has had many, many men of great character, nobody ever had more integrity or character than Walter Payton.

    8. Top jefe

      You the best at this flem and you are very caring man he not ready to face his misral.

    9. BigDsHaberdashery

      To hell with being mindful towards these children, especially Haynesworth. I saw the video, enjoyed the video, didn't find anything disparaging towards him from you personally, it was all online and public knowledge already. He's wants to be a child, let him, keep up the solid work!

    10. St Ozz

      How do I get the job of nodding my head and taking long drinks?

    11. Vikes167

      On the AP subject, I just want to add that anything in the passing game. It wasn't just catching the ball, he wasn't ever a good blocker in pass protection either. One other weakness that doesn't get talked about is he had to play in singleback and I-Formation. When in the gun he most of the time won't get it. Thats one of the biggest reasons we moved from him to Cooks (specifically Cooks who is very different). Just a small note I wanted to add since....he was one of my favorites. Was a very solid analysis about the comparison of him and Fournette. Side note, as a Viking fan, I love seeing the talk about Teddy. The one thing was he didn't come back and have his job given away, Case Keenum played the best football of his life. He didn't do anything wrong but another guy earned the right to start. Many in the organization and fan base wanted to keep him. But he needed the time to not start right away. Kirk wasn't my first pick but he's been sneakily good if you look at more than the team objective.

    12. Activate H-Town

      Albert H is just hating bro he's a was salty as a player and still is

    13. Deshon Rowland

      You look very bothered and that makes sense because you CARE about your work... Just keep doing you... When you are of good character and u know your intentions are good it will bother you.. But you shake it off.. Pay closer attention to your content because like u said nobody is perfect we all make mistakes.. And keep it moving. I saw the video.. You are what u always are.. Fair. Never stop doing what u do.. It's amazing

    14. Kronos

      All the money he made and he mad about a FlemLo Raps video LOL

    15. BeckyBnyc

      Albert played the NFL which was dope & was a beast of a man on the field yet the other stuff well...#TruthHurts 💔

    16. Josh Thompson

      Love flems content... I watched Haynesworth play.. there was downs where he straight just gave up at the line. Keep bangin flem. Id love to see a story on Barry sanders.. lion pride

    17. Demetrius Searcy

      Fuck him it was the truth

    18. Norm Mcdonald

      The old saying man people love talking about other people but hate hearing the truth about themselves. It wasn't anything that you said in your video. It was just the realization that he doesn't like the person he has projected. Which I guess I would say is a good thing. That man was a monster of god given talent. Just wish he saw it while he was playing.

    19. Greg Bays

      CTE - it's not something you should take offense to. These athletes are not in their right mind so stop expecting them to behave as such

    20. Mr Raging Vibrava

      I can't even find his post bout you hahahaha

    21. Cameron Stacy

      As a vol fan. The fact of the matter is. That is Albert. Let it go man. That's just the way he is.

    22. Gloria smith

      Keep doing what you do, I enjoy watching your videos. The old saying goes, THE TRUTH HURTS!!!.

    23. Monk Killedababy

      Flem, I’m 7 years old and I’d like to let you know; you’re a doodoo head.

    24. tokyobosco

      Flemlo, you do great videos, which I really enjoy watching. However, with the title, “He stole millions,” you had to know he’d get pissed. I often wonder how high profile people handle that kind of bad press. I love how you make redeeming videos but for somebody like this dude, he’ll never see it like that. Keep doing what you’re doing but be careful with these crazy M F’ers. Stay strong young one.

    25. Ralph Alvarez

      When Wikipedia says that you are widely considered the worst NFL free agent signing, obviously it's more than FlemLo putting you on blast. FlemLo, you were more than fair to the guy. You've done really fair and insightful videos on everyone. Keep up the great work.

    26. DSouthcrown35

      Is that a Shikamaru T-shirt??

    27. Ceinsure Man

      I have been following Flemlo for years and he has always put out great content, this dude be breaking down stuff even I didn’t know! Man forget Albert Haynesworth and keep doing what you do, because I love it!!

