World's Most Realistic Custom iPad Mini For Unspeakable, He Thought It Was A Photo | ZHC Crafts

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    We surprised Unspeakable with the World's Most Realistic Custom iPad Mini. It looked just like a photo lol
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    1. ZHC Crafts

      Subscribe :)

      1. Garen McMillian

        I already did

      2. Roblox2000 Brockhouse

        @Guna Liepa I can’t afford a new ipad

      3. Guna Liepa

        Me Poor

      4. Roblox2000 Brockhouse

        I really need a iPad for school I need one pls!! 😍😍

      5. Nora Flores-Ventura


    2. jaxson petrie

      Who else likes it

    3. jaxson petrie

      I like it so much

    4. manasvi LG

      Viv is the most talanted person

    5. pooja sarada

      viv's voice sounds is like when I get an ice cream

    6. angel_galaxy _4500

      I want that: I GOT IT (for real)

    7. Infinicat !


    8. Redford Sim

      Hello ZHC Crafts,, I wonder if you can sponsor me ?///, I want to start an animation career in youtube but i just need one thing to do it. can you give me a pen tab for easy sketching in desktop. i really wanted one,, so i am asking anyone who can give me pen tab, for $50 it would be much appreciated.

    9. Sin Yu Vilma Mintono

      The painting is like a girl

    10. philip luna

      try suprise prestonplayz and his wife with custom ipad

    11. Iplaygames 20g

      VIV unspeakable don’t have har

    12. Teresa Say


    13. Teresa Say

      You good

    14. Zhyra Ashleen Carandang

      Good drawing!

    15. OwO King

      Is he gonna make a daily dose of the internet an art?

    16. Khushisanya Khushisanya


    17. BiancaYeet

      Subscribe to this channel to get 100% satisfying videos.

    18. Grace Staras

      does viv live with you???

    19. forfionaharris


    20. Mahmood Mian

      Draw me on iPad Pro 2 gen

    21. Angela Biju

      Imagine losing this

    22. Steveo Cerv


    23. Norina Subiandi

      Who else wants to be drawn by zhc?

    24. Jayden Robertson

      I want to be drawn but I think it’s going to be hard

    25. daanbanaan12

      At the beginning i thought that this was unspeakables channel lol

    26. Sarah vlogger

      Can you make a pic like the other youtubers?

    27. Gabriella Abraham


    28. chhavi m Jain

      Then I would just water iPhone 12 😭😭 the best way for you so I can do to help me out

    29. Bobby P


    30. Fields English

      You said you will use a picture with a cap that way you dont have to draw hair. But you wodent have to draw hair even if he wodent have a cap. (Hes bald)

    31. Jesmin

      Draw a black live matter doddle

    32. I Am Bonnie

      I subscribed

    33. I Am Bonnie

      Hi CHC I won I wanted you to surprise dream from his crew from the dream team so I want you to make a dream and get it for his birthday

    34. Melissa Temkin

      I Liz unspeakable his youtube channel so funny

    35. JK Gamer

      0.44 LOL she said ah wants to draw that picture because he’s wearing a hat so she doesn’t have to draw hair But he doesn’t have hair Lol

    36. • 《Shadow Gacha 》 •

      Her:I'll do things one bc he has a cap on so I cant do hair Me:BOI UNSPEAKABLE DONT GOT NO HAIR

    37. Asim Immamdeen


    38. TimothyGaming

      Yo sub to ZHC and Unspeakable

    39. Bango Cat

      Is this channel from Zach or from a fan

    40. jimskuli PvP

      You forgot the unspeakable text from the hat

    41. Robert Zurawiecki

      Unspeakable: diamond or red stone me Me who barley plays Minecraft: gunpowder....

    42. Unspeakable was the first ever youtuber i ever watched on youtube second was preston. I love watching unspeakable! U are not even close.... Nope Maybe Sure? . Congrats u made it.

    43. Winnie Chan

      ZHC is the best drawer wright Unspeakable?


      all done

    45. Fortnite Gamer

      you for gat unspeakable logo on de hat

    46. Lotis Sumo

      Draw me please

    47. starla gaming

      Thanks for my daily dose of amazingness!!

    48. Matt Lampe

      That’s 😎

    49. Mosaab S.AlBannai

      His real name is not Unspeakable it is Nathan

    50. Flavia Tobio

      In one vid saw that someone drew you 🥰 and you are so cute ☺️

    51. Katherine Downing

      Omg that’s is really good drawing of unspeakable

    52. Balvant Ramgi

      Nice video! :D

    53. Angela Joy Jacinto

      the logo is not there anymore whyyyyyy

    54. Fikri Norizad


    55. khumo mpebe

      king lion

    56. Dovilė Žigalovienė


    57. Imelda Ditan

      Can you do a pennywise tablet for me i'm almost going to be 8 years old

    58. Tsatsral Munkhbat

      Unspeakable allwas wer a hat

    59. Charlotte Pearson

      But he doesn’t have hair

    60. Ella Dilger

      Look it is no that realistic but 👍🏼

    61. Paloma grace Casimero

      He doesn't have hair

    62. Mussa king

      When ever I see I smile 😊

    63. Maya Fernandez


    64. Dylan and Caleb team

      Cool zhc

    65. Brittany Ochoa

      The only thing you forgot to put with the logo

    66. Doge WRLD

      It’s obvious it’s drawing.

    67. bobbie jean

      can i have a shout out plz

    68. Sara Gardner


    69. Salena’s Vlogs

      He does not have hair

    70. lear voca

      whats wrong wit ur teath cause u dont look unapropriate

    71. Sunshine Vibes

      I had that exact same kind or an iPad

    72. Feranca Sabella

      Viv : and that way i dont have to draw hair Me : hes bald thats why he wears a cap

    73. Courtney Kemp

      I forgot unspeakable logo on his hat

    74. Banana


    75. April Hoy

      well it was a short video but I enjoyed it☺☺☺☺☺

    76. Faith

      ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)

    77. Faith

      Sadafied ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

    78. Jose Vasquez

      Hey Zach

    79. 1 Subscriber before 2022 Please?

      Unspeakable is a better drawer than ZHC

    80. Ang Bie Ngo Ang Bie Ngo

      Do Preston if you can I'm not judging

    81. Izzy Plays


    82. JumpingKarma412 Games

      I’ve have the same iPad and I’m watching you guys on it

    83. The Masked Giraffe

      She was not a fan, unspeakable almost always wears a cap

    84. zaatarko

      When viv said “I don’t have to draw hair” I was like “ BRUH HE IS BaLd!

    85. Bernadeene Cangelosi

      Even if you didn’t do a picture where he didn’t have a Cap on you used to have to put on here because unspeakable shaved his hair

    86. Aadvik Gupta


    87. Noah Giannetti

      Umm ok

    88. Asmv.3plays

      2021 well we’ll well Zac is doing his own thing

    89. Speedy Boi


    90. Matt Gamer

      Who realise that they forgot the unspeakable logo

    91. Rafe King Kingz

      Satisfying of Zack comedy’s :/

    92. Freddie Johnstone

      I'm joking

    93. Freddie Johnstone


    94. Freddie Johnstone

      I sub

    95. LengSamrab

      That's a weird intro

    96. Dale Drakes

      I am

    97. Dale Drakes


    98. gaming pumpkin

      It woud be cool if you woud do some for preston and bri❤🔥

    99. Andrzej Pieczuro

      zhc in 30 years Customising a rocket ship to a custom planet with custom aliens

    100. X_XEXEX_X BG

      hey ZHC I'm a fan but I'm fun from unspeckaboll I'm