Young M.A "Angels vs Demons" (Official Music Video)

Young MA

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    Track produced by Benjamin Lasnier.
    Video directed by Marc Diamond
    #YoungMA #AngelsvsDemons #RedFlu

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    1. j c


    2. Divan Sousa

      Yes king of Hip Hop 👑🙏

    3. Forrest Myres

      If you can't accept that Young M.A is top 10, you just hating to hate.

    4. Cristóbal Mba Ndong Obono

      Por favor necesito el subtítulo en español de esta canción.

    5. Elsa Magical mystical Queen

      Thank you love 💗

    6. Amanda Redeagle

      M.A. gotta find a real one stop switching bitches like she does hats. We all gotta find that one person who's demons placate with our own. Hard to find when u been through shit most ppl can't comprehend, I know. If u have lost someone due to senselessness, and u feel alone, reach out, don't stay in that dark place. R.I.P Kenneth Ramos

    7. Lamar Hibbler


    8. Gemini Mekha


    9. LaNel DeNero

      She's a whole fuckin LEGEND bro!

    10. STILL SEARCHING Searching

      I ( WHAT DIS YOUNGIN ) ⅛

    11. Thembekile Masondo

      I'm as real as she is😤😤😤 but sometimes she just goes too hard😏😏

    12. Titus Conteh


    13. Snufalufagus Snufalufagus

      Strategy here K , our attention is on you now . 🌟🖐️😎

    14. evan jones

      3 in the mornin sipping this henny thank god for these m came from a pocket of pennies.....this song is filled with BARS!!

    15. Candice Garner


    16. Safaa Eltbakh

      Ya ya

    17. Verde_Nips

      The end of this song gave me goosebumps bruh. Realest words I’ve ever fuckin heard. Love you MA

    18. Sergi Esteve Carbó

      don brought me hear

    19. Conor Borelz

      Love from fort worth TX mayne

    20. Moussa Mboum


    21. Skarrz Bones

      Skrill me

    22. geetha anantha

      Bump it ma respect love from india

    23. promise jonathan

      I bought this Ice so I can shine, ''Cause my heart is dark''.

    24. Anthony Segarra

      Beautiful young lady

    25. Rasheed Gilliam

      I buy this shine bc my heart is black damn

    26. Rtf Rumpage

      Young M.A Has Got To Be The Best Female Artist . Im From Toledo Ohio And Felt This Shit Like I Was In The Studio With Her

    27. Tashea Mason & Kevin Mason


    28. skitsmaxn


    29. Ryan Bing


    30. Khalil Weir

      The most underrated track on the ep❤️🙇🏻‍♂️

    31. it’s cliff

      this some lil durk shit🔥🔥

    32. Jennifer


    33. Carol Dean

      N if they move n funny don't let em near u🌚

    34. Chris Rouille

      “Went from trappin to fame crazy now I’m trapped in the fame”

    35. Wanya Hampton-cohen

      her brother is watching over her

    36. Bilaya Felder

      Gifted ♈️🌈🦋!

    37. Taylor

      One of the best songs she made and she got a lot of hits

    38. Kara Elliott

      I love the part... mental health is a stain... these thoughts stay in the back of my brain. And then... call me a bitch all you want... just know this bitch in charge.

    39. Kara Elliott

      These lyrics are so real! I love this song.

    40. Victoria Williams

      Shit fire 🔥

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    42. lurex roland WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING FOR SALE Rifles, Handguns, Air Guns, Hunting Guns, AMMO, Pistols, Sniper Rifles, Fishing Gun

    43. Maria Haga


    44. Angelica Askew

      "Call me a bitch all you want, just know that bitch is in charge." Love this line 🔥😎

    45. Jamie Guertin

      She tha best out here periodt 🔥

    46. Sheny Mansilla

      Damn I felt you... I was about to cry.

    47. Iam Rudebwoi

      This is really deep🔥🔥🔥✊🏾

    48. Denzell Washington


    49. Kana Beats

      this a vibe right here

    50. Thomas McAdoo

      "I'm a dog and you a dog but I bite you bark"

    51. Lat Mill


    52. carol morgan

      You a boss m a 💯

    53. Laiba Bhatti


    54. Jehtro Nontyi

      Hottest in New York BIG RAKIM YOUNG MA period she a living legend

    55. Loxx byRah



      Just what I needed too & imma ask the doctor why they can't prescribe my Legend music ..................................

    57. نكش ىىىلل

      Deep more than ma grave

    58. money Mig MM

      Real shit real music she. saying something

    59. Paskinomi Mills


    60. D Gregory


    61. Dikotsi Gift Tshabalala


    62. Tmoney Suarez

      They sleep on her listen to her 🥶 Take over Young Ma . Tmoney love shorty

    63. aliyah herrera

      Your life can change long as you still YOU!!!

    64. Kahlie Samsara

      wow music i can feel

    65. Qway Yur

      She better den sum men rappers 💯🧊

    66. aliyah herrera

      Your life can chnage if you still YOU!

    67. Alex Smith

      🔥 we need another whole album

    68. abel nunez

      She is the best female rapper out there and better than most of this male rappers period🔥🔥

    69. mctzprap

      Вот это прям хорошо.

    70. Zeena A


    71. Alesha Pacheco

      Damn she like young Queen Latifah she so cute

    72. Kaneda Andiolini

      Realest shit I've heard in a while 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    73. Reba Bowens

      Love M.A. biggest fan she's the Michael Jackson of rap. PERIOD

    74. The Kidmetz

      ima dog you a dog i bite you bark real talk 101

    75. alex Ngm

      She trust in God👑👑👑👑

    76. Lauretta

      She so underrated😊😩❤❤amazing and beyond fax😁❤❤

    77. Munchin wit Max

      " U a dog n I'm a dog, But I Bite, u Bark" _Young M.A 💥💯🔥💚🥰💋

    78. lj

      🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 best female rapper hands down

    79. Stephen Kyei

      I love her Energy! I’d like to know her damn!!! She’s seems solid. Ooou ooou

    80. Artie Love


    81. Samuel Rios

      This is some deep thoughts🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌

    82. Yolanda Stewart

      This hard🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    83. Loxx byRah

      Good ass lyrics

    84. Queen Mab

      I think I have fallen in love with young m.a

    85. Ms Sweet Taboo

      Love this song

    86. Don Williams

      If there loyalty isn't right,; their not meant for you.

    87. Emerald Gonzalez

      Awww the part when she said “Call me a bitch if you want just know this bitch in charge” that hit hard

    88. Snazo Kheswa

      🔥🔥😪😪 Damnnnn

    89. b swagg

      Fire rs

    90. 1One Hundred00

      FRFR. ..........................................

    91. T M



      I can felt this song 💯


      Good son 👂

    94. Carlos Ayala

      She got very emotional when she talk about her brother. She was about to cry. That’s real!!! Big up to the real Queen of NYC young MA

    95. Shaunta Walker

      I love and felt this song 4 real young ma is one of the best female rappers that I can relate to I want to meet her in person and it seems like she is down to earth with a good personality and head game strong with those rhymes and the best freestyler I ever heard much love to young ma 👌🏾💪🏾🙏🏾💋💯💯💯

    96. Rosland Lynch

      I love the music but the person she is what the meaning of being wealthy really is about ❤️❤️🙏🏽👏🏽

    97. Durwood Lynch

      Soo woo blood to blood ii

    98. Shay’s World

      Yessss she very underrated but she is the truth I love her

    99. Tanja F.

      Hugs from here, wish You a Ton of everything you are unreplaceable to so many out here, Love Ya Ma....

    100. Kelvin Larkin

      like honestly who has bars like her