    28. Malcom Jones

      Flemlo the truths hurts some people. Keep speaking the truth.your articles are good. I like your show. Awesome job.

    29. Willy The Thrilly

      This channel needs to be massive 2 of the sports KGup 🐐’s

    30. Millz

      Where did Albert post his response?? I wanna read what he said

    31. Christopher Bingham

      Don't take it personally. I have watched your videos and they are AWESOME. You really know your stuff. Albert Haynesworth is just an asshole.

    32. Ann Tyler


    33. Biggie Johnson

      Flemlo ALWAYS tellin facts. Been watchin u for years bro albert is acting like a little ass kid. People hate to hear the truth. Just fyi ur channel is fantastic and these days as it's grown its lookin extra fly wit the camera work and ur dreads lookin on point bro 👌 🤣🤣 haynesworth just bein a salty little kid. 🤦

    34. Thorsvald

      Bruh, you did a great job. Keep doing what you do, man.

    35. David Perry

      Don’t worry. Worst thing he’ll do is probably flop on your lawn like he did against Vick. He’ll give up quick

    36. C Silk

      Flemlo keep doing your thing bro, Haynesworth is a bitter washed up slob. Simply facts everyone knows about Albert. Everything was 100% idiot. Sit down Albert per usual bruh. Fat mess.

    37. whileu slept

      Theres so much fake news, most of it coming from the big mainstream media outlets, i mean u fact check cnn u will find 75% of their reporting is just made up, and the other networks aint much better, which is why i appreciate what i call citizen journalists, the smaller podcast guys and ladies, are the credible journalists, they back up their reporting with real sources, not this anonymous source crap u get from mainstream media, i dont watch any network news cause its all b.s.

    38. Judah Jr

      Albert Haynesworth is just emotional like a female, since he couldn't refute the information in the video he attacked you personally. He a clown.

    39. Bee Gee

      I love the vid and felt bad for Haynesworth. You paint a great picture of a problem man.

    40. louis jackson

      Big fan.....anyway I can see why he gave the negative feedback and it’s cause the whole video of him is negetive stuff...like you said you do videos of people messing up and bouncing back where is his bounce back ....I’ve been waiting for a movie where there’s no happy ending this was good enough ...lol

    41. CJ.

      Brooo! Flemlo is making a video with De Gea??

    42. Jack Daniels

      I think Flemlo is probably the most respectful coverage on player, maybe even people in general. One of my favorite things is that he shows some roots, shows that issues dont drop from the sky. I absolutely love that cuz it gives such understanding about them as humans. He has deepened my respect for many and makes me question myself. Where I'm at, if I'm happy and doing all I can. If I could live up to a fraction of some of what others have. He should take pride in his craft. In my humble opinion he is the best at it.

    43. Penny Omega

      The fact that some people defend Haynesworth and attack Flemlo just because he was bringing in hews reports and players recollections, really shows you how pathetic some people are. It’s not Flemlo’s fault Haynesworth was a bum. Maybe the guy could’ve actually done well. Get your victim mentality outta here

    44. Ron D'Aiuto

      Where is Haynesworth's response? Link?

    45. its me

      Quote of the year ..you a stupid doo doo head..

    46. Eddie Peterson

      When you sign a contract like that are you agreeing to put forth maximum effort? Is it fraud to not try and play well?

    47. jamesmarhen

      "Albert Haynesworth NOT HAPPY..." should basically go without saying.

    48. Southwest Turk

      He was mad cause flem was spot on we all knew about his actions keep doing ya thing 💯💪🏾

    49. Nathan Elattar

      Bro you should’ve expected that. He stole $34 million dollars, he obviously ain’t a decent person. It vindicates your integrity of a person...

    50. Gregg Lira

      I'm not perfect and mess up too in school as well, so all we can do is wanting to know what we done wrong to correct it.

    51. Gregg Lira

      Some people can't live with their demon in their past or accept things in their life for what things are meant to be.

    52. Gregg Lira

      Flemlo Rap it's no surprise that Albert Haynesworth is no surprise he is acting this way at all.

    53. RaIdErNaTiOn 74

      I've watched several of Flemlo's vids & the man does his homework on ppl. Sounds like Albert was pissed for getting called out.

    54. Crystal Thomas

      Haynesworth was a crook in the nfl who put hardly any effort in his entire career except take money that's his legacy of nfl

    55. Adrian Hernandez.J

      No secret that albert is racist against his own race.

    56. McArthur Tolbert Jr

      I am glad you did not stoop to his low level

    57. bob bib

      not speaking for him but from my perspective i think he was but hurt that about them 4-3 3-4 thing and that they wanted him to play out of position mind you this is just what i remember coming out about him and at that point he basically shut it down which is not ok when they made you one of the highest paid at that time i have no fact or proof like flemlo did just what i remember

    58. George papageorgiou

      I don't think you have spiteful intent on anyone..why would you?..you tell the story and your storytelling is always positive..i don't think you were painting him in a bad way..u talked bout his dominance too..unfortunately his bad outweigh his good..

    59. Chad Wolford

      I'd say you painted a better picture of hainsworth then he probably deserved

    60. Anthony Davis

      Yo I actually always watch your videos all the way through because your videos ain’t bias and you report what’s out there not too much your opinion which is a big difference between you and these other cats put out

    61. Theo Davis

      CTE is real Bruh. Some of these former NFL players are afflicted and there’s no way to know if any certain individual has it. But the psychological effects are accumulative. Only time will tell. But guess what. If he’s upset I feel it, but send the grief to the NFL where it belongs; don’t disrupt the activities of the MESSENGER ....

    62. Ironjaytrain2003

      But yet you keep it 💯. I appreciate and respect your honesty and research my man!

    63. George Turner

      The ONLY argument albert had, was a personal attack on YOU, NOT the facts. Typical adolescent response. He CAN'T sue, because he has no case.

    64. Daniel Mackey

      I thought Flemlo was fair about the story.

    65. Gerald Winder

      Attn: This is a test. It is only a test. 😦

    66. Steven Hopkins

      If HIS story makes HIM upset thats something HE needs to work through.

    67. Ethan

      Does flemlos shirt say “what a drag”?

    68. Frank Youngs

      The truth hurts

    69. stone Monsta

      Lol not ah stupid doodoo head.funny because he actually played like doodoo n was stupid in the head

    70. Theo

      Your video was awesome and professionally done as all of your videos are. Albert had to face the truth about himself and did not like it. His action showed he has not matured at all.

    71. Jeff

      It was a great, brutally honest video, Flemlo. And well produced, like many of your others. It was not baseless. We understand opinions can get interjected. I don't wish Haynesworth any bad will. He' a bit of a narcissist. I truly hope he finally turns it around. But egotists never do--unless they are willing to truly look inside, take full responsibility and trash the victimhood mentality. Full support for you. Keep producing great content.

    72. Brad Geltapfel

      Maybe Flemlo's never been called this before, but his work is impeccable. Top freakin' notch. The subjects of his stories should feel fortunate they got a real solid, smart and honest treatment, and I'll bet the vast majority do. Flemlo's a good guy, a great storyteller, and an ACTUAL journalist, or, even better, a top notch "DOCUMENTARIAN". We're lucky to have him.

    73. bobby tommaselli

      kTO... When u gonna drop some vids???

    74. Darnell Howell

      He just got played by his psychology

    75. Jay MoNey

      Naw bruh he mad because it 1000% right

    76. Elizabeth Semarge

      I has to be tough when people are honest and you don't like it. Albert probably doesn't even like looking at himself in the mirror.

    77. william tricarico

      Look, Flem, the reason I subscribed to begin with is that your honest portrayal of situations was refreshing. I even recommended you to my son, who is am aspiring you tuber, not for the specifics of the content, but for the format and your presentation and identification to culture and reality is real. You a real one, bro. We all can tell it hurts, because of what we've learned about you from your content, is that you are looking for truth but are absolutely, at least, going for half full and benefit of doubt. Just continue to care about what you are doing, and definitely parent your kids with what you present to us, honesty, positivity, and care for what you do, whatever it is.

    78. Kellease Taylor

      He’s a grown man baby. Who cares FlemLo!! Your video was amazing.

    79. Ronald Holloway


    80. Shijo

      Hey Bro, I just watched and commented on the Haynesworth video. I mentioned that I am not a sports fan but I watched because it was a well prepared, and well delivered report. It looks like you put a lot of time into proper content and editing. I believe in being fact based and clear in what Is being discussed. Based on the story you told about this guy I would hardly expect a different reaction from him. I watched about 6 minutes of this vid (#20) before I just had to stop it and comment. When I turned it back on you basically said exactly what I said here at scene 6:00. Keep up the great work, who knows, you might even turn me into a sports fan.

    81. Joshua Pineda

      Drinking henny in the locker room???!?!? Sounds bad ass! That's a teammate. I can see it now. Down by 35 to Tom Brady, it's halftime, QB is beat up.... "Y'all here's some henny.... let's go get this ass beating..."

    82. Lee Durand

      ’A hit dog will holler’

    83. nuri dahara

      Hey great video Was hoping u could do one on db seen smith !!!!


      Stop it......Maholms not a GOAT.....he will never be a GOAT unless he wins 8 SB and win his conference 15 times and play at a High Level until he's 46 yrs old.......you guys throwing that word GOAT up too casually. Don't discredit the word....there is no such thing as two GOATS in a single sport or profession .......com'on man ima call Albert on y'all .....lol...lol..lol


      If what you do is factual bro....don't worry about it. keep doin ya vidz bro..i watch them shits all the time .......dope info bro....i use your vids for info all the time......thanks

    86. Regis Sanders

      Albert saw your video and was ready to Que the PAIN

    87. Yvonne Mignon

      Keep up the good work Flemlo, don't listen to that overstuffed Bitter Betty! lol

    88. Apex _ Prowler

      Guy, you are a clout chaser. Reporters are clout chasers. If you don't have controversy in your video no one will watch. Just keep it moving.

    89. desima92 92

      Albert has a lot of negative videos of him. By different people it’s cause flem lo is known

    90. DRACO FURY 13

      *LMBAO 🤣 🤣*

    91. Clint

      It's not like he told a made up story about Albert Haynesworth having dinner at The W Hotel in DC, then when offering his form of payment he slipped his credit card between the waitress' cleavage. Oh wait, that really happened.

    92. Johnnie Lee

      Flemlo is SOOO objective. Haynesworth give receipts the same way Flemlo did brah..

    93. Aeternus Diablos

      Isn’t this the same dude who stepped on a guy in a game , I’m not surprised he isn’t that mature and clearly has anger issues .

    94. PHAT Aguilar

      Man forget Haynesworth keep doing yo Thang Flemlo

    95. Biff Mcspandex

      Damn we need one more 😭😭 I can’t wait a whole ass 7 months for y’all to start up again

    96. Keno Noke

      Bro love your show keep doing what u do u can’t make an omelette without cracking eggs 🤷🏽‍♂️

    97. illusive1

      Haynesworth, is mad, cuz Flemlo is more famous then him. Don't hate the player, hate the game. Flemlo has the best athlete bios on KGup, would love for him to do bios of Athletes from other sports one day, cuz if Flemlo did old NBA athletes, that would b raw. Plus he's a Bengals fan too, Keep pushing, this fans here for life.

    98. Smex Dmx

      No podcast this week ?

    99. Yot Bots

      Albert Haynesworth can be suffering from trauma. It doesn’t makes him childish to act the way that he does. You posted on KGup his life that brought a flash back episode to his life. You can read a report all day but at the end of the day you don’t see his life, you been him. You ain’t him. He has a right to feel the way he does is because you are invading into his personal life of football and other things. All I can say is Flemlo still castigated this guy on the tube.

    100. David Osborne

      But you should reach out to people when you do videos at least give them a opportunity for there side